Marc Webb Still in the Running to Direct ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′?

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amazing spider man sequel marc webb1 Marc Webb Still in the Running to Direct Amazing Spider Man 2?

Sony Pictures decided to reboot the Spider-Man franchise after the proposed budget for Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4 swelled to $300 million. The result of that decision is The Amazing Spider-Man, a 3D production sold as “The Untold Story” of Peter Parker that, in reality, revisits the origins of the arachnid-powered superhero while planting the seeds for future installments that branch out into unexplored territory. That bait-and-switch gamble has paid off, thanks to the sturdy efforts of TASM director Marc Webb (coupled with Spidey’s enduring popularity).

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was put in motion a year before Webb’s reboot even hit theaters, with a Summer 2014 release in mind. Spider-Man producers Avi Arad and Matthew Tolmach are keeping that ball rolling at full speed and have been pushing for Webb to return for the sequel, so he may continue mapping out the TASM universe.

Webb’s involvement is questionable due to his deal with Fox Searchlight, as the studio backed his freshman feature (500) Days of Summer and is anxious for him to fulfill his second movie commitment. Sony, as a result, finds itself in a situation reminiscent of Lionsgate’s with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire earlier this year, where the sequel’s rapid progress inspired¬†Hunger Games director Gary Ross to take a pass. Webb’s contractual obligations, not his creative preferences, are at the heart of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 dilemma, but the end result could be the same (ie. a fast-assembling blockbuster sequel in need of a new director).

Movies Now has been following the behind-the-scenes proceedings on Amazing Spider-Man 2, and says there’s one possible scenario that would free up Webb for the comic book sequel. Fox is giving thought to allowing Webb to return for the project, in exchange for an two-movie deal with the studio. Webb is already loosely attached to helm the post-apocalyptic young adult tale Age of Rage, so such a compromise would be easier to strike if Webb finds another developing Fox project that fits his storytelling sensibilities.

The Amazing Spider Man 3D Logo Marc Webb Marc Webb Still in the Running to Direct Amazing Spider Man 2?

Amazing Spider-Man 2 is being written by¬†Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who are reworking a previous script draft penned by TASM co-writer James Vanderbilt (the scribe behind Raimi’s abandoned Spider-Man 4). It’s thought that the former are structuring the sequel to not only pick up the handful of narrative threads that were intentionally left dangling by Amazing Spider-Man (no pun), but also match the tone and worldview put forth in Webb’s film. Arad and Tolmach have teased the idea of future installments sharing continuity with Marvel’s Avengers universe, but that proposition is little more than a lucrative pipe dream (for the time being).

It stands to reason that Webb could travel the same path as Christopher Nolan did with his Batman trilogy, should he continue to work on the Amazing Spider-Man franchise. The latter, like Webb, encountered issues marrying his indie filmmaking tendencies with the demands of a studio blockbuster on Batman Begins, but would go on and mature into a cinematic storyteller with a distinct voice with The Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises. However, there’s a catch: if Webb strikes the aforementioned deal with Fox, it might restrict him to directing just one additional Spider-Man flick.

We’ll keep you updated on the situation with Webb as the story continues to develop.

Meanwhile, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in theaters on May 2nd, 2014.


Source: LA Times

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  1. I think what we could see is that if Webb returns, Sony cools their jets on ASM3. That way Webb can direct one of the Fox films and give Webb time to get back to the Spider-Man franchise.

    I would like a change in the director seat. Now that the tone is set and we don’t have to watch the original Spider-Man film, someone can put together a better film with less plot holes.

    • Do what a number of others are doing and shoot number two and three together. Allot of seeming advantages to that. Costs are held, the actors don’t age and the release slate becomes more predictable. You might even see better performances because the actors are in character longer.

      • You also run a bigger risk if the 2nd movie flops. The first movie wasn’t as big of a hit as the first three…

        • It was still a massive hit. And the franchise draw is Spidey, not Raimi or Webb or Maguire or Garfield. This one suffered from being an origin story which was retold too soon. The next one’ll probably outdo the Raimi films, given its a new story/villain and doesn’t suck.

  2. Webb was such a huge part of what made the film work, getting rid of him seems like a fools errand.

    • i have to agree with you on that one .. i really enjoyed webbs take on spiderman and peter parker..

    • Not really. Take away Garfield’s performance and not much else in the film works.

