‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Spoilers Discussion

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The Amazing Spider Man 2 Movie Spoilers The Amazing Spider Man 2 Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Amazing Spider-Man 2 review, this is the place where you can discuss The Amazing Spider-Man 2 spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Amazing Spider-Man 2 episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is Rated PG-13 for sequences of sci-fi action/violence and opens in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D U.S. theaters on May 2, 2014.

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  1. Were we watching the same movie?
    Firstly,by the time Rhino showed up,Harry had know Peters identity for months.So there is no way he would have sent him to a random place to wait for Spider-Man when he could have told him where to go.I saw someone say that Rhino wasn’t his henchman so he wouldn’t do that.Then why give him the suit in the first place?
    Secondly,Spider-Man let people die because those were moving cars that Rhino was hitting into.unless you tell me those cars were magically moving by themselves when Rhino was hitting into them.I’d urge you to watch that scene again and you’ll see that Spider-Man left the truck,leaving other cars to be crashed,so he could go save Max.hell even the cab was just left to fly over without Peter even once trying to help.All he did was just watch as you say.This goes against what Spidey stands for.The time Electro attacked,Spidey stopped 3 people from being injured.So why should he do that then but choose to ignore other people in danger the time Rhino attacked?
    And I do agree with you about the Man of Steel Part.I do believe however that Marc could have done better to strike a balance between the two because the action seemed too convinient.But in his defense,that’s something we’ve come to see in the Spider-man movies because Raimi’s version had the same problem.

  2. Movie was garbage. No villain was properly fleshed out.There was no real climax and the 142 minute run time is way too long given that their was no villain character development. I didn’t feel there was any arc for any character. I don’t mind 3 villains but this really lacked focus and failed to make any of them intimidating. Green goblin had one scene while rhino was just a joke and a waste of giamatti’s acting skill. Throwing those 2 in also took away from Electros presence. Very disappointed.

    • best spider-man so far

    • the villains just a joke as the Mandarin, there is not even the element of the revenge of Peter against the Goblin! that would make and incredibly cliffhanger, where’s the “Goddayum you Goblin! you kill the woman i love!!” killing Norman Osborn just sucked! why if Sony only wanted to keep the Spidey, rights they dont called this mess Ultimate-Sucking-Romantic Spiderman in order to have in 10 years a reboot loyal to the comics free of stupid ideas called “The Amazing Spiderman”???? shame on you Avi Arad

    • 1000% agreed

  3. Id like to think that when harry got knocked out he forgot spideys identity. As for rhino smashing into moving cars.. I decide to erase that scene from the movie. Granted a perfect movie shouldnt leave you creating your own plot fillers per say i still enjoyed the movie. Especially after reading an interview with Webb where he describes his inner thoughts when making the clock tower scene, such as designing the web like a hand and making time an overall them that is depicted by how peter tries literally stopping time to keep gwen alive until the gears end up cutting the web And time rushes on. Some very nice aspects to this movie so overall i liked it even though it seemed a little cluttered with the plot. Hopefully the third movie is even better and Webb gets the story right. Best spidey movie yet though.

    • I saw on IMDB that there was a scene cut where he nearly beats Harry to death after Gwen dies. I was REAAALLLYYY hoping he would go back up there and kick the s*** out of him.

      I hope they add this scene in for the blu ray

  4. Love all the comments on here about who liked it or hated it. Personally, what do you look for in a movie? anyone that took a SERIOUS have liked some character development and good storyline in the follow up movie, not BIGGER BETTER ACTION SCENES.

    In any film like this, you need at least one strong actor to make it believable, the first film had that in Rhys Ifans, Sally Field and Mr Sheen. Who was the strong actor in this film?

    Bad casting, bad directing and bad acting, and to top it off bad editing. The whole film mite as well have been an extended SuperBowl advert. But, that’s what you wanted right!

    • Agree totally.

