‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Set Photos: Giamatti’s Pre-CGI Rhino On A Rampage

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the rhino versus black suited spider man Amazing Spider Man 2 Set Photos: Giamattis Pre CGI Rhino On A Rampage

Memorial Day weekend was fast and furious, but we’re not done with superheroes yet. Iron Man 3 was the opening salvo in a summer soon to see the likes of Man of Steel and The Wolverine. Yet, we haven’t had nearly as many behind-the-scenes glimpses of those film as of director Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man 2

Thanks in part to prodigious photo-tweeting by Webb, we’ve had glimpses of the Ravencroft Institute, an intriguing image of the Gene Chamber,  set photos revealing Spidey with Jamie Foxx’s Max Dillon (AKA presumed main villain Electro) and of course Paul Giamatti as the less-than-brilliant super-powered henchman, Aleksei Sytsevich, also known as Rhino.

While we’ve had plenty of images of Giamatti’s human form – Russian prison tattoos and all – we have yet to get an idea of what the full-on Rhino will look like. We’ve had strong hints that many of the character designs will be based on the “Ultimate Spider-Man” continuity, and now a slew of on-set photos have surfaced which feature Giamatti inside a huge pre-CGI Rhino suit:


Originally debuting during the Silver Age in the 60’s, Rhino was an Eastern Bloc thug who underwent a procedure to augment his size and speed by having a super-strong polymer bonded to his skin. He’s known as one of Spider-Man’s most powerful – and least-intelligent – adversaries.

The new set photos clearly show Giamatti in a rig that will require extensive CGI – and he’s not even moving under his own power, which could indicate that this incarnation of the Rhino will be massive.

Spider Man mask and city Amazing Spider Man 2 Set Photos: Giamattis Pre CGI Rhino On A Rampage

There is little in the way of context for this, but reports from Worst Previews quote an onlooker as saying the scene “involves the Rhino on a rampage and Spidey jumps onto an NYPD squad car with a bullhorn and taunts the Rhino by calling him a mechanized hippopotamus.

“A mechanized hippopotamus?” If this is accurate, (and it may not be), it could point towards some kind of robotic suit, which Giamatti’s Sytsevich could be piloting as the source of his powers in this rendering of the character, rather than the super-power infusion as seen in many versions of the comics. Either way, we have a full-blown fight scene between the two (and one has to admit that Giamatti’s in-character mugging even while trapped behind the rig is impressive.)

Paul Giamatti as Rhino 570x356 Amazing Spider Man 2 Set Photos: Giamattis Pre CGI Rhino On A Rampage

Given that Sytsevich is usually a hired thug in the comics, he could be working for one of the main villains in the sequel. Exact details on the plot remains under wraps, but there is no shortage of baddies he could be working for. Here’s the roll call: Giamatti is joined by Jamie Foxx as Electro, Chris Cooper will appear as Norman Osborn – who might become the Green Goblin down the line – and Dane DeHaan as Norman’s son Harry, whose character might just get a transformation of his own.

It sure sounds like super-villain overload – the exact thing which turned Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 into an overblown mess. Still, there is the theory that co-writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (who also have Star Trek Into Darkness to their credit) and director Marc Webb are setting the stage for the Sinister Six, and some of the potential villains could be simply chess pieces being moved into place.


We’ll know for sure when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens, on May 2nd, 2014.

Sources: Super Hero Hype, Worst Previews

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  1. Jesus, that things big. I hope Rhino looks awesome.

  2. I really hope they dial down the brightness of the sateen suit spidey is wearing. After how dark the first one was Id hate to see this one end up looking campy

  3. please do not be a mechanized suit.

    just don’t get the thinking behind it……if it is???

    • I hope they don’t use a mechanized suit either. That would cheapen the character IMO.

      • Because it totally matters if they “cheapen” a character as deep and layered as The Rhino……

        • @Xigbar

          That’s one thing I’ll never understand with some fans. A movie tries to make sense of the more fantastical elements of a comic book and people complain about it yet also demand a fresh take on certain characters and elements.

          • @Dazz: Lizard was bioengineered, why not Rhino and Goblin? For me the mechanical Rhino feels like a missed opportunity similar to Raimi’s Goblin mask. Only, back then the CGI presented a greater challenge than today. I think it’s fun to lift these characters from the page to screen as closely as they can whenever possible, that’s all. Since they’ve established a precedent for genetic cross-species-whatever-the-heck, why not stick with it. If it ain’t broke….

            • exactly

        • Great point.

        • Now you know how we Iron Man fan boys feel about The Mandarin

    • 100% aree with ya NoS

      • Ultimate Rhino is mechanized. I’m fine with it. You should too.

        • HOW hell do you know anythng about what I SHOULD “BE” FINE WITH???
          You may be fine with sleeping with a goat! or chatting with little boys online and do you think I should be fine with that as well because you are??

          I am not fine with things just because you are, NOW if it is a Mechanized suit I WILL NOT SEE THE MOVIE JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE “FINE” WITH IT!! THANKS A LOT

          • Well, considering that you are Iron Man and you wear a mechanized suit, he probably thought that you would be fine with it.

              • Sooooooooo what you’re saying is you aren’t fine with it? …Weirdo…

          • wow, if such a tiny detail like a mechanized suits sets you off like that id hate to see how you react to an actual problem. and if you wont see it bc of such a small detail than you just are not a fan of spiderman, and im fine with you not seeing the movie, ill gladly see it twice to make up for you not going. the rhino suit in the comics has always been some form of enhancement suit, mechanized or not. who cares which they use as along as its portrayed well and true to the fundamentals of the characters

            • Yeah, I thought it was a mechanized suit too. Who really cares? The Rhino is just supposed to break things.

