Rumor Patrol: New Spider-Man Suit to Appear in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′?

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the amazing spider man Rumor Patrol: New Spider Man Suit to Appear in The Amazing Spider Man 2?

While already hard at work prepping for the sequel to his summer smash, The Amazing Spider-Man, director Marc Webb has also been spending plenty of time promoting the DVD/Blu-Ray of the film, which was released on November 9. While promoting the release, Webb and his effects team recently revealed that the first film contained several secret clues, or “Easter Eggs” that could reveal details about The Amazing Spider-Man 2. This of course, got the rumor mill churning, and got fans wondering what else Webb may be hiding.

Leading to the sequel’s 2014 release date, Webb is certainly keeping plenty of secrets but we’re hearing unofficial talk that a new, “more traditional” Spidey suit could appear in the The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Nuke The Fridge is reporting the rumor (which they got from “a source close to the production” of the film), who claims that Spider-Man will don a crime-fighting costume that is different from the one he wore in The Amazing Spider-Man.

The decision to change the suit would likely be in reaction to many die-hard fans’ requests for a suit more faithful to the original comics. Fans often think their outcries, protests and suggestions go unheard, but a suit update could mean that Webb, and other leaders in the reboot, are at least willing to take fan opinion into consideration.

spider man costume1 Rumor Patrol: New Spider Man Suit to Appear in The Amazing Spider Man 2?

‘Spider Man’ (2002) vs. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ (2012) suit

Of course, Spider-Man has worn a lot of different suits over the years in the comic books but the costume many fans are calling for could, as a result, end up resembling the one Tobey Maguire sported in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. Fans tend to favor that suit, which featured brighter tones, and consider it to be more traditional than the one Andrew Garfield donned in the reboot.

That all said, anyone who follows pre-production movie news knows that “sources close to the production” are often debunked – meaning that, for the time being, we wouldn’t throw out those Amazing Spider-Man action figures in hopes of dramatically updated toys. Slight updates to superhero suits generally occur from movie to movie (just look at the evolution of the Dark Knight’s batsuit in Nolan’s trilogy or the ever-evolving Iron Man armor) but, until we hear something more official, this is little more than hearsay. It’s certainly possible that whatever updates the Spider-Man suit will see in the sequel could push it a bit closer to the “traditional” look of the character but without an official comment or photo, we’re not convinced that it’ll see a massive overhaul. After all, the entire Amazing Spider-Man reboot is based on the “Ultimate” comic book series’ version of the character – which is anything but “traditional.”

At this point, all we can do at this point is speculate about what the updated suit could look like, assuming that this rumor is true. However, regardless of how you might feel about The Amazing Spider-Man suit, we can all probably agree that Webb should scrap those silver shoes Garfield wore in the film!

Let us know which suit your prefer in the comments below and don’t forget to check out The Amazing Spider-Man available now on DVD and Blu-Ray and catch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 when it swings to a theatre near you on May 2, 2014.

 Source: Nuke The Fridge

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  1. The new suit will be the black suit.

    It’s in Amazing spiderman,
    17:42 the suit is in the backround and someone is wearing it with a lab coat over it. don’t believe me look yourself.

    • Your a JOKE thebat, I have looked and there is NOBODY EVEN closely matching your description at that part in the movie!! I think you need to find something else to make up so people can laugh at you some more!!

  2. The Spidey-suit and the design of the lizard really bugged me. I’m all for going back to the original suit, especially since the overall design has remained virtually unchanged for fifty years until this movie came along. They got rid of the webs under the armpits that he used to have, but the particular patterns of red and blue have been the same since the 60′s. Its an iconic look, so much so that deviating from the pattern throws off the look of the entire character.

