‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Early Reviews: A Bigger ‘Spider-Man’ Sequel – But Is It Better?

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amazing spider man 2 reviews Amazing Spider Man 2 Early Reviews: A Bigger Spider Man Sequel   But Is It Better?

[The following Amazing Spider-Man 2 review excerpts are SPOILER-FREE.]

Spider-Man 3 is generally regarded to be the weakest link in Sam Raimi’s chain of films about the eponymous Marvel superhero, though it also wasn’t so much of a comic book movie franchise-killer on par with, say, Batman & Robin. However, for reasons that had more to do with concerns about the growing cost of Raimi’s Spider-Man series than diminishing artistic merits, the web-slinger’s cinematic property was rebooted five years thereafter, with The Amazing Spider-Man.

For that reason, director Marc Webb’s Spider-Man film reboot started off on the wrong foot with a number of fans, even before they had seen a single frame of footage; that TASM was sandwiched between two bonafide superhero movie “events” - The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises - didn’t help either. Nevertheless, Webb’s movie was a success at the box office and earned an overall respectable critical reception (read our review), which is why Sony is releasing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 this year and has big plans for the future of this franchise.

One thing should be obvious by now, assuming that you’ve been paying attention to the Amazing Spider-Man 2 marketing: this sequel is far bigger than its predecessor, with regard to every aspect of the film (emotional stakes, action, villain count, etc.). We all ought to know by now that “bigger” doesn’t necessarily equate to a great blockbuster sequel, so it raises the question: is Marc Webb’s new Spider-Man installment better, worse, or the same quality as the first chapter in his take on the Peter Parker story?

The first wave of Amazing Spider-Man 2 reviews has hit the ‘Net, and so far the critical consensus is perhaps best summarized by the following spoiler-free review excerpt (click the link for the full review):


2012′s The Amazing Spider-Man has its passionate defenders… but it sure took its sweet time gluing the radial spokes of its web into place. Now that effort pays off with its sequel, a more intricately woven skein of action, effects, character development and cheesy one-liners… The plot gets itself tangled up in multiple villain strands, but in the main, this installment is emotionally weightier and more satisfying than its predecessor.

The Amazing Spider Man 2 Spidey vs Electro Amazing Spider Man 2 Early Reviews: A Bigger Spider Man Sequel   But Is It Better?

Our impressions of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 footage that was shown during an extended preview were similar, in that the material that was revealed likewise pointed to a superhero movie that benefits from its director having more confidence, as well as increased certainty about what sort of film he’s making (e.g. a grand-scale pulpy yarn with costumed heroes battling larger-than-life menaces).

There is a downside to that, though, which is that Webb’s new superhero movie ends up being a little too big for its britches – at least, that’s what most of the first reviews for Amazing Spider-Man 2 would have you believe:

Screen Daily

But while this lengthy (much too lengthy in truth) sequel delivers plenty to enjoy there is a niggling suspicion that it succeeds thanks to goodwill and the charm of its leads rather than a smart script and controlled sense of direction… The Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes close to losing its way due to its overly-plotted baddies and the need for spectacular pyrotechnics…

 Hey U Guys

[Director Marc] Webb comes into his element as we approach the latter stages… striking a strong balance between frivolity and sincerity, which is no easy task. His job is made easier by an array of impressive performances, as Garfield shines as our titular protagonist… There is a brilliant chemistry between Garfield and Stone too, so natural and playfully flirtatious…

Jumping off from that point – the aforementioned “brilliant chemistry” between real-life couple Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, playing Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy in Amazing Spider-Man 2, is cited as being the glue that keeps this stuffed superhero movie sequel together (as well as the true “heart” of the film), according to the critics thus far.


The swiftly delivered “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” finds no solution to that redundancy, but it acrobatically spins enough sound and fury to distract from the issue, while the tinderbox chemistry between leads Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone delights once more.

The Telegraph

Marc Webb, returning after the last installment, again shows a better feel for the relationships than he does for juggling all the overlapping story elements. At times, with its many villains, this one veers perilously close to the overplotted trouble zone of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3… The thing is, all the electricity Webb needs is right before him, in the continued perfect match of his leads.

amazing spider man 2 peter gwen garfield stone Amazing Spider Man 2 Early Reviews: A Bigger Spider Man Sequel   But Is It Better?

