‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′: Jamie Foxx’s Ultimate Electro Look Revealed

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Photos from the set of Avatar 2 - no, wait, apparently that’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 - have revealed star Jamie Foxx as a blue-skinned version of the classic Spider-Man villain, Electro. Foxx was something of a controversial choice when initially selected to play the traditionally-white character – so the decision of director Marc Webb and his creative team to go with an updated look for the character is sure to rile certain fans even more than they have been already.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 will continue the rebooted tale of young Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), whose parents disappeared under mysterious circumstances while working for industry mogul, Norman Osborn. We know the second film will expand upon the role of Osborn Industries and its founding family (as evidenced by recent teaser photos) – and Foxx’s character, Max Dillon, will almost certainly be the subject of the sort of Osborn-brand gene manipulation that created Spider-Man and The Lizard – resulting in the disfigured, blue-skinned version of Electro we see today’s set photos.

Check out our first look at the new Electro:



Utimate Electro Amazing Spider Man 2 Amazing Spider Man 2: Jamie Foxxs Ultimate Electro Look Revealed


Obviously there will be some kind of electrical effects work added in post-production, but even in practical makeup that’s a sight to see. The ‘Jamie Foxx in Avatar‘ jokes and memes are no doubt already writing themselves all across the Internet.

However, it should be noted that this design IS in keeping with Spider-Man canon – specifically the design of the Electro character in the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book continuity, and even more so the adaptation of the character in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series (which, as has been indicated, could be a strong influence on this sequel film). At the very least, no one can complain that the filmmakers are dishonoring the source material; but otherwise… we’re sure there is going to be division over the look.

emma stone1 Amazing Spider Man 2: Jamie Foxxs Ultimate Electro Look Revealed

For those not yet in the know, Amazing Spider-Man 2 will also bring back Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy (but for how long?), with actors Chris Cooper (American Beauty)  and Dane DeHaan (Chronicle) taking over the roles of Norman and Harry Osborn, made famous by Willem Dafoe and James Franco in the original trilogy. Sally Field and Martin Sheen will again appear (in some capacity) as Aunt May and Uncle Ben; Shailene Woodley (The Descendants) will appear as Mary Jane Watson; Colm Feore (Thor) could be playing some kind of warden character, Felicity Jones (Like Crazy) is still slated for a mystery role – and Paul Giamatti is playing The Rhino.

Fanboy tidbits include the inclusion of the iconic Ravencroft Institute for super criminals (leading to possible villain cameos); news that there will be multiple Spider-Man costumes in the film; and a juicy teaser image that could hint at a number of fun villain story arcs to come.

So far, the production of Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been a successful attention-grabber.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters on May 2, 2014.

Source: Latino-Review

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    • Agreed. It looks bad in that photo, but Spider-Man’s suit didn’t look very good in set photos of the first one and that turned out great, so I will be reserving my judgement on this.

      • Man this sucks.. Haven’t these other studios learned anything from the Avengers Phase 1? Stick as closely as possible to the original Marvel Universe and more people will like it. I loved the first movie and even defended it against people who kept saying the lizard’s face is all wrong. Being a huge electro fan since I was a kid, this is terrrible.

        • Phase 1 also used some elements from the Ultimate Universe

          • Yea but it was very little and nothing known to the mainstream. I’ve got a tshirt with the orginal Electro on it. So he has exposure.

            • Dude, what are you smoking?
              Phase One used a lot from Ultimate Universe, from Nick Fury not only being black, but in charge of Super groups, which is very much an Ultimate concept, and their versions of Hawkeye and Black Widow origins as Agents of Shield (mainstream Marvel Hawkeye was a criminal, Black Widow a Russian Spy) and The Thor used in Avengers is Ultimate, also, because, there is no Donald Blake alter ego from the Original universe…

              • You proved my point. Nick Fury, Black Widow, and Hawkeye aren’t mainstream. Unless you read comics you wouldn’t know any of that. At best you may remember hawkeye’s costume looking different. Plus Samuel L is so bad azz that it negates the Nick Fury change (which Duncan wasn’t cool enough to be Kingpin in Daredevil). I don’t agree with Thor being ultimate. He may have not had the alter ego but it was a take off of the donald blake character coming to earth powerless until he can pickup the hammer.

