New ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ International Trailer: A Deadly Supervillain Team-Up

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Life is good for Peter Parker. He’s had an entire movie to get through the initial teething problems of his powers, and as the new international trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 begins he finds himself loved by all as the hero of New York City. Best of all, he has a girlfriend who knows his secret identity and is (mostly) OK with his web-slinging ways.

As every superhero eventually learns, however, the higher you fly the further there is to fall, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will introduce a collection of new threats to test his limits. There’s Electro himself, whose highly destructive electricity-based powers are shown tearing various pieces of Manhattan apart. There’s Peter’s friend Harry Osborn and his not-so-friendly supervillain counterpart Green Goblin. Rounding out the list of main adversaries in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is Russian mobster Aleksei Sytsevich AKA The Rhino.

The sequel will also delve a little deeper into Peter’s history and offer some new information about his past and heritage, with both Aunt May and Harry Osborn seemingly playing key roles in uncovering this mystery. Between this and the three (or more) villains being introduced, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 won’t suffer from Spider-Man 3 Syndrome.

Amazing Spider Man 2 New York poster New Amazing Spider Man 2 International Trailer: A Deadly Supervillain Team Up

The international trailer returns once again to the clock tower that appears to be the arena for a showdown between Spider-Man and Green Goblin. The fact that Gwen Stacey is also present has led to much speculation that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will recreate an iconic moment from the comics, but don’t be too surprised if things play out a little differently in the adaptation.

The emphasis on Peter Parker’s various enemies teaming up suggests that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will also act as a precursor to the upcoming Sinister Six spin-off movie. Combined with the Venom spin-off and the two additional Amazing Spider-Man sequels still to come after The Amazing Spider-Man 2, this means that in total there are four other movies in the franchise currently in development.

While ambitious, this isn’t all that surprising; Spider-Man spins money as well as webs and the movies so far have made over $3.2 billion at the box office alone, taking the top spot as the #1 most lucrative property that Sony Pictures has ever owned.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in theaters on May 2, 2014.

Source: Sony Pictures

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  1. See? Now, THAT makes me want to see ASM2!

    Very cool…

    • Looky, looky…it’s a crookie, and if on his spam website you look, spyware will have you on the hook!

  2. Here is another dreadful looking film that needs to be BOYCOTTED so it can go back to marvel.
    Here are seven reasons why not to waste your hardearned money and wait for it to comeout
    on redbox or find another way to watch it for free.
    1. This looks like spiderman 2 all over again.
    2. It does not take place in MCU.
    3. The rhino looks like a transformer ripoff.
    4. Max dillion in the book is a white and basically prejudiced thief, not some black nerdy man
    who is mad at the world.
    5. The goblin looks like one of those mini trolls you buy at walmart.
    6. Both this movie and xmen smell of desperation to get to the one billion dollar mark with
    all the cramming of characters.
    7. Everyone involved in this film look like facebook employees who dont workout.

    • 1) how in anyway does this look like Spider-Man 2?
      2) The MCU isn’t as good as you think it is.
      3) That’s ULTIMATE RHINO.
      4) What’s race got to do with Electro’s back story?
      5) A guy in a rubber Goblin mask would look ridiculous on film.
      6) Who doesn’t want to make a Billion?
      7) I have no idea what that means.

      • ^This

    • Another bull***t movie in the works…excellent….no story, no character development im sure. why, cant these idiots just design something unique like what dark knight was??? its not that hard! i doesnt have to appeal to all media! spiderman used to be unique….make it that way! make it dark….i just cant watch another computer graphic falling down a building or fighting for 15 minutes…its disgraceful thinking that games would beat this studio with the Oculus Rift in terms of action, suspension and other psychological feelings. What a crap of art….sorry

    • It’s one thing to say that you are not interested and argue why, but to suggest the film should be boycotted is ridiculous. Not to mention the reasons given for your suggestion. This looks like Spiderman 2 all over again? Explain. Max Dillion is black? Anyone still complaining about the race change ups for these films needs to go sit at the kids table. It does not take place in the MCU? If the people constantly screaming through their moose horns that all these properties need to revert back to Marvel Studios were to get their way, NONE of these characters would return to the screen for at least another ten to fifteen years. MCU can only put out a few films per year. Both this movie and Xmen smell of desperation? Again, explain. This is a list of unsubstantiated and/or irrelevant claims masquerading as an argument.

      BUT I will say that I agree with you on Rhino. Not a big fan of this trend of revisioning certain characters as mech fighters. But I will wait until I see a bit more than a foot stomp to judge how this portrayal turns out.

