New ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Oscorp Featurette, Images and Concept Art

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There will be a day when there’s not a new piece of Amazing Spider-Man 2 marketing to share, but that day probably won’t come before the film hits theaters – and by that point, the promotional campaign for Amazing Spider-Man 3 may have already started. Anyway, today’s addition to the hype-building puzzle is a featurette that focuses on the big bad empire that ushers in a “sinister” new era in Sony’s rebooted Spider-Man universe: Oscorp Industries.

As the above video explains through interviews with the cast and director Marc Webb (and recycled trailer footage), Oscorp is in the business of keeping its dying founder Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) alive, no matter what ethically questionable (or flat-out illegal) actions it must undertake in order to do so.

Regular people who become monsters by defying the laws of nature is a running theme for all iterations of the Spider-Man brand, but Amazing Spider-Man 2 may go to operatic lengths not reached by the live-action Spider-Man movie-universe in the past. If things go according go to plan (knock on wood), those developing Sinister Six and Venom spinoffs will become something worth truly getting excited about, in more than just theory.

Father-son lineages, childhood friendship rekindled, conflicted personal alliances, betrayals – it’s all there in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 script by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Stark Trek Into Darkness) and Jeff Pinkner (Fringe), drawing from the richest and most-acclaimed Peter Parker/Harry Osborn stories featured in comic form before. If done right, that storyline could be far more satisfying here than it was in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films (which, to be fair, had its strengths too).

Of course, Oscorp does more than generate personal demons in the film – it creates real-life monsters too, which is why the Amazing Spider-Man 2 features super-powered menaces like Electro and The Rhino running loose on the streets of New York. The newly-released close-up stills and concept art (see below) offer a better look at those Spidey foes in action, along with a glimpse at some of the facilities that produced them.

Check them out below, via MTV:


amazing spider man 2 rhino 700x425 New Amazing Spider Man 2 Oscorp Featurette, Images and Concept Art

amazing spider man 2 electro2 700x425 New Amazing Spider Man 2 Oscorp Featurette, Images and Concept Art

amazing spider man 2 web shooters 700x425 New Amazing Spider Man 2 Oscorp Featurette, Images and Concept Art

amazing spider man 2 oscorp tower 700x425 New Amazing Spider Man 2 Oscorp Featurette, Images and Concept Art

amazing spider man 2 plutonium vault 700x425 New Amazing Spider Man 2 Oscorp Featurette, Images and Concept Art

amazing spider man 2 power grid control room 700x425 New Amazing Spider Man 2 Oscorp Featurette, Images and Concept Art

amazing spider man 2 power grid blast 700x425 New Amazing Spider Man 2 Oscorp Featurette, Images and Concept Art

You can read our breakdown of the 15-20 minutes of Amazing Spider-Man 2 preview footage that was shown to the press this past week, for an even better idea of what to expect (or, rather, what Sony is promising) with the superhero sequel.

Thus far, it seems as though this particular superhero sequel has the potential to be the splashy and larger-than-life comic book epic that Webb has said he was shooting for during production. Indeed, a grand-scale Spider-Man movie like that would be worth all the excess marketing that’s been thrown in our direction. Well, for the most part anyway.

That said, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 promotional push isn’t done yet, but it may start winding down soon as the actual movie’s release is now just over a month away. Stay tuned…


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings into U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014.

Source: MTV

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  1. After seeing it in proper motion I’m really starting to warm up to this new Rhino design. Hopefully we’ll also get some really dumb banter from Giamatti; you can’t have Rhino without a very low IQ.

  2. The new Rhino mech suit looks sweet. Only problem is the get away, that thing must give off a ton of infrared besides being noisy and heavy.

  3. Not sure if anyone noticed the pumpkin grenades, but i really like the design. Its very real world while still looking like pumpkins. This movie is going to be amazing, pun intended. I dont care about the over saturation of media, i want more. Ive read enough comics to figure out how most of these movies will end, so they are already spoiled. People who cry about the over saturation either dont know the source material enough and dont want to be spoiled, which i get – or they are just cry babies on the net looking for something to whine about.

    • Agreed, the design choices are pretty good. I’m still a bit on the fence concerning Goblin himself, but it could be a lot worse. And forget amazing, this movie’s going to be Spectacular, pun intended ;)

      • i think the Goblin fits well in to Webb’s Spideyverse. Only gripe is the lack of a helmet/mask.

  4. Spiders Slinger Apparatus is nowhere within reach of his fingers!

    • he has a pad on his palm which he presses to make the web device work, look at his palm

    • The actual triggers are really thin wires/plates that run up to his palms. They reach!

  5. This people promoting this movie so much it feels like we’re gonna pay for the last 30 minutes of the film seeing the the other parts where in trailers and pics… can’t let people wonder what’s going to happen and what it’s gonna look??

    • Im honestly comfortable paying the full ticket price just to see spidey swing around, looks incredible.

  6. The Marketing is too much…they need to slow down a little for this movie. Captain America in two weeks!!!

    • And what has Sony to do with Cap? Its like saying “Marvel should stop promoting Cap 2, its already here while Spiderman is just 4 weeks away!”

  7. For some reason the new Rhino pic above reminds me of that Rhino scene from “Ace Vantura: When Nature Calls” I hope that happens in the movie. Still can’t wait!

    • Maybe thats how Paul Giamatti gets in and out of the Rhino armor is through its ass.

      • Hahaha! That’s exactly how I pictured it!

  8. I will say, the dynamic between Harry and Peter looks really good in this. In the old movies (which I like- the first 2 at least- even if they are cheesy and a little dated), I never really understood why Harry and Peter were friends. We were just kind of told they were. But they had nothing in common, really. Harry, while confident, wasn’t particularly smart and we never saw them bond really, just fight over Norman and MJ. Same thing with Peter’s intelligence. He never does anything particularly ingenious. That’s why I love the mechanical webshooters, or the fact that Peter enables Curt Connors to become the Lizard by solving that equation.
    Also, the extra backstory from the first film’s deleted scenes is amazing and I hope it’s incorporated into the new film. Basically it illuminates that no one else COULD be Spiderman except for Peter. His father experimented on him, which is why it doesn’t work with Connors. Only Peter can handle the super powers. I wonder if they’ll do something similar with Harry.

  9. I hate when people complain about marketing but choose to watch every single trailer.

    • +1

  10. Stop showing me Spiderman stuff!!!!

    • Stop coming here…..

  11. The movie have been much better if Kirsten Dunst was casted instead of emma stone.. more over the action scenes are also much less as compared to last spiderman series..

    • hell no, go away with kirsten dunst

    • Go home, Danish Aziz, you’re drunk.