That Amazing Spider-Man is better at building the comic book movie franchise – laying the groundwork for later installments – than providing a satisfying stand-alone experience is a common complaint. It comes as little surprise to hear that similar issues are being taken with the sequel (see below), considering how many additional chapters and/or spinoffs to the series have already begun moving down the pipeline.

Digital Spy

[The] Amazing Spider-Man 2 seems more like an exercise in calculated franchise architecture than its does a cohesive stand-alone blockbuster… Despite the uneven nature of the whole endeavour, praise needs to go to Garfield for holding it all together.

The Playlist

Sony seems to have taken the lesson from the mammoth success of “The Avengers” that people want an abundance of characters in their superhero movies, but the script… flits around from plotline to plotline shapelessly, and the result is something bloated… It’s a film of many scenes, but not much structure, of many events, but no real plot…

On the whole, though, it sounds as though Webb brings enough in the way of innovation to the table in Amazing Spider-Man 2 that the film should win over the majority of everyday moviegoers – or, at least, those who are down with this particular rendition of the Spider-Man saga (introduced in the previous installment):

The Guardian

Marc Webb’s spring blockbuster is the sequel to the reboot of the movie adaptation of the original Marvel comic-books, which is another way of saying it’s a copy of a copy. But if the Spider-Man tale is about anything, it’s about gawky youth and surging powers. And the film-makers know this and keep the tone skittish and fresh.

Are you encouraged/discouraged by the initial critical buzz for Amazing Spider-Man 2? Be sure and let us know in the comments (and look for Screen Rant’s official review when the film opens in U.S. theaters)!


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014.

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  1. Surpisingly much negativity in there… It’s unfortunate, but probably true to the bone. I can’t imagine this not being bloated by too many villains and overlapping storyarcs.

    I will watch in on Blu-Ray! :)

    • Looks like only Marvel Studios’ movies have the right to open with positive reviews regardless of their quality. Captain America 2 was genuinly good, but look at the movies that have come before it. Iron Man 3, Thor 2 etc. Critics’ first reactions to Marvel Studios’ movies are always like they are easily among the greatest CBMs of all time.

      • I don’t recall Thor 2 getting “This movie is absolutely fantastic” reviews when it was first released.

        • I do.

          • It’s got the lowest RT score of any MCU movie thus far (Thor2 I mean). The metacritic score is prbly similar.

            That being said studios only release their films to certain critics that they know (or at least think they know) will write positive reviews when its still a few weeks before release. For that reason the early response from critics is often a bit exaggerated. That would explain what you were talking about when you said Thor2 got really good reviews early on.

          • So do I.

        • I most definitely do!

      • 100% agree. I dont see how Thor 2 and IM3 received so much” critical acclaim”. Horribly written, shallow characters, and nonexistent character development. However, Cap 2 deserved every accolade it receives. Def raised the bar for not only Marvel movies but action movies overall

        • I would split the difference. I thought that Iron Man 3 was quite good, but was thoroughly unimpressed with Thor 2.

          But let’s be objective here: Marvel Studios has earned the right to a positive perception by making good decisions. Sony has been struggling to regain the Spider-Man 2 buzz for a long time.

          • “But let’s be objective here: Marvel Studios has earned the right to a positive perception”

            Thats a hilariously subjective statement!

        • On the same boat as you. Actually I thought IM3 totally sucked. Hated the plot and story. Really shallow characters with hardly any character build up.

          Now I’m hesitant on going to watch Spiderman. I think it will be all techno splash like a Michael Bay movie without much substance. This isn’t bad if you’re one of the millions that enjoyed it in Transformers.

      • Thats true! I remember both Iron Man 3 and the first Thor holding 95% on RT when they opened on a firday. I went in thinking I was in for a great movie and was totally puzzled and confused when I didn’t get it. Checked RT Saturday morning both times and they had both fallen to mid 70′s, which is still too high imo.