  3. If you go back to a traditional suit than all that talk of a reboot loses all its meaning . I personally wanted to see a reboot not a rehash . They were very similar apart from Stone/Garfield making it watchable . Make it more cinematic and ditch the p.o.v. Camera angle that looks like a video game , use those tricks for music videos (nickleback) . Trivial things such as changing the suit from the directors first attempt don’t compare to getting a awesome story plot and engaging an audience visually . Just drop the whole kids appeal and make something that holds up over time .

  4. If you go back to a traditional suit than all that talk of a reboot loses all its meaning . I personally wanted to see a reboot not a rehash . They’re very similar apart from Stone/Garfield making it watchable .

  5. If you go back to a traditional suit than all that talk of a reboot loses all its meaning . I personally wanted to see a reboot not a rehash

  6. I would like to see a hybrid of the original Ditko design combined with the fabric texture and color scheme the new suit used. Remove the gold tinted lenses and silver shoe soles, flared gloves and toy-esque web shooters. (The web shooters are great, but shouldn’t be that visible and blinky…)
    Oh, and keep the mask on a bit more!

    BTW Those of you insulting the Raimi costume, its a good iconic design, he didn’t design it, he modified it slightly to fit his vision, Webb can do the same thing, maybe even better!

    • Ok we get it. Really? 3 times?

  7. The new spider-man suit will be amazing just like amazing spider-man and amazing spider-man 2 will be much dirren that before and electroand many other spider-man vilain in amazing spider-man 2 mary jane, harry other spider-man character.

  8. Before TASM came out, I was on the fence about the suit because it wasn’t the original. Then I saw the movie and realized that the few differences between the 2012 suit and the 2002 suit are so minor that it didn’t bother me at all or even effect the movie. The suit was true to Spider-Man, we got the spidey eyes, the red and blue, the spider symbol on the chest etc. Yes there are a few stripes here are there that I think are pointless if not just to make this suit different but overall I liked the suit and think it did the trick. If the suit was way off or didn’t pay homage to the original suit in some way, I would feel differently.

    In the future though I would like to see larger eyes. I wasn’t a huge fan of the yellow eyes, but that didn’t bother me as much as the size of the eyes did, they seemed way too small/thin and made him seem less friendly, these movies are in a more realistic and dark world but that doesn’t mean your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is a dark, brooding anti-hero now.

    The silver shoes bugged me too, only in still shots though, in the movie they are rarely seen. In either case, I loved TASM and can’t wait for the next one!

  9. I loved that costume! I really liked what Webb did, but i think that an update is needed too, considering that every super hero movie has a “costume update”.
    What i want to say (and i really hope that TASM staff will see it, as i know that they’re trying to be next to spiderman fans) is that they don’t have to go straight back to the traditional suit…
    Some changes in the color of the eyes would be ok…i read that they want to make them bigger…well, i suggest “not so bigger maybe” :)

    The webs on the suit should be more realistic, as i notice that are a little too linear.

    About the web shooters, i think that it’s good if they change them…after all, Peter assumed that Lizard broke easily his shooters because they were outside his suit…so i was thinking about a “more solid” look at the shooters, and maybe they can be situated inside of the costume.

    The shoes…well, i appreciate that Webb made it realistic…because Spiderman has to climb over walls and run fast too…and if we think that in comics Peter uses only a pair of non-solid boots, it should be very unconfortable.
    So, something solid for the feet is a very right idea…maybe it should be red, or non-so-evident at least.

    For the rest…i really, really like the costume! The spider-logo on his chest, and the red spider on the back…i love that the spider emblems are longer than sam raimi’s trilogy…and i know that they will probably change the shape of the spider emblem and his weight…but i hope they will not leave the actual pattern :)

    That’s all, i hope “someone important (You Know What I Mean ;D)” will see this!

