Marc Webb Reveals ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Story & Villain Details

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amazing spider man 2 mask costume1 Marc Webb Reveals Amazing Spider Man 2 Story & Villain Details

Marvel’s $1.5 billion success with The Avengers has (finally) gotten other studios to pull their feet out of the mud (figuratively-speaking) and make an effort to either match or exceed past the competition’s accomplishments. Fox’s newfound scheme includes making X-Men: Days of Future Past into a live-action feature (followed by a Fantastic Four reboot and an X-Force movie sometime thereafter).

Meanwhile, Sony has been keeping up appearances for its next superhero movie, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Our editor team has long had a nagging feeling that this particular sequel will build to something bigger and grander than itself, starting from the foundation laid by the first Amazing Spider-Man installment. That hunch continues to seem right on the money, judging by the brand-new comments made by director Marc Webb (teasing the film’s themes, story and villains).

[WARNING: Mild Spoilers Follow]

Screen Rant’s Amy Nicholson sat down to interview Webb about Amazing Spider-Man 2, as part of this year’s Comic-Con press coverage. To start the conversation off, she asked the filmmaker about the thematic arch for the webslinger’s new onscreen adventure:

“Y’know, if the last movie was [asking whether] Peter Parker can be Spider-Man, this movie is about if Spider-Man can be Peter Parker. At the beginning of the movie, he is extraordinarily capable, he is very good at being Spider-Man. There’s a virtuosity there, he’s so confident in the midst of total pandemonium that he may, uh, feel a little too confident and other elements of his life may erode because of that… I’ll say this, [the theme] has something to do with time and the nature of time and the first shot in the movie… it’s a watch… a ticking clock…”

A storyline where Peter (Andrew Garfield) becomes over-confident – only to have the rug unexpectedly yanked from beneath his feet – may sound a bit too similar to Spider-Man 3, for some fans’ preferences. Nonetheless, Webb’s allusion to the idea that Pete is running short on time (like other characters – see the dying Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) mentioned in Amazing Spider-Man) – and that Pete can only keep living on the edge as a costumed vigilante with dual identities for so long before someone else close to him gets hurt – sounds like a more intriguing variation on a familiar superhero movie narrative.

The Amazing Spider Man Rhino Marc Webb Reveals Amazing Spider Man 2 Story & Villain Details

On a related note, the third installment in Sam Raimi’s previous Spider-Man live-action movie trilogy has been frequently brought up in the continuing Amazing Spider-Man 2 conversation prior to now, in part because of the rumors about just how many important villains could appear in the film (leading some to worry that TASM2 will suffer from SM3‘s bloated structure). Fortunately, in our interview with Webb, he indicated that Max Dillon/Electro (Jamie Foxx) – with his incredible “god-like” abilities – is very much the central villain in the film, and won’t be sharing the screen much with other antagonists.

When asked if Black Cat would have her bad luck powers in Amazing Spider-Man 2, Webb responded (coyly):

“Hmmm, I don’t even know if Black Cat is in the movie…”

There’s a strong possibility that Amazing Spider-Man 2 costar Felicity Jones is playing a character who will become a super-villain somewhere down the road, even if it’s not Black Cat (as has been previously-speculated). Furthermore, the fact that the RavenCroft Institute – the Spider-Man equivalent of Arkham Asylum – will be introduced in the film may point to a link between the “prison” and Oscorp Industries. Basically, the popular theory (okay, our theory) is that Oscorp has begun conducting gene-splicing experiments on the RavenCroft residents, giving rise to bizarre monsters like Rhino (Paul Giamatti) that will become more important in a future installment.

Webb, for his money, had the following to say about villains being extended into the third Amazing Spider-Man film (it’s at that point in the interview where he also touched on Rhino’s importance to the plot of TASM2):

“Yes, yeah, listen, part of the fundamental concepts, the conceit of the universe that we’re making is that it started… in that first movie we tease up, for example, Norman Osborn. He was an entity, he was around but you didn’t see him onscreen. That allows you to unfold stories over a longer period of time and so you can create a sort of nuanced and complex world… The Rhino is in the movie for a very short time, because we’re sort of teasing out the possibility of something more interesting happening there.”

