‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Posters Confirm More Villains & ‘Rise of Electro’ Subtitle? [Updated]

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Sinister Six Amazing Spider Man 2 Amazing Spider Man 2 Posters Confirm More Villains & Rise of Electro Subtitle? [Updated]

Peter Parker’s been hanging back while his buddies (in the comic books, not the movies… yet) Thor, Captain America and the X-Men have soaked up the public’s attention for all things Marvel, over this past month. However, this December will be Pete’s time to shine, as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 kicks off its marketing push with its first official trailer release (not counting the Comic-Con footage that’s probably leaked online by this point).

The Amazing Spider-Man teaser trailer drops online on December 5th, before it begins showing in front of select reels of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in theaters a week later. We anticipate Sony unveiling an official teaser poster before then, but in the meantime a photo of a triptych poster for the Amazing Spider-Man sequel has found its way online, in addition to a German banner that features what is rumored to be the film’s subtitle, Rise of Electro, in the U.S. and most foreign countries (save for such places as Brazil, where it’ll be called Menace of Electro).

Twitter user Jeser Piedra (via Marvel_Spider and Superhero Hype) was at the Red Rock casino in Las Vegas and spotted the aforementioned Amazing Spider-Man 2 triptych (for those unfamiliar, that’s a picture on three panels). The poster includes the tagline “His Greatest Battle Begins,” with Spidey (Andrew Garfield) surrounded on all sides by a flying Electro (Jamie Foxx) and what we presume is the mechanical suit used by Rhino/Aleksei Sytsevich (Paul Giamatti) – in addition to, what appears to be a familiar villain from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy (and the source comic books, of course).

Check out the image below (click for the larger version):

[Updated with official banner release]

Yes, that would appear to be the Green Goblin floating around on his hoverboard in the background – but is it Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) or Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper), inside the Goblin costume?

Cooper recently teased that Amazing Spider-Man 2 is going to serve as “an extremely odd introduction” to his version of Norman Osborn, before the character is given a larger role to play in the third installment (and maybe beyond). Additionally, there was a short clip in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Comic-Con footage that appeared to show DeHaan (his feet, anyway), as he underwent some transformation process that caused him to shed green material. (You can do the math from there.)

In related news, here is the German banner for Amazing Spider-Man 2 (via Comic Book Movie), which includes the Rise of Electro subtitle:


Might it be that Cooper as Norman will recover from being on his deathbed in the first two Amazing Spider-Man installments, only to turn around and use his resources as head of Oscorp (including his Goblin-ized son as the muscle) to fight Spidey in The Amazing Spider-Man 3?

Not only it is difficult to envision Cooper being the one who suits up as the Green Goblin, but such a development could unfold in the background in the second movie (without overshadowing the conflict between Spidey and Electro), while at the same time, set up a showdown between Peter and Harry to take center-stage in Part 3. After that, Norman could decide that the only way to defeat Spidey is to unite his enemies against him, paving the way for a Sinister Six appearance in the fourth movie (with people like Jamie Foxx and Paul Giamatti lined up to reprise their villain roles).

Of course, this is all speculative analysis that could be way off-base, especially seeing how there are several other feasible options for how this will all play out (see: DeHaan as Harry Osborn morphing into Venom). We’ll have to wait and see if the official trailer for Amazing Spider-Man 2 sheds more light on these issues, when it arrives next week.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (:Rise of Electro?) opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014.

Source: Twitter (via Marvel_Spider and Superhero Hype), Comic Book Movie, Facebook

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  1. all I know is I am going to see this,if it has a great story then I am looking forward to seeing a new version of Doc Ock, and maybe get to see Kraven, and Venom.

  2. what if the screen on the upper right corner is the rhino and the thing on the ground is a spier slayer?

  3. Villains: let’s see Scorpion and Mysterio. Maybe Sandman.
    Heroes: Spidey, of course, but he needs help against that many villains. Who could he use? Maybe the studio could buy the rights to Moon Knight from Marvel?!

  4. Is the big ugly guy on the right on the one illustration possibly a new version of Doc Ock? He seems to have a mechanical apendage where an arm might be.

    • He has a mechanical version of a bug or face-hugger or something up his nose as well…yuk!