      • The Rhino as a Mech suit kind of intrigues me. The fact that we keep seeing the same three or four shots of him over and over makes me think he is barely in the movie. Early speculation was he is canon fodder in TASM2 as it will only serve as his introduction. In the next movie (probably the sinister six movie) he will be a bigger player.

      • The rhino comment is stupid as anyone who pays attention can see this group of films is based off the Ultimate series.

        Rhino is mechanized in that. Not to the same extent, but it needs to be realistic to a point, which im fine with. A photo of ultimate rhino:

        Also in the ultimate line the goblin wears a stupid suit sometimes as seen here:×371.jpg

        As people have pointed out, goblin is probably going to setup the ultimate goblin as Norman when harry is defeated/killed in this movie.

        your not in the MCU is idiotic, as NYC would be still in shambles from the avengers so this movie would be awful as spiderman would be working around a smashed up city.

        As for jamie fox playing electro, i say meh – even though im 100% against the MBJ choice as J. Storm. Electro was clearly going to have to be based off the ultimate series, not the worst costume in the history of costumes, see here:

        60%+ of the movie is him as electro i assume, soooooooo hes blue all that time, not black, so skin color doesnt matter, and J. Fox is a really good actor so he will be a fine fit.

        This film looks awesome, xmen…..not sure of, must see more…but i liked X:FC so i have hopes this will be closer to that than the original trilogy or W:O movie.

        As for comment 7, that makes 0 sense. I assume your calling someone a fat nerd but im not sure who? I feel youre just a kid looking for something to cry about, or a huge nerd calling other people nerds. Listen were all nerds since we troll this site and others like it. Be excited that our childhood comics are being brought to life. I honestly never thought i would see the day my favorite characters looked so good in a movie that was not animated. We are all nerds, and nerds are the cool kids these days because what we like is mainstream.

        • lol…i try to stay away from latino review as much as i can…..

        • +100

        • Whoops***
          I like what i’ve seen of the new spidey suit…it finally looks up to par…as far as the rhino zord goes a genetically mutated man with a horn on his forehead may not have been a great cinema translation…..these damn trailers reveal too much i can pretty much guarantee that gwen bites the dust in this… if harry is goblin who’s venom? Or will they give norman the vulture wings since he’s all old and dying and he can take ur youth “essence” from you?!!!!! Geekgasm****

          • “these damn trailers reveal too much i can pretty much guarantee that gwen bites the dust in this”

            meh I was hoping this but apparently the trailer (unless she losses her grip) says otherwise.

            • “Ahh welp. I guess we can cross her out of the list of possible Spider-men”

    • Calling for a boycott of a movie smells of fanboy angst.

      I bet TASM 2 wins the box office race amongst CBMs while X-men wins the best critical reception race.

      • I can’t speak for critical reception but there’s no doubt Spider-Man will make more. The X-Men franchise wishes it made Spider-Man money, including The Amazing Spider-Man.

    • Complaining because a black actor has been cast,, yeah, I think we’ll all go ahead and ignore your comment and just enjoy the movie.

      Looks great to me, what a fantastic trailer.

    • Responses to your points however they are my opinions;

      1) Just to clarify, I think you may mean spiderman 3, spidey 2 was the one with doc ock as the only villain whilst spidey 3 had goblin, sandman and venom.
      2) Of course we want to see Spidey in the MCU, it would be cool to see him be the immature kid in the city, but by having him separate Sony can go into more detail into the spidey universe which can only be a good thing.
      3) The suit does seem like it is going to be like a Transformer, but I want to see the suit in action properly before I judge.
      4) Lots of characters change race from the comics, Nick Fury/Heimdall and they all work amazingly.
      5)I can see what you mean but I want to see how it plays out on the big screen first.
      6)Just because of 3 villains doesn’t necessarily mean it will spoil the film, obviously it didn’t work with spidey 3 but it has worked before (batman begins)
      7)I got nothing

      But like I said these are my opinions and I am looking forward to this film.

    • The Rhino is based on the ultimate design, stop hating

    • 1. There is no Doc Ock, your argument is as absurd as saying Thor the Dark World is Thor all over again cause Thor’s in it.

      2. A lot of movies don’t take place in the MCU, that doesn’t make them any less better.

      3. Cause a guy in a rubber Rhino suit would look any better,

      4. If you don’t know what the characters are like in the ultimate universe than you have no right saying anything against characters not being like their comic book counterparts.

      5. We already tried a military armor type look and it didn’t work, also like Rhino’s comic design, the green and loose purple condom over the head look wouldn’t fit the tone in the Amazing Spidey movie universe

      6. Because trying to cram Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Falcon, Batroc, Crossbones and potentially a new Red Skull or hell all the heroes in the Avengers never works out…

      7. That’s a ridiculous statement.

      • Tenabrus hit the nail on the head right there.

        rod22 needs to read and re-read those replies because they make his ridiculous opinions worthless.