 Marc Webb Reveals Amazing Spider Man 2 Story & Villain Details

Amazing Spider-Man 2 co-screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci previously suggested that every villain and antagonist either introduced or featured in the sequel is there for an important reason. If characters like Rhino – and whomever Felicity Jones is playing – end up only playing a small role in the film’s story, then it’s conceivable that they’re being saved for some major team-up event, like a Sinister Six appearance down the line (something we’ve thought could happen ever since we saw the first movie’s mid-credits scene).

However, some future developments really ought to be saved for a third or fourth Amazing Spider-Man movie – see the introduction of Mary Jane Watson - especially if rumors about Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) biting the dust in the second movie turn out to be true (i.e. that would be an extremely rough loss for Pete).

When that topic was raised in our Webb interview, it went like this:

Amy: How intense it was shooting [Peter and Gwen's] final scene?

Webb: Um… whadda mean, the last scene in the movie?

Amy: I’m trying to get you to talk about her death.

Webb: Listen… the world we’re trying to create is… it’s partly obligated to cannon, but you also have to deviate from the cannon occasionally and so the… y’know… Andrew [Garfield] and Emma [Stone] and Peter and Gwen are – I mean, they’re something really joyful and wonderful about that relationship and it’s a lot of that stuff from the first movie [that] will continue in this second movie… [trails off].

Feel free to read between the lines of that uncomfortable response as you will.

For more, check out our full interview with Webb below:


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014.

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  1. Of course you need to deviate from the cannon, otherwise you’re gonna get blasted to pieces.

    • Nice.

    • Actually, deviating from cannon is exactly why directors get blasted! Deviating from cannon is just an excuse for a director to put their own stink on a property. If you can’t stick to cannon, they you should be writing/directing it in the first place.

      • @your mom: Did your hair get messed up there?

      • It was a play on the misspelling of “canon”, mom.

        Canon = true to original material
        Cannon = a mounted gun for firing heavy projectiles; a gun, howitzer, or mortar.

        C’mon mom, how can you be a mother if you don’t know the basic fundamentals??

        • They misspelled it in the interview, too. I hope that writer isn’t a mother or father.

      • @your mom

        So deviating from canon means you shouldn’t be a writer/director?

        I’m glad you’re not in charge of Hollywood because if movies stuck with the official canon precisely with no deviations then it’d be boring as hell, wouldn’t it?

        If a movie followed a comic book panel by panel, start to finish, with no deviation then I’d probably walk out and ask for my money back because it’d the the biggest waste of my 2 hours when I could’ve just stayed at home and re-read the story direct from my book shelf instead.

        • +1

          Completely agree with you. I’ve said this before already but I’ll say it again, whether it’s an original movie or a movie based on an existing character, it’s all the same, it’s still a movie. And part of what makes a good movie is the story, and to just grab it from a comic book makes the movie almost useless. Especially when the budget is 200 million dollars, it’s almost idi*tic to not make original content with that kind of money.

          • I hated Snyder’s “Watchmen” for exactly that reason.

            • I’m glad he changed the ending from “fake alien invasion” to “Doctor Manhattan’s fault” but yeah, Snyder doing a loving panel-by-panel recreation was just horribly boring and way too long.

              Just before he got kicked out of the director’s chair, Terry Gilliam said “this would work better as a TV mini series instead of a movie” and I completely agree with him.

  2. If the movie is about Spider-Man being able to be Peter Parker, Black Cat is pretty much the one character who would ever make him think Peter Parker is his half that doesn’t really matter. So she SHOULD be a part of this.

    As for everything else Webb said, I’m not quite sure if I like where he’s going with this now.

  3. I highly doubt Marc Webb would say, “Oh yeah that last scene between Peter and Gwen.. it’s a tear jerker!” Who would non-chalantly admit the biggest (expected) scene of TASM2?

    • I hope they dont kill her off because its just become an expectation at this point and everybody will just be waiting for it, so what yet another hostage situation at the climax? Meh.

      • Maybe she’ll end up paraplegic, that’d be a interesting twist.

        • That’s an interesting idea…

      • Agreed.

    • Ha, true that, but you gotta give Amy credit for trying anyway. ;-)

      • Absolutely, major props!

    • But there’s a big difference between not admitting it and trying to pretend it’s an unexpected plot point.

