‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Super Bowl Trailer: Time to Pay the Price

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UPDATED: Check out the full extended Super Bowl trailer above!

Given The Avengers‘ $1.5 billion success in the global ticket sales and Phase 2 in full effect, with both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy set for release this year, sometimes it seems like Spider-Man has taken a back seat to Marvel Studios’ core superhero team. Ever since it was first announced, after Sony cancelled Spider-Man 4, Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man series has faced an uphill battle – tasked with telling an “untold” story just five years after director Sam Raimi concluded his critically acclaimed trilogy.

Despite the controversy (and complaints about the costume), The Amazing Spider-Man went on to gross over $700 million at the global box office – ensuring that Sony would continue to explore this new take on the web-slinging hero. As a result, the pressure was on for Webb to deliver in his follow-up, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which promises Peter Parker’s “Greatest Battle Begins” with the introduction of, not just one super villain, but the makings of a Sinister Six team-up (and a solo Venom movie). Now, thanks to Super Bowl Sunday, we’ve got our first glimpse at new Amazing Spider-Man 2 footage – including a better look at some of the “sinister” villains.

Amazing Spider Man 2 Super Bowl Trailer The Amazing Spider Man 2 Super Bowl Trailer: Time to Pay the Price

Earlier this week, Sony released Part 1 of the Super Bowl teaser trailer:

As that teaser made clear, it was not the entire Super Bowl trailer – meaning that the studio saved a small chunk to debut during the actual game, which you can now check out below:

In fact, most of the footage in this spot will already be familiar to fans who have seen the prior theatrical trailers and official images – e.g. Rhino’s Transformer-like helmet and foot stomp, Spidey slinging his way through an electric field, and ominous shots of Dane DeHaan as Harry Osbourne (and Green Goblin). Still, the 3:50 version does give us a few different glimpses to pore over.

Electro (Jamie Foxx) sets the stage for what fans can expect from the film’s story – asserting that there are consequences to Spider-Man’s heroism and that the time has come for Peter Parker to pay that price. Longtime fans of the series will likely have some idea of what that could mean; still, how it will all play out remains a mystery (at this point).

Obviously, the most noticeable piece of new video is Spider-Man’s highflying rescue of Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) – leading into a cliffhanger ending that will have longtime fans buzzing.

Amazing Spider Man 2 Super Bowl Trailer Gwen Stacy Death The Amazing Spider Man 2 Super Bowl Trailer: Time to Pay the Price


NOTE: The rest of this post contains potential MAJOR SPOILERS for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. If you do not want to be SPOILED click away now.


Fans are quickly assuming that the scene featured at the end of this teaser trailer was part of the scene that would feature the infamous death of Gwen Stacy. While that’s certainly a possibility, this could also be an attempt to make even the most die-hard Spider-Man fans assume they know “what comes next” only to be wowed by an eye-popping rescue. A rescue that would, sadly, only prolong the inevitable.

Update: In the meantime, enjoy these quick snapshots of the Green Goblin, as shown in the teaser (courtesy of reader “Michael J.”): 


MORE: Amazing Spider-Man Spinoff Movies Venom & Sinister Six Officially Announced


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 10th, 2016, and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 (or one of the spinoff films) on May 4th, 2018. Venom and Sinister Six do not currently have official release dates.

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  1. i actually got butterflies in my gut when i saw gwen falling and spiderman catching her…
    why bother showing such an important part? i dont think she will die now because they alluded to it. they gave into the fans imo. they should not have done this.

    • I dont think she is gonna die because i think this is SONYs Mandarin moment. Everyone was saying how IM3 was gonna be predictable and when they did the twist everyone moaned because they felt like they were being mislead XD hahahaha, that was the point. but im not trying to start a Mandarin argument because ive had a few and i just cant be bothered any more. What im trying to say is that SONY is doing this so that people can say this is gonna be predictable so that when she isnt killed the fans cant say it was predictable. This is SONY messing about with the fans because they think they know everything.

      • Can’t speak for everybody, but I didn’t moan because I was mislead. I moaned because only M Night Shamalamalakem makes better movie ruining twists.

        Misdirection is fun, as long as the payoff doesn’t make you ask WTF were they thinking?

    • He could just as easily lose his grip and drop her should he hit a solid object. Say like a gear within that area they just crashed through. Forcing him to jump down and shoot a line in a desperate attempt to catch her by one leg upside down. Reserve all judgement and speculation until you have a chance to see it all within the proper context my friend. :)

      • well the same can be said for you

    • However you here the ‘thwip’ of his web shooters after they crash through. Meaning he could be spinning a line to stop the fall and her fate is sealed…

      I hope they off her. It is a pivotal and important part of his history. It shows that he can fail and has failed on a few occasions (uncle Ben). It makes him human. It makes it less comic booky/kids stuff and brings drama.

