New ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Images Feature Jamie Foxx & Dane Dehaan

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the amazing spider man New Amazing Spider Man 2 Images Feature Jamie Foxx & Dane Dehaan

Today marks day 53 of filming on The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and if you were a fan of the first film then you should definitely be following Marc Webb’s Twitter account. The director, returning to the rebooted franchise after the critical and commerical success of last year’s Amazing Spider-Man, and has been tweeting a new photo for every day of the shoot, which is taking place in Long Beach, NY and other New York locations. Many of Webb’s sneak peeks can be parsed to garner hints about what might be coming – though others appear to be false herrings.

Though it’s still possible that we’ll see the return of Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors some time in the future, Webb has a whole host of villains – both potential and confirmed – lined up to square off against Spider-Man. Earlier images have teased a significant set-piece taking place inside the Ravencroft Institute, a maximum security insane asylum designed to contain inmates of a criminally superpowered nature. One such inmate (in the comics at least) was Maxwell Dillon, AKA Electro, a humble engineer who found himself able to manipulate electricity after a freak accident on a power line.

Last week we got a first look at Jamie Foxx as Electro, and now Marc Webb has revealed his appearance as plain old Max Dillon, sporting a very bad combover and some very big glasses. Tweeted yesterday and captioned simply, “My name is Max,” the new image shows Foxx in front of a large poster bearing Spider-Man’s face underneath some Japanese characters (the title of the poster is partially concealed, but the Japanese word for “spider” is just visible). There is another picture of Spider-Man visible in the background, but otherwise it’s difficult to make out exactly where this scene is taking place. Any guesses as to what might be going on?

jamie foxx electro 570x379 New Amazing Spider Man 2 Images Feature Jamie Foxx & Dane Dehaan

The Daily Mail has also published some photos of Foxx on set, apparently shooting the scene where Max heads to a very fateful day at work. His badge reveals that he works for Oscorp in the movie, rather than the local electric company, so it’s possible that we might see some variation from the comic books in the sequence where he gets his powers.

From the bottom rung of Oscorp’s employee structure, let’s now head to the top. Dane DeHaan - who gained superpowers of his own in Josh Trank and Max Landis’ Chronicle, and can currently be seen alongside Ryan Gosling in crime drama The Place Beyond The Pines - apparently underwent intense training and a high-calorie diet in order to bulk up for the role of Harry Osborn. It’s unclear at this point whether the athletic look is purely cosmetic or whether, as has been hinted, they’re planning to set up Harry as Spider-Man’s foe, Venom.

It’s difficult to see his new physique under this heavy coat and scarf, but DeHaan certainly looks the part of the rich-but-unhappy heir to the Oscorp throne in this new still, which gives us our first look at him in the role. DeHaan tweeted this image earlier today, giving himself the title of “The #Amazing Harry Osborn”.

dane dehaan harry osborn the amazing spider man 2 570x351 New Amazing Spider Man 2 Images Feature Jamie Foxx & Dane Dehaan

We’ve yet to see any images of Paul Giamatti as the Rhino, the other main villain for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, though it’s almost certain that we’ll get a look at him before filming is complete. In the meantime, here’s a Photoshop artist’s impression of what he might look like, courtesy of The Superficial.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 lands in theaters on May 2, 2014.

Source: Marc Webb and Dane DeHaan

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  1. ive seen actual electro photos on tumblr

  2. Looks to me like a wall of photos and other Spiderman related images with lines of string connecting them to a central point, like a stereotypical investigative wall of suspects.

    • Those look like laser-lights to me, like you might see in a dance-club.

      • The one directly behind his head certainly is a laser light which made me think initially that it was some sort of security breach but then the red and blue string-like line all in a sort of spider’s web seeming to meet at a centre point, along with the photos on the wall from each piece of string, made it more likely (in my opinion) that Dillon is working on trying to figrue out Spiderman’s identity for Osborn in the hope that he can be brought in and studied.

        Cure Osborn’s illness and all.