  4. Great article Sandy!

    As I’ve said before, you have to love Marc Webb’s enthusiasm for the character of Spider Man and his passion for making these movies.
    I’m glad they got Spidey’s suit right this time, and I’m looking forward to this movie, it sounds like it’s shaping up well.

  5. “This movie is about Spider-Man being Peter Parker”. So, just like Spider-Man 2?

    As for The Rhino being in it for a short time, that disappoints me. Does that mean we’re only going to get one action sequence with him?

    • I was thinking SM2 as well, but that was more along the lines of wondering if Peter Parker could still be Spider-Man.

      Webb is reversing that I guess.

  6. If thats the case could mean we never see Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevich as the Rhino in this film. Now I may have missed some pics, but if that is the case good call.

    • You did miss some pics…there were several set shots of watshisname in a big CGI-harness for Rhino.

    • He was in a “CGI” Rhino-type device if you’ve seen the pictures of him standing/growling on that “Machine”, I’m assuming, and predicting that the Rhino (yes, the Rhino) will be in the movie for at least one scene, and I’m assuming that Paul has signed a multi-picture deal with Sony to appear in either TASM3 (or 4)

      • Yeah…the only question left is whether he’s going to be the robotic R.H.I.N.O. or the biological one. I really hope it’s the biological one.

  7. I was guessing Rhino was only going to make a small appearance, I guess they might just be setting up his origin in this film and using him for the future Sinister Six film. Sounds like a good idea to me.

    Aha I love when directors get those type of spoilery questions, their reactions are always priceless.

    I’m hoping the fact that they’ll be slowly unfolding stories through the series won’t hurt each film individually. It’d be more enjoyable if the story is very rich and filled with details instead of it feeling like a simpe set up for a grander film.

    • simple*

  8. ” [...] The Rhino is in the movie for a very short time, because we’re sort of teasing out the possibility of something more interesting happening there.”

    Basically everything but a Sinister Six confirmation right there. They’re gonna “collect” villains for two (three? Lizard?) movies and then form a villain team in ASM4.

    Not saying it’s confirmed, but it’s a very plausible scenario now I think.

  9. I believe filmmakers have an obligation to create their own paths when making a movie based off of superhero comic books. No, they don’t have to drastically change certain characters and be different just for the sake of being different. However, it becomes boring when people want to copy everything from the comics so I applaud people who take chances and do their own thing. So if Gwen lives, which I think is a possibility, I wouldn’t be upset. That’ll just make things more unpredictable heading into the future.

    On a unrelated note – Marc Webb has a great smile…hard not to notice.

    • +1

      A superhero movie isn’t an adaptation, it’s simply using the characters at your own will. Plus a big part of any movie is the story, to simply grab a story from the comics will just devalue the movie.

    • He basicaly confirmed that Gwen will die at the very start of an interview. Overconfident -> Gwen dies -> Peter turns his brains on and becomes the real Spiderman.

  10. Every time I get excited about this movie I remember who the writers are and all that buzz fizzles away.

    • Ha. I’ll admit that when I saw their names, it elicited a less than positive response from me, too.

  11. If they are teasing the Sinister Six that Doc Ock will be introduced since he is the leader and possibly Kraven the Hunter could be introduced

  12. How about a canon where Gwen wins?

    • That would be nice.

  13. I really hope they don’t kill Gwen off just yet, their chemistry (Peter & Gwen) are loveable and gives the movie a little more depth and sincerity.
    Plus I don’t think she should get killed till Goblin(s) introduced, as that’s how she dies in the comics and feel they should keep true to the original story arc (or at least the base of it)

    Just my 2 pence (in the uk!)

  14. Questions:
    After this point would you take a chance on introducing a character like Venom or would you stay along the storyline of emerging all of the Sinister Six for a larger villain showing in future film? At that point you would no doubt see a SM3 villain bloat, as warned, with no less than equal screen time for all six villains. That would be very short intros for some main stream villains, IE Dr. Oct, Vulture, Kraven etc… I would jump the story and go with Venom for the next chapter. Do we know if this will only be a trilogy?

    • Sony’s claimed release dates for (presumably) Amazing Spider-Man 3 & 4:

      That’s to say, it sounds like they’re planning more than a trilogy.

      • Hopefully they go beyond that as Garfield is a young actor, and the fact they won’t be introducing MJ till later could prove that. I personally do hope they climax on the SinisterSix

        • “I personally do hope they climax on the Sinister Six”… I don’t think they could get away with that in a PG-13 movie. You’ve been watching way too much porn.