      He pays the price (big hint?) in being who he is and must learn to protect (with secrecy) the ones he cares for. So now he wont tell Aunt May or anyone else. This opens up for a little more comedy in him hiding stuff and allows him to open up (without thought of repercussion) as Spiderman.

      Kill her!!!!! :D

      • Comedy seriously Gwen dies and he’s going to joke about it: are you sick in the head.
        Aunt May: what happened to that nice girl you were dating?
        “comedy peter”: Life happened Aunt May Life happened!
        in his room- it’s was either legal issues or Michal Bay not me definitely not me oh Black Cat what are you doing here?
        His Imagination I’m here to punish you!
        “confused peter” but I haven’t done anything wrong!
        Looks up in the mirror sees Gwen’s body fall and hit the ground and then looks at his hands covered in blood.

  2. Hi, I’m 12 and I like Spiderman.

  3. Great TV SPOT!! I’ve had some reservations about this film but I’m liking what I’m seeing, even though Sony is sort of spoiling it already

  4. I feel like we already know everything about this movie. Still excited and I’m sure they will be some surprises but I just can’t shake the feeling that Sony has revealed too much.

    • Yeah we pretty much know all the villains to appear and also what villains will be teased for next installments. They are not even hiding the fact that Gwen could potentially die in this one. Considering the international trailers showed none of things I’ve mentioned it would’ve been nice to leave some things for the imagination but like I said before, I’m still excited for the film and will definitely be there opening night.

      • *those

  5. Well showing the Gwen scene hopefully it isn’t what I think it is seems like the trailers are showing all the major things sinister six EEs and now Gwen falling save some stuff for the movie (That is if it’s Gwens final scene)

  6. I REALLY hope they didn’t just show us her death scene… It very well could be. That is scene of them falling through the glass window is pretty similar to her death in the comics. Granted, she was on a bridge, but Spider-Man was the one that attempted to save her and we all know how that ended.

    Calling it, she dies in this one. Andrew Garfield is signed for one more movie, which will be the massive ‘Sinister Six’ team-up movie. After that, another reboot or recast a new Spidey with Mary Jane as the love interest.

    • From what I read MJ is already cast and had a role in this movie. Those scenes were cut but will be part of the third movie.

      • Shes wearing the exact outfit it looks like that she dies in.

  7. i actually gasped when i saw Gwen fall oh mannnn her death’s gonna rock our socks

  8. Do we really want to see Gwen die? I mean, I’m all for pulling from the source material, but Garfield and Stone have such great chemistry onscreen, I really wouldn’t mind seeing her there in the third. Now, it would make sense for her to die in the second, and then bring in MJ as the support that Peter’s gonna need, but…Honestly, I hope that they don’t go down such a predictable route.

    • Yes, Im all for use’em and then burn’em, otherwise shiz gets old and repetitive.
      example; spiderman 3, mary jane/harry osborne

      • Don’t you mean…

        TOOT IT N BOOT IT??

  9. Lol, title made me think of Home Movies’ last episode, anyone else?

  10. I’m wondering if he catches Gwen only to find that she’s already dead :(

    • looks like she grabs him at the end. not sure why they would give away seemingly all the possible plot twists but we shall see.

    • Idk. It would be pretty creepy if her eyes were still open and focused on him while she was already dead…

  11. seriously how horrible does the 1st pic under the trailer look? it is starting to remind me of GL

  12. Hey Webb, the Lego movie will be better, you’ve ruined spiderman and managed to brainwash a new generation with you talentless ideas. Go home!!!!

    • Your jumping on the hate wagon, oh wait, there isn’t one. Grow up, this movie looks amazing. They improved their CGI a lot. The LEGO movie looks amazing as well. I don’t get why people are hating on this movie. All you die hard fans asked for a comic-bookier movie, now this is what you get. STOP COMPLAINING YOU IGNORANT FAN-BOYS THAT MAKE EVERYTHING EVERYONE ELSE’S FAULT, AND WON”T MAKE UP YOUR FREAKING MINDS!!! It’s ridiculous.

      • ive got my own wagon for my own reasons i dont care what anyone else thinks hate or not. This is not its a blaitant rip off of spiderman, using character names and likenesses barely. Awe you like special effects? Thats so cute. Here look at this shiney object while i steal you wallet.

        • Hey fanboy! Did you notice that Webb only got the ****ing title wrong?! It’s not the Amazing Spider-Man with the route they’ve been taking, but instead it’s the ULTIMATE Spider-Man. Seriously, all the villain’s origins, looks, and even all the good guy’s backstories are all from the Ultimate universe. Just be happy that we got something that IS Spider-Man instead of those Raimi films that, although were good (except the third), were exactly what you just described. They weren’t Spider-Man but were instead just using his look, villains, names, and origin story that created a separate universe altogether where Pete’s first love was MJ and not Gwen. Seriously. Maybe you need to do a little research into what you rant about before you start your rant. It’s annoying. Everyone says you’re entitled to your own opinion, but they’ve forgotten the word that appeared before “opinion” in the original quote….”informed.”

