‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Will Push Boundaries, Says Marc Webb

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Amazing Spider Man 2 webslinging The Amazing Spider Man 2 Will Push Boundaries, Says Marc Webb

With so many different villains and plot threads to manage, Marc Webb’s upcoming superhero sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a difficult movie to get the measure of, even after having seen plenty of images, clips and trailers. There’s room for a lot to go wrong, but if it all goes right then this could be the biggest superhero movie of the year.

The biggest super-showdown being promoted is between Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) and Electro (Jamie Foxx), but crowding around the edges of this conflict are Green Goblin (Dane DeHaan) and Rhino (Paul Giamatti), and several other members of the Sinister Six have been teased as well.

In an interview with Total Film, Webb says that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be pushing a lot of boundaries now that Spider-Man’s origins have been established.

“It’s huge. We’re pushing the levels of effects, the level of action and the emotional capacity of this kid. It’s an aggressive step forward.”

Pushing the level of action is more or less expected of comic book movies these days, and pushing the levels of effects isn’t too much of a challenge, since the CGI in The Amazing Spider-Man wasn’t exactly groundbreaking. Webb’s comments about pushing the emotional capacity of Peter Parker, however, are particularly interesting in light of a certain significant event in his relationship with Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone) that fans of the comics will already be anticipating in this movie.

amazing spider man 2 emma stone gwen stacy 570x294 The Amazing Spider Man 2 Will Push Boundaries, Says Marc Webb

Peter might still be young, but he’s been dealt a lot of hard blows in life. Not only did he lose his parents at a young age, but he also witnessed the death of his uncle and subsequently took up the mantle of a superhero charged with protecting New York City. Webb’s promise to push him even further shows dedication to a pretty serious task, but the director implies that he’s OK with a bit of melodrama.

“We throw around the term ‘operatic’ because of the spectacle and the theatre involved, which is pretty epic… There are enormous sets and great set-pieces. But really it’s a very intimate song – this relationship between Peter and Gwen is very delicate and beautiful.”

Those who have been following the development of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will know that the relationship between Peter and Gwen was such a strong element that Shailene Woodley’s Mary Jane Watson ended up being cut from the movie altogether, and it’s unclear at this whether the actress will play the role in one of the upcoming sequels. Garfield and Stone’s on-screen chemistry was one of the most highly praised aspects of The Amazing Spider-Man so it makes sense to keep it as a grounding element to all of the insane stuff going on in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – even if it does all end in tears.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings into theaters on May 2, 2014.

Source: Total Film

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  1. I hope they do push the level of effects, because based on the trailer for TASM2, the cgi looks borderline cartoonish.

    • Definitely, people I saw it with said the same too.. really weird.

      • I thought I was watching cartoon the first time I saw it

        • Thats cos its rushed out, all about the money.

        • And I’m not seeing an issue.

    • Wait, why’s that bad?

  2. Emma is gorgeous. I hope she doesn’t die in this one.

    • I think she will. I don’t have a link handy, but there’s a picture of Gwen on set wearing the exact same clothes as she was in the comics when she died. It could be misdirection but I doubt it.

  3. While I’m very excited for this sequel, this is a generic statement that I would normally ignore especially coming from the guy who said this about the story from the first movie: “We basically started from scratch.”


  4. It’s crazy to see the groundbreaking movies coming out this year. The success or failure of this, GoTG, and X-Men DoFP will majorly influence a lot of the future of the genre.

    • Good point 5aucy. That is why I don’t understand all of the Marvel vs DC stuff that goes on. We NEED them all to succeed in order to keep enjoying these movies. Because if not … they will eventually go away.

      • financially they will all do well in the box office, i mean come on people were willing to pay out their butts to go see saw 8 and whole bunch of other franchises that over stayed their welcome. This genre is not going away any time soon trust me.

        • Obviously the genre isn’t going away, but the types of risks they take down the road will be heavily influenced by these movies. Like, imagine the way comic book movies would look now if Batman begins came out and the level of seriousness was laughable. No Dark Knight, probably a sequel to Superman Returns instead of Man of Steel, etc.

          Instead, Nolan’s style influenced a lot of other movies. I see this next phase as being responsible for the same influence. Hopefully it’s positive.

          • I really hope you in no way, shape, or form were comparing Nolan’s Batman trilogy to Man of Steel in being influenced or similar right? Because what Zack Snyder did with Man of Steel was Atrocious to say the least, he should be fired for his work, and they should never allowed for a sequel to be done in his name.

            • Movies aren’t made to make the fans happy. They’re made to make money, for the studios, especially to someone like Warner Bros. And Man of Steel made quite a lot for them. They can’t rely solely on the fans’ likes, because we make up for only a fraction of their revenues. Its the general-movie-watching-public that makes up for most of the revenue. So whether you liked it or not, they will go ahead and make a sequel using Zack Snyder. But I completely respect the fact that you didn’t like it- you have your reasons.
              And I do believe that Nolan’s trilogy definitely influenced Man of Steel in many ways. Especially by trying to keep a realistic approach- as in, what would happen if a superhuman alien took shelter in earth.