        • dude, lizard’s face looked like that really derpfaced goomba from the super mario bros movie. now this?…i think i’m gonna pass on this franchise

        • *cough*Black Nick Fury*cough*

  1. It looks great… i wasnt too sure when i first saw it but they will be doing some effects so i like it alot more.

    • I agree!

      Add CGI and it’ll be an awesome take on that character. Can’t wait to see him in action.

      • same, electro is one of my favorite spiderman character (just because of his powers, i love lightning XD). i really hope they do him justice because i remember wanting electro since way back in the first trilogy!

  2. ever Thought About Making A Movie Off The canceled Show Static Shock?

    • Hey… I don’t want this movie being made just yet :( once I’m out of film school I’d like to be the one that writes/directs it :)

  3. It looks okay, it’s an unofficial set pic. Things always looks better in a trailer or official image. People hated the look of Catwoman when pics first surfaced, but when they saw the film, they thought she was one of the greatest aspects of the film. But of course, people are going to complain and moan about an unofficial set pic.

    • For some reason I was like who liked the Halle Berry costume!!!???!!


      • There are almost always outrage when we see a characters costume. It’s ridiculous because they always look better in motion or in official pictures.

  4. It looks great. I like the vibe he’s giving off just by looking at him. Screw the haters.

    • +1

    • I agree. Everybody saying their giving up on the series over set photos are quite pathetic.

  5. I think it looks really good cant wait to see it when its finished

  6. The ultimate spiderman cartoon is terrible, miss spectacular…

    • Agreed. :-(

    • Its based on Ultimate Universe not the Ultimate cartoon…most of Marvel projects now come from Ultimate universe (i.e. a black Nick Fury) and, yes,the Ultimate Spiderman cartoon is friggin’ awful…

      • I like the 90′s Spiderman, was great IMO

  7. I liked the other version better the Green and Yellow shocks outfit maybe if they would have modified that version then I would have went for that one but Im not to sure about this version of Electro

      • I had the same reservations about the costume when the villain was announced. They were smart to walk away from the green and yellow tights.

        • its just the same situation as hawkeye and falcon… they are just a bit too out there for a movie. which is understandable. but i do appreciate they looked for other version (which is usually the ultimate)to use so at least they aint blanking the fan service out.

          • i like the original green and yellow…they should have taken away the mask as well as the underpants on the outside and modified the color scheme. also make the colors a slightly darker hue…it’d have looked awesome :D

            • I like the original too. Also, they could have left him exactly as is and just spent more time perfecting the costume. I could have looked awesome like Captain America.

              • Guys, watch the Vivid porn parody of Spiderman! The costume they use for electro is awesome!

          • I thought Falcon should have had the wings that actually look like bird wings instead of looking mechanical. It would have added a unique look to the character.

      • Quite honestly it COULD work to a degree. Think of the suit itself (dark green) that is sometinh glike a containment/grounding suit.

        When he gets agitated certain areas on the suit glow brighter because that is where the electricity flows through his body.

        Im not saying walk around with the Yellow sticking out. Being possibly part of an experiment a green containment/grounding suit would not be to far fetched.

        Heck I would even like to see them try that in the film at first and show the glow of yellow before he burns it off or something. Like a nod to the books.

        • I agree with what some others are saying. It could work, just lose the lightning bolts that are sticking out, the outside undies, darken the colors (maybe a jungle green with a sort of dirty gold) and give him a new mask and there you go

  8. The first one had TERRIBLE designs, for both the Lizard and Spidey’s costume. I don’t know why Electro has to be perpetually blue, and I hope to God he doesn’t look like that all the time. As long as there are some electric effects, I’m good.

