Sony Reveals ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Trailer Premiere Date

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amazing spider man 2 trailer Sony Reveals Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer Premiere Date

Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is sandwiched between two other major superhero movies arriving in 2014 – Marvel Studios’ Captain America: The Winter Soldier and 20th Century Fox’s X-Men: Days of Future Past – similar to how its predecessor arrived on the heels of The Avengers, but only a few weeks before The Dark Knight Rises was unleashed in theaters, back in 2012.

The trailers for the Cap sequel and X-Men present-day trilogy/First Class crossover were unveiled in front of Thor: The Dark World earlier this month, but Sony held back on the trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man sequel (lest it get lost in the shuffle). Instead, moviegoers will get their first look at the ongoing adventures of Peter Parker (now played by Andrew Garfield) in December, ahead of the last wave of tentpoles and blockbusters to crash into theaters before 2013 finishes its run.

Director Marc Webb displayed his knowledge of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Dwarvish (or his ability to use a translator, anyway), when he coded a message on Twitter, which revealed that the Amazing Spider-Man 2 teaser trailer is going to debut in theaters with Peter Jackson’s next Middle-earth installment, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, on December 13th. However, on the official Amazing Spider-Man Facebook page, Sony has announced that the TASM2 trailer will drop on December 5th (after a trailer preview airs during Good Morning America earlier in the day).

amazing spider man sequel marc webb Sony Reveals Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer Premiere Date

A sizzle reel/trailer for Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man sequel was featured at the film’s 2013 International Comic-Con panel, where the Hall H crowd was given a sneak peek at the movie’s supporting characters and most intriguing subplots. To be exact: the same ones that’ve given rise to much speculation about what foundation-laying for later films will take place in the sequel (see: Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn, pushing Oscorp’s scientists to find a way to save his dying father, Norman (played by Chris Cooper)).

The main focus in the Comic-Con preview was on the fight between Spidey and Max Dillon/Electro (Jamie Foxx), which has also been the focal point of the film’s marketing campaign thus far. Indeed, even with all the talk about how Amazing Spider-Man 2 might expand the Spidey cinematic universe to include spinoffs down the line, it’s best not to forget: this sequel still has to answer a number of questions left unsettled by the end of the first installment.

Fortunately, the writers on Amazing Spider-Man 2 – screen story writer James Vanderbilt (Amazing Spider-Man) and script writers Jeff Pinkner (Fringe), Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Star Trek Into Darkness) – have acknowledged that they need to tie off dangling plot threads from the first movie, before they continue on forward. Hopefully, everyone will be okay with how the sequel places things on the table for Amazing Spider-Man 3, considering that the same writers are coming back for Part 3.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (possibly re-titled The Amazing Spider-Man: Rise of Electro) opens in theaters on May 2nd, 2014.

Source: Sony

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  1. Can’t wait to see the preview!

  2. Looking forward to this.

    • Yeah me too. With the origin stuff out of the way this could be something special.

    • I watched the dodgy Comic-Con leaked trailer and it did look pretty good. I cant wait to watch Electro using his powers properly on the big screen, the sound FX together with the visuals they have gone for should feel pretty epic.

  3. I hope Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man sequel is like this generation’s Spider-Man 2 only less corny than Spider-Man 2 was.

  4. I saw an exclusive preview trailer at a comic convention about a month ago. I suppose it’s likely that this trailer will feature much of the same footage, since the one I saw still had a fairly unfinished feeling where visual effects were concerned.

  5. Excited to see it. Though I’ll see the trailer when I go see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

    • I haven’t seen the first one yet but I’m glad I saw the Cap 2 trailer on this site because I went to see Thor on October 30 (release day here) and no Cap 2 trailer.

      • Strange, it’s been said that the trailer of X-Men: Days of Future Past was show at Thor: The Dark World, but when I saw the movie it didn’t show the trailer for it, luckily I saw it online before hand. Captain America: Winter Soldier was shown though.

        • It’s never only one trailer arrangement per movie release. There are always variations on which trailer plays with which movie.

          • Yep. The only trailers shown when I saw Thor were The Hobbit, Gravity, Walter Mitty and Anchorman 2.

            No Cap, no X-Men.

            • Whenever we see the Walter Mitty trailer or TV ads, my best friend says “huh-huh, Walter Clitty.”

              • lol

                Not sure if you guys have a different trailer for it because the two times I’ve seen it, it was a Cineworld exclusive with Ben Stiller introducing it himself and the trailer was like a 5 minute extended trailer.

                Looks ok and the landscape shots seem amazing.

      • You had to see Thor 2 in 3D in order to see the five-minute preview of Captain America 2.

  6. I hope to dear god its better than the last film

    • Anything’s better than Spider-Man 3.

      Oh, you meant that brilliant reboot from last summer? Sorry, my mistake.