  5. For the most part, I liked it. I liked that they used Electro, because despite how he sometimes may be portrayed (on film, in comics, whatever) when you really think about everything he can do, he’s pretty dangerous and scary. I like that they stayed pretty true to the comics with Gwen’s death. It’s probably the most important moment in Spidey history. I REALLY wish Norman was Gobbie rather than Harry, but whatever. It was still entertaining.
    The big issue I have with the film, however, is the final scene with Rhino and the kid. It was just ALL kinds of messed up:

    1. First off, I think it really took away from the tragic gravity and seriousness of Gwen’s death. They could have used that screen time to focus on Peter dealing with the fact that, because he ultimately broke his promise to Captain Stacy, his worst nightmare inevitably came true.
    2. I’m not a parent (yet) but, if I had a child, and there was a giant killer robotic rhinoceros walking down the street firing heavy machine guns, I would get my child to safety. NOT STAND AROUND AND WATCH. Geez, really?
    3. The cops worked very hard to keep the mother back, but did nothing to stop the kid or try to get him back. New York’s finest?
    4. Spidey sure took his sweet time talking to that kid. A lot of time that Rhino could have used to just pop him in the back. True, Peter has his spider-sense, but it just seems like a pretty big gamble to take (especially after losing Gwen) when he could have just as easily and much more quickly swung or webbed the kid out of the line of fire.

    I understand the scene was meant to show that Spider-man does, in fact, give people hope, along with showing Peter’s restoration of faith and responsibility. But I feel they should have left the film on a much darker and ominous tone, with Peter questioning his competence and obligations as Spider-man, as well as weighing the potential costs; something I feel should have been carried over as the introduction to the sequel.

    But that’s just my opinion.

    • Well, I agree totally with your opinion! This film needed a great character introspective moment not another action scene. I was also annoyed at how many vehicles got smashed into while Spidey just swung around them. Granted, he can’t save everyone, but I thought I was watching Man of Steel for a second.

    • Alexx, dude, these are my exact thoughts!

      Although I see plenty wrong with it, I have to say that this is–by far–the “coolest” Spider-Man yet. However, what most upsets me is the final battle against the Rhino. I get that it can be a downer to focus on a character’s death for too long, but I think the loss of Gwen Stacy definitely warranted a more serious ending that could’ve carried over to the next Amazing Spider-Man film. Because this movie ended on a high-note, it’s going to be awkward to revisit Peter’s guilt (as I’m sure will be done) in the next film after he’s, seemingly, regained hope.

      I mean, they can’t just ignore Gwen’s death in the next one–there’d be a disconnect. And on another note, am I the only one who thinks that making MJ a major character in the next movie might be a mistake? I’m sure that’s the direction they’re going if they were willing to film a scene for that character for this movie.

    • I thought that was how the first one should have ended, I could see they were setting up him being careless and getting Gwen killed, but he should be a bit more depressed over Capt Stacey’s death.

      Also in the second we saw him dealing with 5-6 months of being depressed and finally he put his guilt aside to give the city hope. He’ll probably be all depressed and stuff in the third one like he was in this one, but he’s putting a brave face on for the city.

  6. I didn’t see the scene i saw in the trailers, where Harry shows Peter that Oscorp has had Peter under surveillance. Did i miss that scene or is it gone from the teathrical realese?

    • YEAH! I just re-watched the trailer and saw this part. So confused and pissed now! What is going on…

    • YEAH! I just re-watched the trailer and saw this part. So confused and pissed now! What is going on…

  7. This film is not nearly as bad as its RT score indicates. It’s okay if people dislike the movie for their own personal reasons, but the critical reception to this film has been lamentable to say the least. And a lot of the negative reviews I’ve been reading are incredibly negative for imagined or incoherent reasons.
    This film does not have three villains. Rhino is so ancillary to the action of the main plot that you could actually forget that he’s in the movie at all. Besides bookending the film at the beginning and end, he’s completely absent from the actual story arc.
    This film is not, IMO, “Too complicated.” Chris Nolan’s latest Bat flick to me was too complicated and no one really cared about that. Even Spiderman 3, which had the same complaints lodged against it, was received better than this film. (This reminds me vaguely of After Earth, another film that me and my mates saw just because it had like a 3 percent on RT. We saw it and it was just mediocre. Not nearly as bad a everyone was saying).
    The flippant Marvel Studios/ Nolanite hipsters are quick to compare this to Batman and Robin, which to me is completely silly. The main hipsters out of those groups seem to dislike Webb’s franchise because…it isn’t Raimi’s? I posit this theory: in an alternate universe, where Webb’s films were released first and Raimi’s were the second continuity- everyone would then hate Raimi’s films, i would imagine. Have you guys recently watched any of Raimi’s films without the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia? They haven’t aged very well. At all. Everyone, to me, is hating on Webb’s films because they’re “new” or not “Marvel studios” or produced by cinema god Chris Nolan. Remember that without Sony Picture’s there wouldn’t be ANY superhero movies. Without Sony and their cinematic endeavor to bring SM to cinemas, there wouldn’t be a Captain America 2 or throat cancer voiced Batman.