        • IM3 deserved a 85+ rating, in my opinion. Too bad other critics didn’t like it as much as most did :/

        • Thor 2 is now 65%

    • The problem isn’t with the amount of villains in the film, many critics blame the amount of world building for the movies convoluted feel. I have seen one or two mention the villains as the cause but most people seem to think that Sony is being a little too forward in this instalment. Instead of planing so far ahead they should establish spiderman first and foremost. I think if they had stuck with the main 2 villains and skimmed the overall Oscorp business they would have had a better product on their hands.

  2. Seems pretty positive to me. Not acclaimed or anything but a ‘good’ installment to the franchise. It has it’s pros and it’s cons. Seems more than good enough for me, can’t wait for this movie!

    • All three reviewers loved Man of Steel and sound like cynical DC fanboys to me.

      • @ DCUniverseNoMore

        Hey, I am a DC fan and I didn’t like the Man Of Steel. That doesn’t mean every DC fan hates MARVEL or suffers through a bad DC movie just to say they like it. Besides MARVEL is obviously cautious of DC because they are pushing out movies that are not the best in terms of plot and story.

      • Coming from the ‘unbiased’ opinion of DCUniverseNoMore.

        Why can’t a person love and hate any movie, regardless of its creator?

        I collected DC, Marvel, and Image comics as teenager.
        I watch probably 100 movies a year, indie, blockbuster, animated… whatever.

        If a Marvel movie comes out and it sucks, it sucks (Thor 2, Iron Man 3).
        If a DC movie comes out and it sucks, it sucks (The Dark Knight Rises).

        Mayhe this sucks! Suck it up.

        • TDKR didn’t suck. Green Lantern did.

          • Actually TDKR sucked hard… It had more holes in the plot than my underwear…

            • Haha that is a good one. I like TDKR but can you give some examples of plot holes?

          • There are a lot of things wrong with TDKR that have been posted before. My biggest peeve about the movie are the fight scenes. They were reduced to nothing but basic kicks and punches. Martial arts master my ass. Take a gander at Cap2, there are some great martial arts used there. I was really impressed at the mixture Cap used during his fight scenes. Really impressive. Only thing that impressed me on Bat’s fight was how it got me to say “WTF is this Sh*T?”.

            • My friend and I noticed how great it was that Cap 2 showed a growth in Cap’s fighting skills with and without the shield. The fight team did an especially good job of creating almost a new fighting style for cap that incorporates the shield, like how he would block someone and then punch behind the shield into their face.

              I agree that Nolan’s Batman never properly showed how great a fighter Batman is. Batman to me should always be the smartest guy in the room AND he can kick everyone’s ass.

  3. screenrant calling it successful? LOL, i dont call this being the lowest grossing
    installment in both domestic and international sales a success. when sony released their
    needless reboot they thought the name spiderman would be enough to overpower
    avengers and batman instead they got spanked by both including hunger games. with rest
    of marvel’s heroes this sony universe headed no where but the hall of shame. i love spiderman
    but this will be first spiderman movie i will pass at the movie theater.

    • Just because it does not beat other movies of its ilk does not mean it is not successful.

      That is not how you measure success.

      Sonys needless reboot cost 230 million and made (total) over 750 million. Thats roughly a 500 million dollar profit.

      So what is not successful about it?

      All you state is other movies beat it out so you wont see it…. Well heck I guess you wont see any movie until it beats The Avengers as that is the top (comic wise).

      • Well played.

        Besides, I thought TASM was the first time we had a real Spider-Man movie so….

        I’m ignoring the negative tweets that I read yesterday about this flick because people like and dislike different things.

        People said Avengers was amazing, I thought it was horrible. People thought MOS was great, I thought it was pretty meh and didn’t excite me like I hoped it would. People hated TASM, I loved it after going on a whim and being blown away by how good it was.

        Dredd is my all time fave comic book movie and I also thought The Wolverine was the only good X-Men movie released so far while the Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, Donner Superman movie and Burton Batman movies are too campy and don’t hold up at all these days. Others disagree and that’s cool. Opinions.

        Saying that, TASM 2 is still my most anticipated comic book movie of the year and if there’s an article on here about it after I see it next Wednesday, I’ll comment and say (without spoilers) whether I liked it or disliked it with the absolute honesty and integrity I live my life by every single day.

