Director Marc Webb Tweets Glimpse of New Mask in ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′

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Marc Webb Tweets Spider Man Mask Glimpse Director Marc Webb Tweets Glimpse of New Mask in Amazing Spider Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is starting to look like one of the bigger superhero movie sequels currently in production. There have been reports of (potentially) numerous villains, including Electro (confirmed), Rhino (confirmed), and Venom (hinted at), and rumors of an entirely new costume for everyone’s favorite webslinger.

Speaking of new costumes, director Marc Webb has been tweeting interesting behind the scenes images related to The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and today he tweeted a video that featured a glimpse of a mask from the forthcoming film. The question is, whose mask is it?

Check out the tweet below:

If you follow the link above and check out the video, you’ll see a momentary glimpse of what appears to be a lens from a superhero mask (not unlike, say, Spider-Man’s).


Amazing Spider Man 2 Mask Lens Director Marc Webb Tweets Glimpse of New Mask in Amazing Spider Man 2


Obviously, it’s not an extremely revealing image, but it’s fodder for interesting discussion regardless. So again, the question is: Who does this mask belong to?

Probably the most obvious answer: Spider-Man. After all, the way in which the lens sort of curls at the rightmost corner very much resembles the classic Spider-Man mask from the comic books (as opposed to The Amazing Spider-Man‘s straight-edge lenses). And since some fans complained that The Amazing Spider-Man film’s costume wasn’t nearly similar enough to the classic costume, might this be a sign that the filmmakers are appeasing said fans?

Amazing Spider Man Classic Costume Director Marc Webb Tweets Glimpse of New Mask in Amazing Spider Man 2

Furthermore, Marc Webb recently tweeted that the new Spider-Man costume would have “bigger eyes” and “gnarly webshooters” (whatever that means). It’s hard to tell how big this lens is on a black backdrop with nothing to compare it to, but Webb’s admission that new lenses would be in play could mean that the one above belongs to Spidey.

But there are other options, too. For example:


Venom: Kofi recently went into some detail putting together a theory about how Harry Osborn – played by Dane DeHaan in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - might be on the road to becoming Venom. So is it possible that the lens belongs to him?

Flash Thompson as Venom Director Marc Webb Tweets Glimpse of New Mask in Amazing Spider Man 2

The way that the lens is depicted over a black backdop certainly recalls the black Spider-Man costume from the comics (which, of course, eventually became the Venom costume).

While the prevailing wisdom suggests that there probably won’t be enough time to tell much (if any) of the Venom story in ASM2 – what with all the new villains and a (potential) new romantic interest in Mary Jane Watson – that doesn’t mean we won’t see Venom merely introduced at some point. It wouldn’t be a complete shock if the post-credits sequence showed Harry Osborn “suiting up” as Venom.


The Black Cat: Some have speculated that the recently cast Felicity Jones might be playing The Black Cat, A.K.A. Felicia Hardy, in ASM2. If that’s true – and chances are it’s not (because really, where would they fit her?) – could the mask belong to her?

The Black Cat’s mask in the comic books is basically just a black outline around her eyes (see below), so if the lens does belong to The Black Cat, Marc Webb has gone and changed her look for the big screen. Cue fan outrage.

Black Cat in Amazing Spider Man 2 Director Marc Webb Tweets Glimpse of New Mask in Amazing Spider Man 2

Then again, people might just be connecting Felicity Jones to Black Cat because her name is kind of similar to Felicia Hardy. (Kind of.)


Ultimately, I think the simplest answer is most likely the correct one (Occam’s Razor and what have you) and the lens is a part of Spider-Man’s new mask. Now that the movie’s in production, it probably won’t be too long before set photos start popping up showcasing star Andrew Garfield in the new Spider-Man costume, much as they did when ASM was filming in 2011, and then we can know for sure.

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Do you think the mask is Spider-Man’s, Venom’s, Black Cat’s, or someone else’s entirely? Let us know in the comments.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters May 2nd, 2014.