    • Finally! Someone who knows what they’re talking about!!!!

    • But the nostalgia of Raimi’s Spiderman can be compared to the afterglow of Webb’s first movie. Amazing Spiderman already hasn’t aged well either and that’s only been 2 years.

      • Yeah, definitely, mate. I’ve been here long enough to have commented on the original AMS, and I definitely had some issues with it. It wasn’t perfect, and neither is the sequel, but for some reason, fans have martyred the original Raimi productions because it has become the newest hipster trend to hate things that are modern and popular. I think my main point was this- ASM2 is not perfect, but the way that it is being criticized in the media doesn’t make sense to me. A lot of the reviews are shockingly unprofessional. One of the guys linked on RT admits he didn’t watch the first ASM! What the hell!? The review on this site was pretty balanced and the score didn’t bother me at all.

    • No, this movie is bad NOT because “it isn’t Raimi’s” but YES because is the Avi Arad´s pupett Marck Webb´s vercion.

      • Sony has only one Avi Arad, yet DC/Warner Bros has David Goyer, and even worse, Zack Snyder. I could even add the Nolan’s to that list. These people are all puppets of their bosses. They all have at least one thing in common- they make money (which is what the big wigs at the studios singularly want. I don’t like it, but thats the business) Man of Steel involved all of those “talented” individuals, yet imo, was complete garbage. MOS was better received by critics, and it was a complete abomination. This new SM film, IMO, is the truest incarnation of the character we have yet to see and it’s getting terrible reviews. I just think that there’s a discrepancy here. At it’s absolute worst, ASM2 is just ‘okay’, but it is no where near the Green Lanter, Batman and Robin, etc., levels people are suggesting.

    • You raise some interesting points.but ill have to disagree with you on the last part.Sony didn’t start this trend,Fox did. X-Men was released before Spider-Man so I don’t think Sony deserve that kinda credit.But like I said,you do raise some interesting points.

      • What I think I meant, mate, was that Sony’s Spiderman was the first film that achieved unparalleled audience/critical acclaim and box office success. Blade certainly came out before both Spiderman and Xmen (and if this were a DC movie I would be discussing Batman and Superman) but neither of those franchises really changed the game like Sony’s Spiderman franchise did. We’re both right, ha

        • Thanks for clarifying

  8. I honestly thought they would not kill off Gwen in this one that was good

  9. Emma Stone as MJ would be perfect and here’s why:
    1. Let’s face it, we’d all feel happier if this was the case. We all left the theater feeling sick to our stomachs for Peter because she was his everything. Even though MJ is a completely different character, having Emma Stone play her would give us all some closure and make us feel better about Peter finding new love.
    2. They are a couple in real life (as you already know)! I’m sorry but any other actress paired with Garfield onscreen won’t have anywhere near the onscreen (and off screen) chemistry that Garfield and Stone have. Pairing him with anyone else will have us all wishing director Mark Webb didn’t stick with the cannon and kept Gwen in the franchise.
    3. Yes she’s had red hair. But even more than that, having Emma Stone play MJ would be symbolic (in a way) of Peter finding love in another woman. He would (symbolically) see what he loved about Gwen in MJ and even find things special to MJ that he also loves.

    Excuse my rant but I would very much like to see this happen and I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be real possibility for the filmmakers.
    Plus, let’s be honest, it would help us all stop thinking about how sad her death (and that heartbreaking, but very well done, death scene) was.

    • The character is dead. Having her come back to play another character that has nothing to do with the previous is just beyond stupid. It’s a whole new character that brings a whole new aspect to peters life. Unless they decide to bring her back for the carnage story or clone stuff, she’s done with the series. Can we please stop saying ‘let’s get the same person to play a different character in the same continuity and make no damn sense.’

