Rumor Patrol: New Spider-Man Suit to Appear in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′?

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the amazing spider man Rumor Patrol: New Spider Man Suit to Appear in The Amazing Spider Man 2?

While already hard at work prepping for the sequel to his summer smash, The Amazing Spider-Man, director Marc Webb has also been spending plenty of time promoting the DVD/Blu-Ray of the film, which was released on November 9. While promoting the release, Webb and his effects team recently revealed that the first film contained several secret clues, or “Easter Eggs” that could reveal details about The Amazing Spider-Man 2. This of course, got the rumor mill churning, and got fans wondering what else Webb may be hiding.

Leading to the sequel’s 2014 release date, Webb is certainly keeping plenty of secrets but we’re hearing unofficial talk that a new, “more traditional” Spidey suit could appear in the The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Nuke The Fridge is reporting the rumor (which they got from “a source close to the production” of the film), who claims that Spider-Man will don a crime-fighting costume that is different from the one he wore in The Amazing Spider-Man.

The decision to change the suit would likely be in reaction to many die-hard fans’ requests for a suit more faithful to the original comics. Fans often think their outcries, protests and suggestions go unheard, but a suit update could mean that Webb, and other leaders in the reboot, are at least willing to take fan opinion into consideration.

spider man costume1 Rumor Patrol: New Spider Man Suit to Appear in The Amazing Spider Man 2?

‘Spider Man’ (2002) vs. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ (2012) suit

Of course, Spider-Man has worn a lot of different suits over the years in the comic books but the costume many fans are calling for could, as a result, end up resembling the one Tobey Maguire sported in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. Fans tend to favor that suit, which featured brighter tones, and consider it to be more traditional than the one Andrew Garfield donned in the reboot.

That all said, anyone who follows pre-production movie news knows that “sources close to the production” are often debunked – meaning that, for the time being, we wouldn’t throw out those Amazing Spider-Man action figures in hopes of dramatically updated toys. Slight updates to superhero suits generally occur from movie to movie (just look at the evolution of the Dark Knight’s batsuit in Nolan’s trilogy or the ever-evolving Iron Man armor) but, until we hear something more official, this is little more than hearsay. It’s certainly possible that whatever updates the Spider-Man suit will see in the sequel could push it a bit closer to the “traditional” look of the character but without an official comment or photo, we’re not convinced that it’ll see a massive overhaul. After all, the entire Amazing Spider-Man reboot is based on the “Ultimate” comic book series’ version of the character – which is anything but “traditional.”

At this point, all we can do at this point is speculate about what the updated suit could look like, assuming that this rumor is true. However, regardless of how you might feel about The Amazing Spider-Man suit, we can all probably agree that Webb should scrap those silver shoes Garfield wore in the film!

Let us know which suit your prefer in the comments below and don’t forget to check out The Amazing Spider-Man available now on DVD and Blu-Ray and catch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 when it swings to a theatre near you on May 2, 2014.

 Source: Nuke The Fridge

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  2. Good. I hated the suit. It looked badly designed, rumpled and amateurish, apart from being unlike the original. But they need to fix more than the suit. The movie itself was pretty mediocre, and not anywhere as good as any of the three Raimi films.

    • I disagree here, i liked the suit didn’t bother me although the Raimi trilogy suit was way more faithful to the comics. And i think this new film tops the three previous ones. Spider Man 1 seems a bit outdated, Spider Man 2 loses but only barely and Spider Man 3 loses by a mile.

      • I agree with you on that. The new story gives a different but good interpretation of Spidey’s story than we already know. It doesn’t fell like your watching the same origin over again but something fresh. As for the costume i like the idea of it changing for the next movie. To me its almost as if we see Peter’s progression as Spider-Man and him becoming more skilled with his abilities. The costume change just adds on to the progression.

        • Raimi’s suit was just as altered from the comics as was Webb’s

    • ” It looked badly designed, rumpled and amateurish”
      Well the designers did state that they wanted the costume to look like it was made by a teenager with little to no budget.
      Looks like they accomplished it then.

      • Exactly what I was thinking when I read the article.

        I saw nothing wrong with the suit, especially considering it was supposed to be made by an amateur, plus the fact it’s based on the Ultimate series which tries to dabble in a little more realism than the regular Spiderman comics.

        The only thing I didn’t like about ASM was Lizard looking like crap from the neck up, otherwise it was much better than Raimi’s trilogy, not just in story and looks but in acting too.