        For the record, no, I won’t boycott this movie because it looks as great as the first ASM was back in 2012.

  3. after seeing the trailer for this on the big screen and recently Spiderman 3 on TV i am starting to realize how much better this is looking haha. I couldn’t believe how dated the CGI looks while watching Raimi’s

  4. Just take my money already.

  5. I’m actually looking foward to this. My only issue is how the three villians will interact…or counter act each other as well as the amount of cgi. Oh well we will see soon.

  6. This movie contains one villan and some fodder. Looks like a fun mess though.

  7. this looks terrible in comparison to GOTG

    • Funny…I perceive almost the opposite. C’est la vie.

    • I actually think GOTG looks really bad.

      • Hi, other Levi here:

        I’m pretty excited for Guardians, I actually liked the trailer. I don’t think it makes this movie look bad though. They’re pretty different from each other, and both seem to be doing a good job with their respective worlds.

    • GOTG looks terrible!!

  8. On its own…as simply…Spiderman……Just Take My Money..this looks pretty awesome.

  9. Looks good. Nothing new. I am hesitant just like any other comic book movie from Fox or Sony. As long as there is no “tag teaming” going on like in SpiderMan3 (At least not until the Sinister 6 which all you non-comic, Hollywood glorifying sheep WHO ACCEPT ANYTHING will find to be canonical). These villains are awesome on there own. No need to pair Venom with SandMan!!! I like it so far and will be seeing it in theaters.

  10. Just for waching this trailer im feel oversaturated of CGI animation, i love Spiderman but this movies are just ridiculous

    • please stunt_mike tell us how you would portray on film a guy who was stung by a radioactive spider and swings from buildings and climbs on walls and has an extra sensory ability that warns him of impending danger, who fights a guy who flies around on a glider, and another guy who is made up of electricity, and another guy who is supposed to resemble a rhino….im sure that while you were in film school you came up with a technique to not use cgi to make all those fantastical elements come to life…..

      • I agree. I went through that whole “no cgi” 80′s superhero mess…HELL NO. If you’re not old enough to remember it you’re not old enough to know how lucky you are…go look up the original live action spiderman show I watched as a kid and behold the sheer embarrassment :-(

        I didn’t like the first one. Peter wasn’t a nerd and didn’t look the part the way Tobey did. Still, I’m VERY happy they finally tried to get the costume right.

  11. Still waiting for this NOT to look like a video game…

    • Have you seen the trailers on a big screen or on a big HD TV? It looks really good on there. For some reason it looks bad on the internet. I think the saturation has something to do with it.

      • I can see the bits of the trailer that do show the CGI in full force, but I can also see some very impressive sequences that must be CGI, that look fantastic. It’s not all bad. In fact, there are many sequences that are hard to call: practical or VFX? Spider-man catching the car to save the police man, Spider-man jumping from squad car to squad car to get to rhino. That’s actually a blend, but my point is, there is some very impressive work going on here that is being ignored simply for the purpose of decrying the bits that aren’t flawless. Those pieces may very well end up looking vastly improved by the time the movie hits theaters in May.

  12. Wow, sh*t just got real….

  13. That movie doesn’t tickle my fancy at all. I don’t even care to watch that trailer. I don’t know if it’s because we already saw the whole movie in compressed form in the previous trailers or because the effects look so incredibly artificial. I mean, we had absolutely real looking dinosaurs in 1993, but we can’t stop people from looking like oversaturated rubber dolls in 2014? Well… actually we can, because the first Amazing Spider-Man looked a whole lot better, but they don’t seem to bother this time around.

    • soooo…..why click on this story and then comment on the story…

      • Because this section is called “Comments” and not “Yes sir!”

        • lol

          I posed a question regarding this some time back. I wondered if Webb and his stunt team had kept with their philosophy from TASM, where they wanted to get as much in camera work as possible. The results were awesome. Looking at clips, seeing the SDCC footage at SDCC and then online, and other behind the scenes footage, I can see that they’re still trying to do stuff practically. However, due to the aggressiveness of the action in this movie, there are parts that they must’ve felt could not be done “for real”.

          That’s not to say another director couldn’t have come up with a way to do it practically, but there’s still a lot of practical effects work here. One thing to consider is the original teaser released for TASM in 2011. People complained that it looked like a video game then, and that was a major point of concern. When the movie did come out, the web swinging looked fine. I think the same might be true for this movie, even if we end up with more CGI in the end. Again, this movie is a bit more ambitious than the last in terms of the action, and that seems to come with the territory unfortunately.