    • I can dig it if its only when he’s powered up. It’ll be weird if he’s always blue. Hopefully they have a cool outfit for him over the blue and he’s not running around looking like Dr. Manhattan

  9. The blue costume better be because he is supercharged in electricity, when he is low in power, he looks normal.

    • That’s what I thought as well. The “Ultimate Spider-Man” game has him start out in human form, but he goes completely blue at his highest point of power.

      A source of unlimited power…


  10. I can’t wait to see how it all looks like in the final shot however he does have a bit of a Mr. Freeze look to him. Now that I’m thinking of Batman and Robin I’m half heartedly worried.

  11. I can imagine it looking better once it’s done. We should all know better than to knock on it before we see the final product, and IMO this already looks better than the Lizard design.

    Although oddly enough this reminded me of Mr Freeze.

    • everyone SHOULD know better, but they complain anyway, thats why i voted “settle down, nerds”.

      • Hear hear.

  12. The blue skin reminds me too much of Mr Freeze from Batman & Robin, but I’m sure it’ll look great when he puts on the costume and the VFX team gets done with it.

    • Long as Foxx doesn’t start making every possible joke about electricity or shocking, I’ll live with it.

      • If he makes more puns and quips than Spidey, I’m done

      • if he did we would certainly have to charge him extra for that, because bad puns just aren’t current with popular humor. If he does start spouting them out, I’ll bolt from the theater quicker than a flash of lightning!

        • Shocking puns

  13. Jamie foxxx make us proud.

    • please*

    • foxx is a great actor im sure he will make a great electro regardless of what elctro looks like

  14. In my small exposure to the Ultimate version of Spiderman, I was never all that impressed, but I like this version of Electro better than that cheesy green and yellow costume with the stupid star mask. I liked the casting of Foxx as I think he can garner some sympathy for the character. My guess is that he’ll get the powers against his will and is lashing out in anger more than just being a typical villain.

  15. I LOL everytime Kofi mocks the nerds/fanboy in his poll.

  16. Looks really awesome!

    • We used the best photos available at the time – we’ve since updated with a link to the gallery you shared.

    • excuse the profanity but that’s badass!

  17. i would love to see Scorion,More Doc Ock, and Kraven. I hink this is going to be pretty good just have my characters i preffer.

    • I want Doc Ock to stay untouched from Spiderman 2, unless they bring back everything they used – same GCI, same practical effects, same actor. I think Kraven would be great for this series too, probably as an initially-secondary character though. Hm, I’m going to write an original post about him.

  18. I really appreciate Marc Webb’s effort and enthusiasm for Spider Man; you can tell he loves the character and that he wants to keep the fans enthusastic and excited and I applaud him for that, I really do. But I just cannot get into nor excited by his rendition of Spidey. I have loved Spidey since I was a little kid, he was my favorite superhero growing up, but this version just doesn’t do it for me. Nothing against those that like this take on him, but personally for me, I’m waiting for another rendition of the ol’web head.

    • That’s exactly how I feel about X-Men.

      I do like this Spider-Man way better than the original movie though.

      To each his own I guess.

    • What’s wrong with it?

  19. Ok, we are now getting into the 5th Spider Man and still no signs of the villain, Rhino?!?! What a waste of time and money.

    • …? Something tells me you’re really lost in all of this.

    • @ The Realist

      I don’t want to be critical because I realize many people do like this version of Spidey, and that is totally cool, so my comments are just my personal opinion.

      The casting of Andrew Garfield was a turn off, as he’s just not Peter Parker to me. The costume in TAS was just not, for me, true to Spider Man with the yellow eyes and all. I did like the the mechanical web shooters better than Ramni’s organic ones however. The whole story and acting just wasn’t good to me. It seemed forced, not natural. I remember walking out of the theater very disipointed.

      That along with “the secret origin” of Spidey thing just turned me off.