        • I agree and that’s the idea, Peter made the costume not his billionaire best friend Tony Starks so it’s suppose to look low budget and low quality and most of all amateurish

    • amateurish… wow, everything else you said was opinion so i cant cahnge our mind but calling this suit amateurish was not right, its anything but. In my opinion the only Raimi film that as better than this one was Spiderman 2… it could even be the best comic book movie ever.

      • Who says opinions cant be wrong, opinions are just thoughts and thoughts can be wrong so therefore opinions can be wrong.
        Call’em out corey!

      • @ Corey;

        Yes! You’re absolutely right.

        Spiderman 2 isn’t just the best Spidey movie, it’s one of the best comic book movies out there.

    • Spider-Man 3 sucked, and Spider-Man 1 was cheesy. The Amazing Spider-Man was only inferior to the Raimi’s 2nd film.

  3. I liked the suit Garfield wore, mainly because it seperated it from the MaGuire version. Frankly I never cared for Maguire as Spider-man, I felt he was more of a Harry Osbourne type. Franco probably should’ve gotten the role as far as type is concerned, but I can’t deny Maguire’s acting ability. If the producers are reading this than I urge them to stick to their original instincts.

  4. I say keep the new suit. I personally prefer a more realistic look over the campy, traditional spiderman suit, like the one Tobey Maguire sported in Sam Raimi’s version.

    • Ironically enough, James Franco actually tested for Peter Parker first. In fact, he went to test because that was what he wanted, to play Spider-man but the producers told him no we got something else for you and gave him Harry

  5. [b] I quite liked the suit in TASM, but tweaks are oten welcome. I just wish they’d get a costume settled on from the start in CBM to keep the continuity. [/b]

  6. I think both suits have pluses and minuses.
    Use of red and blue: 2002 wins
    Drawing of webs on the suit: 2012 wins (2002 looks like Peter stayed up all night gluing webs to the suit)
    Colors: arguments could be made for both
    Looks like a kid made it and not a costume designer: 2012 wins
    Eyes: My vote for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit is larger eyes like the Todd Mcfarlane Spider-Man.

    • But ultimately, very unimportant to the quality of the movie.

    • Please not the over the top silly Todd Mcfarlane eyes! The eye coverings are supposed to serve a purpose (to see through, cover his identity and some protection) and that hyper stylized, overly big eyes do absolutely nothing to help him see better.

      • My opinion is that the McFarlane look would be a nice change that is still authentic. I disagree with the argument of purpose over style. Style has to play a part or Spider-man would be wearing black Under Armour and a ski mask. But the McFarlane eyes would expand his peripheral vision.

  7. the only changes i think the suit needs would be the belt connecting to the red chest portion, maybe losing the red leg strips, adding a bit more red to the sleeves connecting to the gloves, a bit bigger/more prominent back spider and silver lenses instead of the gold. otherwise the stylized design, texture and colors are perfect and look really good on film. cant wait for ASM2!!

    • All those changes basically make it back into the Tobey Maguire suit.

  8. The new suit is way better, sam raimis suit is very amatuerish. Can we all remember that this is a reboot and has stayed more into the comics than the original. Its a suit, get over it.

  9. the new suit looked good. I think that it looks better

  10. I liked the new one over the Raimi films. I liked the new costume, it’s pretty cool. I think people are in an uproar because they can’t accept the slightest change in things. I got news for you guys all “up and at ‘em”.

    Comic books is one medium,
    Film is another medium,
    Video games is another form of medium.
    Books, are the different medium,
    Stories by mouth, is the oldest medium.

    Nothing will ever be in sync with the original when made in another medium. Why? Because it will end up being a slop fest and you’ll have more angry fans.

  11. I always preferred Raimi’s Spider-Man suit, but Webb’s take is still. My only objection is the eyes of the new suit. The yellow is terrible. Never in all the years I’ve known Spider-Man do I recall YELLOW EYES. That would be the only thing I’d change. Other than that, I have no quarrels.

    • Was the place you went to that showed the movie using decent settings on their projectors cause I only ever saw silver lenses from the sunglasses he had, never saw yellow or gold or any other colour in them the entire time he suited up.