        • Lol look its a baby on board. It’s a baby wagon.

  13. and no i will not spell check, he does not deserve it

  14. This one is going to be worse then Spiderman 3.

  15. I am still excited but cannot help think..

    Is this another classic case of less is more?(a.k.a spiderman 3 ?)

  16. Honestly, I don’t understand all the hate. The first installment received way too much hate for what it was — a 7 out of 10 super hero flick that was a fun summer watch. It had levity and it was more of what we want as comic fans. I understand the complaints about the CGI but the first movie had the same issues and the movie looked great on screen still. They aren’t dumb enough to give away all the secrets of the movie in the trailer either. Maybe I’m just an optimist (I thought Superman was going to be amazing and defended it until the 9s until I realized it was just good), but I think we should wait and see what happens with this one (same with X-men). Enter these movies with an open mind.

    • I think all the hate comes from, well atleast in my part, from theyre lack of respect. CGi is a given these days. What movie doesnt have decent to great cgi. What pissess me off is a studio buys the property and thaen completely over hauls it. Changing just about everything and making it unrecognizable to waht youve been reading. Who and what that character is and what thsose storeis were. Peter parker is a bad ass hip dude? Reveals his identity in the first movie? Tehy change all the viallins around and completely ignore the source material. This new spiderman has more in common with the twilight movies than the books, cartoons it was based off of. Which is the soul reason its popular in the first place. If the orginals had not been popular, you guys would not been watching a movie about it. There is a responsibilty here. These comic characters and teh story arcs that make them great are being taken over and ruined by these studios and the shamelss execs and non talent they hire. ie: the black spiderman saga, Yes thats right, it was a Saga. IN which spiderman acuired an alein costume from space taht amped up all his powers only to find out later it was a parasitic symbiote, getting rid of it which led to venom. Instead of taking the time to hash out a great story of him getting teh costume keeping it awhile while showing his transformation and defeating it theyd rather put it in a bottle and sell it to you whole sale. Pre packaged and forgetable. Venom is one of 3 of spdermans great nemises and hes being created in a test tube to be said and done in one movie for the soul purpose to hav ehis own movie and make more money becaues hes popular. Venmom Yes is a bad ass character but hes on his way to being played out and nutured the same way FOX has handled Wolverine. Look at wolverine and his character in the books/cartoons an dthen look at him in the movies. Whne you see thei differnce you will know what im talking about and why this upsets me. These studios are only worried about target marketing. there are more twilight loving tweens then comic fan boys and those poep0le are easily pleased. Resorting thses characters to nothing more than a pre packaged throw away meal from Macdonalds. The first films werent perfect no but atleast they had feeling. Uncle ben dying meant somthing. The one was hardley felt. If you can CGi a Hulk you can CGI a Rhino , i dont car what Marc Webb says. Inmagine you life being bought and made into a movie but they leave out ghe great parts that really shaped you the parts you were proud of. They skim by and its more of a cliffs notes than an event. These movies desereve a Lord of the rings scale grandure not people just wanting to make money with over saturated garbage.

      • I respectfully disagree. I didn’t grow up reading the comics, so I had a lot of catching up to do a few years back. I ended up reading both the classic comics via the Essential Spider-man volumes and various trade paper backs, simultaneous to reading the Ultimate Spider-man books. What I’ve found is that Bendis’s retelling of the character’s humble origins became both its own thing and an elaborate homage. By borrowing elements from both worlds, I don’t see the people over at Sony as disrespectful or irreverent to the source material. Borrowing from Ultimate Spider-man is in essence borrowing from the 616 Spider-man lore because aside from the execution (which is where Bendis truly gives his Spider-man books their identity), the big arcs in Ultimate Spider-man basically follow the original arcs.

        Sony is in the movie making business, so it goes without saying that the main objective is to earn money. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to take an inspired approach to building a franchise that will bring in long term success. With respect to Venom, I read the Venom saga tpb that Marvel put together and re-released around 2007 to coincide with the release of Spider-man 3. I also read the Ultimate version of the Venom story, played the Ultimate Spider-man video game (whose story is loosely based within the comic continuity), and read the follow up arc. I think it was called Symbiote Wars or something, it was volume 21 of the Ultimate stuff before. Anyway, I mention that to say that there is a very thorough, alternative origin to the character. It’s a story that better fits the route that Sony has decided to take in connecting all of the villains to Oscorp (even if the Ultimate books use Trask Industries as the evil corporation for that particular story)

        I’m not saying one is better than the other. Quite frankly, I enjoy the classic material more, but I am a fan of the retelling as well (including the Venom retelling). It has its merits, and it makes sense that Sony would look to a critically acclaimed modern retelling of the comics for guidance to create their universe in a modern setting.

