‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′: Dane DeHaan On Hipster Harry Osborn & Avoiding Spoilers

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Harry Osborn Amazing Spider Man 2 Interview Dane DeHaan Amazing Spider Man 2: Dane DeHaan On Hipster Harry Osborn & Avoiding Spoilers

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be kicking off the 2014 summer movie season, and we certainly learned a lot (and will be speculating and analyzing even more) from what director Marc Webb and his cast – which includes Andrew Garfield, Jamie Foxx and Chronicle star Dane DeHaan – had to say while at Comic-Con 2013.

With a storyline that is still shrouded in so much mystery and rumor, finding a foothold on what Amazing Spider-Man 2 is about is a difficult thing. What we know so far is that Peter Parker will be well settled into his role as Spider-Man at the beginning of the film, with a cocksure attitude that will inevitably be tested by his new foe, Electro (Foxx). Beyond that, there have been many, many vague hints about what’s to come – especially where the character of Harry Osborn (DeHaan) is concerned.

We first spoke to DeHaan about his mysterious role in the Amazing Spider-Man sequel earlier this year during his press tour for Place Beyond the Pines, but Amazing Spider-Man 2 has come a long way since then, and fan excitement has grown exponentially. However, studio secrecy surrounding the sequel – and its implications of a Spider-Man vs. Sinister Six storyline – has also grown tighter, and while speaking to him at Comic-Con 2013, DeHaan was tight-lipped about rumors about where his version of Harry Osborn might end up:

Amazing Spider Man 2 Interview Dane DeHaan Amazing Spider Man 2: Dane DeHaan On Hipster Harry Osborn & Avoiding Spoilers

Andrew Garfield and Dane DeHaan in ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′

So I know when we talked in New York, you’re [a] very character driven actor, tell me just a little bit about your character arch in the film.

Dane DeHaan: So basically Harry and Peter in this version were really close friends in childhood. Then Harry got sent off to boarding school and he had a very complicated relationship with his father so he never really went home that much and stopped talking to Peter. Now they’ve graduated High School and Harry is coming home for the first time and having to face Peter and rekindle their friendship and deal with the complicated relationships they both have with their fathers and finding a way back into their friendship through that.

How was the dynamic between you and Andrew?

Dane DeHaan: It was amazing I think Andrew is an incredibly talented actor and one of the most emotionally available actors I’ve ever worked with and I have great respect for him so it was really fun to go to work with him every day.

When we talked to Marc [Webb] yesterday he mentioned that one thematic arc in this movie has to do with time and not having enough time. Is that something that’s relevant to your character?

Dane DeHaan: Well I think like in the thing I just talked about, so much time has passed since Peter and Harry had seen each other, it’s about making up for lost time I guess, maybe.

What was it about this particular character that grabbed you – because I know you are pretty discerning about that kind of thing.

Dane DeHaan: Well it’s just an incredibly interesting person. I felt like it was unlike anything I had ever done before. Like Harry comes from extreme wealth and he uses his wealth to hide what’s actually inside. He almost buys his happiness and he asserts himself, he’s a bit of a womanizer, likes fast cars and that kind of person was someone I had never really explored. So I felt like it presented a great challenge and it was an opportunity to do something different.

James Franco Spiderman Harry Osborn Amazing Spider Man 2: Dane DeHaan On Hipster Harry Osborn & Avoiding Spoilers

I know you’ve probably gotten plagued with questions about the differences between you and [James] Franco and what the new Harry and Norman relationship is all about. But how does this differ from the first trilogy?

Dane DeHaan: Well what I can tell you is the difference is that this takes place today. So it’s a modern day take on Harry Osborn. The relationship between Norman and Harry is still extremely complicated but different.

Is there anything specifically that spoke to you about making your character relevant to the now? Relevant to any particular kind of theme or anything? 

Dane DeHaan: Well I think when I look at kids that are in New York City that are kind of trust fund babies in today’s culture—there’s a whole hipster culture of trust fund babies that exist now in today’s modern society that didn’t exist really ever before  - so that was kind of my gateway into Harry.

When I talked to you in New York you were kind of unclear about what kind of stunt regiments they would be putting you through – it was kind of early on. I feel like you might have a better idea now about what kind of stunt regiments they put you through. 

Dane DeHaan: Yeah, it was a really exciting challenge of a part and it wasn’t only a mental challenge, it was a physical challenge as well. I underwent a really big training regime, the days were long and that kind of thing. I don’t want to get into too much detail because I think there’s a lot in the movie that’s going to be really exciting for people to not know going into it. And I think I owe it to the audience to let the story unfold without them going into it already knowing everything about the movie. But it was definitely challenging mentally and physically.

 Could you settle something? ARE you the new Venom?

Dane DeHaan: Am I the new Venom? I thought Eddie Brock was Venom?

Venom Movie Script Details Amazing Spider Man 2: Dane DeHaan On Hipster Harry Osborn & Avoiding Spoilers

In the Ultimate Spiderman cartoon continuity, Harry Osborn becomes Venom.

Dane DeHaan: Wow, now you sound like a dude at Comic Con!

Gotta know this stuff, that’s what I get paid for. So there may be a possibility? Let me back up and ask a more general question: Are you signed on for the long term or are you just taking it [one film at a time]? Do you have sequels or spin-offs lined up?

Dane DeHaan: Oh I have no idea what’s happening beyond this. I guess it depends on what happens when the script comes in, but I’d love to continue to be a part of it. I had a really great time working on this film, it’s filled with a lot of really great people. I honestly truly enjoyed working with everybody. I think Marc [Webb] is really great and if they invite me I would love to continue.

