New ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Images Tease Future Sinister Six Appearance

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Jamie Foxx Teases Sinister Six for Amazing Spider Man New Amazing Spider Man 2 Images Tease Future Sinister Six Appearance

One of the benefits that comes with living in a post-Avengers word is that live-action superhero ensemble movies – bringing together your favorite Marvel or DC comic book crime-fighters – are no longer an outlandish prospect. Thanks to Joss Whedon’s success with uniting characters like Iron Man, Thor and Captain America on the big screen, we’re now getting a film that features young and old versions of the same X-Men with X-Men: Days of Future Past. In addition, Warner Bros. is going to release a Batman/Superman teamup adventure, partially as a means for launching a larger shared DC universe (culminating with a live-action Justice League movie… somewhere down the line).

Sony is taking a different approach, in order to distinguish The Amazing Spider-Man franchise from the rest of the competition. As such, early signs do not point to next year’s second installment, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, laying the groundwork for Peter Parker to fight baddies alongside the Fantastic Four or Avengers – rather, the film may take steps to arrange an unavoidable future showdown between Spidey and a gallery of super-powered villains (an organization known in the comic books as the Sinister Six).

Eight newly-released Amazing Spider-Man 2 images and production stills contain some intriguing teases, with regard to the multiple antagonists who are going to appear in the sequel – like, Paul Giamatti as Russian mob enforcer Aleksei Sytsevich (who becomes The Rhino) and a hooded figure that is (presumably…) Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon transformed into his Electro state. However, one behind-the-scenes photo in particular contains the most blatant tease yet, with regard to a potential Sinister Six appearance in the future.

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For those unaware, the Sinister Six is an iconic clandestine organization of Spider-Man villains that – following the group’s comic book introduction in 1964 – has included characters like Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Lizard, Vulture, Electro and Rhino, among other science experiments-gone-wrong in the Spider-Man universe. Similar to superhero groups like The Avengers and Justice League, whenever Spidey’s opponents band together to take down their web-slinging archenemy, dysfunction amongst their own ranks can be as much a problem for them as the do-gooder whom they’re supposed to be focusing their time and effort to take down. In other words: a Sinister Six-oriented storyline is something that could be fun to see explored onscreen.

This isn’t the first not-so-subtle tease of a Sinister Six appearance in the Amazing Spider-Man universe. We’ve been speculating about the potential villain gathering since Amazing Spider-Man‘s mid-credits scene showed Curt Connors/Lizard (Rhys Ifans) being visited by a mysterious figure that many fans have theorized could be The Gentleman – a character with ties to the Sinister Six. More recently, Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2 director Marc Webb has lent more credibility to that theory, by suggesting that The Gentleman is an essential player in the franchise’s over-arching machinations.

Harry Osborn Amazing Spider Man 2 Interview Dane DeHaan New Amazing Spider Man 2 Images Tease Future Sinister Six Appearance

Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′

Combine all that with the fact that several potential Sinister Six members will have been introduced by the time the end credits begin rolling on Amazing Spider-Man 2 – plus rumors about how Dane DeHaan, Felicity Jones and unconfirmed cast member Jim Carrey are playing human characters who could transform into more dangerous creatures in the future – and it does seem as though the pieces are being put into place, with the intention of uniting Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker’s greatest enemies against him. (Maybe that will happen in the already-scheduled fourth Amazing Spider-Man installment?)

Are you onboard with the Sinister Six making an appearance in the Amazing Spider-Man universe?


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014.

Source: Sony/Columbia Pictures

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  1. Awesome, watching spidey take on the sinister six in a future film will be EPIC!!! I like the new look of the spidey suit.

  2. Bring on the Sinister Six

  3. Was it confirmed who Felicity would be playing? Pity maybe?

  4. Nice, can’t wait!

  5. I know that The Avengers was unfortunately a success but do you have to mention that in every superhero movie article? Whedon & The Avengers set the bar high, yes we get it!!!!!

    • I concur. Yes, The Avengers was the first of its kind and revolutionary to cinema to an extent, I get it. But can anyone deny the terrible quality of that film? Poor dialogue, weak story, over saturation of CGI and characters we just don’t care about that get way too much screen time (Hawkeye, Black Widow) I can understand why nerds liked Avengers, but really it was Transformers 3 with Iron Man, thor etc. and its all of a sudden the greatest movie of all time?

      • I’m trying to decide if your a DC fanboy who hates anything Marvel or just someone who is hyper critical of movies. You do understand why The Avengers would be referenced in an article about a comic book movie team up, right? There is a legitimate connection here.

        As for the Avengers hate on, is there really a need to trash it in a comment section about a Spider-Man article? They also referenced Man of Steel, another good comic book film with some issues, but no hate for DC?

        • PERFECTLY SAID!!!!

      • You can argue that there was too much CGI, maybe the dialogue was a little tongue in cheek, but you can not say this movie was Transformers 3. The Avengers had something Transformers has never had. Character. Each character has their own strenghts and weaknesses, and many flaws, and they are all thrown together and forced to save the world while dealing with their own problems and problems with each other. The robots smashing each other in Transformers never had to deal with inner issues, but the characters in the Avengers have personal struggles along with their physical struggles, and I feel like the movie captured this perfectly. It made me care about pointless characters like Black Widow (I’ll be honest, not so much Hawkeye). I never cared about the Hulk or Captain America before this movie despite being a comic fan, but the movie really showed of the kind of people they are behind their costumes, and It made me care about them more.

        Maybe its just because I’m a little younger and too me this movie is what Star Wars was to my parents, but I can honestly say this is one of the greatest films of all time.