    • I agree but here’s the thing, most people who know nothing of the comic history don’t realize that the eyes in ASM were reminiscent of the original Steve Ditko design same with the Lizard for the movie having a flatter face as opposed to a protruding snout which is common now. Spidey’s eyes were small and less friendly looking until John Romita SR and Todd Macfarlane did their versions in fact much of what we see now carried over from Todd’s changes like the big half circle eyes the take up a lot of the mask and the webbed cake under his arms for short distance gliding

    • 2012′s suit was so cool like the comic spiderman and x men where they showed the spider clone (ben rilley) except different web shooters. i’m a huge fan of super hero’s they were created to make us happy in sad times and hopefull and make us independent. well look at batman he’s got like 100 suits and iron man has like 999999.9999 and a half suit’s and change is good. i would really like a miles moras type coustme change.

  10. Im tired of seeing the same s*** over and over. DONT make the suit nothing like Raimi’s. Not even a little, not even all traditional.

  11. They both has their pro’s and cons

    amazing spiderman suit was great in the “dark colour” I liked that, and the texture, but they could have left the dneakers out, and why not just keep the original design? why add the stribe on the side legs or remove the belt, or make the gloves all fancy?

    my advise:
    keep the texture and colours, drop the sneaks, and make the “lines” and overall desing more like the original, so boots, not sneakers.

    Tobey’s suit was great, but amazing spiderman is more dark in the colours, so the suit wouldn’t go well with this movie, but take the design from Tobeys suit, and add amazing spiderman colours and texture

  12. I’m sure i am not the only one who has thought about this, but seeing that villain will most likely be Electro i think the new suit would be the suit SPider-man wore in order to defeat him. Yeah, for those of you that do not know Spider-Man once wore a suit made of rubber that allowed him to fight electro without getting hurt as bad, it look quite bada** to i might add

    • [Removed by Moderator]

  13. Why would you change the suit, that completly diminishes the point of the reboot.

  14. I don’t think they should change it, the suit in The Amazing Spider man was fricken BOSS, they just need to work on the fighting scenes and making them more epic and longer. They shouldn’t kill Gwen in the movie, that would suck!



  16. I agree the boots should be different and I also think that there should be the full red waist band instead of what they had in the movie.

  17. Yo guys i heard somewhere that Webb has actually confirmed a new spider-man suit and they may be working on it right now Webb said “Yeah bigger eyes, gnarly web shooters” which sounds really cool, to me at least the website that i heard it on said that, “it sounds like they are going for a more Tom Defalco Spider-Man” and i will say that sounds pretty cool to me i mean through all of the movies for Spider-Man and even the cartoons we’ve only really seen a costume that has Steve Ditko or John Romita’s name written all over it so the fact that we will see a different costume sounds interesting and Defalco was always considered a good artist and he did a lot of good things for Spider-Man when he was drawing them.

  18. Don’t change the suit, I’m a big spiderman fan and I loved that they were brave enough to redesign, the way I see it the suit….suits the peter Parker of that universe and makes him different from any other version of him so I say keep it, it look great in action.

  19. They should bring in the utility belt with the cartridges and spider signal torch that Spider-Man wears under his costume.

  20. WHAT??? The Amazing Spiderman Suit is much much brighter in tones and brighter altogether than Raimis….The new suit popped and it made me think of Spiderman all the way!

  21. As an avid Spiderman aficionado, what should be done with this character is not frikkin rocket science. They should ALWAYS KEEP IT CLASSIC! And keep from the original movies what makes sense. My ultimate Movie Spidey would be classic costume, with big Todd Mcfarlane eyes, and the Sam Raimi webb shooters(After all if you get bit by a spider and can crawl on frikken walls shouldn’t you be able to spin your own webs DUHH!!) To me the web shooters in raimis films were the only improvement on spidey in years that actually made sense.

