Kirsten Dunst Approves of New Mary Jane in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′

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dunst Kirsten Dunst Approves of New Mary Jane in The Amazing Spider Man 2

When Sony first announced that the studio was scrapping Sam Raimi’s in-development fourth Spider-Man film in favor of a franchise reboot, many fans were cautiously optimistic about re-launching Marvel’s famed web-slinger so soon after his blockbuster trilogy. However, this year’s The Amazing Spider-Man proved itself a successful addition to the franchise, earning over $750 million worldwide and mostly positive reviews.

The film smartly avoided including the same cast of characters as Raimi’s films. However, as astute comic book fans know, the relationship between Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) does not end well. So it was no surprise when director Marc Webb brought on The Descendants star Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson, Peter’s eventual love interest, for the upcoming sequel.

Woodley’s casting is sure to invite comparisons to Kirsten Dunst (who previously played the character in the heavily-criticized Spider-Man 3). However, in a recent interview with MTV News, Dunst voiced her approval of the casting move. Here’s what she had to say:

“I really like her too, a lot. I’ve met her a few times and we’ve talked about health foods, we know some of the same people, she’s really into finding springs and natural water and she’ll go get her water and things like that. I’ve done that before, and we’ve talked about that. I think she’s a sweetheart and such a good actress. I’m happy. If I had to pick someone, I’m happy she’s following in my shoes.”

woodley 570x400 Kirsten Dunst Approves of New Mary Jane in The Amazing Spider Man 2

The validation of the previous star to play the role will surely not keep Spidey fans from endlessly critiquing Woodley’s performance. However, Webb’s apparent desire to keep the continuity of Peter Parker’s love life more in line with the source material (and Green Goblin nowhere to be seen, at least not yet) means that Mary Jane will probably have at least a film or two of development, allowing viewers more time to get acquainted with the character before she becomes a more central figure in the series’ over-arching mythology.

What do you think about Shailene Woodley playing Mary Jane Watson? Do you prefer her to Kirsten Dunst? Sound off in the comments.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (not the official title) swings into theaters on May 2nd, 2014.

Source: MTV News

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  1. I think Shailene Woodley is a perfect choice for MJ, someone who can match Emma Stone in acting and in looks.

    • Woodley is hardly a good actress. Having one good role (The Descendants) doesn’t make her talented. Her acting on the secret life of the American teenager is horrific

      • It’s called bad writing.

      • I blame the writing in Secret Life; I do believe Woodley has the chops to be a great actress (I thought she was outstanding in The Descendents).

      • well that just has to do with the fact that the writer of the show was a horrible one. im sure that shailene and the other actors of the secret life are good ones, they just didnt get the chance to prove it.

        • Exactly. Even the best actors can’t salvage a horrible script. Just ask Woodley’s descendants co-star George Clooney. There was this one movie back in 1997…

    • Well said.

  2. “…she’s really into springs and natural water and she’ll go get her water and things like that.” Okay then. That is good validation from Kirsten Dunst, a spring water junkie as Mary Jane Watson, how intriguing.
    I don’t know Woodley’s work, but I still think they, even though she is a natural blonde, should have let Emma Stone keep her red hair and cast her as M.J, that would’ve been awesome. As for Gwen Stacy, there were plenty of other blonde actresses to choose from. But whatever, what’s done is done. Woodley may not be a bomb shell, but who cares, as long as she is a competent actor, and from what I heard, she held her own along side Clooney in The Descendants.

    • Same. I’m like why are you talking about that random stuff, Dunst? Almost had me convinced that those “natural springs” are coke piles that she recently visited. Natural water as a bonding factor and validation for good acting? Really?

      • Rich poeple going to “find and retreive” their water. Lol jebus.

    • you say they should have let Emma Stone keep her red hair but she’s a natural blonde. She had already lost the red hair anyway to shoot The Help and only died it back again to film Gangster Squad.