      • “characters we just don’t care about that get way too much screen time (Hawkeye, Black Widow)”? Moost compaints are that those two didnt get enough screen time. Many, many people love those two, yet they didnt get much screen time(especially Hawkeye). I felt the dialoge was really good. Weak story? I thought it was a good story. Tell me how its weak and then give me an example of what you feel is a good story and I can probably break it down worse than you do Avengers.

  6. This article is extrapolation at it’s finest.

  7. YEAH! Sinister Six, please?! (though I could stand for a substitute to the suggested roster: Maybe Carnage in place of Conners/Lizard? Conners seemed a little to ‘nice guy’ in this incarnation… just a suggestion lol)

  8. Which six though?
    original? or more recent, with venom/carnage?
    We have lizard, Rhino, Electro, Green Goblin…. all we need are Kraven and vulture, or maybe mysterio.

    • Originals

  9. That last one was a really good hint.

  10. please send this straight to redbox or dvd release, no sense in wasting
    hard earned dollars of movie-goers if no other mcu characters are not around..

  11. God I hope not, SS are only good for a little light relief between major stories. Going down the road of the clone saga or the alien symbiotes would be far more interesting.

  12. A big story out of nothing. Nice going. You had me.
    The last photo is a sight gag. Nothing more.
    Nothing to see here SR. Move along.

  13. Can’t wait! It would be nice if they could add daredevil or iron fist or powerman to help but I think Disney has Daredevil back under their tent.

  14. hell yea baby !!!sin six!!!!

    who the f is the gentleman????and pity??? give us good characters that people know not some “one hit wonder” badies

    i just read online he has no powers so how did he appear in connors cell then disappear????? i still think it was mysterio but i dont get how he is connected to his parents if it is mysterio

    who else could it have been????

  15. The Sinister Six makes sense. Spider-man has a full gallery of super-villains. It could get a a little old with the story plots of each villain in solo movies; why not gather many of them together as a team, and be able to create a creative storyline to go with it. I know people criticize Spider-man 3 for having too many villains but as a team it can be done right. Having them set up as a team by the end of ASM 2 would help the audience get straight into the action and story of the Sinister Six for ASM 3.

  16. I just want to see the movie incarnation of Electro, man. I’ve never really liked Rhino or found him menacing. He is not smart. But, they seem to be changing some of the character aspects so they fit well onscreen. I trust Marc Webb with the series. He knows what he is doing and I hope that he doesn’t just forget about the bigger and wider story line, Peter’s parents.

  17. the problem with spiderman 3 WASNT TOO MANY BAD GUYS( i hate when people say that)….. the problem was TOO MUCH STORY LINE…they cramed story into one film

    1 spideys love life between getting engaged and gwen stacy
    2 spidey dawns black suite
    3 harry osborns transformation to bad guy to good guy
    4 eddie brook becoming venom
    5 spidey deffeating his greatest villian venom
    6 learning uncle bens killer was sandman

    honestly i would have kept venom for the fourth film

    • +1

  18. This movie is going to fire Spider Man right back into the A-List Blockbusters again – The 1st movie brought him back – Now they’re throwing everything at Spidey – I like where they are taking us…we don’t know where…but it’ll be awesome ! Can’t wait to see The Rhino at last !

  19. this could be very cool, but i still want venom and carnage. They are the best villains IMO

    • I wouldn’t be too surprised if Venom or Carnage end up making a cameo or even more in the 3rd installment.

  20. Hey Sandy Schaefer, i could be looking WAY too much into these pictures but doesn’t the second picture of Paul Giamatti (the one where he’s got the gun in his hand) look like theres a reflection of someone? it seems like someone is hanging upside down and his hair reflection is by Paul Giamatti neck. Could this be Doc Ock coming to recruit Rhino? I’m probably reading way too much into this.

  21. I so cant wait to see how RHINO will look in the big screen

  22. It’s been said that they want a potential spin off Venom movie right? Venom is introduced in ASM3, becomes the anti-hero by the end of the movie, but still hating spider man. Then he has his spin off movie letting fans become more familiar with him. Then in ASM4, lets say Carnage assembles the Sinister Six and Spider-Man needs Venoms help to take them down. Now you have the ackward tension between Spider-Man & Venom, but this means Spider-Man wont be fighting 6 villains alone, he’ll have Venoms help, and we all know how we’ll Venom and Carnage get along…

  23. Jim Carrey as Vulture? More likely than Carnage or Venom I would say

    • I think Carrey as Carnage would be great. Carnage is squirrel s*** nuts and Carrey has been pretty good at playing crazy.

  24. Spider-Man needs to extra special next year as its getting pretty boring..

  25. Yes!!! Sinister Six!!!!

  26. I’ve always wanted to see Mysterio and Carnage onscreen. When they reboot Venom I hope they don’t get some scrawny little sh** like Topher Grace. Brock/Venom was huge

  27. i hope there will be six of these movies then spidey makes a crossover. oh plaese not jim carrey. This film should be electro, the 3rd doc ock, the 4th green goblin, the 5th sinister six, and the 6th all returning villains except for doc ock who becomes—MONSTER OCK! ( via follow the spidey ps1 vid. game) pls let this lead up with the franchise.

  28. Jim Carey is probably playing Kletus Cassidy. It was rumored a few years ago that he was gonna play Carnage.

  29. I doubt carnage is going to be in the Spider-man films. I hope he is, but doubtful. As for Venom being in the Sinister six, not likely because they are both going to have different movie spin offs. And the Avengers not being a good movie? Are you dumb? The Avengers was a very good movie. Saying Black Widow and Hawkeye are not good characters for the movie..i am sorry, i did not know you wrote the comic books and excluded both of the characters? Because last i checked they were both in the Avengers in the comic books, but i am obviously wrong since they were pointless characters in the movie.