      • It’d be creepy in a VERTIGO kind of way. “Hey, my girlfriend died falling off a tower and I was powerless to save her, but you look almost exactly like her, so, you’ll do. How do you feel about dying your hair blonde?” It would basically be the same plot.

  10. Have to see it again to fully understand. In the meantime, My heart remains broken

    • There is always so much involved in making a movie of this type, No one will ever be happy with how anything is made. Yes I liked Spiderman 1, I thought 2 with Ock was ok, but had too much boring filler info. Same thing happened in 3 but then they just lost control of the story. Should have never done New Goblin or cut Venom’s story so short Topher or not, but also Toby was starting to look to old to me anyway. Now onto Amazing Spiderman, Lizard could have been better but I enjoyed the reinventing of Peter Parker with the Gwen story, which did travel into Amazing Spiderman 2 perfectly. Who Cares if they used Hairy as the Green Goblin, it had been seen in the best way to show Norman as the Goblin and you couldn’t tell the story again. Plus wait to see what any of this could lead to because I think this movie was just a pivot point. Electro was a bit cheezy for the talents of Jamie Fox, but IF they bring him back it should only be as a badass in Sinister 6 and not the character we seen. Green Goblin does not have to be a part of the sinister 6 and neither does the Rhino. Sure you can plan on Vulture and Ock, but I don’t Ock as the lead villain for another Spiderman, save those 2 for that. Amazing Spiderman 3 still has to happen and who knows what that means for the Goblin. Personally I hope Amazing Spiderman 3 takes out the Rhino to end that plot. But as another small one I wouldn’t mind Shocker robbing a bank or something. Then since the Bugle can be in play u can throw in the Scorpion plot and even the Eddie Brock plot, but leave the venom thing alone. Then maybe shadow with a character like Kraven, but use Scorpion as the pusher leaving Kraven to join the other 5. Maybe not sandman, and not Lizard, or venom I say save them for the Venom/Spiderman 4 story where they should concentrate on Carnage. Black Cat and Harry’s goblin could easily go threw Spiderman 3-sinister 6 however the want but Black cat could decide to help spiderman against the 6 and perhapse it could even bring back Connors who plays on both sides good and bad. It seems complicated now and maybe they pushed it with some of the action in this one because of complaints of the lack of fighting against the Lizard. Anyway if there was a Sinister 6 in my mind I don’t see Mysterio being useful unless u link it to MJ’s acting or something, but I do think that chamelion,Ock,kraven,vulture, and maybe a smaller part for sandman or use Hobgoblin and then yes bring Shocker around one last time. The thing about plans is not every part makes sense until u get further. Batman Begins was boring in most parts, but Dark Knight blew it away while the third in my opinion should never have been made if they where going to end it that way. People never got into Hulk movies and barely payed attention to to Thor or Captain America until the Avengers, otherwise it was simply driven by Ironman, but now Avengers was sooo amazing right?, now people pay attention to the sequels of Captain America and Thor more, which is good because Ironman 3 was sort of a letdown.

  11. I am all for Emma Stone playing MJ for these reasons:
    1. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are a couple in real life! In all of their scenes they aren’t really acting because they truly like each other! You can’t get more genuine than real life! Seriously if they pair Garfield with anyone else, the upcoming films won’t be as strong in the heart department. The chemistry between these two actors is a huge plus for the franchise and really distinguishes it from the Raimi films.
    2. Having Emma Stone play MJ would be symbolic of peter seeing Gwen in MJ! Peter would (symbolically) see the things he loved about Gwen in MJ; along with the things he’s come to love about MJ as well. Emma has been a red head before so she could pull it off. She would play a completely different character, but the franchise would also be able to keep the chemistry that has made these two movies popular with audiences.

    I honestly don’t see any reason why the producers shouldn’t at least consider casting Emma as MJ. Also, I’m pretty sure it would help mend all of our hearts that broke because of Gwen’s awful death.

  12. This movie was average at best but should have been a slam dunk. Everyone know what the big payoff will be with the second film (ie. Gwen Stacy) so all you have to do is write a screenplay that delivers the goods right? Instead we get Electro?…EXCUSE ME???? Someone will have to explain to me why you would jump over Norman Osbourne, totally omit Mary Jane, rush through Harry Osbourne and totally blow Gwen Stacy’s swan song so you can develop a character who provides no real value in an otherwise action packed film. A film with great promise that Sony totally dropped the ball on.