        • You might be right about the wall-chart-identity thing, but I don’t think it would be for Osborn. That would be in a high-tech lab with charts and diagrams, etc. This looks more haphazard to me, like it’s a personal revenge/obsession thing.
          Maybe the events in the previous movie with Connors causes a big drop in Oscorp funding or something which leads to Max being fired/downsized, etc.

          • Could be.

            My hypothesis is that maybe Dillon wants to either:

            * find out who Spiderman is and gain similar powers as revenge against his former employers

            * find out who Spiderman is and get himself not only reinstated but also promoted for helping to heal Osborn

            Either way, like you said, it’s a homegrown shrine and looks more of a personal search than an Oscorp thing.

          • You’re right about Max Dillon’s obsession with Spider-Man. Jamie Foxx said a while back that Dillon works as an informant for Spider-Man – his eyes on the street. He even thinks he is Spider-Man’s partner.

      • Could those lights just be pins which the strings attach too?

  3. Dehaan is looking great cant wait to see how he does in this

  4. spiderman has always been in my number 1 and number 2 category for favorite superhero. I have to say, though there were some dislikes about what sony did in amazing spiderman, I thought it was a good movie. The villain I would like to see in a future spiderman movie would have to be the kingpin. Butterbean looks exactly like the kingpin in size and face, however, I don’t think he is tall enough, and I am not sure he can act. Either way, I wouldn’t mind having the kingpin done in cgi. His size and girth, combined with the fact that he is amazingly quick for a man of his size, are just unrealistic I think. It would be good to have the kingpin be the main villain, while using an engineered supervillain (as kingpin’s stooge) to take down spiderman.

    • The Kingpin is a must imo in future sequels. He should be the Lex Luthor, and Joker for Spiderman films. Have him in control of the crime going on all around the city. Have him hire goons to take of his work like many of Spiderman villans like The Shocker, Sandman, Chameleon or whoever they want to pick. And when things get crazy, have the Kingpin himself fight Spiderman himself.

      • agreed.

        • Honestly, I’d rather see Michael Chiklis play The Kingpin in a Daredevil reboot that can feature other Marvel Knights characters (Elektra, Bullseye, The Punisher etc) as a more mature series of movies in the Marvel Movie Universe.

          • They would have to massively cgi him if they picked him for Kingpin. The Kingpin has to be a physical presence, that’s a must. It’s apart of what makes the character so dangerous.

            • Except that the Kingpin is no match for Spiderman in a physical match. Compare:
              Kingpin has peak human strength, so on par with Captain America (just strength)
              Spiderman has super human strength, can lift 13 tons. One time, when spidey wasn’t holding back, he beat kingpin to an inch of his life easily (since he killed aunt may). Add in his webs and superhuman agility and Kingpin will not be a credible threat. Perhaps for Daredevil.

              • Spidey’s strength really hasn’t been touched upon in this film so we don’t know if he is as strong as he is in the comics. And going by what you said, nobody is a match for spiderman if you wanna go that route.

                • except for hulk, colossus, Hercules, bleeding edge iron man, sentry, the thing, thor, silver surfr, juggernaut, drax, namor, technically ant man – and a bunch more im forgetting, but yea, no one.

          • I love Michael Chiklis, but not for Kingpin.

            For Kingpin, I’d rather have Will Sasso or Abraham Benrubi. If they still want to go with Kingpin being a big black dude, then they could try Bob Sapp. He’s not a good actor, though.

    • Marvel Studios owns the rights to daredevil now. I am pretty sure that means they own the rights to kingpin,being that he was in the fox daredevil movie

  5. Jamie Foxx looks awful, but I bet his transformation will make up for it. And Dane Deehan looks like he’ll be a great Harry.

  6. I like foxx as electro. I think this movie will be a good movie, as I base that decision on the last one. Foxx is a very good actor. I did see django unchained, and I thought it was a good movie. I do think a number 2 will be coming out. Kerry Washington is beautiful woman. I liked seeing her every time she had screen time. Gorgeous lady.