        • To be honest, I’m quite surprised that upon re-watching it again a few weeks ago, the Avengers didn’t hold up to its first impression. I get how cool it is to see a team-up of that scale in a CBM, but the overall movie wasn’t really that good. The Winter Soldier felt like a more cohesive movie than Avengers.

          • This is what I have a difficult time wrapping my head around. The Avengers was never portrayed as a thought provoking mind tingling story.

            The Avengers was promoted as bringing together super heroes to fight off a common threat.

            If you went looking for something more than a comic book movie come to life you were misled into believing this film was going to be something other then it was.

            Im not saying a comic book movie cant be that im saying The Avengers was never portrayed as being that. I dont go see a Notebook type movie looking to see gunfights and aliens. So I sure as heck do not go see an alien invasion movie with Superheros expecting to see a down to earth love story with an intricate plot.

            I went in expecting what The Avengers delivered. Of course I could have sat through 2+ hours of Hulk and Thor going at it. :D

        • hahaha LMAO. I absolutely love your comments. You fcking make my day by making me laugh. Thanks, I guess.

      • You cant just do: budget 200m, box office 700m = 500m profit

        They spend anywhere from 80 to 100 million in advertising thats not reported

        They also split the box office with the distributors and theaters

        Then, whatevers left has to be analyzed against how much time went into making it and if their money would be better spent with other investments.

        If sony determines that the 150-200m they made over 2 years was worth it, then they keep doing it.

        Either way, eventually the rights will revert, 5 years or 50.

        • I dont count advertising as much. Especially with SH movies. You have enough merchandising tie ins (Burger joints, toys, etc.) that will usually cover that and then some.

          I read somewhere that sometimes the merchandising can come in at double your advertising especially with well knowns. I have nothing to back that up as I cant find the post and numbers are difficult to find overall about merchandising.

          But think about it….
          Carl’s/Hardees, Twizzlers, Kellogs, Cards, toys, T-shirts etc. not to mention product placement in the film itself will probably more than cover advertising costs.

          I will bet you the rights will never revert. The only way they will go back to Marvel is if The Mouse throws so much money at them it is not even funny. OR they make some sort of back end deal where Sony gets a large percentage, or some such.
          However Sony has already said they will NEVER willingly revert the rights.

  4. I found the first one average. Don’t care for garfield as Spidey. And as much as I’d like to go see this one (as a CBM fan and a spidey fan), I won’t because I can’t stand jamie foxx.

    All the trailers showing all the villains and arcs worried me that it could end up being over bloated.

  5. What an odd mix of pride and dread it must be for the actors to repeatedly hear that their performances are the only thing holding a sprawling mess of a movie together.

  6. Awesome! Sounds a lot better than Spider-man 3!!

    That was my primary concern when it was announced that the next Spidey would have a jillion villains in it. I couldn’t bear to see another would-be awesome Spidey film squander its potential by trying to cram in too much stuff in there.

    I don’t know if it’ll be better than Spider-man 2… For me, that’s one of the best Marvel movies out there. But I certainly hope that it comes close.

    • To be honest, I was never expecting it to be as good or better than Spider-Man 2. That kinda quality movie is rare to come by. I was only hoping it’d be a good film and based on the reviews, it looks like it’ll be just that. It looks like this movie will be more of a step in the the overarching plot of the franchise. Something that excites me but also worries me. While we may enjoy this, we may not enjoy this to the fullest until the sequels arrive.

      • Sounds about right.

        I usually try to downplay my admiration of Spider-man 2 in these comments sections because people tend to disagree with that sentiment quite angrily. That sort of stuff never happens in the OD, but for that reason I try to be more diplomatic in these comments sections.

        I agree man, Spider-man 2 was absolutely incredible. One of the best Marvel movies of all time and one of the best CBMs of all time. If TASM2 comes even close to it I’m gonna love it.

        • In Spider-man articles all over the net it’s either hate or love Raimi/Webb, kinda weird lol. Spider-Man 2 is definitely up there man and to have one of The Amazing Spider-Man series’ films be on the same level would be absolutely fantastic. In the end, I’ll be more than willing to settle for a ‘good’ flick, why wouldn’t I? Can’t have spectacular superhero films all the time!

