Rumor Patrol: ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Spoiler – Why Mary Jane Scenes Were Cut

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Mary Jane Watson Amazing Spider Man 2 Rumor Patrol: Amazing Spider Man 2 Spoiler   Why Mary Jane Scenes Were Cut

WARNING the following post contains potential MAJOR SPOILERS for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. If you are avoiding story details for the film, turn away now.

As production on Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 draws to a close, there’s still a lot that we do not know about the film – especially considering all those behind-the-scenes snapshots the director shared through social media. Jamie Foxx is set to appear as Electro and Paul Giamatti will fulfill his lifelong dream of portraying The Rhino but rumors of an appearance by yet another villain and a possible ally for Spider-Man have left some viewers wondering if the sequel is already in danger of falling victim to the same problems as Sam Raimi’s notoriously over-stuffed Spider-Man 3.

Of course, that’s not including the addition of actress Shailene Woodley as a future love interest for Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, whose scenes were recently cut. The choice to remove Woodley from the picture was a controversial one, leaving some fans speculating that Webb had caved to unwarranted and dismissive criticism that the actress wasn’t the right person to play MJ. Fortunately, thanks to a new plot rumor, it sounds as though Webb’s choice to cut Mary Jane was in service of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 story – not external pressure or issues with Woodley’s depiction of the character.

NOTE: This is your last chance to avoid MAJOR SPOILERS for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Turn away if you do not want to be spoiled.

Mary Jane in Amazing Spider Man 23 Rumor Patrol: Amazing Spider Man 2 Spoiler   Why Mary Jane Scenes Were Cut




Begin Amazing Spider-Man 2 SPOILERS

For anyone that has been following our coverage of the film, or is simply familiar with Gwen Stacy’s original comic book arc, the latest Amazing Spider-Man 2 rumor shouldn’t come as much of a revelation. However, assuming it’s not just an educated guess, the report lends support to a prior article that we posted – regarding the real reason that Woodley’s scenes were cut.

According to a Hollywood Life source, pushing Mary Jane to Amazing Spider-Man 3 was entirely a creative choice – to make sure the character did not distract from the death of current love interest Gwen Stacy:

Emma Stone’s character dies in the next film and that really would take a bunch out of the film if Spider-Man all the sudden starts dating a new girl so close to an important characters death. They were noticing this occurring as they filmed Shailene’s scenes. They want to make the death of Gwen Stacy really mean something and then it will leave room for Shailene to shine in the third film.

Gwen Stacy Death Amazing Spider Man 2 Rumor Patrol: Amazing Spider Man 2 Spoiler   Why Mary Jane Scenes Were Cut

As stated, Hollywood Life‘s source is merely confirming what many fans have already assumed – that Gwen Stacy will die in Part 2 (possibly by Spider-Man’s own web). That said, the real takeaway here is that, after shooting the scenes, Webb and the filmmakers had a change of heart about when it would be appropriate to introduce Parker’s (presumed) future wife. Obviously, fleshing out the larger Spider-Man movie universe is a major focus in the upcoming sequel – given that Norman Osborne and Harry Osborne are also going to play major roles. Yet, Webb is a smart enough storyteller to know that building-out the cinematic world to setup future installments should not come at the expense of the current storyline – especially one as emotionally impactful (and heartbreaking) as the death of Gwen Stacy.

The report also clarifies a few key points: Woodley is slated to appear in Amazing Spider-Man 3 (meaning there’s little merit to rumors that she might be recast) and that Emma Stone might make an appearance in future installments via Parker’s flashbacks/nightmares. The mention of Emma Stone returning appears in the second part of the report (which, sadly, had to directly addresses TMZ-like speculation that Emma Stone was too over-protective of her on-and-off screen boyfriend, Andrew Garfield):

There is no jealousy, this is definitely a creative decision and Emma was also told that she would have her character get the proper send off and probably would appear in flashbacks and nightmares in the third film. When you are a huge star like Emma you get things thrown to you even if you don’t ask or demand them.