  3. Still not feeling it. She just isn’t Mary Jane.

  4. Not feeling it either but if she can act and make a convincing MJ, ill shut my mouth.

  5. I Liked The Mazing Spider-Man I Rented it From Redbox & I Plan on Seeing Number 2 in Theather’s For Sure & Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker is Better Then Toby Mcguire Who’s Spider-Man 3 Was Awful & Bad it Was Terrible I Saw The 12:30 am Midnight Premire Back in 2007 But I Diden’t Like That it Was Not Followed Correct Like in The Marvel Comics & The First 2 Wer’e Good But Number 3 Was Just a Disater it Was a Huge Mess it Made No Sense it Was Just Pure Non-Sense a Waste of Time & Money. and Andrew Garfield is a Awesome & Great & Wonderful Actor.

    • I agree with what you said, but there’s no reason to capitalize each new word.

    • Spoiler on a 40 year old story line?

      • Whilst it may be a 40 year old comic book storyline, I’m sure that not everyone interested in this film knows much about the source material… Especially if, like you say, it’s from such a long time ago.

        • RR should we tell you who won the Civil War? Who won the last Presidency?

          Heaven forbid if we should tell you about the Berlin wall coming down or that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

          Sorry it is not a spoiler. 1. As it is common knowldeg of the mythos and 2. if they stay true to Ultimate it may not go according to plan and 3. It is a movie based on the characters not fully functional stories from the books.

          Also as a little more information you may not know the moon is not made of cheese.

          • Oh don’t tell me how the election ends. I have it DVRed and am watching it tonight.

  6. Jane Levy would’ve been better

    • Looks too much like Emma, as multiple have said.

      • how she looks like Emma? shes done not look nothing like her only the red hair apart from that shes does not look like Emma.

    • Woodley’s more talented from what I’ve seen the two do.

  7. Not feeling it either but if she can act and make a convincing MJ, ill shut my mouth.

  8. She is Andrew’s opposite. I don’t really like Andrew Garfield as an actor because he doesn’t deem “believable” for me.

  9. She, on the other hand is a great actress.

  10. Har ikke noget imod at hun er med i de nye film.

  11. I could not care less about Dunst’s rambling support. It’s all just Hollywood blah, blah, blah. That said, based upon what I’ve seen of the new Mary Jane, she could give Dunst some acting lessons.

  12. i actually think Emma Stone did a great job as Gwen Stacy n it was perfect.. they should switch it up for the movie and get rid of MJ instead >_>

  13. Does anyone think that the new Mary-Jane will be based off of Ultimate M.J from the Ultimate continuity? Shailene Woodley looks like she could play the reporter type and I think to avoid M.J being the same as Sam Raimi’s version, the writers will probably make M.J an inspiring journalist or reporter. Just wondering because a lot of people seem to think that Woodley is not a “bombshell.”

    • Shes a reporter? Meh. Superman and lois have been doing that for age. Boring.

  14. I liked her in The Descendants and I think she is hot. She could be a different MJ please giver her a shot.

  15. I can’t wait to see this. I think she will do a great job, afterall she is pretty good looking and based on the Descendents she can act pretty well too :)

  16. Who gives a s***? Anyone is better than Dunst. She was horribly casted

    • Are you baseing that comment solely on her appearance, or acting ability as well?

      • Both. To be fair though I could get over her looks if her acting wasn’t so paltry. It’s like she was sleep walking through those movies.

        • To me I feel that the character based on what I’ve seen both in the comics & animated series,(’90’s version)she was always envisioned as a supermodel bombshell type. Which in no offense to Kirsten,she clearly is not. However, neither is this new girl as well.

  17. I need to see Descendants but i think she will be really good, i never cared for Dunst that much personally i always felt that anyone couldv’e played Mary Jane in Raimi’s movies all they had to do was scream a lot because she was always the damsel in distress and absolutely nothing else, the thing that i liked about Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man was that Gwen was a pretty dominant female she wasn’t the damsel in distress and if she was she’d try to get out of it herself (overall she screamed twice in the whole movie). I don’t watch Secret Life just because the story doesn’t appeal to me, keep in mind that show is mostly aimed at a female audience not so much a male audience so if males do not find her performance in the show all that great its because its not really targeted at us. I hope she’s good she really looks like a really teenager i see girls in my high school that remind me of her.