          PS I remember you telling me you listen to Coldplay, did you by any chance hear about the Ghost Stories album?

          • Yeah I remember we talked about music that one time! Is Ghost Stories the name of their new album coming out? *leaves and does a google search* So it is! Awesome, I love their new single “Magic” I’ll definitely be picking up the new album next month.

      • +1

  7. like it’s predecessor…I will wait for the blu-ray rental.

  8. I also love Spidey, but I disliked intensely the reboot, and Andrew Garfield in particular as Peter. So I was going to pass on this noisy eye candy fest anyway. After reading these reviews, now I’m sure that I won’t be making a mistake or miss anything special.

  9. Let the movie critics see it first so that they will either kill it or help you bring the $$$. So I guess this one is all hype but no substance.

    • Exactly

  10. What an interesting time to be a comic fan. It used to be enough to cast the movie with reputable actors and give it an effects budget. Now these studios have to pack them to death with characters and plot assuage the studio’s lust for tie-in franchise $$$. I’ll watch Spidey b/c I like the leads’ chemistry, but I think this summer will be disappointing for superhero franchises. Holding *no* hope for X-Men and slim hope for the garbage can rummaging Rocket Raccoon’s outing mostly for hilarity factor which, I gather, is part of the attraction of GoG comics.

    • It’s the same old Hollywood situation: You start (hoping for) a franchise with a single movie deal, a fledgling idea, and when it takes off, EVERY studio suit has to suddenly get involved and try to figure out to milk it to death with the sequels.

      Formula is simple:

      Movie (original) opens ABOVE expections = green light sequel plus add “more”. More = studio suits, ideas, characters, actors, merchandising opportunity.

      Movie 2 opens the same = ADD even MORE of MORE. Nothing different, just additional MORE, the same as before.

      Rinse. Repeat. I said years ago when Iron Man was announced that by the time the third one opened it would be garbage. CBM’s lose all desire/path/focus after 1 or 2. How many times have the third movie in a CBM franchise sucked royally? The only difference is IM3 made an a–load of money.

      My (longshot) of a hope was that CA:TWS would beat Iron Man 3 at the box office. I know, steep climb there. But, maybe the suits in the studios would see that and say, “Let’s make the next “Winter Soldier”. Get that “Iron Man 3″ crap out of here.”

      • ^Facts only

      • (Well, it isn’t like they *try* to suck on the third go, but you’re absolutely right.)

        Thing is, it isn’t *really* the same old situation in Hollywood. The level of competition has gone up for the blockbuster. The sheer earning power of these things is up, but also the number of similar films these are up against. Star Wars never had to release to ten other Star Warses or play chicken against another Star Wars for the same May release spot. The old situation you’ve so perfectly encapsulated is now worse, b/c it isn’t enough to do one great movie anymore w/out packing in as much as you can for three or four more (at least) spin offs/sequels.

  11. I didn’t enjoy The Amazing Spider-Man, had to attempt a viewing several times before I made it without falling asleep (and I grew up on Spider-Man comics, so I hate to say this).

    I can’t say exactly what put me off… The director, the stars, the writing….
    But this mix just didn’t do it for me.
    Seeing these reviews merely confirms my suspicions.

    I don’t wish ill on the production, I mean if it brings enjoyment to others, I don’t have a problem with that. But it seems that whatever rubbed me wrong with the first Webb helmed picture is still present (for better or worse in the overall sense), so I will pass on this most likely…

    If someone whom I know and trust says it’s good, and gives me a sensible review that goes beyond “I love Spider-Man!”, I may yet see it (I feel like the guy in X-files, “I want to believe”), but short of a well spoken confidential review, my disgust for Fox/Sony produced Marvel Comics adaptions will stand.

    • I am the same way. I actually like the actors a lot better in Webb’s version than Raimi’s but as far as the storyline I felt like it was too basic and they focused on the “pyrotechnics” type of spectacles rather than the storyline. I didn’t have any issues watching it but it came down to, will I watch this more than 1 time and the answer for me was once is enough.