Shailene Woodley Mary Jane Watson Amazing Spider Man Rumor Patrol: Amazing Spider Man 2 Spoiler   Why Mary Jane Scenes Were Cut

Fortunately, it sounds as though Webb (along with writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman) are positioning The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to tell the best possible story – instead of attempting to pack-in franchise story threads. While it would have certainly been exciting to see Woodley’s version of Mary Jane, her inclusion (even as a brief cameo) could undercut the impact of Gwen’s unfortunate fate – as well as distract from the guilt and pain Peter Parker will experience in the aftermath.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 10th, 2016 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 on May 4th, 2018.

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Source: Hollywood Life [via CBM]

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  1. Makes sense to me. Any rumors on the black cat?

    • Yes Felicity Jones confirmed it. This might be Spidey’s “ally”.

      • Felicity playing Felicia is amazingly fitting.

  2. This is my most anticipated superhero film of 2014 behind Guardians. Its going to be pretty interesting considering there are not many superhero films where the love interest gets killed. The only one that comes to mind is Dark Knight and that didn’t impact me much since I’m not a Maggie Gyllenhal fan. I’ll probably cry watching Emma Stone die.

    • I like Maggie as an actress but the character wasn’t very fleshed out in either movie, even if you could get over the recasting after Katie Holmes chose being a cult’s slave over returning to the sequel.

      • I wasnt struck by rachel dieing i was however struck by dent dieing as well, the rachel death completely added to thr film and the advancement of both bruce and harvery

  3. I like the sound of it, first movie was great and I’m glad Webb is distancing himself even further from the cheese-fests of Raimi’s Spidey movies.

    Can’t wait to see how she dies and the inevitable Gwen almost kissing Peter until he snaps out of it and Mary Jane asks if he’s ok scenes in future installments.

    • At least they are better than Nolan cr*ps. I wish Nolan to refrain from taking on any more superhero flicks. Still can’t get over that abomination of a superhero franchise they call “The Dark Knight Trilogy”!

      • lol k….

      • Has to be sarcasm

  4. If she dies in this film, I just may be through with this new franchise. Unless they plan on doing a small time jump, there is no way that her death will be effective enough to really make the audience feel for Peter. I hate how all of these CBM’s rush to tell all of a characters iconic stories instead of fleshing them out.

    • It’ll be totally effective. Plus if they dragged it out even longer, they’d need to announce movie number 5 and then 6 to make up for it.

      Plus rather than have them together for a while, I’d honestly prefer if they just got together finally (properly) and then she gets killed. That would really snatch defeat from the jaws of victory for audiences and relate to those who finally managed to have things go their way, only for fate to snatch that good thing away from them for seemingly no reason.

      The time jump can come in movie 3 with Parker refusing to put on the suit and too depressed to bother until he’s forced back under the mask.

      • Peter & Gwen knew each other in the comics so that is a better reason for them being brought together, rather than Peter just hooking up with the next pretty girl he sees after his girl just died.

        And that sounds just like a copy of TDKR. You know Rachel dies, and he quits for 7 years? No, don’t want to see that.

        • I’d have to strongly disagree with you here Tay… I was already feeling for Peter and Gwen’s relationship by the end of the first movie. So anything else is just the cherry on top… hell, her father’s death was impact-full and he didn’t even have that much screen time.

          The very nature and challenge of this type of adaptation or films in general, is that they must tell a compelling story in compressed time. Movies don’t have the benefit/luxury of being able to adapt as they wish directly from source material such as comics or books. We should be happy they’re stretching it out as much as they are and that Gwen didn’t die in the first movie.

          They have to take a compelling story originally told over a much lengthier medium and retell a compelling story restrained to (if they’re lucky) a 2+ hour window.