    • You must be as avid as you say because any real fan would say stay closer to classic all the way to the web shooters. 1. Biological web shooters actually don’t make sense what so ever. Yes he gained the abilities of a Spider but if you wanted him to be that much like a Spider he would have grown more arms/legs and his webbing would come from spinnerets in his stomach. What Stan lee/Steve Ditko did was they took what could translate from a spider to a human in transformation while keeping him human and the change making as much scientific sense as possible. Spiders don’t spin webs from their legs or mandibles so there would be a correct translation to a man having spinners in his wrist, that would need to be specifically genetically altered in the human through gene therapy and gene design. The mechanical web shooters are the most accurate and correct way to keep spider-man closer to science reality as opposed complete outlandish irrational science fiction

  22. I liked the suit in The Amazing Spiderman, theres just a few things I wasnt too keen on. The fact that his web shooters were so evident and bulky. They should at least be redesigned and fitted on the inside of the suit. The yellow eyes threw me off too. They look like goggles. They should change them to the original white ones. They go better with the rest of the suit. I really didnt like those clunky silver emo boots either. They should redesign those to make them smaller and like the web shooters, fitted within the suit itself.

  23. Well, what I would like to see in the upcoming spidey sequel is that Spidey’s mask would don bigger eyes (even bigger than Sam Raimi’s SpSpiderman so that no other person can criticise such a Wonderful movie . And yes bring back the utility belt ..Its kinda ‘classic’ .even something more important to be improved than the silver shoe soles .as they gave a very ‘realistic’ touch to the character …all in all we all know .bigger eyes and and better web shooters are already under development so need to cry about them .all we could ask for now is to get the classic utility belt back and to get rid of that red stripe which runs across from his boots to his waist .it’s kinda unnecessary …
    So to sum it up ..i loved The Amazing Spiderman and thought it was truly amazing .
    Can’t wait for the sequel ..Kudos to The team .

  24. I want the suit to be changed like in the first Spiderman movie and his webb to come out of his body. Also I want action figure toys to be made for the movie.

    • Sir, you have been mistaken .Action figures were produced for this film too, and if you still think that Spiderman should be shooting webs from his wrists naturally, then I must say .you’re a HUGE Raimi Spiderman FANBOY, who needs to GROW UP NOW

  25. Couldn’t care less if they change it or not as long as they don’t make it stupid. The costumes in Raimi’s and Webb’s were both fine for me. I would love to see the black suit.

    • Exactly ..the black suit would be something amazing to seen on screen .although I am sure that the black suit of the ‘Webb’ version wull definitely be more closer to the comic book ones and I am surw they’ll nail ..all i want is to have Venom(if he is in the movie ) look really kickass. Topher Grace sucked as Venom


  26. I really like the suit from the first Amazing Spider Man movie, it’s much more cooler and awesome, i hope you don’t give up on it, I really like it.

  27. I think that they should bring back the suit from The Amazing Spider Man movie, because its better, brighter, the eyes are smaller, and it’s just awesome. I might not even see the new movie, because of the new suit. Kids like the original stuff better.

  28. Me personally can’t stand the old suit and spiderman is supposed to be skinny like Andrew garfield I like how Webb makes the new suit have that dark look to it the comic spiderman I don’t like how the lizard looked it was just too fake and I like Gwen because she came before Mary J. Did FYI she died because she fell off a bridge and spiderman snapped her neck and Mary J. Was there to comfort him now I wish Harry was in this one or at least the next movie but spiderman wasn’t always bright and happy especially after his uncle Ben died I like the new web shooters because that is how they r in the comics they r not organic the new suit fits Andrews body type and looks great I don’t want Spidey to be so buff we can see abs and muscles popping n every direction and alot of people don’t like how much he takes off the mask but ilike seeing but I hope he doesn’t show it around people other than gwen I don’t like that he showed the little kid Jack his face but i like The Amazing Spider Man more than the trilogy

    • Periods are you’re friend dude.

  29. i thnnk the new suit is pretty dope excecpt for those addidas shoes. its different and a fresh new look. if they bring back the old suit it might look bad in the next movies because they’ve already shown a new suit whats the point of changing it. the dark knight is different because he needs armor and plus batmans rich he can do what he wants.