    • I felt the same way as well. Maybe it’s cause I am old, I dunno. TASM had way too much campiness for me to enjoy. The best parts about the movie was the sewer fight. the cranes moving to position was so campy I almost walked out and that was at the end. I don’t really like Garfield too much. His acting reminds me of Hayden Christianson, dry like sand. I even wrote numerous times here how I wouldn’t see the second one…


      I changed my mind after seeing the preview in an IMax theater. I know the story may not be too great, but the special fx look tight. I am going just to see that, and if Garfield’s acting is better in this flick it will be a bonus for me.

    • Sony has no clue what they are doing and are simply trying to make a quick buck off the franchise. It’s a shame.

      • they’re planning on spending the next 4 years building up their universe. i fail to see how that’s a quick buck

  12. I enjoyed the first one, and I’ll probably enjoy this one.

    But, man, if only Sony could have kept their grubby paws to themselves and let Raimi do his thing

    • “pizza time”

    • Sometimes you can have multiple villians and still have a great storyline but I just don’t think the writers for this movie know how to balance out the action portion to the overall story portion in a movie. Say what you want about Raimi’s version because while it was childish it also did focus(Spidy 1 & 2) on the overall story. Yes, Raimi didn’t really capture the true Spiderman but his focus on the storyline is what made his Spiderman movies rather enjoyable. TASM was good and all but it felt rather basic. Garfield was a perfect pick as Spiderman and I like his chemistry with Stone but for me that’s not enough to have me pay big bucks to see it at the big screen.

  13. All these reviews read like the politically correct version of:

    “Weak story, over-produced action scenes and too many characters but I better not say this out loud or I won’t get invited to the Sony junkets”

    Reminds me of that famous story of Adlai Stevenson, I think, when someone told him “you’re the thinking man’s candidate” and his reply was “yes, but I need the majority”.

    Sony needs the majority.

    • Yeah, I was in Vegas last week and saw a lot of Sony people at some convention at the Mirage. Maybe they watched it there. I agree, it definitely sounded like reviewers didn’t want to be too harsh, but they didn’t like it.

      I remembered someone on Deadline a couple years ago commenting that preview audiences HATED the first Amazing Spiderman. I thought they were crazy until I actually saw the movie. It was awful. Garfield and Webb just don’t get the character. The casting in this new film is a joke. Jamie Foxx as Electro? Are you kidding me?

      • Right. I never got the whole Foxx casting and actually turned me off from the movie. I had hoped that the guy would have a Ledger type of performance but judging by the tweets and article reviews around the web it’s sounding less likely. The constant that I keep seeing is that Garfield and Stone give good to great performances but everyone else fell flat. That’s not a good sign

  14. Well…those review quotes, overall, don’t change what I was already feeling. I am doubtful about whether I will see this in the theater. The bottom line is that I am unconvinced that the story will be good. Garfield and Stone are great, but is that alone enough for me?

    I happen to like Spider-Man 3 much more than The Amazing Spiderman. So I’m not concerned about bloating or too many characters.

    • I like what Webb is doing but at the same time I think his movies do lack a sense of some good compelling storylines. TASM was good but not great. I think if you take Webb’s approach to these characters with the storytelling of Raimi’s and you would most likely have a perfect balance IMO

  15. The reviews isn’t all that surprising. I was worried that the amount of villians would make the overall plot/storyline seem rather basic. Don’t get me wrong, basic can sometimes be good but it also means for some people watching it once is all they need. The good thing going for this franchise is that Spiderman is played well by Garfield and his chemistry with Stone is a better version of that of Raimi’s. I think had they left the whole Goblin/Oscorp villian for another movie then they would be able to focus more on the overall story. Screen Daily has been pretty accurate(for me at least) in how a movie is and seeing that it’s the same issues as the first I am thinking I will more than likely just wait for the DVD to see this.

  16. So the films weakness is too many villains like many fans have been predicting over and over.

    I might catch this on dvd myself.