  12. I’d welcome a newer suit, Garfield suit in TASM was the only real gripe.

    and we are not getting a new suit because of fanboy crying, we are getting one because of marketing and toysales

  13. As long as Spidey doesn’t forget his powers in the sequel, I’ll be happy.

  14. I liked the suit. It’s 2012 not 1986. The movie was way better than the Raimi films. Raimi makes everything look Evil Dead…

  15. Yeah I’m in the group that actually loved the new suit. I watched the BLU ray last night an I loved it even more. And the movie was fantastic just a great take on the character. The suit worked well for an Garfield wore it well. A lot better then Toby did in Raimis movies. Toby was just too stocky and Garfield fits what I imagined a real life spiderman to look like and the dark schemes in the new worked great with the style of the film.

  16. Since when is TASM based on the Ultimate books? I loved the movie, but it has nothing in common with USM, except for a teenage version of the character.

    • Since the studio and writers said they were basing it on the Ultimate version before the script was finished?

      • Well, I’ve read every issue of USM. The movie is a bit more grounded than the goofy Raimi films, but that’s the only “ultimate reference”.

        • Finally a credible comment in regards to movie versus source material. The movie actually is its own universe but it takes inspiration from all things Spider-man, Ultimate, Amazing, even the cartoons. It’s a collaboration of different source material into one movie

  17. I liked the suit in the new movie, it was close enough to the source material, yet different enough from the other films. The suit dosen’t need a big update IMO; maybe just something here and there. I would like to see the spider-light on his waist in the next one.

  18. I don’t know where people get the idea that suit looked like it was designed by a teenager. That thing was TOO professional looking. It was supposed to have been something he simply ordered off the internet and silkscreen a logo onto but then where did the matching mask come from not to mention the integrated (and bad looking) shoes?

    I was also never a huge fan of the the original either with the raised (and unnecessary) webbing. So maybe something in between both? Get rid of the gold eyes, the “shoe” feet, and tone down the ultra textured look.

    Of course, the time to listen to us “fans” would have been BEFORE the first movie and not after the fact.

  19. Personally, I really like the new suit. The movie brought Spider-Man into the more modern world, and the new suit went along really well with that. I don’t think they should go back to the more traditional because this is a new Spider-Man.

  20. I’d love to see new suits. The new suit should have white eyes, or at least, mirror eyes. The curved part at the groin looks weird to me. Also I’d like him to wear a utility belt. Not a big cumbersome one, but one that’s well hidden.

  21. Take the silver out of the shoes and im good! I liked the new suit!

  22. there werent too many things i prefered in the new spider-man reboot over the original 1st movie but the suit was definetely one of the things i prefered (along with the web shooters being more like in the comics…honestly if it came from his body and he’s really modeled after a spider it would have to come out of his ass lol)

    • I’ve heard it would be more anatomically correct for the webs to come from his abdomen, so they’d be coming from his belly button. No matter the orifice, it’s still funny. XD

  23. So the official title of the sequel is “The Amazing Spider-man 2″ or are we just calling it that for now?

    For me, I really don’t mind the suit of the movie, I like them both really. I wouldn’t mind if they changed the suit again it wouldn’t be so noticeable to me anyways.

    • It doesn’t have an official release title yet so it’s just being called “The Amazing Spider-man 2″ until a new title is revealed. Rumor is that it will be titled “The Spectacular Spider-man”. I personally think they should go with “The Web of Spider-man”

  24. I liked the Raimi suit, but this one looked awesome in action so I don’t mind the change. It’d be easy to tweak this suit here and there. Make the red stripes wider on the arms, make the blue spaces red on the gloves, get rid of the red stripes going down the thighs, give Spider-man that red belt around the waste like in the comics, boom. More traditional suit. It’d still have the same colors, the same material, it’d look almost as sleek.

    P.S. I just watched the movie again, and I didn’t see the silver shoes in the movie. I think it was just a pre-production thing.

  25. I liked the suit a lot in the movie if they do change it hopefully it’ll be good and cool

  26. I thought the new movie was much better than the previous three, and thought the suit was great. I felt the first suit was too cartoony, and it didn’t help that Toby McGuire was wearing it!

    • I didn’t mind Tobey but when you put him up against better actors, you realise how limited he is.

      Similar to how the kids from the Harry Potter movies other than Tom Felton were terrible but Daniel Radcliffe’s been somewhat decent in one or two tv shows since then.

  27. It isn’t really a ‘rumor’ if Marc Webb confirmed it, himself.



  29. Erm, this isn’t good news. I actually quite liked the new suit; it was a fresh, new take on a classic design. Much like DC’s Superman and Batman suits have been re-designed for their new movies.

    I think Webb should stick with the suit he had for TASM, maybe tweak it a little, but keep the basic design the same.