  5. Unless I’m mistaken shouldn’t Hob Goblin be first like in the ’90s cartoon?

    • You are mistaken. In the comics, a dude found one of Norman Osbourne’s Goblin hideouts and became the Hobgoblin. And in the Ultimate universe (where these new movies seem to find most of their inspiration) Harry Osbourne takes the same serum his father took to become the Hobgoblin. I bet we’ll see something very similar to the Ultimate comics in these movies.

      • Ok…thanks since I’ve never read the comics I had only had Spider-man the animated series to go by which introduced hob goblin first

      • That would be pretty cool. Hobgoblin being the semi-’demonised’ version where as Norman would the full out Goblin…monster or whatever he was in the Ultimate Comics lol.

      • Yea after Green Goblin was impaled by his own glider, Harry becomes the second incarnation of the goblin. Then Norman is revealed to still be alive and becomes GG again. I believe there was another GG after that but was short lived. Later, the hobgoblin is introduced in comics because Marvel felt there were too many incarnations of Green Goblin. There ended up being multiple Hobgoblins too! Too many goblins…LOL!

        • You were on the right track & the numerous goblin incarnations can be hard to follow. It’s been almost 20yrs now but I used to collect ALL of the Spider-Man comics. There was a time period when I had over 900 Spider-Man comics. I’m going to try & break things down, the best that I can remember…

          Norman Osborn was the 1st Green Goblin, Appearing way back in Amazing Spider-Man #14. During one of his battles with Spidey Norman got hurt in an explosion & temporarily got amnesia, forgetting he was the Goblin in process. A couple of years later Harry Osborn was getting into trouble with drugs. Norman found one of his old hideouts & remembered being the Goblin. That occurred in Amazing #’s 96-98 & I remember that those issues didn’t meet the Comic Code, due to the drug themes. Fast forward to Amazing Spider-Man issue #’s 121 & 122. These are the famous issues where Gwen Stacy dies, followed by the Green Goblin. The original Spider-Man with Toby Maguire followed that story to some extent, but Sam Raimi used the Mary Jane character instead in order to move the story along.

          Moving on to Harry Osborn, he first became the Green Goblin about a year after his father died. The third Goblin that you mentioned only appeared for about 5-6 issues. That person was revealed to be Dr. Hamilton, Harry’s therapist.

          A few years later the 1st Hobgoblin was introduced. Now, I’m a bit fuzzy on the details here, but that Hobgoblin was revealed to be Ned Leeds & he was killed, somewhere around Amazing #289. I believe that story may have retconned at a later time though. I do remember that there was a character by the name of Jason Macandale who was originally Jack O’ Lantern. He became the 2nd Hobgoblin after Ned Leeds was killed. Macandale is also the same person who was possessed by a demon during the Inferno storyline & became Demogoblin for a short period. At a certain point the demon persona was separated from the Hobgoblin & they became two different characters.

          Over the years Harry Osborn appeared numerous times as the Green Goblin, eventually he started to go mad, just as his father had. In the end Harry gave his life to save his son. That happened in Spectacular Spider-Man #200. Unfortunately things went downhill from there with the whole clone saga. That led up to the HORRIBLE decision of bringing back Norman Osborn from the dead. They in fact claimed that he never died after all & had been causing Peter Parker/Spider-Man misery from behind the scenes for years! Shortly after this revelation Marvel comics nearly went bankrupt. Some of the Spider-Man titles were cancelled, while a few of the titles were started over again.

          I stopped collecting the comics at this point because the company destroyed 30yrs of Spider-Man history when they rebooted everything. I wasn’t intending for this post to be so long but I really got back into it when I started writing. I hope this helps everybody!

          • Don’t forget that Norman DID die by impaling himself from his own glider as was also shown in Raimi’s movie. I think Roderick Kingsley was the original hobgoblin.

  6. i hope thats not Rhino…the first thought i had when i noticed Electro on that large tv screen (like Times Square) it’s the Emperor!

  7. Rhino is a machine ?!? UGH!
    I just hope this movie will be great so he could finnaly have a great Venom on screen, in a third movie! :D

  8. Last week we all saw what happened last week. It’s kind of a joke you’re playing the guessing game now. I’m not going to say what the reveal is, but if you’ve followed the movie at all you know exactly what I’m talking about.

  9. Rhino is a dude in a mech suit?? Notice how he is running on all fours.


    Think about Ace Ventura in a mechanical Rhino in the movie When Nature Calls.

