‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Writers Promise ‘Essential’ Villains

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Marvel Studios hit it big at the box office, by uniting multiple superheroes onscreen in The Avengers. That game-changing result was directly responsible for Marvel’s decision to significantly increase the budget for Iron Man 3 (from $140 million to $200 million); not to mention, it inspired Fox and director Bryan Singer to adapt the challenging X-Men: Days of Future Past comic book storyline.

Similarly, Sony and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb are hoping to knock one out of the ballpark, with the sequel to their (mostly) successful Spider-Man movie franchise reboot. However, just like there’s reason to worry about Days of Future Past featuring too many mutants for one movie, the sheer number of antagonists and/or future baddies in Amazing Spider-Man 2 has prompted concern (and with good reason).

MTV caught up with Amazing Spider-Man 2 co-writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci – who also co-wrote this month’s Star Trek Into Darkness – and decided to ask the pair about that concern, especially in the aftermath of Spider-Man 3 (an installment where the antagonist Venom was, essentially, shoehorned into a story that was already quite busy).

Here’s what Kurtzman had to say, on that subject:

“I think you have to go into it and say, ‘is this character essential to the story or are you just throwing him in for no reason whatsoever’, [and] we would never, ever, ever dare to do anything other than what felt like it was organic to the flow of the story.”

spider man villains Amazing Spider Man 2 Writers Promise Essential Villains

Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s antagonists include Electro (Jamie Foxx), in addition to Paul Giamtti as Rhino; meanwhile, Chris Cooper will portray Norman Osborn – who may evolve into Green Goblin in a future Spidey movie – and Dane DeHaan (The Place Beyond the Pines) is playing his son, Harry, who could very well become one of Spidey’s foes down the line.

We’re still waiting to learn how all these characters fit into the overarching story; that’s especially true for Rhino and the possible residents of the Ravencroft Institute (basically, Arkham Asylum for the Spider-Man universe) who could show up. However, Kurtzman promises they’re being included for important, creatively-motivated reasons:

“[A] lot of consideration has been given to the structure of ['The Amazing Spider-Man 2'] so, hopefully, when you see it, you’ll get the big picture.”

Are you worried that Amazing Spider-Man 2 might feel too crammed-full, when all is said and done? Do you like the theory that Webb’s sequel is laying groundwork for an eventual appearance by the Sinister Six, in a future movie? As always, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014.

Source: MTV

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  1. Thanks for this article ;) Really excited by The Amazing Spider-Man 2 :D

  2. If it doesn’t ruin the flow, then it’s okay for me! I’d love to see a lot of these villains.

  3. Nobody tries to write a too busy story crammed full with superfluous characters. I remain hopefully optimistic. Good talent all around.

  4. didnt Iron Man 2 also cost $200 million? according to Boxofficemojo it did.

    • Interesting. I guess Marvel originally wanted Iron Man 3 to have a budget closer to Thor’s ($150 million) and Captain America ($140 million), rather than match that for Iron Man 2 – before The Avengers hit it big, that is.

      • huh, really. they mustve thought that it was to risky to have the third in a series be that costly after how the second was received. that is, again, until avengers came out

  5. Well, guess that means no Mysterio :(

    • He WOULD be cool to see, wouldn’t he?

      • More than just cool. I just hope if we do get Mysterio they don’t F with his over-all appearance too much. A minor tweak here and there, sure.. but Mysterio is the kind of villian that you can’t take too many liberties with before it’s not Mysterio.

        • I don’t think Mysterio will appear. His story doesn’t seem like it would be “essential” to the TASM universe. Wouldn’t be the same if Quentin Beck were some schmuck working at Oscorp, Mysterio should always be a twisted illusionist. It’s what makes him interesting.

          However, Mysterio would be awesome if he were adapted to film. Can you imagine him teaming up with The Spot? Oh, the possibilities

          • Good points. If they did do Mysterio I think it should be him solo as the villain. A sort of cat and mouse game with Spider-Man throughout the film.

            • “Youuuuu’ll neveeeeeeeer seeee me comiiiiiiing” ;)

  6. sinister six looks more and more likely… but you cant just have spderman takeing them on. you think he will have an ally… say, VENOM!? XD

    i can see them doing it. they have teased venom already. i would love it.

    • obviously, venom would need his own movie so this is like 4 films. thats if they give venom a whole movie.

      • Venom without Spider-Man, I believe Stan Lee once said, wouldn’t exist. The whole purpose of Venom was a double dose of revenge from Eddie Brock and the symbiote. If Peter died, Venom would cease to exist.

