‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ International Trailer: Peter Parker is a Busy Guy

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It’s telling how a newly-released international trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 leaves out a number of scenes featured in the U.S. trailer; specifically, those which foreshadow how director Marc Webb’s sequel will drastically (and in a hurry) expand the Spider-Man cinematic universe.

Instead, the international preview incorporates previously-unseen footage that highlights the second Amazing Spider-Man installment’s basic, yet universally-relatable human drama core: the story of Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), a talented and hard-working high schooler in a complicated, but stable relationship with a woman named Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), who likewise has a bright future ahead of her. (… Or does she?)

That Pete’s non-paying job (we’ll call it pro bono work) often involves things like having to catch police cars, battle dangerous thugs, prevent genetically-altered and/or super-powered criminals - engineered by a shadowy corporate empire with ties to his past – from terrorizing New York City – well, that just comes with the superhero genre territory.

Besides that, in Amazing Spider-Man 2, Pete’s just an ordinary teen, whose parental figure Aunt May (Sally Field) is somewhat oblivious to the struggles in his life – or whose girlfriend doesn’t take crap from him, even when he has to run off to stop an electricity-powered madman (Jamie Foxx).

amazing spider man 2 trailer2 570x294 Amazing Spider Man 2 International Trailer: Peter Parker is a Busy Guy

Of course, there’s a good reason why the U.S. trailer for Amazing Spider-Man 2 contains so many hints and clues about plot beats that concern the rebooted Spider-Man movie franchise’s overarching mythology and future in general (including what may be a sneak peek at the film’s “button scene,” a.k.a. mid-credits sequence).

Sony has officially confirmed that two spinoff installments – revolving around the anti-hero/baddie Venom and the supervillain team Sinister Six – are being developed, so the studio needs to start getting U.S. comic book fans and moviegoers (its primary demographic) intrigued by what lies ahead for the series. It’s something for fans to get excited about, for sure, but as far as marketing for the second film goes, it’s kind of a gimmick.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is trusted to be interested in seeing the second Amazing Spider-Man installment because it might offer a fulfilling narrative and resonant themes about young adulthood – featured in a screenplay written by Jeff Pinkner (Fringe), Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Star Trek Into Darkness) – in addition to the stylized comic book action sequences and picturesque 3D camera shots of Spidey flying around the Big Apple. C’est la vie.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro outside the U.S.) opens in theaters on May 2nd, 2014.

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  1. The chimney part was downright hilarious haha. Great looking trailer, would’ve liked the first one a bit more if it wasn’t for the chimney part. This just got me more hyped, can’t wait!

  2. Bruce Willis for Jameson please!

  3. “Sorry love you don’t hate me”

    Anyone else think Chris Cooper saying “we have plans for you, Peter Parker,” could be coming from a goblin?

    • I thought that too.

  4. Looks brilliant popcorn film,but I did prefer the suit in first film.This one looks more like Raimi’s spiderman suits.

    • I feel like the only person who doesn’t care about what costume he wears.

      • Me and you both.

      • your not the only one

    • Raimi film’s suit was better.

    • Yeah, I think since they reinvented the suit in the first one, they should just stick with it…. Not go running back to the same old same old.
      I like both suits, but if they’re going to make a statement with the suit in Amazing Spiderman 1, why go right back to the classic suit? Oh well…

  5. Hard to say. These TASM2 trailers are kind of inconclusive for me, as far as how good they make the film look like it will be.

  6. This looks great I can’t wait to see it

  7. my spider senses are telling me that this could be another spider-man 3

    • And this is why your name is MrFrosty and not The Amazing Spider-man :)

      • Well played!

      • ha, well said.i just hope its not too crowded ye know

        • Haha thanks. But yeah, me too, honestly. But I have faith in them, and at the very least I’ll be entertained by the spectacle. I love Spidey’s action scenes already! That’s why he’s my favorite hero after all.

    • As mr frosty said, there’s that feeling of I’ll wait for the dvd or cable etc. to see this or some of these Marvel movies of late, I saw nothing new, just some generic stuff.

  8. I LIKE it! I dig it…Still not totally sold on the costume though. I love the design, but it almost looks borderline “cartoonish” on screen (at least from a computer screen). I’ll reserve my judgments till I see the film. Besides, it seems like they’re going for a hyper-realism comic book look with this film anyways.