          • @Travis

          • While they had great chemistry together, I just don’t see it as a need to kill her right when they get together. It’ll be much more impact-full if it happened in the third film. For me, George Stacy’s death could’ve been handled better.

            I understand they have to tell a good story in a short time frame. My problem is how Webb is handling this issue. Gwen was introduced I’d say around issue 30 and she died in about issue 120. While they weren’t together the whole time, they still had a lot of interaction with each other. There’s no reason for filmmakers to have to rush into telling a characters best storylines immediately. There were plenty of great storylines before Gwen’s death. Just because it’s one of his iconic stories doesn’t mean it has to be told so fast.

            • You’re jus trying to justify the fact that you don’t want Gwen to die in the 2 hour window, completely agree.

              But in the same token, you don’t want to drag out her storyline into 3 or 5 movies, then that leaves no room for Mary Jane and
              Peter’s relationship to built, which is the most compelling relationship in the Spider-Man comic-book.

              as Travis has stated, all of his points were vaild, as were yours.

              Let’s just see how this all plays out. Beggers can’t be choosers.

              • I agree, I can’t wait to see how this works out… nerd drama!

            • Andrew Garfield won’t be playing Spider-Man for the next 50 years, so they need to speed up the pace compared to the comics because we’ll get something like 2 hours of Spidey every couple years at most, unless they turn the franchise into a TV show.

    • I’d like to see the Gwen story for at least three movies, myself.

      • I feel the same

  5. I think this film will be great. Yes there are a ton of characters but if they just introduce them and set them up for later movies it will dare I say AMAZING?

  6. I really like Shailene Woodely so I hope that she does show up in ASM 3

  7. I wonder if the “Face it Tiger, you just hit the jackpot” scene will be after the credits? probably not. But it would be kind of cool

    • It’ll sound corny. I doubt that line will ever be said.

    • Definitely not in the credits, and maybe (hopefully?) never.

      • This line is a staple of the original comics and possibly the best known one-liner in the entire comics history. Webb’s adaptation discarded or modified so many things that we need at least some unchanged bits here and there. Doing a Spidey saga without this iconic one-liner would be a shame, just as well as failing to include the classic “I have a bad feeling about this” line in the forthcoming Star Wars VII.

        • Webb hasn’t really stuck to copying one-liners – heavily paraphrased “With great power comes great responsibility”. – As I think he should.

          • What he should do first and foremost is respecting the characters and we’re still waiting for it to happen. The one-liners are fan-service extras that honestly don’t cost that much screen time, so why doing without them?

  8. that’s the point for not killing off Gwen yet, have MJ come in as a friend like from the past or something as a neighbor in 3 and have gwen die then finally leaving Peter in a despair filled state in 4 against Goblin after which at the end of 4, he and MJ get into a more close position to pick up their relationship into love.

    • This. This is good stuff. Seeing a rage-filled Peter beating the hell out of Norman and whoever else for the 3rd film, would be amazing. Then he and MJ hook up in the 4th and play that story out.

      Good thinking, sir.

  9. Marc Webb will flesh out Gwen’s Character even deeper in this film. He is good at romantic movies and I believe he can make you feel the loss and despair of Peter Parker when the fateful moment arrives. I guess he might go on revenge and that MJ will help her with the future guilt

  10. Come on. I never read the classic comic books and even I know her fate.

  11. I think MJ should have been introduced here. It doesn’t undercut the story as MJ is apart of the bigger picture that is the Spidey mythos.

    She could just have a small part to intro the character and set it up for ASM3. She could be there to comfort Peter after Gwen dies. At least as a friend.

  12. ok confused. didn’t the green goblin kill Gwen? so how did this past on with electro and rhino?

    sounds over loaded

    • A recent rumor said Green Goblin will appear in the film. He’ll be the big baddie Spiderman faces at the end of the film.