  7. @Mr. Day Kingpin is more of a Daredevil bad guy.

    • He still has an important presence in Spidey’s universe.

      • True but he’d be better suited as a Daredevil villain since that character doesn’t really have anyone to conflict with other than Bullseye and The Punisher. Plus he’s always been more associated in the comic books with Daredevil.

        As for Chiklis being CGIed….I don’t think he needs to be. Chiklis looks stocky enough and like he’d give a decent fight if pushed but also the smarts to be a mob boss (hell, he plays one in Vegas perfectly) that mostly stays in the background pulling the strings.

        CGI should only be used for characters like The Hulk/Red Hulk/The Thing/She-Hulk/Red She-Hulk/Rhino/Silver Surfer.

        Kingpin doesn’t need extra height or weight added digitally, just find someone who can look like him just enough and play him as we all imagine him to be when we read the comic books and we’re golden.

        • “Kingpin doesn’t need extra height or weight added digitally, just find someone who can look like him just enough and play him as we all imagine him to be when we read the comic books and we’re golden.”

          Can’t say i agree with you, Dazz. It’s one of the many reasons why folks, including myself, do not like the 6’3 hugh jackman playing the 5’3 wolverine. Nevertheless, your statement about looks is just that…the actor needs to look like the character in face, and also in body/height. Kingpin is 6’7 and well over 300 pounds. Chiklis is only 5’7. It wouldn’t work no matter how well of an actor chiklis is, and no matter how good of a job he does. The difference is too drastic.

          As for kingpin being “better suited” to take on dd, not sure if I agree with you there as well. Spiderman actually came very close in identifying the kingpin’s actual identity. I don’t remember the comic book number but i believe it was the one when spiderman went up against the foreigner. I do have the book. Nevertheless, the kingpin is very much immersed in spiderman’s gallery.

          I have to agree with Tay again, because kingpin’s physical presence is what makes him so dangerous, besides his brute strength. He is a character who has no powers at all.

          • That’s the thing though, heights and body shapes in comic books are so unrealistic that it’d be hard to find anybody to look the part in a movie.

            Michael Clarke Duncan worked due to his height and physical size but people complained about the colour of his skin.

            In my view, I really don’t care if Chiklis isn’t 6’7 and over 300lbs, if he has the look and acting ability plus the scripting to make the character work then so be it and complaining that someone isn’t tall enough or is too tall sounds to me like extreme nitpicking and completely ridiculous.

            Otherwise, the only actor who could ever play Wolverine would be Jackie Earle Haley and honestly, I could never see him as the character even if he is the right height (or close to it).

            • I’m not saying you must get an actor who is exactly 6’7 and well over 300 pounds to play the part, but you should at least get someone who is close enough. I don’t expect the directors to find a muscular/stocky actor who is exactly 5’3 to play wolverine, but there are actors who are close enough. For example scott caan could pull off wolverine and he is 5’5. Why go so far out of the box by getting an actor who is waaaay taller than the character (and yet, i think I heard a few years ago that jackman was chosen for the roll simply to atract the ladies into the theaters). That’s a prerequisite? If you went with a guy who is a foot taller than the actual character, why then not just get a guy who is 5’8 to play wolverine?

              Certain characters’ height is what makes the character, and wolverine’s shortness is what makes him such a dynamic character because here is a short man fighting and defeating foes who are much bigger than he is. Sabretooth refers to him as runt, while the hulk refers to him (and only wolverine) as little man because he is so short, thus it is his height that makes him an interesting character.

              Neverthesless, I don’t think it would be difficult to find a 6’7 actor, who has some weight to him, to play kingpin. You just have to look. I said this before a few years ago…I think the casting department is the one area that is overlooked/not taken seriously (as it pertains to comic book movies). You may very well find an unknown actor, moreso that a famous one to play kingpin, and I think that is the issue with a lot of people. Whenever these comic book movies are about to come out, the choices I hear from some of the folks as to who should play the main character (superhero) are very ridiculous. Folks mainly choose a-listers or people who are just well-known to play a specific superhero because they are a-listers or well-known. There are tons of unknown actors, many of whom I believe can act, and probably look more like a comic book superhero than the well-known actors/actresses in hollywood today.