      IMO, there needs to be a certain amount of years between a franchise endind and the re-telling of an origin story for the same character, and that just wasn’t here either. Garfield is a fine actor, just not Peter Parker to me. There is more, but that is the jist of it.

      Again, these are just my personal views, I am not knocking Webb, or those that like this Spider Man. I wish all directors to superheroes as seriously as Webb takes Spidey.

      • I can agree with you about the story feeling a bit forced, and sometimes non-cohesive, but for me the acting, direction, relationships and more or less everything else about the movie was spot on for me. While I did enjoy Sam Raimi’s films, they never got me counting down the days towards his movie. s, I already can’t wait for the upcoming spider-man movie, even if it’s more then a year away. I can understand why this isn’t your cup of tea though, there’s so many different ways of approaching a Spider-Man movie, any superhero for that matter, that you’re bound not to fully enjoy one of the versions.

  20. He looks like Cardiac.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. This is lame.

  21. I thought the gold skin and green wizard’s cloak thing looked good. Maybe they can throw that in as a more powerful version of Electro.

  22. Will not watch anything with Jamie Foxx in it. Not after his calling of Barack Obama “our lord and savior” I have no intention of watching this movie. Thanks Jamie Foxx for ruining my second favorite superhero!!!

    • I’m with you my friend. Also I’m white (sorry) and I don’t support racists like Foxx.

      • How is Foxx a racist?

    • really? you’re going to not see a movie because an actor has differing political views than yourself? whatev’s boo boo.

      • Calling someone “our Lord” is political? And yeah, “really”, some people still get offended by things that are actually offensive.

        • Well if that’s offensive to you then I’d hate to know what you think about actually offensive things, like people celebrating the death of a politician or Westboro Baptist Church.

        • That’s offensive to you? Please dont enter the real world. You will not survive

    • yeah, shame on him! what, does he think he lives in a country where you can speak your mind?

  23. Hopefully this stops the complaining of the secretly racist fans who didn’t like a black actor cast.

  24. Started from another thread but it would be great to see Kraven in this series sometime…as a villain who starts out as a pesty kind of guy who spidey easily dispatches, but keeps coming back more dangerous, more deranged, and increasingly at the most inopportune times, like right as Spidey’s about to finish off a dangerous villain. (Kraven will be like a hyena – wild and attacking when you’re weak). And then in the end, when Spider-man has finally finished off the main villain, just barely so, Kraven shows up one last time – more dangerous than ever before, because after all this time, he has finally learned, as seen as how he waited patiently until after Spider-man was nearly beaten to death and adrenaline down. He’s studied Spidey’s tactics, developed weapons and techniques of his own to become the perfect predator for him…and then comes the final showdown. In the jungle of the city.

    Dominic West to play him.

  25. Haha.. So lets see here, people are “secretly racist” and didn’t like “a black actor cast”, (I must have missed that thread) but an actor actually being racist,
    “I get to kill all the white folks” – Jamie Foxx,
    THAT’s fine, But you have a problem with people not wanting to contribute to his bank account by seeing movies he’s in.
    Any more contradictions?

    • That’s probably a mis quote. I’m fairly sure when Foxx goes out killing people, he doesn’t just kill the white folks. I’m sure he takes his time to kill some from every ethnic group.

    • oh yeah he did seem to enjoy saying that line about white folks in that interview. I mean come on Jamie Foxx the country is divided enough as it is without a prominent actor talking about how great a movie is cause he gets to kill all the white folks even in sarcasm

  26. DC/WB is probably crapping themselves right now because they can’t do Static or Black Lightning because of this. Not that we’d be seeing them anytime soon.

    • Closest thing we would get would probably be Captain Marvel (or Shazam, whatever you prefer)

  27. These are set photos people. Don’t jump the ship on something that hasn’t been touched upon yet by anything. Technology is going to used to make him look more epic than what he looks in a couple of snapped pictures.