New ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Clip – Electro Visits Times Square

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2014 has officially begun, and to ring in the year Sony premiered a new clip from its upcoming Marvel sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Following an introduction by Spider-Man co-creator Stan “The Man” Lee, the footage shows Electro (played by Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx) paying a visit to Times Square, where he recharges (quite literally) and reigns destruction down on New York citizens – including, Peter Parker’s costumed alter ego (Andrew Garfield), who unwittingly did his part to encourage his super-powered opponent’s reckless behavior.

Of course, not even this New Year’s Eve promo can get by without including a cameo by the hundred (or something like that) other villains that are going to show up in the Amazing Spider-Man sequel, including a Russian in a large mechanical suit (known as Rhino and played by Paul Giamatti) and a green-haired, hang-gliding menace who may well have a connection to OsCorp Industries – specifically, either head honcho Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) and/or his son Harry (Dane DeHaan).

Indeed, between developments in his regular life – graduating from high school, going to college, maintaining a relationship with Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) – and his increasingly full workload, it’s safe to say that Electro is just the beginning of Pete’s problems, as the most recent poster for the film reminds us.


amazing spider man 2 poster New Amazing Spider Man 2 Clip   Electro Visits Times Square

Amazing Spider-Man 2 ranks high on Screen Rant’s Most Anticipated Movies of 2014, and with good reason. Following a first installment that retraced much of the origin story previously explored in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man – while director Marc Webb slowly got his feet wet in the big-budget filmmaking pool for the first time – the sequel will expand the series’ mythos something fierce, paving the way for Amazing Spider-Man 3 (in addition to the long-awaited Venom movie and the anticipated Sinister Six feature).

Here is to hoping that Webb and his screenwriters Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Jeff Pinkner – who are also writing the next Amazing Spider-Man installment – manage to pull off this juggling act, without dropping too many (if any) balls at the same time.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014.

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  1. Happy New Year!! :D

    This looks DOPE! Can’t wait to see how the Sinister Six develops!

  2. Lets face it. The true star in this movie is colors. I am very excited to see this.

    • LOL. It is pretty vivid this time around isnt it

      • The last movie was pretty colorful too. Especially during the climax.

    • Sorry to poop your party, but if it’s in 3D, half of these colours will be lost :[

      • Guess who wont be seeing it in 3D because he believes 3D is a over rated gimmick because Hollywood fails to realize that not everything is ment for 3D and need to stop shoveing it down every one’s throat? This guy.

        Really dude. Do you forget there are movie theaters out there gives you a choice?

        • Woah dude calm down…

          It’s not really shoving it down everyone’s throat if they give you a choice now is it??

          Besides, a lot of people don’t realise that 3D is meant for added depth, not just a gimmick to make things pop out at your face. Not all movies need 3D, true, but a lot of them use it very well (Gravity, Hobbit DOS, etc).

          3D does make the screen look darker however, so Thor has a point that some of the colours won’t have the same effect.

          • Sorry I meant that the 3D GLASSES make the screen look darker, but it’s pointless trying to watch a 3D movie without the glasses so it’s the same thing really.

  3. Although the Raimi movies for Spidey are better than the new version hero, I am sure I will buy this DVD as well to add to the collection.

    • You live in Cleveland then? You know, since a certain recreational drug is now legal? Because you have to be smoking a lot of it to even think the Raimi movies were better than the Webb version.

      • You mean Colorado?
        Personally I enjoyed SM2 much more than ASM. But to each their own.

        • Apparently not in Dazz’s Book.

      • @ Dazz- Cleveland? Pretty sure that city has not legalized “a certain recreational drug.”

        Plus, I agree, Raimi’s Spiderman 1 and 2 are equally as good as Amazing Spiderman and would say Raimi’s Spiderman 2 may actually be better.

  4. Electro looks cheap as fuk, even Mr Freeze arnold is better than that.

    • I can’t believe you just posted that, you need to stop watching movies. Arnold in Batman & Robin is better?!?… terrible taste in movies.

  5. holy Blue Batman

  6. This looks fantastic, can’t wait for this film!

  7. Omg I’m so excited! This looks awesome. I love the Raimi versions but these just have more oomph and the characters are portrayed better.

    • I thought Raimi’s Spider-Man films were good, just not for me. These ones are more in my neck of the woods!

      BTW Happy New Years everyone! Hope everyone had an awesome countdown!

  8. @Dude dumbest comment ever really freeze looks better? Hater,I can already tell.

    • I agree Joshua. I didn’t like this version of Electro at first, but it really has grown on me.

    • Hater…or someone who literally thinks that Mr. Freeze looks better?

  9. This looks great so far. But I’m still trying to figure out what their game plan with Gwen Stacy is. They could definitely kill her off, but what I’m not sure about is what their marketing strategy is – will they hint at it to pull in fans interested in seeing that storyline adapted? Or will they aim to keep it a complete surprise, knowing that a lot of fans are speculating that anyway? As Into Darkness demonstrated an open secret doesn’t really help you much.

  10. Looks amazing!

  11. Honestly, I am not much into what I’ve seen so far of TASM2. The previous long trailer with Harry Osborne was a bit more interesting, but this one does not really appeal to me.

    I don’t know…something about TASM2. Usually, I’m more excited for these things.

  12. OK, so that was obviously the trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game, so when is the movie trailer going to happen?

  13. When spidey swooped in, he looked so fake. Like video game graphics. i really, really hope they polish the special effects more.

    • They f*cking better!
      There’s months until the movie’s actually released. lf it ends up looking like this it’s gonna be a major disappointment and quite a step down from the last instalment

  14. of course they had to put dubstep into the bloody preview, so typical.


  15. Incredibly excited for Spidey’s second adventure. Can’t wait to see how the Sinister Six unfolds.

  16. Better than the original trailers lol

  17. Electro looks like a hobo.

  18. Emperor Palpatine in disguise!

    • He’s like the Palpatine Understudy. Younger, not quite as badass.

  19. CGI spidey still looks a couple of renders away from being done

  20. I’m sorry, but this movie actually looks horrible.

  21. IS that Tom Cruise with the video camera?

  22. Movie looks average at best. The trailers and clips are actually putting me off.

  23. there should be 6 movies. Electro should be 1 member of the sinister six. the 3rd film should have 2 members of the sinister six. The 4th should have 2 other members of the sinister six. The 5th should have all the sinister six setting up for venom in the 6th sequel. The 6th should have all the villains leading up to the follow through of Spiderman’s story up-to-date. Then the final battle should be Spidey and new goblin vs. venom and carnage. The 5th film should also be green goblin. Or harry can just be the green goblin who becomes good and teams up with him at the end. Sure that’s a heck of a lot of stories to pack in, but think of it like a comic itself or video game. Some individual stories and conflicts aren’t enough to carry throughout a whole movie.

  24. Garfield should retire after the 5th film. Peter should be 31 years of age at most by the time they reach the 5th film. Garfield’s gonna be 35, but he’s good looking in such a way they can make him look 4 years younger.

  25. well…since they have totally screwed up Electro and Rhino in this one I can only imagine how they will destroy the rest of the Six…

  26. This looks alright. I can agree some others the cgi needs a little polish. I like how they are promoting Spidermans amazing strength. That catching a falling car is awesome.

    I am a fan of both Spiderman versions. The raimi version is the old school nerd Peter Parker. With the major changes being the organic web shooters, which I supported. The first two films were solid. The third, well…I wasn’t a fan.

    These Web versions are cool. It is a more hip nerd Parker but it still works.