  17. That’s what happens when you bring in too many villains too soon. Like Spiderman 3 with that horrible gimmick-y twist with Harry turning sides.
    Villains with minor roles are good (looking at Rhino); Dillon and Osborn right off the other to fight though? Yeah I’ll watch it on Blu-Ray, DoFP Godzilla and GoTG are a definite must-see

  18. I’m still indifferent about this movie and will watch it later when it hits the home-video. I don’t know, even with the abundance of promo and trailers and stuff (which was too much IMHO), none of them moved my interest a bit.
    Perhaps it’s the effect of the first movie, I don’t know, beside the fact that this Amazing Spider-man series was a product of Avi Arad refusing (and probably regretting) to take Kevin Feige’s role in the then newly founded Marvel Studios (read this on the article at Bloomberg). Now it seems he wants to replicate the Avengers world building style, after first doubting it could work. I even suspected that’s why Spiderman 3 ended up like that as well.
    Nevertheless, 2014 is still a Marvel-ous year, so Marvel fans rejoice!

  19. Oh, and it’s also fairly obvious this is the evidence that SONY (and FOX) is basically trying to avoid losing their rights to their Marvel characters. NOT that I’m one who want the characters to go back to Marvel Studios (starting to think it’s better this way, to get MORE movies out), but it feels like they are starting to just push their movies just as long as they have a new one out (as in desperate measure).

  20. While TASM 2 might be good it wont be as great as Spider-Man 2. That movie had the right balanced of story of Peter Parker and the difficulties of being Spider-Man.

  21. I personally do not understand the hate aimed at Webb’s Spidey films. I love Raimi and even I can admit that besides Spider-man 2, Webb’s Spidey universe and characters are just more interesting to me. I like Garfield and Stone 1000x more than Maguire and Dunst and tying all the villains to Oscorp makes much more sense to me than than villains just randomly getting powers for no reason like in Raimi’s films. I really enjoyed TASM and I have a feeling I’m gonna have an even better time with this one. And as a lover of good action movies, I’m really digging the visuals and how Spidey and his enemies move through the environment, It Just looks really cool.

    • First of all, there is no hate towards Webb’s Spidey FILMS,,, because so far, he’s only released 1. Which by all accounts was received well enough critically and in terms of box office. It was rated far higher than Spidey 3, was a huge improvement on that and a step in the right direction.

      Now, people are just getting their panties in a twist because the likes of The Guardian and the Telegraph haven’t come out and said the sequel is better that The Dark Knight, so what, Let’s all just wait and see the movie ourselves and make up our own mind. I personally liked The Amazing Spider Man and can’t wait to see this.

  22. At least they are not horrible reviews fix the mistakes in the next sequel by giving Spidey a little help maybe Spider Woman and another. I’ll will still be there opening day.

  23. Well honestly I don’t care about these reviews because I can’t see this film in Finland. The cinema operator-company basically told Sony to go f themselves and only private operators in countryside will show this.

  24. Tobey Maguire will always be a better Peter Parker. For me anyway.

  25. Guys lets not start arguing and debating about the movie yet because none of us have seen it. Lets all wait until we’ve all seen the actual film until we start throwing our opinions around,

    some early reviews, so what. As much as I want this movie to be absolutely amazing, I still wouldn’t give a sh*t if the early reviews were positive. It wouldn’t mean anything, not until I’ve seen it myself and made up my own mind,

    These guys gave Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel positive reviews, yet these 2 movies cause a huge array of different opinions from fans alike,
    It’s the f***ing Guardian and the Telegraph for gods sake,

    • Normally I would agree but it’s not just those two but additional early reviews as well. Normally if 1 or 2 people say it has issues it’s no big deal but if you have 4, then 5, then 6 reviewers saying it’s okay, Garfield and Stone give great performances but there are still issues with the overall story then I tend to lean towards the story issues(which is what TASM suffered from). I will wait to see what people that I know to see what they thought but the more reviews that comes out, the more I keep swaying towards waiting for the DVD

  26. Well the story of spiderman has never been a clever one. Its suppose to be all about action. This is not captian america, its suppose to be different and have a different feel. I am really excited to see this film.

  27. Well I never relied on other peoples criticism to determine if I should go watch a film or not. What I’m loving so far is the visuals. That Final trailer was so epic!

    I will see this movie when it releases and judge it for myself.