          • *SMH…

          • +1 for the lawls

        • Garfield looks younger than he is. He’s about 30 right now. Personally, I think 4 movies is perfect. I just don’t really want to get to a Spider-Man movie where he’s in his 40′s…

          • Yeah, you have to wonder how far Sony is going to be able to take the Spiderman franchise. Once they’ve done four, maybe maybe five films with Garfield, do they then just reboot and start all over yet again?

            • If they end the series, I hope they don’t fully reboot it. Sort of similar to the James Bond films, just make good one off Spider-Man films. It’d save so much time.

              • Yes I said this along time ago.Just hire a actor to play Spider-Man for three movies at a time then switch it up again.This should be the formula going forward so pay attention Sony.

  15. I hope it’s not the case of too many villains in the kitchen for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′.

  16. Really hope to see webs version of Doc Ock be more of a villian leader. kind of tired of seeing good guys turned bad tho some villians just like the power they receive and just go with it doing things they could not have done before their gifts. Just thought of a way to use doc ock. Have a very egotistic scientist (Otto Octavius) working as lead scientist for Norman Osborn creating amazing new inventions smirking and doing really well only to have Peter parker show him up and have otto have disgust in his facial expressions. He later becomes Doc Ock and just excepts his new powers then is kinda beaten by Spider-Man. Doc Ock then comes up with a huge plan involving the creation of the Sinister Six. Also Kraven could be on the look out for Spiderman as he travels by helicopter and other means working for the FBI, S.W.A.T or something. any ideas on this guys and gals?

    • I’ve never really been a fan of that Doc Ock or any villain developed like that in general. It’s like the cliche’ villain wearing a top hat and a cape, curling his barbershop moustache as he waits for you to get hit by a train.

      What’s the point of Venom if Doc Ock is going to have a personal thirst for vengeance against Peter Parker?

    • Even though that villain formula is pretty cliché, I thought they handled it in Spider-Man 2 really well. With his wife dying and the artificial intelligence taking over him, I thought they made Doc Ock work really well.

      • That’s why the Doc Ock stuff was the only good thing about that movie and why everyone looks back on it so fondly. They can forget the rest of the cheesy, cliched crap and focus on the brilliant writing and Alfred Molina’s perfect delivery.

        • I thought SM2 was amazing as a whole, not because of Doc Ock. He wasn’t a Heath Ledger for that movie because people are still able to see the story behind Peter Parker and his battle to decide whether he can be Spider-Man for the rest of his life or not.

          • Agreed. Doc Ock was great and all, but the real reason why Spider-Man 2 is regarded as one of the greatest comic book movies of all time is because of Peter’s internal conflict with being Spider-Man, while perfectly adapting the classic comic story “Spider-Man no more”.

  17. I truly hope Gwen doesn’t die in this film. Like someone said above, it’s what everyone expects, and Peter & Gwen hasn’t had enough time together.

    I like the over-confidant Spiderman though. Spiderman makes fun of his villains all of the time, and it featured a little bit in the first one, I want to see him go all out in this one. I also hope that he comes up with a scientific way to defeat Electro.

    • You mean the rubber suit? That’s a pretty basic way to stop him, unless he really wants to launch another canister full of smalt into the air again.

  18. people was moaning that there are too many villans in this movie and now they moaning that rhino only makes a small apperance … smh… the human condition… (Never Satisfied)

  19. Canon* with one n. For future reference Mr. Schaefer.

  20. Don’t know if anyone has suggested this but maybe, to surprise even us fans they should not kill Gwen in this film. Then kill her off in the first hour of part 3. Then the impact of her death can be explored in the final hour and a half of that movie. Just a thought. Heck, introduce the goblin in the final scene of AS2 and kill her in the opening scene of 3. That would be ballsy!!!

    • Yes. And then Beenox will design the ASM 3 game so that when Gwen starts to fall, guess what Spidey does?

      2099 FREE FALLING

  21. What if Spider-Man is defeated by the sinister six initially and then uses the venom suit to defeat them?? The next movie in the series would have venom be the main antagonist

    • I would like that. That would probably be the 5th movie (4th movie he uses the suit), and Venom makes an entrance. And 5-6-7 could be a Venom/Carnage trilogy, maybe even Toxin. If they used the first four as a set-up that would really work.