      • i feel like he should last at least 2 films. Maybe he escapes while peter is “saving” gwen stacy

  13. Gwen Stacy shouldn’t die unless that third villain is Green Goblin

    • Very much agree! Gwen shouldn’t die until GG gets introduced!! As it is in the comics!! Having her die in the same movie as electro and rhino is redonkulous if you ask me

    • Yep, that’s in fact what they’re planning to do.

  14. Makes sense. But couldn’t they have thought of this before filming all of the scenes for MJ?

    • Most movies are altered and change constantly until the production is complete. Sometimes that can be good and sometimes bad, but it’s a constant.

  15. If they are building up to Sinister Six, Spidey will need another ally or two.

  16. I know Mary Jane is Spidey’s main love interest in his universe but that story has already been told through Raimi’s movies. Sad to see they are recycling certain elements already used in the previous films. What I really don’t understand is that parts that should be true to the comics are being totally re-imagined (eg. Electro’s character/look) while parts that can be left out will remain (eg. Gwen’s death).

    I am a huge Spidey fan but I see so many things that are turning out to be nothing but bad news. Seems like Shailene Woodley will remain as Mary Jane. No disrespect to her at all but even if she turns out to be a great actress, she does not have the look to portray the character. I’d much rather someone along the lines of Rachel McAdams. Sorry just my opinion.

    • To be fair, they’re taking parts from both the 616 universe and parts from the Ultimate universe. In this case, Gwen from the 616 and Electro from Ultimate.

    • “that story has already been told through Raimi’s movies.” Well, not really, since Raimi’s MJ was basically Gwen with MJ’s name and hair color. They’re not recycling some elements from the previous saga, they’re using key elements from the original material, just as they should. Not nearly enough IMHO, but still some. Any new adaptation of the same story is bound to share a thing or two with its predecessors, whether it be The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, or Spider-Man. Deal with it.

    • “What I really don’t understand is that parts that should be true to the comics are being totally re-imagined (eg. Electro’s character/look) while parts that can be left out will remain (eg. Gwen’s death).”

      Because Electro’s green jumpsuit and lightning bolt mask is more central to the Spidey mythos than the death of his first love?

      Your priorities are more than a little messed up.

  17. I always thought that if they were going to kill Gwen off, they would do it in the third movie. I figured, Osborn would become the Goblin at the end of the second film or the beginning of the third. Finally, at the climax of the third, Spidey would have that fateful confrontation with Osborn and Gwen on the bridge. I’m not sure if this is a thing to nitpick about (and I’m sorry if it is), but I really think that if Gwen dies, it should be because of Goblin and Spidey’s fight, not Electro, Rhino, ect. Just my thoughts.

  18. I always thought that if Gwen was to die in the movies, it would be in the third one. I figured, Osborn would become the Goblin at the end of the second one or the beginning of the third. Then, at the climax of the film, Spidey would have that fateful confrontation with Goblin on the bridge with Gwen. I’m not sure if this is a nitpick (and I apologize if it is) but if Gwen is going to die, I would have thought she would have died because of Goblin and Spidey, not Electro, Rhino, ect. Just my thoughts.

    • It’s not because you have a name that sounds like a mantra that you should feel the need to repeat yourself… ;)

  19. Say what you want, the girl playing Mary Jane couldn’t be any worse than Kirsten Dunst

    • Woodley boxes in the same category than Dunst.

  20. For some reason, just by reading the article and comments, this film jumped from something I was kind of interested in, to probably my most anticipated film of next year.

  21. The first movie was hugely overrated. Emma Stone was the only good thing about it but let’s face it, she was playing the same character she always does but with blonde hair. Bottom line, I don’t expect too much from the sequel. It’s very much geared to the twilight crowd.

    • Hugely overrated? Where are you seeing the immense praise? Half of the people hate it, the other half like it. So many people continue to complain about everything in the movie.