      • have to disagree , i saw spiderman twice in one week i didnt even do that for he avengers . it was a legit good movie and a hundred times better then the first spiderman .. and how can you take away the lead actors performance .. its kind of like saying take away the meat from a hamburger and its no good .. NO s*** ..

  3. it always has to be people in their 40`s to make more than just a good film, doesn`t it? late 30`s means 8 or 9. I`ve never seen one film in my life that`s all that great that i could watch it 3 or more times. I`d also like to have an american director, it`d be cheating to always use a different race with more talent to develop an american story. Christopher Nolan was British and was in his 40`s and still couldn`t develop a film that was so good i`d want to see it again. He was kinda young to direct the batman films, wasn`t he? that`s why his three batman films weren`t anywhere near to the top powerful action films of all time. his films were powerful in themes but i couldn`t see much power in realism and action through either TdK or TDKR.
    I`d like to see a “great” one from someone under the age of 40 for once.

    I don`t think they should jam up marc webb`s schedule. i think they should find someone just 38/39 years old atleast. not another 36/37 year old.

    • “it`d be cheating to always use a different race with more talent to develop an american story”

      That’s a peculiar statement. Especially as Superman, Batman and Spider-Man are played by British actors. Surely you pick the best person for the job regardless of where they were born. And isn’t Marc Webb American?

      Reading what you wrote made my brain ache, so maybe I missed your point.

        • “Just because of that means it`s a good idea to use the more talented ones always rather than the less talented.” Therefore it`s cheating to have someone else do a job that you can`t do. What if there were no american directors and other races developed stories that we could hardly but possibly develop ourselves for us? then they wouldn`t have their own movies from their race type.

          • “Therefore it`s cheating to have someone else do a job that you can`t do.” I meant having a hard time doing yourself.

  4. Hope they don’t go with him. Just saw Spider-Man 2.1 yesterday night for the first time- in a different league to the new Spidey movie. Everything, especially character wise felt far more authentic. New one had strengths but often chose style over substance, plus they didn’t seem to know Spidey’s powers!:

    1) Spidey somehow got shot by a single policeman’s shot towards the end, whereas he’d been using his Spidey- sense the whole film! Where did it go?

    2) Connors’ quasi- redemption at the end was when he held onto Peter right at the end as he was hanging off the building… ermm Spidey can stick to walls- that’s was a completely redundant gesture and for some reason it seemed like Peter had forgotten he can stick to walls, and dangled off himself! And it wasn’t like he was hanging off- I watched it twice and the glass panel was right under his foot.

    ?! Know your character Webb!!

    • I agree. There were plenty of times where things didn’t make sense in this movie…

    • In the Ultimate Comics, Spider-Man got shot as well… he died from his injuries later that night.
      There have been plenty of moments in the comics where his Spidey-sense didn’t work well. He’s been shot by surprise, crushed by surprise, hit by surprise, slammed by surprise, etc, etc. on more than one occasion.

      In the end, it’s a movie about a guy who gets bitten by a spider and gets spider-like powers. He can stick to walls even though he’s wearing clothes over his skin and he can shoot super-strong webs out of a container that allows him to be suspended in mid air, yet that container never breaks/snaps off of his wrist.
      None of that’s really all that realistic either mate.

      • Well then those aren’t exactly the best moments of the comics are they? A stupid inconsistency is a stupid inconsistency whether its in the movies or the comics.

        • The Death of Spider-Man (where he got shot) was one of the best Spider-Man story arcs ever created IMO.
          It was the only comic book that has ever made me shed a tear.

    • Didn’t matter if he could stick to walls etc, the point of it was that Connors saved the guy he was just trying to kill and redeemed himself right when it mattered.

      • Nah but if you watch it it was literally like Peter forgot he can cling to walls.

        @TheAvenger: LOL Sawyer’s right. BUT you know the Ultimates arc was compeltely different if you read it! He pushed Captain America out of the way of the bullet to save him! It wasn’t one lone policeman’s single shot that nicked him like it was in this film. Sloppy writing. V surprised no-one on the film called it out..

        (And btw in my years of reading Spidey I’ve never read his spidey-sense being overwhelmed by such a minor thing. That’s literally what it’s there for lol)

        • Also to say the premise isn’t realistic isn’t an argument- why not then just have him randomly fly or turn into an even bigger Lizard?! In all (good) fantasy and science fiction you still have rules, and your story must be told within the parameters of those rules.

