‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′: Jamie Foxx’s Ultimate Electro Look Revealed

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Photos from the set of Avatar 2 - no, wait, apparently that’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 - have revealed star Jamie Foxx as a blue-skinned version of the classic Spider-Man villain, Electro. Foxx was something of a controversial choice when initially selected to play the traditionally-white character – so the decision of director Marc Webb and his creative team to go with an updated look for the character is sure to rile certain fans even more than they have been already.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 will continue the rebooted tale of young Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), whose parents disappeared under mysterious circumstances while working for industry mogul, Norman Osborn. We know the second film will expand upon the role of Osborn Industries and its founding family (as evidenced by recent teaser photos) – and Foxx’s character, Max Dillon, will almost certainly be the subject of the sort of Osborn-brand gene manipulation that created Spider-Man and The Lizard – resulting in the disfigured, blue-skinned version of Electro we see today’s set photos.

Check out our first look at the new Electro:



Utimate Electro Amazing Spider Man 2 Amazing Spider Man 2: Jamie Foxxs Ultimate Electro Look Revealed


Obviously there will be some kind of electrical effects work added in post-production, but even in practical makeup that’s a sight to see. The ‘Jamie Foxx in Avatar‘ jokes and memes are no doubt already writing themselves all across the Internet.

However, it should be noted that this design IS in keeping with Spider-Man canon – specifically the design of the Electro character in the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book continuity, and even more so the adaptation of the character in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series (which, as has been indicated, could be a strong influence on this sequel film). At the very least, no one can complain that the filmmakers are dishonoring the source material; but otherwise… we’re sure there is going to be division over the look.

emma stone1 Amazing Spider Man 2: Jamie Foxxs Ultimate Electro Look Revealed

For those not yet in the know, Amazing Spider-Man 2 will also bring back Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy (but for how long?), with actors Chris Cooper (American Beauty)  and Dane DeHaan (Chronicle) taking over the roles of Norman and Harry Osborn, made famous by Willem Dafoe and James Franco in the original trilogy. Sally Field and Martin Sheen will again appear (in some capacity) as Aunt May and Uncle Ben; Shailene Woodley (The Descendants) will appear as Mary Jane Watson; Colm Feore (Thor) could be playing some kind of warden character, Felicity Jones (Like Crazy) is still slated for a mystery role – and Paul Giamatti is playing The Rhino.

Fanboy tidbits include the inclusion of the iconic Ravencroft Institute for super criminals (leading to possible villain cameos); news that there will be multiple Spider-Man costumes in the film; and a juicy teaser image that could hint at a number of fun villain story arcs to come.

So far, the production of Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been a successful attention-grabber.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters on May 2, 2014.

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  1. I like it. I love the practical effects so far. I was worried for a moment that Electro would look like Dr. Manhattan.

  2. He looks like Dr Freeze and no offence to the actor but he looks terrible compared to how Electro is meant to look.

  3. Jamie is a great actor and in the Ultimate spider-man video game “Max Dillon” is black anyway, so there’s nothing wrong with the casting. In fact, I think people should be complaining more about Giamatti being cast as Rhino.

    This is one of the best Spiderman villains, he’s in the top 5 IMO, and they’ve cast a 5’8 podgy guy with a friendly face. Seriously, it doesn’t matter how good an actor he is, Rhino is a 6’5 ripped beast and should have been played by someone like Kevin Durand (yes, he was in X-Men Origins, but logic goes out the window when the Human Torch & Captain America are played by the same dude).

    Rant over, back on topic. Electro looks awesome, I prefer this version to the one with the stupid mask that’s for sure. After seeing these pictures, I’m really excited for the film, I just hope Dane isn’t as annoying in this as he was in Chronicle.

    • Paul Giamatti can pull it off. I think his character will start off small, then he will be injected with rhino DNA making him a Rhino-Human hybrid, i.e, a cross-species. Or he could control a giant robot rhino suit like in the Ultimate Spider-Man video game but I doubt that.

      • We’ll most likely see Paul’s character inject or get injected with cross-species Rhino DNA. If you’ve seen or played the Amazing Spiderman videogame, you’ll see that the Rhino in the game is a cross-species monster like the Lizard from the first Amazing Spiderman movie.

    • I think, like Electro, they’re going down the Ultimate Universe route. In that version of Marvel, Rhino was a small, pathetic scientist inside a rhino-shaped vehicle of steel. Or they could be continuing the manipulated DNA thing and transposing rhino DNA into Paul Giamatti in order to grant his character his massive stature. If the second one’s true, I’m worried the CGI might end up iffy like the Lizard, whose look was the only let down in what, for me, was a relatively strong Spider-Man movie. Scratch that, the other let down was when they used a Coldplay song…

    • In all fairness, the original bastory of Rhino has him as a pudgey & very stupid induvidual who’s just trying to earn money for his family back home. He didn’t become huge & strong until he went through the same process that turned Scorpion into who he is. Plus we’ve seen Giamatti play some pretty ruthless/threatening parts in the past, he’ll be fine.

    • Giamatti as Rhino? Seriously? This is a worse choice than vinny jones as the juggernaut. I like both those actors, but those are those roles for them.

  4. whats going on here all i see are cartoon pictures

  5. Please stop complaining about the stupid Green and yellow suit! They’re trying to make The Amazing Spider Man look real, so why the hell would they use that stupid, bright ass, lame costume?! And stop complaining on the fact that this Electro is Black! Why is that an issue?? Does it really matter?!