    • I believe it was Norman Osborn who once said that the strange thing about Spider-Man was that the more foes he had to take at once the better he was…

    • Venom would not be my choice for an ally, although I am not sure who would be. It does look like the waters are being tested for Sinister Six, but six on one is just too great of odds. I would like to see Mysterio and Scorpion eventually. I was going to say Daredevil, but there might be a rights problem. Let’s see…who is available rights-wise to this studio who might be acceptable? Any ideas?

      • That would work..and I know it is a long shot, but if Marvel and Fox can for once work together..maybe we can also get Wolverine on the action. Both in the comics and the animated series they seemed to have an interesting relationship.

      • Black Cat?

      • what about black cat shes teamed up with spidey before and they make a good superhero duo together

      • I think Black cat would be a good ally, already been hinted at when felicity jones was cast in tasm2.

  7. i wanna hear him say “WE are venom” and i hope its the original look not the ultamite universe. i bet its gunna be ultimate universe green goblin turning into an actual goblin.

    • That’s one huge thing that bothered me about SM3 Venom: he used “I” instead of “we”.

      Only Carnage refers to himself as one, but that’s only because Kasady’s mindset was the perfect match for a symbiote

  8. As long as they stay away from the Vulture I’m good. I really hate that guy…

    • I always thought Vulture would be good to show off some amazing aerial fights.

      The Spot, with his background re-designed, would be flippin sweet

    • His powers are really creepy, I could see him being a cool and chilling villain on the big screen

      • Yeah, but they would have to seriously rework the character to make him suitable for a movie. He was always a bit of a bad joke in the comics. At least in the ones I read 20 years ago.

    • I always called him Grandpa Munster in a Tweety-Bird costume. Guess you can chalk me up in the “Don’t like Vulture” column also.

  9. All I want to see is a well done Mysterio and an awesome Tombstone.

    • Tombstone? Really? He’s an okay Spidey villain I guess, but I’d take Hammerhead over him; and I do really enjoy Hammerhead

  10. I could see the sinister six eventually face the avengers….idk if this happened so sorry…not a big comic book fan….sadly…..what am I doing here……

    • I believe the closest to that is in the Ultimate comics, a team was formed called the Ultimate Six and they fought the Ultimates (Marvel Ultimate’s version of the Avengers). Otherwise, the Sinister Six were primarily Spidey villains. The Masters of Evil, however is a sort of supervillain version of The Avengers and have fought against them.

    • You are unfortunately talking Marvel vs Sony. The two shall never meet (plus I don’t want Sony’s version of characters infecting the MSU)

  11. VENOM please dear god do venom. I couldnt stand the venom that was in Spiderman 3

  12. Andddddd Colm Feore as Vulture!

  13. Sinister Six sounds like a good idea to me but please swap Vulture with The Chameleon or Scorpian because Vulture is kind of lame.

  14. Unfortunately they are already completely blowing Electro..this movie may be worse than Iron Man 3

    • Vulture and Kraven the Hunter will be awesome

    • Ooohhh, man, I hope they don’t blow Electro; I always liked him, but want the comics costume (green & yellow lightning bolts).

    • The blue ultimate look is better fitting to real world. I understand nostalgia but the look is stupid, lets be honest.

      As for the sinister six, i would doubt it honestly. The only person they have done is electro who is part of the six, that means they need doc oc, kraven, vulture, mysterio and sandman – two of these villains they have done in previous films not linked to this universe.

  15. I think the folks from Marvel and Sony need to get together and come to an agreement on letting Spider-Man be in the next AVENGERS film. All us comic book/movie fans should petition Sony and Marvel to make this happen.

    • Well Disney/marvel split Iron man 3 with paramount so I guess anything could happen?

  16. 2nd paragraph should read “..knock one out of the ballpark…”

    This is definitely the making of the Sinister Six. If done correctly, The Amazing Spider Man 3 could be the best comic book movie ever.

  17. What’s wrong with more villains in a Spidey movie? Or multiple mutants in the X men movies? Is that not how the comics play out? Stay true to the material! Nobody complains bout too many dwarves in the Hobbit movies. Or too many vamps and wolves in Twilight series, but talks of 3 villains or 10 mutants in a (comic book) movie is absurd?!

    • Amen!

  18. Man i Really hope to see Doc Ock in this version, along with Kraven,Mysterio,and Scorpion. you can add alot of villians if it is handled right if you have lets say Electro as the main villian, with spidey along the way dealing with rhino and Kraven is also hunting rhino and not so much spiderman something like that ould work really well.and i just hve to throw it out there because it still bugs me but are we ever going to see a hulk sequel with The Leader or will he at least appear inthe Avengers?and Ultron?

