‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Screenwriter Says Sequel Will Answer Questions from First Film

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the amazing spider man 2 logo Amazing Spider Man 2 Screenwriter Says Sequel Will Answer Questions from First Film

We know that Marvel Studios is playing the long game when it comes to it’s unified Cinematic Universe. 20th Century Fox, who has the movie rights to the X-Men universe, has clearly taken notice – next year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past will unite the cast of the first three X-Men movies with the younger cast of X-Men: First Class. Not to be outdone, Sony Pictures has a similarly expansive plan for it’s own Marvel superhero franchise, which continues with next summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

We’ve been speculating for a long time that the mid-credits scene in the first installment was a (kind of confusing) attempt to set the stage for an exploration of the Spider-Man universe – specifically with the team of Spidey’s arch-nemeses known as the Sinister Six. We’ve previously had comments from the film’s villainous stars, Paul Giamatti (Aleksei Sytsevich/Rhino), Jamie Foxx (Max Dillon/Electro) and Chris Cooper (Norman Osborn… and perhaps eventually Green Goblin) – not mention some strikingly non-subtle visual hints along these lines.

Still, despite all these clues – and the fairly major hint dropped by main villain Foxx about the Sinister Six plans that have been going on – director Marc Webb and his production team have mostly avoided any straightforward answers about the mysteries introduced in the first film. Now, in an interview with I Am Rogue, co-writer Alex Kurtzman discussed whether or not the questions raised in the mid-credits scene would be addressed.

The main thrust of the interview concerned the decision to include (SPOILER ALERT!) Khan as the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness, but when asked about similar decisions for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Kurtzman said:

“Well, it’s interesting because the first movie asks all these questions and what I loved about it in so many ways is that it didn’t answer them. So part of what we were drawn to and intrigued by was wanting to know the answers to a lot of those questions. So the villains emerge from the a lot of unanswered questions at the end of that movie and none of them are random at all, they are all tied together by a theme, an idea, and I think they come from our curiosity about what was going on in the life of Peter Parker and his parents.”

Is this an unofficial confirmation that Chris Cooper’s Norman Osborn really does become the Green Goblin? Or perhaps the villain skips a generation, seeing Norman’s hipster playboy son Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) become the Goblin? And where does this leave the other main plot thread still left dangling – that of the true story of Peter Parker’s parent Richard and Mary Parker (Campbell Scott and Embeth Davidz)?

Jamie Foxx as Electro Amazing Spider Man 2 Screenwriter Says Sequel Will Answer Questions from First Film

Fans of the first film know that Richard and Mary were last seen hurrying out of the city, presumably going on the run due to something Richard had been working on. They dropped young Peter off with Richard’s brother Ben and his wife May (Martin Sheen and Sally Field). A newspaper article glimpsed at one point in the film seemed to confirm that the two had died – but that never felt conclusive, and in the mid-credits scene, the now-imprisoned Dr. Curt Connors told that shadowy figure (played by character actor Michael Massee) that he did not tell Peter the truth about his father.

It felt like your basic sequel bait at the time – which it was, of course – but Kurtzman’s assurances that none of these mysteries were just randomly included point toward some kind of long-term story idea that will eventually give us more information about Peter’s parents.

Do you have any theories about the mystery behind Peter’s parents? Let us know in the comments.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 10th, 2016 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 – which may not be a straightforward Spider-Man sequel – on May 4th, 2018.

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  1. WOW!!! This movie is going to off the hook!!!!

  2. I hope this turns out good. I liked the first movie alright, but like many people I didn’t want another origin story. Regardless, I don’t think this movie will be able to beat Spider-Man 2. That movie brought everything that I loved about Spiderman in the comics, and I was pleasantly surprised to see Sam Raimi’s horror movie skill peeking in with some of the Doc Ock scenes.

    • I think this movie will be on par with Spider-Man 2

      • Agree !

  3. I really enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man but one thing that bugged is how it was intended to answer the question of what happened with Peter’s parents, yet it didn’t. It’s obvious it will be answered in one of the sequels, but I was really hoping the writers would jumble most of it into a solid plot for the first film. It’d help differentiate itself from Raimi’s origin story as well as not having so many plots scattered throughout the series. I know all the films are connected and all but I feel like the films are being stretched out a bit. Either way, I can’t wait for the sequel. It’s my most anticipated movie of 2014!