  17. Whoa, the CGI is just as terrible as in the last trailer.

  18. Ok, that’s clearly not Gwen Stacy’s death scene. They wouldn’t show that in the trailer…unless that’s what they wanted us to think. In that case, we just saw the death scene…unless they expect us to think that, so it ill become a surprise when she comes out alive. It’s not her death scene…UNLESS they expected us to come to that conclusion, causing us to become skeptical, causing her death to SMACK US RIGHT IN THE FACE WHEN IT HAPPENS!!! That’s just science. It’s that simple. UNLESS…

    • “I said no lies!”

      “I think he’s telling the truth.”

      “!?!? If he was telling the truth, he wouldn’t have told us!”

      Jack Sparrow: “UNLESS, of course, you wouldn’t even believe the truth, even if he told you.”

      “??? :(“

  19. Wow! I can’t wait for this movie!!!!!!!!

  20. Go home cgi snobs. You’re drunk.

  21. I disagree with the notion that the CGI looks awful. A lot of it looks really good, and the stuff that doesn’t isn’t bad. If anything, it looks unfinished. I can’t imagine Sony leaving the unpolished stuff in its current form with 3 entire months to go any way. Post production often takes up until the last minute for Sony, doesn’t it? The last film looked pretty good in terms of the CGI. The exceptions being the mutated lizard mouse and the unnecessarily CGI’d spiders. The more complicated stuff like Spider-man’s sewer battle and the school fight looked pretty darn good though.

  22. I’m pi$$ed that Rhino is made of metal instead of being cgi-ed into a big, hulk-like badass. They better have him change into the actual Rhino somehow at the end. If they don’t, I’ll just post another comment voicing my discontent…

    • Alex, well done on the very down to earth complaint. Well done.

      I hope they do as you ask and you don’t have to write your follow up post. Or I’ll just have to, I don’t know, read it.

      • Wow. Sarcasm. Well played sir.

    • And then the world will be changed, and grown men shall tremble.

  23. One thing to note ; Gwen wasn’t screaming during the fall… No motion or anything…. My guess is she either passed out or she’s dead in that scene already.

    • Or she knew Peter was there to catch her. But good observation.

    • She’s probably just tired of this s*** and was just embracing the probability of her imminent death at this point.

  24. I am starting to see the polish. With 4 more months of polish left to slap on.

    Didn’t look like a video game this time. Keep it up Sony, and I may just be all in on your little one man universe!

    PS interesting marketing idea to show potentially a famous death scene. Does she, doesn’t she, now everybody wants to know. Only downside is either way you piss some people off. Save her and get accused of a cop out, kill her and get accused of showing it too early.

  25. The majority of the movie going audience doesn’t know anything about the Gwen Stacy death plot line from the comics. They also do not read movie websites. People who watch this will see Spider-Man’s girl in danger. That’s what they will take from it and that’s all anyone should take from it. IMO she lives, can’t take the near death experiences, and leaves Peter.

    Enter MJ.

  26. WOW! The made that falling scene at the beginning less cartoony! They’ve really done more work with the CGI. Looks great. I highly doubt they’ll kill Gwen in the trailer…we all know NO ONE would do that. It’s pretty darn obvious. The ‘See what happens next’ is probably a bunch of goblin scenes, because, I didn’t see him much. Who knows. But who the heck would kill Emma Stone in the middle of the effing Superbowl!? You guys are crazy, it’s obvious they won’t. GotG yrailer now plz!

    • i think people are wondering if that is her death scene, not her dying in the trailer.

      anyways i really hope the cgi improves, otherwise why would you show a finished trailer without the cgi being correct

    • Lol

      “Man you can kill Emma Stone and that’s cool but dang not during the superbowl man, that ain’t cool! Cats n dogs, dark liq light liq, superbowl and emma stone’s death. Keep em separate bro!”

  27. I love all these “fan” complaints. I hope they never get what they want and are always discontented. Seriously, these are the same kinds of people that hate movies before even seeing them based off of teaser images! This movie looks great and I can’t wait to watch it.

  28. So I guess hes not going to catch her with his web while shes falling, which snaps her neck? Maybe he catches her in his arms, falls through that glass, and the impact of the fall kills her ? Im Ron Burgundy?

  29. That shot can either be misleading attempt… or SONY basically just can’t keep their climax scene a secret hahaha

    But personally, the way they have altered many things (origins) in this movie, I won’t be surprised if Gwen ends up surviving the fall at all. As in, NOT dead.