            • You are absolutely correct. I often wondered what MOS would’ve like if Nolan himself directed it.

    • Thinking spiderman will make bank no matter what. Every movie so far for spiderman has performed very well. I’d be worried about the other two, not so much GotG because they know that its a gamble but moreso for DoFP.. Given the scale (budget + marketing) even if the movie makes half a billion it will be considered a mediocre success.

  5. SpiderMeh

    • A Breaking Bad / Spiderman mash up ? :)

  6. This is the superhero movie I’m most looking forward to this year so I can’t wait for it to release already, It looks fantastic already so now my question is, will they surprise us leading into the purported spin-off or use a cold open when that movie is made?

    • Finally came across a positive comment lol. I’m betting there will be a Venom post credit scene where the canister of symbiote is revealed.

      • Just read the comments on top, which are positive. I tend to start reading comments from the bottom!

  7. Electro looks kind of cool, and Rhino looks kind of blah. Soidey looks too little kiddish and scrawny. I hope this does well, and I will buy the DVD for the collection, but alot could go wrong. Spidey also will need help if he is gonna fight the Sinister 6!

    • But he IS a scrawny kid! A toned one…spidery, if you will. He’s not Batman.

      • Thank you!!!! Everyone seems to think Spiderman should be like a WWE superstar physique or something. Come on ppl do you even remember the comics? He wasn’t beefed up, he was kind of lanky, tall, thin, and toned, all of which Andrew Garfield has done his best to channel. I think people are looking for flaws with Marvel because there isn’t a DC counterpart movie. lol, Just deal with the fact that Marvel owns the Live Action scene, and DC won’t be able to do s*** until they fire Zack Snyder.

  8. This guy will say anything just to sell this movie to people. The movie will make money regardless of the crap he pushes out on people so expect another spiderman 3 parade.

  9. IMO, Spiderman is the greatest superhero ever put on film.

    He’s better that Batman, Superman, and the Avengers.

    • Growing up as a kidd, my fave characters were Superman, Batman and Spiderman.

      To this day, it’s Supes at #1 and Bats and the web slinger at a tie for second.

    • You had me there for a moment until you said Avengers… lol, Let me just say and if your a comic book fan, then you will know what Im talking about, but Spider-Man was inducted into SHIELD and was an honorary Avenger at one point, I can’t be sure of the date. However to say the Avengers is to technically say Spider-Man, besides Avengers was multiple heroes so I mean I love Spider-Man more than what any movie has done lately from any other superhero, however Ironman (had it been done correctly) is still an Amazing Superhero, The Hulk another classic Marvel Avenger, so Again I say, you had me, but then you lost me.

      • I agree with Frank.

        Also, Spider-Man has beaten the Avengers on his own, including recently.
        He has also handed the X-Men their butts without meaning to.

        But, its all in the eyes of the beholder. While Spider-Man is my favorite Superhero, i can se why others like other heroes more. To each their own.

  10. This is why Spiderman will never be involved in the MCU. Lauching a cinematic universe with a trilogy, five films if rumors are true, not to mention two spinoffs announced and another two planned. Sony is a studio on the verge of bankruptcy so they will hang onto Spidey as long as is possible. It’s the only franchise of any note that they have.
    If it comes down to M.I.B.,Ghostbusters or Spiderman to save a studio I’m going with Webhead.

    • Actually, six. They’ve got a 3rd and 4th planned as well as two spinoffs.

  11. still 4 more months till May.
    can’t wait to see the next STAN LEE cameo.
    make mine marvel!

  12. Saw part of the last 30 min. of TASM and omg(oodness) where’s his Spidey-sense? And how lame was the the way the policeman found out he was Spider-Man. My mouth dropped. I don’t how people thought this was better than the original. Anyho,whatever makes y happy. :/

    • His Spider Sense went off frequently throughout the film. But it doesn’t matter if it goes off if you’re already moving through the air. (There’s also the fact that his powers are still developing as they did early in the comics but that’s another matter.)

      And yeah, he finally decided to stop wasting time fighting the cops and basically tell the man to stop screwing around and help him save his daughter and the city. One dude. The “original” had him unmasking himself in front of his killer, his identity discovered by his enemy, AND him with a mask off in front of a couple cops AND the guy whom he just allowed to be ripped off and yet never got back at him by revealing the face/name of the man who called himself “Spider-Man” and shot webs.

      So I’m sorry to say this is arguably LESS shocking than showing a scared little boy who couldn’t see clearly in the dark and wouldn’t be able to describe you clearly even if he could and your girlfriend’s dad who not only knew who you were in canon but also died. lol