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Source: Marc Webb’s Twitter

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  1. Its probably just Spider-Mans. Surely Sony has learned their lesson from Spider-Man 3 and won’t try to cram Venom in all this again. Espescially when we got Electro and a Paul Giamatti Rhino running around.

  2. I dont have issue with Venom being in the movie. I would have issue if that is his eyepiece.

    In both versions the suit is a blob that forms to the wearer. To have concise lenses like that takes away from the suit itself.

    Im hoping Spiderman.

    • Yes I beleived it is venoms and I beleive its spider man what im saying is… HELLOO!!!! ITS BLACK SUIT SPIDER MAN”S LENSES ISNT IT OBVIOUS!!!! @_@

  3. Spidey, no one else makes as much sense.

  4. No doubt that’s Spidey’s new lens. Looks good!

  5. I think it’s spidey’s. We known they were gonna change his costume,& having Harry being the black suited spider-man would be too early. I hope its not black cats.

    • No woman in the real world could play her!

  6. I really hope that it’s Spidey’s eye lense so they can get rid of those ridiculous yellow eye lens. That has bugged me since that movie came out. A jaundice Spiderman is not a good Spiderman.

  7. So…

    we went from “Who is the villain in his eye?!?!”…

    to “Who does this eye even belong to?!?!”…

    Venom doesn’t have lenses; he has eyes that mimic lenses. Black Cat COULD have lenses, but I highly doubt it. To me, its 100% Spider-Man

  8. Im really wanting to see Doc Ock.I think he is one of Peter Parkers greates characters besides Green Goblin,and Mary Jane. I think Kraven could be a great villain working for the swat or something to bring down the spiderman, and Mysterio, and Scorpion would be cool to see.

    • Have you not played the amazing spider man video game? scorpion was in it he got beat up by spidey and got taken away to who knows what it might be posible that he escape but they probally killed scorpion or something but the rhino makes sense because all that happen to him was that he fell through a generator and got shocked thats it and by the way the asvg wasnt a specail in movie thing it showed what happens in the middle of the first movie and the epcoming 2nd movie

  9. Black cat would be nice to come and help spiderman when he is up against too much.

  10. I know this is Off-topic, But I don’t understand Y hasn’t anyone done Mysterio yet.?? I hoped he would come at some point in the Raimi films. But that wasn’t to be.. Has the REALISTIC thing gone too far to do a Mysterio??

    • He hasn’t been done because…he hasn’t been done.

      It has nothing to do with realism, Mysterio is one of the most realistic villains out there. Its just the creativity he puts into his illusions that make him seem superhuman or more than a man wearing a fish bowl.

      Plus, we just had a man turn into a giant Lizard and we’re about to have a man who shoots bolts of electricity and on top of it all, their enemy is a guy who can crawl on walls and shoot webs.

      I think you’re boarding this “realism has gone too far!” train that everyone thinks is invading every movie idea out there.

  11. If venom ever makes an appearance it should be agent venom as Harry so that way you don’t have to worry about venom feeling recycled in a way.

  12. The most painful thing about The Amazign Spiderman was the lizard hearing conflicting voices in his head same as Norman Osborn in the first Spiderman.

    So so bad.

    As it was Garfield is a better spiderman than Toby McGuire, even though McGuire was very good.

    But as a film it was the third best in the series.

    All I can suggest to Webb is 1. Don’t change the costume, Don’t copy anything from Raimi’s interpretation, don’t kid yourself that you improved on the franchise, you didn’t.

    And please lets not have the villain having a love hate relationship with parker/spiderman.

    • I don’t remember this reboot being called “The Amazing Show Up”

    • Do you know anything about the Lizard? Yes, nothing can beat Willem Dafoe’s schizophrenic performance, but the Lizard is schizo too. You have Doctor Connors and a Lizard man living in the same body. A lot of Spidey’s villains are like that.