    Yeah, Enjoy lmao

    • Kinda hot in these rhinooos…

      • Holy crap, maybe how Paul Giamatti enters and exits the Rhino mech is through its ass. That’d be f*cking hilarious!

      • Confirmed Rhino as mech suit.

  10. Leave it open to being part of the marvel disney universe rake in milions and be part of sonething awesome. Nuff said

  11. Why does everybody have to’Rise’ these days in films? Boring, boring, boring title. It’ll no doubt be a boring film that I’ll only watch on the plane anyway like the last one.

  12. Ooh and ‘Menace’ too – oh he’s such a naughty boy that Electro one…

    • Dude, these comic book films are almost always gonna have comic booky names. The Winter Soldier, Age of Ultron, Rise of Electro its just something you’ll have to get over.

    • Okay Mr. Know-it-all, give me at least five movies each that have “Rise” and “Menace” in their titles; since they’re apparently overused.

      Not at all like Resurrection, Reloaded, The Curse, Returns, The Revenge etc.

      • rise : dark knight RISES, fantastic four 2 RISE of silver surfer, 300 RISE of an empire, RISE of the planet of the apes, gi joe RISE of cobra, RISE of the guardians…enough? menace: don’t be MENACE…., MENACE 2 society, denis the MENACE, SW episode 1, phantom MENACE,

        • You beat me to it mate! Don’t forget Terminator: rise of the Machines.

      • Please see the comment below – I just thought of another ‘Underworld: Rise of the Lycans’

      • Please see the comment below – I just thought of another ‘Underworld: Rise of the Lycans’

        • Actually not the comment below but four above now! ‘Rise of my Laptop’.

  13. norman could test the serum on harry

  14. Not the goblin again, jeez, with so many villains to choose from why him?? Scorpion? Vulture? Carnage?

    • Because the Green Goblin is Spider-Man’s Joker. So, like Nolan’s Batman trilogy, the character’s main villain will be appearing in the new series’ sequel, albeit a smaller role, it seems. Plus it’s been 12 years.

      Also, Electro and Rhino are new in the film world and the Vulture has been rumored, all leading to the Sinister Six, which we haven’t seen before, which means we are getting new villains, too.

    • Because Green Goblin is the one that leads to Gwen Stacey’s death…..remember the scene at the end of Spider-man? That actually happened in the comics but Mary Jane was Gwen Stacey and she died when Spider-man webbed her because her head snapped back

  15. I bet ya once they’re done with Sinister Six, they’ll reboot it again and we’ll finally get a big screen adaptation of Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark. ;-)

  16. I really cant wait to see this film or the sequels.

  17. just from the early pics and teaser, i am not feeling Electro in this. I still have high hopes, but something feels off.

  18. So this Spider-Man is based off of the Ultimate Spider-Man universe? I’m okay with that

  19. Asm3 should be green goblin. Asm4 should be part of the sinister six. Asm5 should be new goblin and the sinister six. ASm 6 should be symbiotes with all of spidey’s pre-rivals leading up to the royal battle, which is spidey and new goblin vs symbiotes and doc ock

  20. ASM5 should close with the way sm3 did it, to set up for #6. After the 3rd film garfield should be replaced. Someone who looks a lot like him should replace him.

    • Sorry but I’m betting Garfield is signed up for ASM3 and ASM4 which have already been announced :)

  21. I do not like new Electro’s appearance.. And Electro is black ? I thought he was white. Strange director!

    • I would rather have a black Electro than a blue one.

      • Give Jamie Foxx a chance Lawerence Fishbourne was awesome as Perry White in Man of Steel maybe Jamie Foxx will make a good Electro :)

    • Right on, dude. I hate how they chose a “good guy hypnosis” to be resultant into a villain again. Electro should be british, and many British people are scientists. And Geniuses.

  22. Why does that figure on the right side of the poster look like Ravage from Transformers?

    Wish they would have included some other villains like like Tombstone or Mysterio instead of Green Goblin again.

    I also wonder if they will ever bring in Black Cat or if they are too afraid of the backlash that people will just say it’s a copy of Catwoman(which it pretty much is).

    • But if they’re keeping with the comics they had to bring in Grewn Goblin because he takes her hostage and she dies by accident

      • Sorry Green Goblin takes Gwen Stacey hostage*

  23. This movie has more villains than Batman & Robin.

    • Batman Begins technically had 5 villains and that movie worked out fine.