  18. Never was a fan of Dunst as MJ, she was the weakest link in the first series of films, IMO. I still haven’t seen TAS and probably won’t until it’s on TV, but there is no way this girl can do worse than Dunst.

  19. That’s nice of Dunst to say that.

  20. She’s too cute. She comes across as a down-to-earth, girl next door kind of type, which is great on its own, but not exactly Mary Jane. Mary Jane is supposed to be bombshell-hot.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather they get someone with acting chops for the role, and not cast just on looks, but surely there’s someone out there who is less “take home to meet your mother” and more “face it, Tiger, you just hit the jackpot.”

      • Perfect … you sir need to be a casting director – she would pull off MJ wonderfully.

        I only hope that they do Gwen justice in the story and at least follow the comics as close as possible. I’m scarred that they will twist the story and screw this franchise up as well.

    • Exactly!! That’s what I just wrote to “WELP”,(read:up above). It has to be someone who fits the typical “SuperModel” type of appearance. I do agree about the acting, but that might get a pass based on how good or bad the chemistry is between the performers, & again the overall appearance of MJ.

  21. Never seen anything with Woodley, but I’m cautiously optimistic, especially since she got acclaim for her performance in The Descendants. Basing purely on appearance, she looks the part perfectly. She actually looks like a girl who would you see walking down the hall in your average American high school. And she’s very pretty, and has that cute, girl-next-door feel, which is literally what Mary Jane is.

    Dunst wasn’t so good. I hated that she was a damsel in distress in literally all 3 movies, but I guess that’s just poor writing. (And when I say literally, I actually mean literally. Goblin, Doc Ock, and Venom all took her hostage). And in all honesty, Dunst wasn’t that pretty, or sweet, or really attractive in any way, personality-wise or looks-wise. In fact, she was kinda a selfish b*tch. Like all the time. Kirsten, your approval of Woodley is nice, but it means nothing to me.

  22. When I heard Emma Stone was in the reboot, all I could think is… “Wow! She’d be the perfect MJ!” Then I heard they cast her as Gwen. She did an epic job in the role. But seriously, she still would have made a better Mary-Jane than Dunst or this new girl. Too late now, but still.

  23. I love Kirsten and I enjoyed Shailene Woodley’s performance in The Descendants, but I do not like this new Spiderman AT ALL.

  24. I’ll leave the new Spiderman to a younger generation. Like it or not, the Raimi Spiderman is the one I grew up on (faults and all). I’m just all “spidered” out, and while I liked some parts of Webb’s Spiderman, I’ve simply outgrown the character.

    Was there ever a comic book featuring an adult Peter Parker? No teen age years please.

    • @chetc. That’s why I can’t stand it when people argue over ageing actors playing these so call “Ageless” heroes. These characters aren’t ageless. They just don’t grow old in the same fashion as we do, but that doesn’t mean they stay young forever. I mean heck, even the “Man of Steel” has to shave his face from time to time which is of course a clear sign of his ageing process. These characters should be afforded to grow a little older with every new story given to them. I mean is Peter Parker ever going to be able to marry MJ & move both of them in a apartment anytime soon like they did in the comics?

  25. Not as lovely as Kirsten Dunst.

  26. Alot more lovely than Kirsten Dunst!

  27. She is way better than dunst looks wise, dunst was too ugly for mj, at least she’s pretty

  28. In my humble opinion Shailene seems legit person to be casted as new Mary Jane. Although I haven’t seen her in other films yet, so I am just making my decision looking at her, according to her appearance. I didn’t like the old series too much though. So I very much approve of the franchise reboot itself and the casting of new actors for main characters, especially Andrew Garfield, he’s really nice young man.