  13. If you haven’t seen this movie (you probably shouldn’t be reading these comments) you should definitely see it ASAP. Best movie I’ve seen all year. When Gwen died, it truly was a sad and emotionally scarring moment, in my opinion I think it was a little bit rushed but it still made a lot of sense. Marc Webb did a great job conducting the orchestra that is movie making. Also a spectacular performance by Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Dane Dehaan, and Jamie Foxx. They all did so great. As I was watching the movie in the theatre I just wanted to cry, because the movie itself is just so beautiful. I would suggest seeing it in IMAX 3D. But it is a MUST SEE MOVIE. Best Spider-Man movie since The Amazing Spider-Man 1. You just gotta see it.
    My official rating: on a scale of 1-10 I would say this movie deserves a 20.

  14. I thought the 1st movie was bad but this, this right here is bull crap…the movie just didnt have direction draggin the story tring to explain irrelevancies…3 villains…more like a marketing stunt and oh yeah thanks for spoiling the origins of the next villains for us.i have always had an interest in the evolution of a villain and that previledge has been shattered…i hate the fact that the villains are now made to seem like there not in it for the crime but rather just ordinary people who hate spiderman rather than the masters of crime there meant to be…y even add the green goblin???spiderman defeated him like in seconds.overall this movie is the worst

  15. Plot twist: uncle ben is venom

    • This guy has got it

  16. Just saw AS2. Wanted it to be better than the first one, but alas…

    The pacing was slow, the writing inept, the jokes unfunny, the chemistry nonexistent. Way too much time and trying too hard on the love story – what a mess. Too much screen time for Fox. There was little or no emotional punch in any of this. Was actually glad when Gwen died. Way too much Aunt Mae for someone basically not in the plot. Please, Marvel Studios, take your property back and make these movies right. I know that can’t happen for legal reasons, but what a great unified cinematic universe it would be if Marvel had control of their characters again.

    I hope X-Men is better than this crap.

  17. More thinking about the movie. Bad acting. Over acting. Bad casting. Andrew Garfield is no Toby Maguire. The teenage schtick is over done by him. The grieving over Gwen was way over the top. Bad writing leads to bad pacing and bad directing leads to bad acting. There was never a moment of real tension in the movie when you think the protag is in trouble. The whole Rhino bit was ill-conceived. Bad plot with the Oscorp and Peter’s father – extra-canonical crap if you ask me, or is this from the later comics. I stopped reading in the late sixties.

    Here is a new line for you – Make Mine Marvel Studios!

  18. I am a big spidy fan …but really this movie wasn’t the best one …though making gwen die was a great move …it really dishearted the viewers nd compelled them to think more about the movie nd the next part (it happened with me)..but u hav to bring emma stone back ..either as gwen or MJ ..emma nd andrew’s chemistry both on screen nd off screen really makes them a perfect couple for this movie nd recasting any other inplace of emma ..might be a big risk …nd probably could be a failure

  19. Thought it was a cool movie, that’s about all I can say for it, that it was cool. I’m really crabby at a handful of stuff, like:
    -They scenes from the trailer that were cut; Peter sitting on top of the building looking out, Harry telling Peter he’s been under surveillance; Norman telling someone (Harry?) that “not everybody has a happy ending”, and probably a few more.

    -Also, from set pictures to begin with and all of the leaks and the actual movie itself, I immediately noticed his suit is different than the first suit. Was kinda hoping they would show him either making the new suit, or have it be mentioned at all that it’s a new suit.

  20. I for one was quite disappointed with this sequel, although that really didn’t become the case until the bloated “What-the-heck-just-happened?” final act of the film.

    I could rant about how stupid Jamie Foxx looked as “Electro” (he bears ZERO resemblance to the classic villain of the same name, and his acting was one-dimensional and prosaic), as well as how ludicrously lame Webb’s version of “Rhino” looks (even lamer than Sam Raimi’s robotic, huge-headed “Green Goblin,” which pretty much ruined the original Spider-Man film for me — I just couldn’t take it seriously), not to mention the superfluous length of the film (overkill) and excessive use of CGI and Matrix-style slo-mo visuals. But all of those things are mere fleabites compared to what I consider the ultimate deathblow to this whole ASM franchise:

    They killed Gwen Stacy.