    • Yes, yes it does matter because it caused you to go on your dumb rant on other peoples opinion and making me commenting on your rant.

    • That’s people for you.

      The fact that it’s a movie about a teenage boy, who gets bit by a spider, and then gets super powers doesn’t seem to spark any type of “wait a minute” response. But mention that a black actor is playing a traditionally white character then oh my god, we have an issue.

  6. Hey, I thought they were filming a movie starring the Blue Man Group! Seriously, while this MIGHT be OK, I really would have much preferred the old comic book original look, green costume with yellow star-like lightning bolts sticking up and all!

  7. I really like the way it looks so far, and I’m sure it will look even better with some digital effects on top of the practical ones. Plus, Foxx is such a great actor I’m sure he’ll be able to sell it. Go Ultimate Electro!

  8. I so can`t wait to see how Jaime will portray this character. Jaime is an all around talent but I just can`t see him playing a villain, it will be odd

  9. people where hating on the look for spiderman solely based on set photos back during amazing spidermans production, so give it time haters. i mean, i hate jamie foxx as much as the next guy, but one has ot give the beggar a chance no ?

  10. Looking forward to the second installment however, I just wanted to know if the next movie will also feature Dr. Ratha’s (Irrfan)character? In the first movie, his role was apparently chopped, which to me, made the film look ‘less-complete’.

  11. Looks like too much like the Silver Surfer to me :P

    • lol, he barely looks silver…..he looks like he was rejected from a audition with the blue man group.

  12. I love the rebooted approach…and its perfect….BUT whats with everyone originating from oscorp’s inter species genetics lab ?? Thats weird ..and i wud really love to see doc ock again..

  13. I don’t know how he was meant to look, all I know, is that the set photo does not look great to me. He looks like a bad character from the X-files, only blue.

  14. Wow. He does look like Arnold’s Mr.Freeze from on-set pictures. Hope he doesn’t deliver bad puns like “Get a charge outta this”,lol. I never really liked Electro a villain. Maybe because when i younger i thought he & Shocker were close to one another or something. I just know if you were gonna have him in a film, id put in a 2nd villain.

  15. “At the very least, no one can complain that the filmmakers are dishonoring the source material”

    To hell with that! I sure can!

    I’ve never really felt this sort of fanboy furor, but this one hits me close to the heart. Electro, always, has been my favorite villain. Always. And his stupid costume and overall ignorance is what made me enjoy him so much. He is supposed to be a good-old-boy hick type character who probably sucks back Miller High Lifes and wears plaid shirts. In fact, I always assumed he was even racist probably, which could have been a good angle to explore. Jamie Foxx is far too “cool,” and seems to me to be antithetical of the original Electro. As far as I’m concerned, the Stan Lee Spider-Man is gospel, and this is an affront on that.

    It just looks stupid. It ain’t right. At the very least they could have made Jamie Foxx be Shocker if they wanted an electric character. Shocker is from the big city and changing his race would have been less of a big deal. To do this to Electro is senseless nonsense and I am unhappy with it. I wanted to have faith in Webb (he’s a hometown boy) but my confidence and patience has worn out. I’m starting to think he’s never even read the comics. He probably assumed Stan Lee was just some cheap extra when he was filming his cameo, that’s how out of touch he is to the whole franchise.

    • dude….electro is black in the ultimate series which the movies are based on. if you actually bothered reading the article first before going on your stupid rant you would know.

    • Your old school and I dig that. But these movies are not based on the comics you and I grew up on. Nothing is these movies are “original” in any way. For better or worse.

    • It’s kind of funny, but I think you described Electro as basically Merle from the Walking Dead. Which does sound more like the original character, but unfortunately they’re going with the Ultimate version here (like they did with Nick Fury).

      Biggest reason is Marvel just used a lot of white characters early on and they’re fixing that now.

  16. I’m sure this will look a lot better after post-production, but for now I like that Electro has gone Ghost Protocol.

  17. He looks like Django Smurf.
    The reprehensible Mr. Foxx on the site of ‘White Chicks 2: Now They’re Blue.’

  18. The first one was so bad-terrible casting and bad writing-hope the next one is better. Is Garfield recast? and Stone was NOT a genius-she played the part as insipid and dumb…

  19. I didnt like the casting of Jamie Foxx…but now that I see this I have changed my mind somewhat. I still want to see a trailer before I totally commit but I will admit I am impressed.

  20. watching (reading) people get so upset over a picture is great!

  21. lol he looks like Dr Manhattan and Powders bastard kid.
    Im thinking we are starting to already see the decline of this spiderman already.
    No one ever does stuff how its supposed to they always try to tweek it so itll suit everyone instead of taking whats been around for years and using that.

  22. When I first heard that Electro was going to be one of the villains in this movie I was excited, after all, Electro is one of my favourite Spiderman villains. I’m going to be honest though: I don’t like this film’s Electro (thus far). I don’t have a problem with him being portrayed by an African American nor do I have a problem with them straying a little from the source material. However, there is just something about the Electro makeup that doesn’t look right to me. I had the same feeling about the way they portrayed The Lizard. He just looked goofy instead of terrifying. The Lizard’s design was one of the factors that warded me away from the reboot. Hopefully Electro will both work and look great in context and all my issues are resolved. Hopefully.

  23. badass

  24. This movie was an insult yo the death of Gwen Stacy. Webb and company should be banned from making comic book adaptations for life