    • What’s wrong with a love/hate relationship with the villians. Several of his biggest enemies are also his friends. Read the books, it’s par for the course, also it’s one of the things that makes his stories so great.

  13. I’m sure that it’s Spider-Man’s but I do hope that they introduce black cat at least introduce Felicia not as black cat yet but maybe a college class mate of Peter’s and have her join later in the 3rd movie as black cat. That would be a dream come true for me to see her on the big screen =D

  14. How can it be Venom, when that suit is supposed to be organic? Oh and Paul Giamatti as Rhino????? Really!?!?

  15. I would enjoy the black-suit Spider-Man story arc being rehashed, because it wasn’t done justice in Spider-Man 3. However, I’d rather that plot develop into the long-rumored Venom spin-off film with the REAL Venom, Eddie Brock Jr, instead of Harry Osborn, who has his own demons to deal with as heir to the Goblin mantle. In the animated series, Spider-Man often realized the ugliest aspects of his black-suited persona in battle with generic villains such as Electro and Rhino. While Harry Osborn is meant to act as the connection to Norman Osborn (aka the Green Goblin, mentioned, but unseen in ASM), Electro is rumored to begin as Spider-Man’s socially-challenged ally before becoming his foe in this second installment. Peter’s dark actions under the influence of the symbiote could drive them both towards their more respective destinies while giving both the Green Goblin and the Sinister Six (which would presumably include Rhino, Electro, and possibly the Lizard) more of a personal reason to hate Spidey in future installments.

    I think that this mask could belong to both the new Spider-Man suit and (possibly) even its black-suited counterpart.

  16. Of course these lenses are from Spider-Man’s mask, it’s obvious. And it looks to me like a step in the right direction as I felt that the costume in ASM retained too many elements from the Raimi costume – the eyepieces and spider symbol were basically the same design, just modified slightly. These new eyepieces give the impression that they are starting from scratch with the design and sticking closer to the design seen in the comics in terms of detail, which is definitely what I would like to see.

  17. What if it’s Man-Wolf or Kraven the Hunter or something along those lines? It would make sense with the Big Bad Wolf hashtag reference?

    • I don’t think they’ll cram Kraven or Man-Wolf into a movie that already contains Electro, Rhino, and possibly the black suit.

      Kraven would be an excellent addition to another movie though, I could see Gerard Butler or Robert Maillet playing him

      • Duuuude Gerard Butler playing Kraven would be baaaadaassss haha

        • OMG that would rock that’d be awesome, if they can’t get Butler i vote Jason Momoa, i saw him on game of thrones because i got the first season for Christmas and his costume is what i think of when i think of a bad*** Kraven. Kraven is one of my favorites if they use him in a movie YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS

          • dude, little too late, Jason just signed up to play Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy a couple days ago, not that its out of the question, but kinda unlikely at the moment

  18. I cannot wait to see Amazing Spider-Man (Part 2)

    • neither can i man

  19. My bet is it’s spidey’s iLife the costume in the firestone but I got a feeling that this new one will be even better

  20. Spider-man had fashioned an insulated suit to protect himself from Electro at one point in the comics. I have a good feeling this is the eyepiece of said suit.

    • Good call I hadn’t thought of that. That’s a solid reason for him to modify his costume, rather than just for the hell of it.

  21. Rhino does not impress me, but Electro is a must. Not sure about changing him into a black guy, tho. Nothing against black guys, but face it, in the comics he was always white. I am not biased at all, but would you want a white guy playing Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, or any other role meant to portray someone who was really black in real life? I would also eventually like to see Scorpion and Mysterio, and maybe Morbius (if Morbius is not too intense for the kiddies). Venom has already been done as well. Give someone else a turn to be the big baddie; we don’t need Venom.

    • You just compared real important figures in history to a fictional comic character. Electro isnt white in real life, hes not real.

      • @ Scarecrowe

        You nailed that one. Not even Snyder’s Superman is real & alot of comic book characters we see on film,lol.