              However, here’s the trick…causing kingpin to move (such as throw punches, not run) with the speed of an olympic athlete. This is the reason why i think kingpin should be cgi. Also, matching the character’s height does matter. The kingpin’s presence is very menacing because of his height and girth, despite the fact that he wears a white suit. It’s (his size and girth) really what he is known for, moreso than the fact that he controls a vast region of the criminal underworld. Just giving the roll of the kingpin to a 5’7 actor takes away from the character. I mean would it be ok to have a hulk movie with hulk having the same height and build as superman? of course not, but because you can’t find anyone that looks like him or even close enough, he was CGIed

              Folks should respect the character and that means respecting the image and likness of the character. I don’t undestand why some folks think it is ok to only respect the character’s likeness, while throwing out the image of the character. It makes no sense. Is it ok to just have anyone play the part? I mean should meryl streep play wonder woman? She’s an excellent actress, but she looks nothing like wonder woman (yet using your premise of AS LONG AS THE ACTOR CAN ACT THE PART seems to be enough for you).

              Duncan was fine as kingpin in the dd movie, and I have no problem/issues with an african american actor playing a comic book character that is white in the books. I have said this before including the reason which is–because there are not enough african american characters (particularly superheroes) in the comics as compared to their white counterparts (particularly in the MARVEL UNIVERSE); and though amazing spiderman 2 is slightly based on the ultimates (electro), other comic book movies which featured african actors/actresses playing comic book characters that are white (such as kerry washington playing alicia masters in the ff, and even the latina jessica alba playing sue storm) is a way for the directors of said movies to put hollywood’s money where its mouth is (a liberal industry yet with so few rolls for african americans and latinos).

              • “In my view, I really don’t care if Chiklis isn’t 6’7 and over 300lbs, if he has the look and acting ability plus the scripting to make the character work then so be it…”

                You are basically nolanizing the character of the kingpin.

        • And I agree with that, I’m just saying that he’s also a major character in Spidey’s universe so they should use him every now and then.

          However, I don’t agree with the second part. Having The Kingpin just stocky won’t work for me. He needs to stay along the size of Michael Clarke Duncan.

    • @ War clown

      Tay is right. Kingpin actually is an enemy of both spiderman and dd.

  8. That picture of Jamie looks rediculously cheesy. he looks awesome as electro though

  9. Well I can’t wait for this film too. Always been a huge spidey fan. Dehaan looks great as Harry and fox wil do justice to electro I think. Hoping for more official photos to come out soon.

  10. Looking forward to this one even though TAS was just “meh”, imho. It wasn’t a bad flick, just felt unnecessary. Glad to see Electro and Rhino making it to the big screen.

  11. Still can’t get over the fact that the son of the greatest nazi that ever lived (Red Skull) is black now. Is this some kind of a joke?

    • Actually that version of Electro is not Max Dillon…it’s Rheinholt Schmidt, so they’re not claiming Red Skull adopted…

      • Besides, I think that version of the character only existed in the ’90′s cartoon if I am not mistaken. Even if I am wrong, that is such an obscure version of the character when compared Max Dillon.

  12. That’s Harry Osbourne?! He looks like a bratty little kid who needs a spanking….but enough about the President Whang Dang Doodle of North Korea, and…oh, I’m mixing them up. Well, they both need their booties paddled to take the pouty looks and chubby arrogance off of their faces!

  13. Amazing Spider-Man 2 may turn out like the first one

  14. Dehaan makes a sweet harry

  15. Does anyone else think that Jamie Foxx looks like Samuel L. Jackson in Jurassic Park?

  16. If they don’t try and use the Kingpin, perhaps they could use L. Thompson Lincoln aka Tombstone. In the 90s animated series he was just kind of a thug, but in the Spectacular Spider-Man series, they made him a beast crime boss called The Big Man of Crime.