  19. I really wish they’d rename this on Spectacular Spider-Man. Then call the inevitable third movie Ultimate Spider-Man. Also, Sony, please work out a deal with Disney to get this Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I had my gripes with the last movie, but I would love to see this version of Spider-Man in the same movie as the Capt and Thor.

  20. The Sinister Six would be a pretty great storyline. I don’t think that it would be too bloated or overstuffed if you developed most of the characters in the first two movies.

    1. You’ve already explored the Lizard (now in Ravencroft presumably)
    2. Started the story of Norman Osborn (Green Goblin)
    3. We’re getting to know Harry Osborn (Ultimate Universe Venom)
    4.We’ll have Electro
    5. The Rhino
    6. And then an empty slot for a sixth–maybe Ock since he’s the brains of the original in ASM Annual #1.

    Could be interesting…

    • WOAH! Let’s not get carried away and promote the idea of Harry becoming Venom. That was one of the worst plots ever (F-U Ultimate Spider-man!)

      • I’ve been a Spider-Man fan forever and I would not be against them changing Venom’s origin to a Harry Osborn version. It would set it apart from the horrible SM3 and I think DeHaan could handle a solo Venom movie with no problem.

  21. I’m really liking the idea of a Sinister Six set up… I mean if the Avengers could combine all the superheroes they used in one film and make sure each of them had the right amount or appropriate screen time then why couldn’t a Spider-Man movie with the Sinister Six work? It’s all about the writing and story… I hope it becomes a reality down the line! :D

  22. If done right you can have as many villains as you like the avengers worked beautifully and doing something along the lines as the sinister six could just be a hero villain role reversal with the assembly of the sinister six like the avengers and spiderman as Loki.

  23. Jizzmaster, that is exactly what I was thinking, too. And having already established a few of the villians at that point, and the fact that the focus will be on Peter Parker/Spiderman, I think it would work MUCH better than the role reversal in The Avengers.

  24. The sinister six had many combinations over the years, so they could have Lizard, Rhino, Electro, Green Goblin… then add 2 more for the third installment, like maybe Vulture, mysterio, kraven or Scorpion (however scorpion with the tail weapon may be too much like lizard so we may not see gargan).

    I’m more curious how they’ll fit Venom into the whole storyline. As someone else stated, venom needs to be the big solo villain, and with the carnage factor, along with the symbiote’s true origin… that’s 2 or 3 movies there as it is. And they DO seem to be going the “sinister six” route, so maybe Venom will be spidey 4 and 5.

    And as far as Spidey being in the avengers, I say NO. Leave him in his own universe, his own New York. Spidey’s world is massive with the best rogue’s gallery over any marvel hero, maybe with the exception of the xmen. The whole “spidey in the avengers” is a more recent thing, when I read the comics years ago, spidey would pop up every now and then and it’s was a treat, but him as a permanent avenger? Nah… imo that is a fail, in the books and cinematically.

    • I would love to see Spiderman interact with some other Marvel characters like Iron Man, Wolverine, etc. Being a permanent member of The Avengers would be a little much, but a cameo would be amazing!

  25. I know this is a Spiderman thread, but since we are on the topic of villians-

    I really, REALLY hope Fox gets the FF reboot right and we get PROPER Dr. Doom and a PROPER Galactus!!!

  26. Does Fox own the rights to Dr. Doom?

    • Yes, unfortunately… they own FF

  27. The only way to get an Avengers/FF crossover, is if the FF reboot flops, and eventually the rights go back to Marvel. While I want to see a well done FF film, I want to see that crossover more.

    • Welcome to the choir. You are one of many singing that song.

      Sadly, even if this next reboot completely tanks, we will probably not see the rights revert soon unless Fox voluntarily lets it go (like apparently Ghost Rider was). Fox stated some time ago that they will have to pry the X-Men rights out of their cold, dead hands (paraphrasing of course) So I can’t think the FF would be any different.

      I’m thinking best case timeline:

      - New reboot flops (will still take 2 years to make)
      - Fox gives it up (1 more year)
      - Marvel has to then put it into the production lineup which is already crammed full (2 years just to get it on the books)
      - 2 more years to actually get it in the theaters

      So 7 years BUT Fox could be complete ****s about it and hold onto the rights until the contract terms run out (which is 3-5 years after the last movie….w don’t know the exact negotiated terms). That would mean 10+ years. Little depressing.

      The other option is for Marvel to offer Fox a swimming pool full of cash for the rights back and, considering how well they are doing, might be the more feasible option.

  28. I think all of them are leading up to the secret wars!

  29. please add carnage to Amazing spiderman 2

    • u cant have carnage without venom -_-