    • I’m glad it didn’t answer that question in the first movie. It’s like they dangled that thread in front of viewers and those impatient for answers hated the movie and those who didn’t mind waiting for a sequel got to see some great story telling that didn’t rush things or shoe horn answers into the movie just for the sake of it.

      I just think the movie was “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” for some people because if they’d threw in the answers about his parents going missing, people would have complained that it ruined the pacing and could’ve waited to be revealed in a sequel but because they did just that, people complain that they felt unsatisfied by a lack of answers.

      I’m surprised books like Harry Potter sold so well since we have a society of apparently impatient people who most likely would’ve complained about the first book if it released today because it never told us the connection between Harry and Voldemort and how Harry survived.

      • I agree with what you’re saying, but I think the difference between the Harry Potter books and The Amazing Spider-Man 1 is that when JK Rowling was writing the books, she didn’t tease us about something that would happen later on, and then leave us hanging. Like in the first book, she never mentioned anything about Horcruxes and how to destroy Voldemort, until the 6th book (Half-Blood Prince). Even when we saw Harry or others destroying these random objects in the earlier books, we had no clue what they really were, or that Harry was a Horcrux himself! That to me, is brilliant writing, using subtlety to expand the series. What ASM did is kind of deceive us, telling us that in this movie we’ll see the “Untold Story” about Peter’s parents.. only to not really learn anything new about it. That’s my only beef about that film. But it’s minor, and didn’t ruin the film for me at all :)

      • I loved the movie but I wish they would’ve fit more into the film. It felt somewhat incomplete to me, especially since the trailer suggested we’ll find out what happened to his parents. Sort of like the untold story kinda thing. Even if the storyline about their parents will continue in the sequels, it feels like they used this film as a stepping stone to something bigger instead of it being able to stand on its own. I really don’t want the series to end up being too episodic, just tackling little by little each movie. I’m satisfied with the movie (My favorite Spidey film), but I’m hoping the sequel will be even bigger and push the story even more.

    • What bugged me more was that the story about his parents was really played up in the trailers but the scenes were then cut from the film itself! I would imagine that both the cross-species stuff and (what will become) the Venom suit were both made using Peter’s DNA. In other words, Peter’s dad is trying to help people, but his creations are kind of monstrous.

  4. i dont want to see the goblin again no one can top dafoes performance

    • Yeah just like no one could top jack nicholsons performance as the joker or Terrance stamps performance as zod

      • +1

        • +1 from me too

          Defoe’s performance was just like the rest of that trilogy. Campy, over the top and hard to watch without cringing.

    • That would be different type of Goblin, pretty sure they’ll go with Ultimate version. Though i like classic one better.

    • yeah but the costume sucked badly lol that stupid mask

  5. So basically leave a bunch of unanswered questions that we need to watch the sequel to see the answers.

    • That’s what I thought. Though for me they cut it pretty close with the first film, as it still held a solid story. But Mr. Kurtzman should not think this will always be a good idea, since there’s never guarantee of a sequel, and its more likely to confuse viewers.

      • Dude, they already have plans for a 3rd and 4th film laid out. Even have release dates.

        • So? They’re only doing that because they’re so pathetically determined to not let Marvel get the rights to Spider-Man back that they’d plan four movies before they even know if the first one is a success.

          This isn’t a smart move, it’s a desperate attempt to keep IP Rights just for the sake of having the IP Rights and yes Marvel Studios have so much on their plate at the moment that even if they had the Spider-Man movie rights they’d most likely not have time to make a Spider-Man movie.

          No, planning four movies ahead of time is stupid, arrogant and hopefully when the whole stupid ill-conceived mess falls on Sony’s head they’ll have to return the rights to Marvel. BTW Sony Pictures, the guys responsible for this are the same guys calling for DVD Players to have the same piracy based software that you see on PCs and Gaming Consoles (Read the old version of the Xbox One) so it’s not like Sony Pictures gives two craps what we think unlike they’re friends over at Sony Computer Entertainment.

          It’s amazing how we give Microsoft crap for that yet a division of Sony wants to do it and we’re not saying a word against them.

  6. Am I the only one who doesn’t CARE about Peter Parker’s past or his parents? That was the reboot’s big selling point — this “untold story” about his parents. I just don’t CARE. As in, AT ALL. No interest whatsoever, and I find the franchise trying to drag it out to be kind of silly.

    • It’s an important aspect to the character and actually creates a workable ongoing arc. How is that silly?

      What’s silly is just popping these complex character relationships into a movie, expecting it to be fully fleshed out in a single film, then knocking off said baddie by the end of the movie and moving on with nothing really different.