  9. Holy crap. This trailer is way better than the US version. Love it. The only thing im worried about is the poor cgi spiderman.

    • Some shots are clearly under work. Sony ImageWorks worked on ASM almost to the day of release, so first trailers had some bad CGI as well.

      • Hopefully youre right

        • I remember being worried about the CGI for the first film until I actually saw it at my local theater. Looking back I feel that it’s pretty strong work, all things considered. Sony Image Works has done the special effects for Spider-man movies since the first one, so in spite of their weaknesses (namely, blending the background and foreground with living, moving things) Spider-man is something they’re very familiar with. Even with the philosophical change in their approach to the effects in TASM, I think they have a lot of experience with the character that will help to bridge some of the gaps in the quality of their work.

  10. Very Nice Trailer.
    The shooting scene with Giamatti is awesome.

  11. I am all for updating the characters, but it looks as thought too much liberty was taken with these interpretations. I get the whole Ultimate Spiderman thing, but is this the way to introduce these characters, as if there was no progression? I’ll wait for the DVD.

  12. Don’t kill of Gwen. Emma and Andy are a couple in real life since meeting on the set of the first movie. They have a hell of a lot of chemistry and you can tell that Emma is a very good influence on Andrew’s overall portrayal of Spider-Man and Peter Parker.

    How can they possibly find someone to play Mary-Jane that is both more likable and has more chemistry with Andrew.

    • Please leave real life out of it.

    • Guys. Hear me out, guys.


      Yo ready for this?


      Emma Stone…with red hair.

      I know. I know. Genius.

  13. Am I imagining things or the red in his suit now looks different (and worse) than in the u.s. trailer? I hope they do something with the cgi because this is no way to go. I love how Webb turned Spider-Man into a character drama but – and though I like Marvel better – I have to say I’d be happier with a grounded (kind of dc like) approach. I’m not interested in a dark tone but I do want to see him in a less campy movie. Sam Raimi’s version is somewhat better in that respect, I think. Tobey Maguire plays Spidey like he is a man. (He still jokes but he’s less boyish, and let’s face it, if someone loses both parents and his uncle, not to mention the rest, that individual probably becomes more mature and the way to portray this would be with a more mature film). I know that Garfield and Stone are very good actors and I can feel that Webb wants to take Spider-Man seriously but when I see a giant lizard mixing a bomb in a school… I know Raimi’s version has problems and that’s exactly why ASM2 (and ASM, for that matter) should have been much much better. Much. I’m kind of waiting to the next iteration of Spidey (played by a bit older guy – he’s not a teen throughout his life) while also hoping that this somehow can turn out to be great (although I’m quite sure it’ll be under the standards raised by some recent superhero movies). I mean if I take a look at Wolverine. That is the way to go with a character drama. Still had flaws but managed to stand out from the crowd (not just the X-men movies). Sorry for being lengthy but I had to get this out of my system.

    • Losing your parents does not equate to being more mature. Look at Kirk in the Star Trek films. He’s a man child, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have serious content. They showed off some of the humor because that is what gets the general audience hooked. They want to watch a superhero movie because it isn’t completely serious and dark. He just graduated high school so he is obviously still going to be boyish in comparison to Tobey who started off in college. There is an overarching story at work here, Garfield is more than capable of portraying a serious character and i am sure Webb will be introducing a more grown up Spidey throughout the films. As for the CG, the suit is now much brighter and almost an exact copy from the comics, u can thank all the fanboys that complained about his outfit in the first one for that. Im sure the CG will continue to be polished. I mean if they weren’t planning on working on the film anymore the movie would be out already, right?

    • Are you unfamiliar with the Spider-man character? He’s in high school for most of this career. His notable characteristic is being a funny guy who throws out clever and funny quips all the time, both in normal times and in fights. He is also the only hero who’s not a fully grown man, which is special because kids have been able to relate to him and feel empowered, as opposed to people like Robin who is only Batman’s sidekick.

      These are important, defining characteristics that make Spidey who he is, that you want to get rid of because it seems to me that you’re more focused on regular patterns of reality instead of the character himself.

      Spider-man is not a grown ‘man’.