  14. Certainly a better trailer then the previous ones.
    I look forward too it, despite it’s flaws I quite enjoyed the first Amazing Spider-man.
    I do hope that he does have a bit of a more “active” fighting style then in the first one.

  15. For those complaining about too much CGI, what do you expect? With electro, should they find someone how can actually shoot electricity and teleport? Would you rather have a bunch of stuff actually falling on people? Or people actually falling through glass on the top of a tower? If you want these things to look more real, you are asking WAY too much. There are a limited amount of things you can do without cgi, and in an action movie like this, you won’t get away without this much CGI. Super stoked for this movie. I am going to be very broke this summer.

    • The problem is not the amount of CGI, but the quality of it.

      • Well your brain already knows that what you’re watching is not real, so it’s really on you to suspend your own disbelief.

        • Not exactly, look at Gravity. You know that most of that is in camera wire work, but it’s hard to tell when the CGI kicks in. It’s so good that your suspension of disbelief doesn’t even come to play. Some of the best CGI is mistaken for practical effects, and vice versa.

          • *come [into] play

  16. I think this is where I tread lightly until the movie comes out.

    I’m already sold, now I just trying to make it to May without being spoilt.

  17. Wow, looks awesome. Can’t wait for this movie. The trailer might of shown far too much but then again it was my own choice to watch it, just couldn’t resist.

    This looks like the Spider-Man movie I’ve always been waiting for.

  18. Anyone else think the Rhino suit may be temporary and he ends up having his DNA altered to actually resemble the classic “Rhino?”

    • Nope, I think the mech suit will just evolve through various upgrades until he can eventually wear it and run on two legs. Would be a nice change from DNA splicing/super powers.

    • Yep! I was thinking he will get severely damaged/injured and will lead to more experimentation to make the comic version!

  19. Just watched the trailer after all. At the beginning I immediately had James Horner’s excellent music theme from the first movie in my head, and the first note even sounded like it, but then it turned out to be Hans Zimmer’s music that sounded like an NFL Game Night theme. Why did they have to replace the excellent music from the first movie with this crappy one?

    As for the movie: it still seems to me as if they are cramming to much into it and go way, way over the top with the action scenes.

  20. That intro was awesome. I love his aerial moves

  21. Also looks like they got the CGI polished enough this time.

  22. I think this looks pretty awesome.

  23. Tapping out until May 2. Looking forwards to this one.

  24. honestly thought they where going to show the iconic moment where peter tries to save gwen from falling by webbing her ankle, yet kills her instead, with that shot of both of them falling. seemed to be intentionally shot that way anyhow (had a bit of a heart attack seeing it).

    looks good so far! seems to up the stakes pretty good and I still hold out hope that peter’s secret origin won’t be too dumb.

  25. So relieved… Seems like Gwen survives the fall (or… AT LEAST the fall?). I really like this character, I know they’ll probably introduce MJ sooner or later, but still…

    • What would be the point of re-creating Gwen’s death scene from the comic, right down to the clothes she is wearing, and then not going through with the actual death? That would be extremely, extremely lame and pointless.

  26. with all the trailers i don’t need to go see this anymore.

  27. I definately feel that Gwen will survive in this movie. I feel they intentionally will “tease” us with her death with the fall and web snag (like in the comics). I feel that the 2 actors have chemistry but it hasn’t solidified yet. They need to build their relationship up a little more then….SNAG it away from us in part 3.

    • Again, then why recreate her death scene from the comics only to have it be a ruse? Then just kill her anyway in the third film, but not in any way that fans want to see? That makes no sense at all.

      • Because this is not an exact representation of the comic book. Sorry there is a lot of little and big changes that take place in the movies from the books.

        There is a lot of comic book stuff I want to see in the movies and TV but for whatever reason the writers/directors/etc decide not (or cant) to do it that way or include it.

        Even if it appears it is being setup as such.

        So now we have people saying why be like the comics, you have people saying why not be like the comics…

      • I guess my thought was, Harry may “die” in this and then Norman takes revenge on Peter in part 3 by killing off Gwen in a surprise end of movie scene in part 3.

  28. This is pretty left field, but, any chance Gwen could become a version of Black Cat? Maybe once Mary Jane snuggles up to Peter, she goes bonkers/criminal just to get his attention? I, for one, wouldn’t mind and it would be a fresh love triangle spin….

  29. next to ben affleck as batman, i think these new spidey films generate a ton of negative responses from the fanboys… be honest i really enjoyed asm and i thought it took spidey to that grounded level where all cbm have been based on since the dark knight trilogy….in that sense i can see rhino in a mechanical suit…as for the cgi, well we all know what spidey does and i don’t know what other way they could have made those effects look life like..