      Me? I thought the film was enjoyable aside from one thing: I thought the entire origin was terribly handled. It felt rushed and horribly acted (Peter crying over Uncle Ben’s body was so phony, it kills whatever moment they were trying to create)

    • I guess we didn’t see the same film. Emma Stone usually plays awkward, witty, and/or comedic roles whereas her Gwen was the sweet, smart, and concerned girlfriend. Nothing like the roles she played in the past.

      If you think The Amazing Spider-Man was anything like Twilight or geared to that crowd, you’ve A) been lucky enough to have never seen Twilight or B) don’t know what the Twilight crowd is like.

  22. I really wish they would leave her death for the end of the third movie talk about rushing it!!! Mary Jane already got 3 movies so let Gwen have her trilogy!! I thought Emma stone was the best thing about the first movie and that’s not saying alot, Toby for me was a better spiderman! I was excited for this next film thinking with the suit change and adding Jamie foxx was a good move but now I am dissapointed! and why not use venom and carnage for 3 and 4 I do not want to see the green goblin again!! at least give us the hob goblin it’s just the same as what rami did give us something different please other wise sod off!!

  23. “Emma Stone’s character dies in the next film and that really would take a bunch out of the film if Spider-Man all the sudden starts dating a new girl so close to an important characters death.” This is bullsh*t! MJ was originally introduced way before Gwen’s death, the trio became friends, Peter never saw our favorite redhead as a love interest during that time (though MJ being MJ, she couldn’t resist playfully flirting with him at some point) and her presence didn’t detract from Gwen’s tragedy one bit. Furthermore, her being so supportive to Peter after this event helped flesh her character out as much more than the careless partygoer she seemed to be.

    “Woodley is slated to appear in Amazing Spider-Man 3″ Uhh… hasn’t it been reported that she was replaced by Sarah Gadon? Woodley taking back the role of MJ would be a shame since Gadon looks the part much more than plain-looking Woodley. OK, plain might be something of an overstatement but she clearly is no supermodel material.

    • bfg666 –

      The article specifically addresses the fact that Woodley was not recast. That was debunked a week back and this report further indicates that she will be introduced in the third one. Woodley isn’t taking back the role from Gadon, Gadon never had it – she’s playing someone else entirely. The entire point of this piece was clear up that confusion – MJ was bumped to the third film to allow Parker and the audience to mourn Stacy before bringing MJ in.

      Was it different in the comics? Yes. But movies have significantly less time to set these things up – so Webb obviously felt that in the interest of delivering the best movie experiences, it was better to wait to bring MJ in next round.

      • So we’re gonna have a rebooted franchise in which MJ is still not MJ, after all… That sucks.

        I’m well aware of the fact that movies have less time to set things up, thank you, I’ve even commented about that somewhere in this very thread. I’m just saying they don’t necessarily have to make still-not-quite-MJ Peter’s girlfriend the minute she’s introduced.

  24. so there trying to avoid making peter look like a jerk like he was the the last one where he makes a promise to cap. stacy that he wont see his daughter, and then proceeds to ignore that for probably one of the dumbest/weirdest lines ever.

  25. Please, just kill the series. It is not even worth the space on the site.

  26. Wise decision. that kinda made me wonder about how to play it story wise. every angle i came at it it just seemed like he’d need time. and how long would that time to cope be? i would think there is a gap between the end of 2 and the beginning of 3. kinda like “rises” where he is just gone. out of the picture. living on the street.

    I mean seriously, We all know women recover from this sort of thing quickly but for a man to just hop from one to the next is just pornographic weird. no man and i mean not a one worth his salt gets over the love of his life that quick. not even a sexual favor by the hottest piece of ass on the planet would get him interested in seeing past his own misery. he’d be mopping for “at least” 3 to 5 years.

    what this is really all about is someone was trying to jam all of it into this one ovie cause they weren’t sure they were going to get the next contract. i’m glad cooler heads prevailed on this. this makes 2 it’s own tragedy story. his failure at the end to save her could potentially make this unforgettable and make 3 interesting.

    this is very good. this shows forward thinking. i like that. they weren’t doing that with the previous trilogy.