      • I’ve collected the ultimate series for a while, so yes, I’m aware of what defines spider-man. And come on, I specifically said I was not interested in a dark tone. I also said I knew Garfield can act so there’s no need to point these things out for me. (I’m not angry or anything — these days people have to stress that otherwise they’ll look like jerks). And regarding the suit: I wasn’t comparing this one to the previous, I was asking if they did something to the red since the u.s. trailer because it seems darker here and more purple like or I don’t know. I quite like this new version though. (Compared to the one in ASM). And about regular patterns: a grounded approach is by no means regular. There have been close to none over at marvel, so I merely said I wanted to see a Spider-Man where I can believe he exists. So I’m not complaining about how this is character driven (I said that, too), but I do want to see a more serious cinematography, cgi, and script (I’m referring to the lizard part in my post). I’m not trying to get rid of anything that makes spider-man who he is, I want to see him in a universe where he jokes when his life is threatened while knowing he’s in mortal danger.

        • Oh and I forgot one last thing: Kirk in Star Trek never new his parents, that’s different.

          • *knew

      • All valid points. Sometimes people forget that this is a struggling teenager who has been tasked with the responsibility of saving the world (or at least N.Y.); however, Andrew Garfield delivers his jokes with cynicism rather than using his wits as a coping mechanism. I don’t know if this is a choice by A.G. of if it is just coming off that way. I’d prefer more charm and vulnerability in his delivery and less antagonism.

        • Interesting observation. When you say he’s using the humor as a coping mechanism, do you mean for the death of his uncle and other loved ones? Or, is he trying to cope with the fact that he’s overwhelmingly outgunned in so many of his battles? I always assumed it was the latter, and if it is, then there’s still hope that the joking will come from that place in future installments. The franchise is still young, and and in the mean time, the humor is coming from a viable source within him: the cynical outsider (by choice) who has been through stuff.

          • Darn, I just reread your post and answered my question. the original approach I took to that question.

            The franchise is still young though, and Peter still does have some growing to do. Perhaps when he realizes just how much responsibility he has taken on himself, he will need a way to cope, and humor will be how one method he uses to deal.

            • I need to slow down, my use of grammar is appalling.

  14. Looks like Spidey will finally be done right.

  15. Ok this is the last time I`ll watch a ASM2 trailer, seen enough

    • Yeah, quite honestly, I’m already sold lol.

      • Haha at the end of this trailer I actually said out loud “aaaaand sold.” Your comment was a little creepy. Are you hacked into my webcam?

  16. Had me at Paul Giamatti, but invariably any movie has me at Paul Giamatti. The only actor on this planet who could’ve given Day Lewis a run for his money at playing Daniel Plainview, but more important than that for this movie, a glorious exponent of pure ham when he needs to be.

    • Whoa, that’s a hell of a statement about Giamatti and the good ol’ milkshake man Mr. Plainview. Never heard from someone who thought anyone BUT Daniel Day-Lewis could play that role. That’s actually pretty interesting to think about.

  17. Ha! Such a rad trailer. This looks epic. Love Spiderman, easily my favourite superhero. Suit looks great + love the humour and all the sweet swinging action sequences.

  18. So wait, Gwen says she wants to go with him, but rather than just say “It’s too dangerous and I don’t want you to get hurt” he webs her hand to a police car? Granted, we don’t know the full context, but isn’t that a) putting her in even WORSE danger and b) really misogynistic?

    • You don’t deserve the name you’ve stolen.

    • Misogynistic? o_O

      Sure, bring the regular old girl along on a super-powered battle just to be fair since she’s a girl and all. -__- No.

      If Gwen was spider-girl and Peter was just Peter it would be the same thing. It’s not about a guy and a girl, it’s a bout a superhuman and a normal, weak human.

      Xigbar Your head is stuck somewhere and missing its sunshine…

    • I completely agree with Xigbar. The scene makes me think of Edward Cullen slashing Bella’s tires to ‘keep her safe’. Apparently controlling boyfriends are the flavour of the month. Also, Peter doesn’t treat Aunt May properly. He makes Toby Maguire’s harmless goofball look charming by comparison.

      • I agree with you about the Aunt May comment. Raimi sort of hinted at Aunt May’s awareness of Peter’s secret identity in the first trilogy, but it was never officially revealed whether or not she knew. I was hoping that May would know in this one. There’s great stories to come from it, as evidenced from the source, and it’d be a great way to show the character as an empowered adult. Sally Field would have a whole new set of situations to react to, and it would really do wonders for what she could do with her portrayal.