    HOW could they justify KILLING Gwen Stacy?!

    Yes, I am fully aware of what happened to that character in the original comics, but just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD. If it was a bad idea in the source material (and it was), then you shouldn’t recreate that bad idea on film just to appease some hardcore Spider-Man fanatics. Furthermore, since when do superhero movies remain faithful to the original comics anyway? (If they did, characters such as Rhino, Electro, and the Green Goblin would look … oh, I don’t know … remotely like they did in the comics, perhaps?! THERE’S an idea! And please don’t tell me they couldn’t find a way to make them look “right” on the big screen. Just save it. After all, they got Spidey right, so why should his arch-enemies get shafted with crappy costumes? I had always looked forward to seeing the massive Rhino in a live action movie, too. He could have looked so cool; like this, for example: http://bit.ly/1haHuRA. So much for that. Instead, we get stuck with a cheap ED-209 knockoff that looks like it swallowed a man’s head. WHY? Just … WHY?!)

    More importantly, though, everyone who’s seen the Amazing Spider-Man films knows good and well that the highlight of these movies — indeed, the only ingredient that’s truly indispensable — is the undeniable, real-life chemistry between Garfield and Stone. With Gwen Stacy now out of the picture, however, that chemistry (on-screen, that is) has been extinguished — and with it also goes the very heart of this rebooted film franchise.

    This was an unbelievably shortsighted, boneheaded decision by the producers/writers, especially this early in the series. Unless they come up with a way to bring Gwen back to life in the next film or else find some other way to restore Emma Stone to co-starring status alongside Andrew Garfield (some have suggested that she could play the role of Mary Jane Watson, for instance), then I cannot think of a single appealing reason to watch future ASM sequels.

  21. I want to make my stance clear from the start, I enjoyed The Amazing Spiderman 2. I think it was successful in it’s goal of bringing an authentic Spiderman experience with humour, a big emphasis on responsibility and some nicely done slo-mo sequences showing the rescuing of civilians. The relationship between Peter and Gwen was unsurprisingly a strong point due to the very real chemistry the actors share outside of their roles. Electro was nicely done, although I didn’t care much for their interpretation of Max Dillon.
    Where things started dropping for me was when they killed off Norman Osborne. After that point I was expecting a Hobgoblin storyline involving Harry and the degenerative disease they gave him. Making him the Green Goblin instead bothered me, not only is it just plain wrong it side stepped the possibility of adding a new villain that hasn’t yet been seen (James Franco’s “New Goblin” doesn’t count) and offering them an opportunity for a fresh design. I can understand why they would rather have the Green Goblin but they shouldn’t have overlooked Norman Osborne, the fact that he’s already been portrayed in Raimi’s isn’t a good argument. He’s been portrayed in so many different ways before in comics and the animated TV shows I’m disappointed they opted to completely changed the character and his dynamic, not just how he was presented. Also Dane DeHaan made for a good, brooding Harry but as the Goblin he just looked like a crack addict. This whole debacle, for me, really took away from what could have otherwise been the best Spiderman film so far.
    All that aside though the reveal of the Sinister Six costumes at the end was the most I’ve fan-boyed since Darth Vader suited up for the first time. They should have ended it there though, the end Rhino scene is probably worth just omitting from memory.
    Still, there’s plenty of promise for the third film as this one was a phenomenal improvement over the first. Fingers crossed they can work out all the kinks, because if they can pull of the Sinister Six it might just be best thing ever.

  22. you never kill emma stone from a movie

    • I read somewhere that she only agreed to play Gwen if they killed her.

  23. good movie over all it was good but the ending was awful this is a spiderman movie you dont kill his girl and he is just a dumb shist for choosing the city over his girl screw the city get the girl the fuc outa there and let them handel it amungst themselves you were going to leave anyway and he lied big time he said he would follow her everywhere for the rest of his live thats a load of shist he didnt follow her into the afterlife now did he.Finally she died because you were spiderman so just stop being it or to shock the little ones have a huge crowd form around you then kill yourself goin out in a big a$s shock.

  24. there’s one easter egg i noticed that wasn’t mentioned . when gwen stacy was selected for oxford, she said the other was a college freshman… at 14. that was a clear easter egg for Hiro Hamada.