‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Extended Footage Spoilers: The Big Reveals

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Amazing Spider Man 2 Logo Preview Reviews Amazing Spider Man 2 Extended Footage Spoilers: The Big Reveals

[Have you seen Amazing Spider-Man 2 and want to discuss SPOILERS? Then CLICK HERE!]

A special Amazing Spider-Man 2 extended preview event was held for NYC film journalists today, in coordination with the release of a new Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer (which you can watch on the next page). In addition to the new 3D trailer, we were treated to additional 3D footage from the film – including the opening 15 minutes, which revealed quite a bit about how this sequel will be very different from its predecessor.

On the following page we’ll discuss some of the big SPOILERS we saw in the footage, what they mean for fans, and whether or not these developments will change the overall perception of what Amazing Spider-Man 2 is all about. TAKE NOTE: Director Marc Webb was in attendance, and made it clear that while we did get to see some surprises of the plot, characters, and storyline, it could all be considered MILD SPOILERS, at this point.




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  1. Sounds great. Especially the improved effects. Shows that people need to wait until the final product is finished to judge.

    Apart from Doc Ock, I didn’t care for SM2 like most did, but I can see this being my favorite cbm and Spiderman movie to date.

  2. Sounds like some serious oversell here guys. Hope you enjoy the money Sony have thrown in your direction to give this overzealous review.

    • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh this guy

    • Just shut up. Is it so hard to believe its actually just a good, solid spidey film?

    • It’s a conspiracy, OverSell. There’s no way it’s a good movie, right?

    • So far I’ve read 3 websites that spoke more of the same manner (and each usually have a different perspective for many CBMs), so I don’t think it’s ‘oversell’. Still, it’s not the end product, the director obviously showed their best scenes to please the journalist, but hey… noone’s forcing you to watch this if you don’t feel like it.

    • @Oversell – Well let’s see, the last time Kofi “oversold” a movie was Avatar, and we know how THAT turned out…complete bomb, right?

      Get over yourself.


  3. @ KOFI, when you say the 3D is no joke, save the extra money… Are you saying to save your money because it is a joke OR to save your money to spend it on the 3D ticket because the 3d is kick ass?

    Just wondering cuz that got me a little confused, I assume you mean the latter because you stated at the beginning that the 3D sequence @ the start of the film was worth the 3D ticket price! But again just wanting a little clarification.

    OH YEAH, Great article also Kofi! I cant wait to see this. THANKS

    • The 3D is great, except for the price of the ticket (must be pricey where he goes).

    • he meant save the extra money and spend it on this. like save in your piggy bank.

  4. I finally get to the Goblin’s glider, it’s unlike anything the movie predecessor have.
    Dane DeHaan is deliciously evil.
    I’ll see it both in 2D and 3D

  5. Captain America 2, Godzilla, ASM 2, X Men…am I missing any others? I’ll probably see Transformers too since my dad is fond of them and it looks pretty good in trailers. Oh yeah, Guardians of the Galaxy…damn they’re taking all of my money.

  6. MMM….not too bad, actually. And did I see Octopus arms and Vulture wings in those Oscorp cells?

    • yes. those were Doc Ock and Vulture references

  7. Surprisingly, this is the 3rd entertainment website that has released preview-review that actually made me really curious about this movie… rather than any of the actual trailer itself. Watching the trailers (yes, those many), didn’t manage to make me want to watch this in theatre, but reading these reviews actually worked! I might give it a shot if the time and condition is right by the time the movie is out here… thanks for the review!

  8. Why does everything have to be about Robots, First we have the Rhino as a Transformer, then the Goblins Armor is more like a robotic suit rather then an incarnated goblin with a purple hood and purple clothes, then we have the Vulture wings appearing robotic, the vulture is not a robot, he is a human being incarnated into a vulture same with the Rhino people or fans want to get the feel of the real thing like what they did with the lizard in the first film i thought that lizard was great thats exactly what needs to happen with the vulture and Rhino, i really hope they do a good job on the Sinister Six movie

    • I think they’re going for more of a “grounded-in-reality” as much as they can with super-hero movies these days, and most Marvel movies seem to lean towards the “Ultimate” universe in which I know the Rhino is basically a guy in a mech suit. As far as the others (Green Goblin and Vulture) I guess they’re going for the realistic approach, the Green Goblin’s suit probably has strength enhancing attributes (ie: GI Joe 1) and the Vulture is most likely an anti-grav harness. But that’s just my (geek) opinion

  9. Yeah! Two for two. Yet another EXTRA CLICK post by screenrant! Are those ad bucks coming in fast enough yet? C’mon, up the ante. Why not just make us change pages every sentence or so? How else am I supposed to know which insurance to buy, which game console is best, or which car to drive?

    • @greg tarpin

      People like you are hilarious. We recently converted about 90% of our multi-page posts to single-page posts and only use single page format for all features and lists – in order to make readers like you happier.

      The ONLY time we do multi-page posts now is as a SPOILER wall, so that only the people who CHOOSE TO CLICK THROUGH end up seeing the spoilers. (Again, in order to make the reader experience fair and happy for everyone.)

      You sound like a troll, greg, so I don’t expect you to see reason here. You’re just tragically ironically funny is all.

      • Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t… Someone is always going to find something to complain about

        Kofi, there are lots of us out here who do understand where your coming from, and are thankful for what you guys do, many of whom don’t comment on the threads. You guys have mentioned in the podcast your new multi-page formats, many of us get it and appreciate it!

      • I’ve noticed how you guys have changed your reactions to comments like this. I love it. It goes back to me sayinjg multiple times that this what makes me come back to this site, is that you guys actually interact with people and call out people on things. You aren’t going to make everyone happy but you guys listen to people, when they are making valid arguments, and fix things where you can. And Kofi, you never fail to make me laugh at your random, sometimes stupid as hell, comments(thats a compliment). Keep it up.

    • @greg tarpin – Is your poor little finger tired from pushing down on the button?

      No one is making you click and there are plenty of other sites out there that either put the spoiler in the title of the post, make you click several times to read small pieces of info or throw pop-up or pop-under ads in your face (which we DON’T do). You’re more than welcome to enjoy that experience.