        I’m not sure I agree with the Tobey Maguire comparison, though I am aware that it’s an opinion of mine. What gets me is, 50 years of Spider-man comics show that Peter Parker’s life outside of the suit is a soap opera. At its best, it’s just as entertaining to read about as the superhero hijinks. Peter Parker is a person whose life you would want to follow, maybe via video blog or podcast… something. I feel that I could say the same thing about Andrew Garfield’s portrayal, especially considering the story constructed around him. That was hardly the case with Tobey’s Peter Parker. Could Tobey have done more with the character if given more? I think so. Then again, Tobey has come forward in interviews and dvd commentaries and admitted to being uncomfortable with portraying Spider-man’s more comedic side. He also admitted to being a huge contributor to the jazz dancing antics of the black suited Spider-man. I was willing to see a 4th Spider-man movie with Tobey Maguire, but overall I don’t think Maguire’s contribution to the character were well informed, or adequate. This is already too long. Oye.

  19. I really liked hat traler better than the US version…on a side note the cotume is a costume. who cares eally what it looks like as long asits relate-able with spiderman in general most people will accept it

  20. This article implies that everywhere outside the US has no idea about the Spiderman comic book history / story lines IE the Sinister Six.
    Slightly insulting…..

    • I’m not sure that’s what the article is saying. I interpreted the article as saying that studios show less faith in U.S. audiences being interested in character driven stories, and believe that more action oriented trailers will garner the U.S. audience. Meanwhile, international trailers tend to get more meat in terms of story, and do not require the promise of a multi-film universe to entice them.

      • That makes sense. Either way Im a mad Spidey fan from as far back as I can remember. I think the Reboot was great, I think this one will be awesome and can;t wait for them to build up the Spidey universe.

  21. He’s never really a grown man say late 30. Even in Ultimate spiderman and as a new avenger, director fury has to deal with his immaturity.

  22. It has potential that’s for sure. Although both the “chimney” joke and the “I love you, sorry” gag were funny, I hope the movie doesn’t cross that fine line of too much comedy. I also have to say I like Garfield as Spider-Man much more than I did Toby. I can’t even say why, I just do.
    Either way I am sure I will be seeing it in theaters.

    Even if I didn’t want to, there is NO way my girlfriend lets me pass on ANY superhero movie. Then she will have the nerve to tell me “America love superhero!” (She’s Thai)
    No sweetie, I think YOU love superhero!

  23. Seriously, what the hell did they do to rhino? First Silver Samurai and now this. What’s the deal with turning everybody into transformers?

  24. Why does the suit look animated??? Is this cartoon ? and whats with the below par special effects??? First one had better quality of effects

  25. I like the comic-y approach on this one. They will patch up CGI over the next 6 months. Otherwise it would be closer to coming out, right? The comedy is great and all, but I’d rather see comedy where Spidey is on the verge of getting hurt or when he’s scared(Like I do). Like when I hear footsteps in the house at a sleepover I say, “it was probly just my farts.” But Spidey should say something when fighting Electro, “That was electrifying, oops that pun was yours I’m sorry.”Or something better than my C grade comedy XD.

  26. ha, like the humour and the excellent array of action sequences being dangled in front of us! Got goosebumps, has to be a good sign

  27. Definitely a todler movie. Cheap lines, cheap scenes of fans cheering. Oh boy.

  28. I loved the part where Peter tells Gwen “I love you don’t hate me” and then webs her to the car. Even when he’s in a suit, Andrew Garfield (who has great comedic timing) and Emma Stone have great chemistry.

    And Harry Osborn is definitely the goblin in this, not Norman. I can just tell by the quick eye shot, and that definitely looks like Dan’s eye, and not Chris’.

    Maybe Norman Osborn will be the type of villain that pulls the strings? Similar to Nick Fury.

    • I personally think the guy looking at the vials in the U.S. version is the goblin(HOB GOBLIN) although, I don’t know why it seems Dane is almost choking himself to get out words such as , “Well isn’t that the question of the day.” and line, “What about Peter?” He seems to have a hard time talking imo. Is that just his overall tone? I haven’t seen his other movies so I don’t know. And the Norman Osborn has a part, but the Bowler hat guy(AKA(IMO)is the Gentleman) is the key to the Sinister Six Saga. HE just gives a creepy presence.

  29. Is it me or does the CGI in these trailers really sucky?