  22. OMG WOW! Amazing Interview! Thanks for the upload Screenrant. I’m sending that video interview out all over the place. Great stuff!

    Webb: “How do you do that? How do you do it? I don’t know… well i do know.”

  23. I figured we’d only get a small dose of other characters and villains. They’re going to stretch this out over the course of (at least) four movies, so Rhino will probably get put in Ravencroft by Spider-Man with ease. The real antagonist will be Electro and I’m thinking Gwen dies at the end due to a surprise appearance by Green Goblin.

    The only bad part of all this is that I have to wait a year to see it!

    • Agreed man. Venom and carnage are two of the best characters marvel has to offer! Who do you think the sinister six should consist of? I think doc ock, electro, scorpion, mysterio, shocker, and rhino. I don’t think they should include the lizard in the SS.

      • I think a good twist would be to have the Lizard help him out against the SS, but to answer your question I think they might include the Vulture. I’d replace Shocker with him and I’d probably replace Mysterio with the Green Goblin in your list as to who they might use.

        • Don’t forget that Venom might make an appearance at some point, so you could add him to a possible SS. Or you could have him help Spider-Man as a possible twist. Either way, I can’t wait to see how it all falls together.

  24. I agree Freddie; I want Gwen and Peter’s relationship to keep growing, so when the Goblin(s) is introduced; the tragic ending will be worth it all! I would love to see a “Sinister Six, or even Kraven’s Last Hunt.’ storyline sometime down the road. Great interview!

  25. The more I read about this movie, the more I get excited.

  26. Re: Gwen dying or not in ASM2: So far we’ve seen them together for one movie and we have become attached to the characters and their romance. If she dies in part 2 we will have a whole other movie to see them bond. They’re relationship could be really established by the end of ASM2 when she dies. I think it needs to happen to move the larger story along because it is so important to Peter/ Spidey’s character development and where the plot needs to go. Its really just a matter of how not to rush a Goblin intro… And I really hope its Norman and not Harry.

    BTW – after the first movie’s credit scene there was so much speculation about who the mystery man talking to Connors was. Any spec on that now?

  27. I have just kind of grown tired of seeing the villain start out so nice and innocent become a villain but really be good deep down. I want to see them act a little more realistic like powerful conceded bitter better then everyone else smarter then you type people some times. It changes the formula a bit and Doc Ock was like that originally. He was a great villain who led other villains against Spider-Man. Also who was the man in the cell with Connors at the end credits? and what ever happened to the main guy who worked for Oscorp That the Lizard was after at the bridge? Lizard was after him Spider-Man interrupted and we never saw him again? I would love to see Scorpion, Kraven, and Venom. But we need to change up the good guy turn villain formula we had that in Spiderman 1 green goblin, Spiderman 2 Doc Ock, Spiderman 3 Sandman, Goblin, and Venom turning Eddie Evil, and now AMAZING Spiderman 1 Lizard, Amazing Spiderman 2 Electro. Come on sometimes people are evil, give us a real villain to make the Hero a greater Hero. Another thing is we need to see some of the hero female interact and actually have powerful abilities, and have Female Villains like Enchantress in Thor.

    • Venom didn’t turn Eddie evil in SM3, he was already a bitter and resentful d-bag who shared an issue with Peter Parker with the symbiote.

      • Also, I think Osborn is already a greedy psychopath well before he ever becomes the Green Goblin.

  28. Yeah but the Symbiote brings out the worse in him and amplifies it. look what it did to peter.

    • By the time Eddie Brock became Venom, he was already pure evil. The symbiote and Brock have an understanding because Peter ruined their lives from their perspective. But that symbiote would gladly leave Eddie if Peter wanted it back, I believe it’s been done before to trap it.

  29. They will not kill off Gwen Stacy, and they will not do a Sinister Six. We are gonna get watered down, throwaway villains, and a twilight-esque love triangle between Peter, Gwen, and MJ. Electro is already following the same Spider-Man movie villain path: good nature scientist has a freak accident, and turns into a villain who struggles with their dark side, whom spider-man spares because of the “good in him”. As far as rhino, I’m expecting nothing ground breaking at all.

    • it would be too boring!