          • Jeez Louise! You don’t have to rage out…

        • He’s right. Just googled it.

  4. looks like he’s wearing a giant proton pack from ghostbusters

  5. I don’t think we’ll really see Venom or Green Goblin actually appear in this thing. More of just setups.

    The main problem with SP3 wasn’t so much that there were too many villains, but the fact that there were too many villains with their own agendas that didn’t really overlap besides “kill spiderman”. Lame. I see Rhino basically just being a thug working under Norman. Probably not even a huge part of the third act.

    • Yeah, it was clearly a Sandman movie with Harry’s redemption and Venom got shoe-horned into it due to fan pressure and ended up getting the shaft on screen.

      Raimi’s Spiderman movies were all bright and campy and even if Venom hadn’t been forced into the story, he wouldn’t have been done justice due to his darker nature.

  6. phew… i was getting worried they were not going to have rhino with all the set photos of him without the suit or whatever they are going for to make him rhino.

  7. The rig that Giamatti is in looks as if it would be a mechanized cg suit.

  8. Looks great and Giamatti is such a talented actor that I’m gonna call his the standout performance of the entire movie.

    Looks to me like the traditional Rhino suit may be mechanized at first and only resemble slightly the way we know the character to look and that this could be an early confrontation between the characters. You can see where the shoulders are but the head part of it looks to extend too high up unless it houses reinforced steel of some kind to prevent the horn from breaking, if it even has a horn at this stage.

    Know what I’d love?

    A camera fitted at the top of the rig to show Rhino slowly marching towards Spiderman as if we’re seeing it from his perspective while Giamatti trash talks Spidey.

  9. Thinking this is the first variant of the rhino suit. Mechanical exosuit type deal. Third act would see him go desperate and thus resort to a more extreme and traditional suit via bonding to it. Funny enough never knew rhino was a cyborg.

    • I was thinking the same… in his first version he will get beaten down easily by spiderman so he resorts to the dna bonding GOOD CALL bellacure

      • Yeah, such a good call I sort of saw the future and said the exact same thing in the comment above a little over 15 minutes before bellcure said it 😉

          • Lol Dazz brought a great point (sorry should have read the posts before adding mine!) the head apparatus seems really high, the reference point/circles are what we need to pay attention to as they are the anchor points for the animators. Its possible the exosuit structure giamati is inside of is a pure decoy. In any case his overall scale is rather impressive. Something like 9-10 feet. I dont think spidey will be able to pull his pants down that easy. Or heck that could have been shot out of sequence on purpose. If this is the first exosuit he wears, possible spidey breaks it, giamati gets out and thus leads into the scene were he’s tangled up with his pants down in the middle of the street that we saw pics of last week. Humiliation leads to hate, leads to the second more extreme and more rhino-ish suit/dna change or what have you. Yay speculation lol

            • wait wait where is all this “pulling pants down” coming from? lol

  10. No sir, I don’t like it.

  11. “mechanized suit”

    In theory, I would agree with this in the notion that the Rhino costume would be like a battlesuit added to any DNA changes made to the character. They may be able to get away with ‘the Rhino’ look in this fashion…because I’m sure they don’t want to tilt towards an ‘Iron Monger’ look any more that a Dafoe Green Goblin look. By the latter I mean how Goblin was a battlesuit of sorts as well. And you remember all the fanboy rants about that business. It will be interesting what the reaction is here in regards to Rhino.

  12. I know that Rhino isn’t a smart character at all but I hope they don’t overdo it. At least give him a little intelligence, no one likes an idiot villain.

  13. I’ll have to wait for the CGI finished project, but I’m excited to see a mechanized version of the Rhino suit. I was worried they were going to go genetic with this character, and I didn’t want to see a live-action Rocksteady on screen. Perhaps this is an initial iteration of the suit and it will eventually become something less gawdy and more like a power suit reminiscent of the Ultimate comics

  14. I know that Rhino isn’t a smart character at all but I hope they don’t overdo it. At least give him a little intelligence, no one likes a dumb villain.

    • From giamati’s expressions he seem severely mentally “challenged”, worried he’s just be a one note (and possibly very annoying) character. Well see. It hes just a screaming blood thirsty idiot that will get annoying fast.

      • I agree completely

    • I agree. I think it’d be cool if he actually succeeded in pulling off a series of bank heists making him one of the most wanted men by the police in New York City. In the cartoons that I’ve seen and the Ultimate comic books he’s always taken down so easily, so much so that it annoys me a bit.

  15. People want a “polymer binded to his skin”. I swear comic fans are flat out crazy.

    • That’s more crazy than getting bitten by a radioactive spider and gaining the ability to cling to walls???

      If Spider-man can exist and we can also have a guy turned into a big lizard, then a polymer bound to someones skin sounds pretty reasonable to me.

  16. Gotta say, as much as I disliked TASM costume, I am really not liking this new, “old” version at all. It’s too drastic of a change from one to the other imho and should have been like this version but with some updating.

    Yeah I don’t know at this point what to think.

    As for Rhino….A mechanized version feels too cliche at this point considering all the Iron Man movies.

  17. Any released concept art for the finished look?

  18. Maybe i’d try some mechanized version too.

  19. Paul giamatti will ruin this movie