      • Nah he probably meant the terrible rehash where the writers/directors/cast/crew forgot what powers Spider-Man has, and proceeded to make the most disappointing movie of 2012.

        • Silver Linings Playbook?

          • I didn’t realise that was a rom-com till the end when they suddenly got together #guyprobs

        • The Avengers?

          Or is this a low budget, fan-made Spider-Man movie you’re talking about because the only Spider-Man movie that I know of that released in 2012 was the best Spider-Man movie I’ve seen so far.

          • I feel we’re getting nowhere with this lol

            • Don’t try to argue with Dazz. He doesn’t like other opinions.

              • Ehh, we’re the kind of people that comment on comic book movie websites, we’re all a bit weird!

    • I’m with nnamdi. Hated ASM. Say what you will (and you will) about Spider-man 3 but Raimi had to tell a lot of stories because Venom and Eddie Brock were forced on him, but he managed to tell them all clearly, if not satisfactorily. But that’s what will happen with too many story-lines. ASM actually made me finally buy a copy of SM 3 and I like it. It’s not the greatest, a bit of a mess, but I put it in there with a lot of comic “final acts” that have disappointed over the years.

      ASM was dropping storylines left and right, watered down and mangled the entire Uncle Ben “responsibility” storyline. Really, the whole “parents” thing could have easily waited for later, and anyway it was another “dangler.” I really disliked MOS, but ASM was a lot worse on another level.

      I sincerely hope the sequel manages to be a huge improvement. The bootlegged trailer looked good, but I always think if every good trailer equaled a good movie, we’d have virtually nothing but good movies all the time. Plus, since Webb bumbled so many story elements the first time, I don’t have a lot of confidence he’ll manage Electro, Rhino, along with Harry and Norman Osborn, and presumably a Venom subplot.

      Now, if anyone liked it, great. Be happy. I envy you. Sincerely. Enjoy.

  7. Noice, can’t wait for this movie!

  8. I am so sick of people ragging on The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) I mean yeah sure the movie wasn’t exactly living up to it’s title, (it wasn’t “AMAZING”) but I could argue that The Incredible Hulk (2008) did not live up to it’s title either. It was not “INCREDIBLE” like the movie says.

    • I thought TIH and TASM were great and much better than their predecessors.

      I guess there’s no accounting for taste with some people if they thought TASM was anything other than a great flick.

      • Or maybe some people just don’t share the same opinion as you? Ever think of that?

    • I remember a lot of reviewers calling IH, “the Adequate Hulk.”

      I didn’t think the “Incredible Hulk” was very good either, and much preferred the Hulk (too serious but I like it a lot overall).

      Sorry you’re tired but some people just didn’t like it, like me. If you like it then be happy because you’ve got a movie to enjoy. I actually like Spider-man 3 and the first Hulk, and those are regularly used as short-hand for terrible superhero movies. But I don’t care in the least. If I like something, that’s it. I like it. Every other person on the planet could vocally hate on it all the time and I wouldn’t care.

  9. the picture of spidey reminds me of Lindsay Lohan crab walk

  10. Trailer preview? Good Lord, we have previews for previews now. Can’t wait to see the preview for the trailer preview next. After the exclusive first look at the preview for the trailer preview of course…

  11. Does anybody believe that the first Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer might turn out like the first Days of Future Past trailer? No special effects shots, but instead you see all of these characters and you get some idea about what the story is gonna be like…

  12. About time.Looking foward to this.

  13. I’m really, really hoping that they are saving a faithful-to-the-comics version of Rhino in full costume to drop in the new trailer. I’m afraid that they might want to go the route of having the character of Rhino super-powered by whatever means but without the trademark suite/costume, like just having some guy adopt the name to suit his newfound powers without bothering to have the coinciding visuals. I did see the pictures of Giamatti wearing the contraption/suit with the CGI reference point stickers, so I’m hopeful that Sony is holding back thus far and sitting on something fantastic with the character, but at this point, I’m afraid that my hopes are rather high. Paul Giamatti is just such a damn fine actor, especially in portraying pure, crazy rage, and I’d hate to see that potential wasted. I was so friggin’ excited when I heard he was awarded the role. He’s perfect for the part. Anyone have any ideas on where they may be going with his character?

    • Hopefully they’ll make him a low-rent wrestler in grey tights with a foam horn. They’ll just need to airbrush some muscles to make him look a little more defined.

    • Maybe Paul Giamatti will be the same character from “Sideways” and he’ll be donning the suit to go after book publishers, and also especially Merlot drinkers.

      Seriously, I think they’ll be going classic suit for rhino. Hasn’t there been some concept art?

  14. Webb said the Rhino will have a minor part in the beginning of the movie, I think he’s really just there for fun you guys. Like he said in the beginning we will see that “Spider-Man is really good at being Spider-Man” and so he probably is dealing with Rhino at the beginning, and outsmarts him and takes care of him like that. That is just what I piece together from all the things I have gathered.