New ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Images; Set Video Features Spidey and Max Dillon

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amazing spider man 2 max dillon New Amazing Spider Man 2 Images; Set Video Features Spidey and Max Dillon

Director Marc Webb continues to keep fans interested and build advanced buzz for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, by releasing a couple more photos from the set via Twitter; meanwhile, a video has surfaced, which shows the filming on a scene where Spidey (Andrew Garfield) first encounters Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx), prior to his transformation into Electro.

Webb’s sequel to his Spider-Man movie franchise reboot picks up the story threads left dangling in its predecessor, as Peter Parker (Garfield) continues to investigate the mystery connection between the OsCorp Industries founder, Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper), and his parents’ disappearance. At the same time, Pete tries (and fails) to keep his promise to the deceased Captain Stacy and not get romantically involved with his daughter, Gwen (Emma Stone) – even as Electro (Foxx), The Rhino (Paul Giamatti) and possibly other dangerous individuals who reside at the Ravencroft Institute emerge on the scene.

The latest photos Tweeted by Webb include the skeletal remains of ancient world creatures, presumably those found at an (OsCorp?) museum or similar institution in the movie. Webb just seems to be having fun here; all the same, it’s a reminder about the importance of animal traits – which humans like Pete adapt through bioengineering means – in the Amazing Spider-Man universe. That is something the sequel is expected to explore in greater depth, as Webb has teased before with images like the one labeled “Patient Zero.”


Moving on – the aforementioned set video offers a sneak peek at the scene where Spidey crosses paths with Max Dillon, prior to the latter becoming an electricity-wielding menace and threat to the people of New York. Here’s how Foxx previously described the initial meeting between Max and Spider-Man:

“He’s a nobody. At a certain point, Spider-Man bumps into him and says, ‘You’re my guy. You’re my ears and eyes on the street.’ Then he says his name, [Max] and no one has ever said [Max] Dillon’s name. He goes, ‘Wow’ and, when Spider-Man leaves, he sort of thinks that, ‘I am Spider-Man’s partner!’”

Check out the filming on that scene below:

Spider-Man antagonists are rarely (never?) flat villains, and its sounds as though Foxx’s take on Max Dillon will keep the course; though, it remains to be seen if the same holds true for Giamatti as The Rhino, given that the character traditionally has a criminal backstory in the source comic books.

Similarly, it goes without saying that Norman Osborn will become the Green Goblin at some point in a future movie, and there’s a strong chance that his son Harry (Dane DeHaan) could eventually morph from Peter’s friend into something quite terrible. Plus, who knows what Gwen’s ultimate fate (pun intended) will be in the Amazing Spider-Man movie series…

That’s to say, Pete’s life isn’t going to be getting easier anytime soon.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will release in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014.

Source: Marc Webb, Youtube

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  1. Te new spiderman suit is awesome! Looks beautiful! Haha

    Although I’m kinda gonna miss TASM suit. It really grew on me I liked it.

  2. wow, peter new girl is cute…

  3. The suit looks great! Best version of the Spidey suit on film yet.

  4. I prefer the suit in the first film. But I guess the fans won Marc over.

  5. I look at thoses skeletons and I can’t stop thinking about the Kraven…

    • Me too, I think he may be hinting at that.

      • Yeah! Maybe for the 3rd instalment? Would be great! Along with the green gobling? or maybe prior to him?

    • “Now there’s a challenge!” … I prefer Kraven the hunter as the main villain

  6. So I’d guess Spiderman said that to Dillon as a sort of a “thanks, it’s you people who help me do this job” and he takes it the wrong way, gets mad when Spiderman inevitably blows him off then wants revenge once he gains powers.

  7. The picture with the tusks, are positioned to where it looks like it belongs to a face of either, Darth Vader’s, Cthulu, or an evil octopus. ( the yellow background lights, look like eyes to me )

    • haha! i saw that too…that’s what made me click on this article… oh and yeah Kraven would work too since the fight of Lizard and Spidey took place.

    • It looks like there’s something superimposed onto the top half of the picture. A hologram, perhaps. An illusion. Mysterio?! Maybe I’m just jumping on the bandwagon that he’s the guy from the post-credits scene in The Amazing Spider-Man.

  8. I’ve kept my silence long enough: Sandy does not know what a pun is/means or how to use them effectively. There, I’ve said it.

    • I take that back: I meant to say this is the FIRST time Sandy has used a pun effectively.

      • Heh, well, I suppose I was bound to get one right eventually.

        • Lol, nice. Sorry about my comments. I was just grumpy this morning. Keep doing your thing, Sandy.

          • neptunesrings means the writing for Screen Rant, not that other thing. But keep that up too, no one ever said they hated it. You know what I’m talking about Sandy.

            *points and winks*

            • Lol @ Dazz and neptunesrings, no worries.

              P.S. In all fairness… when I do crack “puns,” they’re usually not very good. ;-)

              • Good puns are supposed to be bad, that’s what makes them good. If people aren’t groaning at your puns, then you aren’t doing them right.


  9. Holy sh*@, you mean Spider-man is actually gonna be out in the day time in Webb’s movie?! I’ll be gosh-darned.

    • finally haha

  10. Why does Spider-Man keep touching him all over. That doesn’t bode well for either of them.

  11. The new suit looks cool. Nice video btw. Its kind of a nice behind the scenes view on how movie scenes are shot.

  12. Kinda weird that Spidey’s boots have so much HEEL…but still pretty cool to see some filming and rehearsal on the street. I love the whole process of filming a scene, so this was really cool.

  13. ok so apparently he is like a wannabee superhero who gets shunned feels used and becomes a bad guy? ehh lol i liked electro so im pumped to see whats being done

  14. I’m not surprised the suit looks like Tobey Mcguire`s version I liked the first suit

  15. I’m wondering how they are going to pull off the Rhino. Paul Giamatti is great and I love the Rhino, but to bring him to the big Also hoping we get a legitimate Venom in the future, even if it isn’t Eddie Brock. Spider-man 3 made Venom look like a sissy.

  16. I’m wondering how they are going to pull off the Rhino. Paul Giamatti is great and I love the Rhino, but to bring him to the big screen seems risky. Definitely looking forward to seeing what they come up with though. I’m also hoping we get a legitimate Venom in the future, even if it isn’t Eddie Brock. Spider-man 3 made Venom look like a sissy.

  17. Loving the new suit. looks like foxxs electro is going to start out as a sympathetic character and turn malicious once gaining powers. my one worry is that it doesnt make this out as peter was a jerk to electro at some point and causes max dillon to hate him. hopefully it plays out where dillon himself is the cause of his accident, and peter tries to help him instead of asking dillon to join him, and thats when the rift between the two arises.

    • Well as an extra to what I said earlier in the comments, I imagine Dillon will try to recreate Spiderman’s powers so that he can “show him” after being shunned (almost causing an accident trying to help?) and his anger, jealousy and shock at his own transformation will cause him to blame Spiderman for his predicament.

  18. This movie can’t be finished fast enough!

  19. at first i thought the new spidey suit would turn out nicely, but now… ACK! it just doesnt looks like something real, that a real person would wear

    • The ASM suit didn’t look good in real footage either, but it turned out nice in post production.