Would you ever be interested in headlining your own franchise?

Dane DeHaan: Would I ever headline my own franchise? Yeah! I was really shocked at how much fun I had doing this and how fulfilling it was. I didn’t know that a movie this big could be as fulfilling as this was. I found the amount of time it took to make it extremely luxurious; like to have 6 months to make a movie rather than 24 days was to me a great gift. I’m a person that is really methodical in the way I do things. I’m a person who likes to do a lot of work and research and the fact that I was given 4 months ahead of time and I wasn’t shooting every day over a 6 month period it really became a really interesting process in character study for me. So if a franchise came along that I thought would present myself with those same challenges? Sure, why the hell not.

Dane DeHaan Interview Amazing Spider Man 2 Star Wars Amazing Spider Man 2: Dane DeHaan On Hipster Harry Osborn & Avoiding Spoilers

Are you going to look cool? When it’s all said in done—people are very critical–do you think you’re going to look cool in terms of costuming and all that stuff?

Dane DeHaan: The costumes were very important to me – it’s like I said: [Harry] uses his [money], he buys his happiness and that includes clothes – so I worked with the costume designer actually from the day of my [screen] test to find very specific, very cool clothes that Harry would look cool in.

Do you have a good range of things to do? Performance-wise?  

Dane DeHaan: Yeah, I mean I wouldn’t have taken the part if it wasn’t dynamic and challenging. If I didn’t think I could make it dynamic and challenging.


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  1. I’m really hoping he becomes the Venom, I think he’d be perfect the role.

    • I agree.

  2. Exactly, especially after his performance in Chronicle

  3. If sony really wants to cash in on the shared universe trend, they would be wise to use ASM2 to launch a Venom series of movies, occassionally having a cameo of Spidey to keep the two series linked. Then just have him come back to help Spiderman against the sinister six in ASM(?). One of the main perks I can think of for a Venom trilogy is we would finally get to see Carnage.

  4. this dreck continues to get worse with each announcment, lol. it is a shame that captain america 2 cannot kickoff summer rather then another dreadful
    ultimate spiderman movie. but unfortunately there is no confidence that
    chris evans can pull in a huge numbers on first weekend in may, maybe the april release will change that for the CA movie.

    • what are you talking about?

      • I think he hates good movies or something.

        • I’m sure that Chris Evans and the new Captain America movie has all of Marvel’s confidence. The Winter Soldier script was all the rage before James Gunn came in and got everyone hyped for Guardians. Screenrant’s team brought this up in their podcast this week, but I do remember reading this in a few articles months ago at comicbookmovie.com. While it’s true that Feige has said they want Spider-man back in their stable, he’s also said on numerous occasions that they don’t root against other superhero movies.

          His argument goes something like, if one [superhero movie] does bad, the bad press sheds a negative light on the entire genre, which doesn’t help their efforts. Many are suspicious that he’s just trying to have good PR, but I think it’s a reasonable enough concern. For whatever reason, in spite of the numerous examples of high quality superhero movies, the genre still has a negative stigma. Beyond this, the Marvel brand is making a handsome profit from the Spider-man films. Even if it’s not the movie making branch of Marvel, all divisions of the company are working together to maximize profit. That would mean not putting one branch (their satellite collaborations) in direct competition with an other (their in house projects) in a way that would reduce profit.

  5. I like the modern take on how Peter & Harry become friends. If anyone doesn’t know, in the old books, Harry didn’t start off liking Peter. They got to become friends based on their relationships with their fathers. I think the way they’re handling it is great.

  6. does anyone think J. Jonah Jameson will be included in one of these movies

    • I imagine it will b the third one I really hope so I always loved him. I think that john slattery would b great for it

  7. That “Two Dudes” picture up there looks like it belongs in a movie called “Fruitville Station”!


    • No it isn’t. Harry becomes Venom in the Ultimate Universe.

      • The Ultimate Universe sucks.

      • No he doesnt. The only people to bond with the symbiote in the Ultimate Universe are Peter Parker and Eddie Brock

        Perhaps you are thinking of that train wreck of a cartoon that recently started. I wouldnt use that as a basis for anything

  9. No No No…don’t make Harry Venom.

    Here is what I don’t get. Many people ranted and raved about how topher grace was too small to be venom.

    Dehann is shorter and skinnier than Topher Grace.

    I do like Dehann as a pick for Harry though. And I would rather see him become Green Goblin.

  10. So Garfield introduced a hipster Parker and now Harry is going to be a hipster as well? Amazing Spiderman sucked, I would watch Spiderman 3 a hundred times over before watching that dreadful film again. Now with how idiotic Electro looked and with the hipster style apparently tainting all the main characters, I’m done and won’t be watching any more of this. I love Sony and all but they should have just given the rights back to Marvel and let them work their magic on the property rather than drag Spidey’s name and legacy through the mud like this. Today’s audiences are getting the worst possible form of such a great and legendary character and I feel sorry for them because of it.

  11. This movie will set the bar high

  12. The new actor for Spiderman is looking a lil feminine. Not sure if that metrosexual look is gonna fly on the big screen. How is a skinny lad like that gonna save us all?

    • Well, you know, the whole metrosexual hipster look is really in right now, with the guys. Many celebrities have been buying into the trend for the past few years. It’s a really lame time, where looking like a feminine pansy is somehow “cool”. 2010s suck.