    • They aren’t plot holes though. Once again – The Lizard crushes Spidey’s web shooters so web swinging isn’t an option. Now that the Lizard is not in control of Connors’ brain anymore, he is morally obliged to prove that he’s back to his senses by helping out the injured (dude’s been shot in the leg, crawling isn’t easy – he’s not a robot)dude. Everything is in ruins, the teenaged-Spidey is completely exhausted and yes, he’s still bleeding.

      It annoys me how there are so many realistic decisions they decided to retain yet people misinterpret them as plot holes.

      e.g. The Untold Story side… it’s clearly something they’re gonna explore in the sequels (as hinted in the post-credits screen) yet people feel that they’ve been cheated by not living up to the promotions.

      • It’s not really a plot hole but it’s still a real flaw. He was shot in the leg (something again, that should have been caught by his Spider-Sense) but seemed to be in good enough shape to fight the Lizard. And he didn’t need his web shooters, all he needed to do was stick- something that’s not particularly effort dependent. Check it out when you next see the film, I thought there must have been something I was missing until I saw it second time round.

      • Lol yeah though tbf they DID say that it would the ‘untold’ story.. guess they really lived up their word!

  5. I do hope Webb comes back.

  6. I hope he comes back for the sequel… IMO Webb did a great job with TASM.

  7. it was his first big-budget franchise movie, he made a good job,the movie is not perfect but it is cool and different view. i think he can make a better sequel because he knows the procedure to helm a blockbuster.

  8. I love how there’s a release date but no director.

    • Guardians of the Galaxy has a release date, and no (confirmed) director. I don’t think it’s that uncommon with blockbuster franchises.

  9. I personally LOVED TAS. It was the best spidey film to date and the closest one to the comics (for arguments sake, read the Ultimate universe) I felt connected to the characters & that’s something I never felt in any comic book adaption which are always “beat em up & go” movies. Webb did a fantastic job capturing the essence of Spiderman & though studio disagreements led to the films pacing problems, it was still a fantastic film.

  10. i hate sony’s stubbornness and insistence on keeping spiderman when these morons cant even expand on the marvel universe. to marc webb’s credit i liked this movie better then the first three, more true to spidey’s character. but personally webb can’t do much with this franchise without its other core characters and support of the marvel cinematic universe.
    domestically the fans have sent a strong message to sony this year and showing that ghostrider and spiderman’s weak grosses indicate that the fans want them back home where they belong.

  11. Amazing was anything but… imo, thin script, poor directing, emma stone was all wrong, Garfield couldn’t get a line out without smirking and looking at his feet, waste of a good villain, and good actor in Ifans Lizard. And what was Sally field doing? Was she just making up lines? simply dreadful.

    Spidey deserves better, I actually like Spiderman 3 better, ugh… and that was bad.

    I know people loved it but I simply don’t see the appeal.

    • I agree. Even about SM 3. As goofy as that movie is, it still manages to completely tell multiple plots (way too many). Every plot is short-changed, but they are told nonetheless. ASM struggled and failed to tell even the few repetitious plots it had.

      ASM by no means has universal love. Obviously people liked it, but there is a healthy percentage that hated it. And even those who liked it, there is more of a love of the future potential than the actual movie, seems to me. So the question becomes, how will they deliver on the potential?

      To me, ASM looks like a sloppy partial vision from Webb, and then a lot of studio bullying on top. I think Webb is responsible for the characters, especially the Peter/Gwen relationship. You and I didn’t like it, but for most people who liked the movie, that is the primary reason. So in that sense, he succeeded.

      Whether it’s Webb or not, I foresee a disjointed series. This isn’t BB, which made an exciting huge new splash. It’s really not as good as the previous series. That can’t be argued with from a box office standpoint.
      The original idea was for quickly produced, low budget (I remember 60-70 mil being the idea) movies that focused a lot on Peter and the other characters. I liked that idea. I would be interested if they used the reception of ASM to actually go this route. This seems like a sustainable model for a long running series. Most likely, studios will interfere and this series will fizzle out after three movies (if not before). Webb will be forced to cram his ideas into a few movies. He can’t do it. He doesn’t want to do that. So I see this as “Frankensteinian.” A new director won’t help.