  22. Rhino never impressed me neither but i could only see him as a 2nd villain if they would to bring him onto film. I don’t read Spidey comics as much now but i too would prefer if they stuck with him being caucasion. Nothing against Fishbourne, but i prefer someone white as Perry White in MOS just as i would prefer they stick with Jimmy Olson & not Jenny Olson. Ray Wise imo, might of made a good Perry White.

    I think Morbius would be hard to put on film as Carnage would be, being too much for kids-wise. I prefer to wait longer for Venom to come around & do him proper next time.

    • Morbius is connected to Blade, and not available for the spidey movie universe. However I am still one of those guys who think that Mysterio would be awesome to see. so would Scorpian(we are in a genetics trilogy, so he is as likely as rhino), Vulture(for some reason I get the feeling norman could become the vulture this time, just a thought), like the other guys Kraven could be fun, as we already have a bunch of giant animals running around we need someone to track them down XD, seriously though, other than electro, all the villians we have seen are genetics based, we could seriously use a couple of techy ones(vulture, Mysterio, kinda scorp, he is a crossover. wouldnt say that electro is really one, just kinda one. Oh and shocker could be fun too

      • Where did you read that? Morbius was created as a Spider-Man villain completely independent of Blade, so I’d be surprised if they couldn’t use him – even if it was a situation where both Marvel and Sony could use him (sort of like Quicksilver and Wanda being related to both The Avengers and X-Men).

  23. The sequel to that atrocious Spider-Man reboot is “one of the bigger superhero sequels currently in production”?

    What – big as in bloated? Big as in large ideas and absolutely no idea how to tell them? Big as in large CG muppet looking creatures that are as intimidating villains as goombas?

    The first movie was horrid – pacing, action, effects, writing, all very sub par. It earned a sequel based on name alone, certainly NOT on merit, and it becomes the biggest sequel in production? LOL

    Avengers, Guardians, Iron Man 3, and even that Blue Boy Scout movie are bigger than this. And from the 30 odd comments on this article and the hundreds on anything Avengers related, I’m pretty sure this movie is one of the SMALLER superhero movies right now.

    I don’t care how much they bloat it with big names – it’s still a crap reboot that exists only to retain character rights which should be back with Marvel.

  24. I think it would be cool if the gave Peter the Scarlet Spider look and then introduced the symbiote i love that suit so much its not even funny and it looks different from the one in Raimi’s trilogy and different from the one in the first Amazing Spider-Man movie which though i liked a lot received very mixed reactions from the fans. So i want to see the Scarlet Spider suit i love it to death

  25. Nobody brought it up yet, but how about the black eye belongs to Electro?

    Why? Well, two reasons.

    First, Jamie Foxx did say his suit wouldn’t be like the comicbook version, he even stated it would be black. So the black eye is definitely a possibility, even though he shouldn’t wear a mask imo.

    Second, if Spidey does wear a black suit, then he’s gonna be fighting a black Jamie Foxx in a black suit as well (if he doesn’t wear a mask, well, his face is still pretty dark :) ). I am super glad Foxx is the main villain, but doesn’t it make too much black for one of the, or the main superhero movie of the year? Thinking of the battles, it would be hard for the average viewer to differenciate the suits and thus the main characters during half the movie. So this reason is mainly an esthetic one, but added to the first one, it makes me think it’s unlikely Spidey’s suit will be black.

    Another reason I think of is that it’s too reminescent of Spiderman 3 with Topher Grace’s Venom. Rushing him into the story made this movie a disaster, so now that we’ve got Electro, Rhino and possibly some Obsborn father/son team up, why add Venom so fast? It will surely be hinted since the Locker 14 picture, but towards the end only, maybe only post credits. Maybe Spidey will create a new suit to better fight Electro, but why does it have to be black to make it less interesting visually, and again, too remiscent of Raimi’s last Spiderman movie in which Peter wore a black suit? If they want to go in a different direction, that aint the way.

    What dyou think?