    • “We all know women recover from this sort of thing quickly”?! What kind of crap is that? From my 40-year-long experience as a human being, I’d be tempted to say the exact opposite. My own mother took 4 years to recover from my father’s death and most women I know are notably more emotive than men. But the fact is that, either man or woman, some people recover quickly and others need time. Some even never recover at all.

      Also, you’re forgetting the tiny detail that Gwen isn’t the love of Peter’s life. That would be MJ. Gwen’s only his first love. And like I said before, MJ doesn’t have to be introduced as Peter’s new love interest. They had been friends for a long time before love came knocking.

      • Gwen IS the love of Peter’s life, not MJ.
        Every time there is some sort of dream or wish-fulfillment sequence (House of M comes to mind), it’s Gwen that
        Peter wakes up beside. He NEVER gets over her. As for Woodley “not being right” for MJ, I’m glad they’re changing her. MJ is one of the worst and most annoying female characters in comics. “Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot” sounds like a porn line and makes her sound like a conceited b****. No one wants that (I hope). Just because it’s part of some supposed “nerd fantasy” that some fans have doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for the films.

        For my money, Peter will get with Felicia after Gwen’s death. A dangerous relationship for a rebound. They’ll have a darker period, probably using the symbiote then. (Black suit Spidey and Black Cat always looked AWESOME paired up, imo) Mary Jane will “save” him by the fourth film, and that’s where the Spidey most people are clamoring for will show up.

        • Of course he never gets over her, he killed her! If the same thing happened to you, wouldn’t you be somewhat messed up too? It’s perfectly normal that he’s still haunted by her memory and will be for the rest of his life.

          As for MJ, I’m afraid you’ve got her all backwards. She’s actually one of the most interesting female characters in comics. She’s an incredibly strong and clever yet caring woman in an airy party girl disguise. She’s been Peter’s rock since Gwen’s death and has supported him relentlessly through everything that his most harsh and complicated life threw at him, even in the moments when they had broken up. If it wasn’t for her, Peter would have given up the fight long ago. There is no love stronger than that. Even Mephisto’s reality shift during One More Day couldn’t keep them apart for long. He undid their marriage but he was unable to obliterate their love.

          For more insight on Peter’s relations with Gwen and MJ, I urge you to read Spider-Man: Blue. It’ll help you understand them a little better. The “Big Talk” of the One Moment in Time story arc also helps to realize the extent of Pete and MJ’s love for each other.

    • Yep Sony/Webb seem to have a plan, which is very Marvel-like of them.

      • Yeah, too bad their plan is to trample the original material underfoot.

  27. Why does everyone think the spiderman trilogy was bad? it was actually quite good, better than these versions anyway.

    • Raimi’s trilogy was more faithful to the original material, that’s for sure. But to be fair, though he effed up a lot of stuff, Webb actually did a few things better than Raimi (Spidey’s moves and attitudes, and not mixing Gwen and MJ, most notably).

  28. what? Gwen’s death was a huge part of why peter and mj ended up together to begin with. Removing her from the story because gwen dies would be the opposite of being faithful to the source.

    • In case you haven’t noticed, this reboot that bears the title of the original comics is far less faithful than Raimi’s trilogy. Webb apparently has little care for the source material.

  29. Totally better not having MJ in ASM2. Give Peter time to mourn. I hate seeing Emma’s role be cut, but I’m glad she’ll be returning (even in flashbacks and such).

    I DO wish that Emma had been cast as MJ. No offense to Woodley, but I think Emma would’ve owned the part. I just hoped MJ was written better here than in Raimi’s films.

    • Why does everyone keeps on assuming that Pete and MJ necessarily have to be romantically involved right away? They’ve been friends before being lovers, dammit!