      • I find it hilarious how many felt the Maguire-Dunst bs in the name of ‘chemistry’ was a better romantic relationship than the more natural one between Stone and Garfield.

  12. The Amazing Spider-Man and The Avengers are two of my all time favorite superhero films, together with Batman Begins, Iron Man, Spider-Man 2 and Watchmen. It’s the best Spider-Man film that I’ve ever seen, and I feel that I’ve seen Spider-Man for the first time through Marc Webb’s lens. I don’t want other director attached to the sequels for nothing. And I still think it’s possible to make more than 2 sequels, Garfiel looks young enough to play early twenties for the next two films, and it could go for yet another trilogy with him as Spidey.

    Please Sony, don’t screw up this. This is the best this franchise has ever been. You’ve won over old fans like me and new fans, have faith in Webb’s work, I’m sure it’ll pay off more than any other Spider-Man film you have ever released.

  13. I hope he returns. I personally loved TASM. Watched it twice. It was even better then second time. I don’t know where people get some of the things that they say. It was a flop? $600 million is a flop? That’s double what Thor and Captain America made (both 3D, and IMAX), and double what X-Men: First Class, and Batman Begins made.

    The Avengers, TDK, Batman Begins, Iron Man, Spider-Man 2, and The Amazing Spider-Man are my favorite superhero films.

    • It was even better the***

  14. UHHH oh, please don`t tell me that this schedule is so jammed up, tas 2 right now aiming for may 2nd, 2014, but with all these films webb has to direct sony`s schedule is going to be more rushed if they don`t sign him on,
    i`d push it back to june 2014 and decide quickly what to do in fact didn`t they finish making the film several months before the 3rd? why didn`t they immediatey start finding who to sign on they still need a script, pre-production, and not only filming but film editing and then they need to release a trailer then a copy to theaters how`s this all gonna get done in just about 1 year 9 months.

  15. oh wait they are scripting the film, it better be done by the end of the year! why didn`t they start scripting it right after filming and editing for TAS was done? it looks like to me TaS 2 is going to be pushed to 2015 or even 2016 like how the originally planned Sm4 was pushed from 2009 to May 6, 2011. Andrew garfield`s going to be nearly 33 years old and look so old they`ll have to make spidey graduate from highschool, then college, then get married and maybe even have kids. garfield would`ve been the perfect age for the real 1st spiderman film.

    I was not pleased and felt humiliated for andrew garfield`s performance in TAS.

  16. I loved TASM but I would still rather see it in the Marvel universe.

  17. woops, looks like i didn`t read, “TAS 2 was put in motion a year before TAS was released”, man just decide on a story already! it`s taking madly long i i want them consider no ordinary villain but villains that are going to maintain a level buildup to spidey`s top villains if going for 6 of these films because that`s how many movies i`m guessing there`s going to be. But i think there needs to be 7 to have any symbiotes as the main focus. No,maybe eight. now everyone is entitled to an opinion but if maguire were medium sized for a man i would`ve liked him better than any other spidey.

  18. I have a feeling i should rephrase my points up there about how you can`t always have the best person do a weaker job than the hardest. Each race has different levels of talent, so each race may have their own graphic novel stories based on their uniqueness. For example, the Chinese are perhaps the most athletic people on the earth. When they make their stories into a movie, the people who can handle the stories the easiest are themselves! Not just athletically but i thought intellectually each race is different. When they make the stories based off of the most or more talented, who are the people who can handle it the easiest? I think this is simple to follow, which is why I`m saying it`s usually best when each person works among their own level of ability.

  19. I would love it if Webb could return. I thought TASM was excellent. Possibly the best SM movie to date IMO (Either this, or SM2).

    I would really like Webb to continue building on the universe he created, and make a great stand-alone series his way, just like Donner (for 1.5 movies), Burton, Raimi, Nolan, Singer, and hopefully Snyder will do. Webb has proven himself with TASM, and he deserves to expound upon it and have his own big-budget comic book franchise.

    If he can’t, he should stay as a producer, and they should get a competent director who will continue the same vision, tone, and tie up the loose ends.

  20. Hope he comes back absolutely loved this movie

  21. I would hope Webb comes back but I’d hope that if he does he is to improve on the transitions in the movie though it didn’t bother me all that much that was what the movie really needed to improve on. I loved the movie and can’t wait for the sequel hope to see MJ, Harry, Norman, and Jameson in 2014