  7. I hope they eventually bring miles morales in

  8. I saw this coming, every sequel leaves a question to make us pay for more logically speaking

  9. In the comics, aren’t Peter’s parents killed by the Red Skull? I wonder how they’ll change canon since Skull is part of MCU.

  10. Despite Garfield being a better Spiderman than TM ( who was terrific anyway) and certain things feeling more like the comic book the film was not on par with Raimi’s first two efforts.

    And why, when the worst of all the films happened because some dick in a suit decide to force Raimi to squeeze in more villains than a decent story allowed for within two hours are they going to try to squeeze in as many villains as possible.

    I love spiderman so I hope they get this next one right. The last one despite some positives did not deliver.

    • Completely disagree with this.

      The original trilogy in my opinion was terrible then and terrible now, years after they released.

      TASM was a much better effort and showed what someone who truly cares about telling a story beyond trying to recreate the campy 60s tone can do with the property.

      Besides, even without Venom, the third movie would’ve been as cheesy as the first two and at least now, we have writers and crew involved in every detail with plans in place to avoid a character being thrown in for the sake of it.

      Besides, wasn’t it the fans who demanded to see Venom in a movie and that caused Sony to talk to Raimi about including him?

      • You, sir, get it.

    • Nothing against Raimi since I think he’s an awesome director but even if the suits forced Venom on him, he could’ve used it to his advantage and make a better movie with it.

  11. Yeeeeesssss…

    THIS one will answer the questions. You know, the ones from the last one where we were gonna see a Story previously untold!!!


    • Hey you took my screen name :(

  12. It’s going to answer my questions from the first? The only question I had was “where have I seen this before?”

  13. What I would like to see is the two universes of Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man colliding, where the two versions first battle each other as the one and only Spider-Man, and then join forces against some villains while digging up clues about their own pasts from each other’s stories. Wouldn’t that be cool?

    • …no, it wouldn’t.

  14. I believe his parents we’re working for shield in the comic and their deaths were also faked.

  15. What I want to see: Peter and Aunt May. Peter and Gwen. Peter and Harry. Peter and Norman.

    What I think should be the centerpiece of this ACTION film: Spidey vs Electro (don’t suppose Max will ever meet Peter sans mask).

    What I don’t care about: more of the origin story.

  16. I bet Peter’s parents were working on Venom, Venom and Spider-man were part of each other. Venom will be the last member of the Sinister Six, IMHO. I really hope they bring Kraven the Hunter, bringing that whole savage jungle vibe to the big apple would be way rad. Maybe Kraven is hunting down this “Vulture” creature for his trophy case which leads him to NY, where he finds this “ultimate” trophy.

  17. i liked the first two sm movies but i think webb is a better sm director than raimi and he will nail this flick sm3 was rubbish…

  18. Don’t forget: we all want to see Spidey avenge his uncle’s death!

  19. This “idea” or “theme” has to be the Sinister Six.

  20. One unresolved issue concerns Uncle Ben’s killer. Peter never found the guy with the tatoo on his left wrist.

  21. I think Sony is at a disadvantage as far as a “shared cinematic universe”. The only film rights they have are Spiderman and his villians.

  22. I’m really hoping that Electro’s DNA or something along the lines of that cures Norman Osborn of whatever terminal disese he has and also gives him goblin powers. They could then show him in the mid-credit scene with his goblin gear layed out on the table.

    At the beginning of the third film Peter has quit being spider-man after not following through on his promise to Captain Stacy and Gwen dying at the climax of the last film. Then it could show that Norman is happy with his new power but it is beginning to take over him. He eventually looses the plot and goes completely bonkers!

    The final film would then show the completely nuts Green Goblin causing havoc all over the city and spider-man has to stop him. Peter would also discover all of the secrets to his parents murder in this movie

  23. “Do you have any theories about the mystery behind Peter’s parents? Let us know in the comments.”

    I don’t have a theory, I have a dumbfounded exasperated sigh that escapes me every time I’m reminded of the deleted scenes in the movie extras of the DVD that tells you in plain terms even an 8 year old can understand, what exactly Peter is and what the hell his parents were doing. It’s mind-boggling – all this build-up, and they delete the scene in favor of revealing the truth in the sequel…only to then spoil the sequel by including the deleted scene in the movie extras. [SPOILER] Peter Parker is the only successful and surviving cross species experiment. His spider dna activated when he was bitten.