‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Images: Multiple Costumes & New Characters Revealed

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The level of intrigue surrounding The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been kept relatively high thanks to the cast and crew (and a few paparazzo) sharing small peeks behind the curtain of director Marc Webb’s sequel to his (semi-)successful franchise reboot. The first film was basically a re-tread of the Spider-Man origin story told in director Sam Raimi’s 2002 film; needless to say, some new material is being demanded from the sequel.

…And so far it looks as though we’re going to get it. With new villains (Electro and The Rhino… so far), a more classic costume, some iconic sights scene around the set – and today, some new characters and costume details – Amazing Spider-Man 2 is indeed distinguishing itself.

Multiple Spider-Man Costumes?

amazing spider man 2 mask costume1 Amazing Spider Man 2 Images: Multiple Costumes & New Characters Revealed

Spider-Man fanboys everywhere recently breathed a sigh of relief when it was revealed that Amazing Spider-Man 2 would feature a more classic Spider-Man costume design. While some people (like myself) were perfectly fine with the updated costume used in the first film, others were more… critical of the change.

Those same critics are therefore going to be further aggravated by the news that Spidey will be going through a wardrobe change in the film; the costume from Amazing Spider-Man 1 will still be present (before?)(after?) we see the new (classical) design. This much was revealed by William Spencer (via Spider-Man News), who is the stunt double for Spider-Man/Peter Parker actor, Andrew Garfield:


Amazing Spider Man 2 Multiple Costumes 570x570 Amazing Spider Man 2 Images: Multiple Costumes & New Characters Revealed

This will certainly cause even more speculation regarding why Spidey switches outfits during the course of the film – and whether or not there could be more costume surprises in store. For instance: could that previous image Webb tweeted indeed be Spidey’s black symbiote suit that leads to the birth of Venom? Or would that be too much for one movie?

Villain Prison: More Ravencroft Images

One of the more fun tidbits to be revealed thus far is the inclusion of The Ravencroft Institute in the film. In the comics, Ravencroft was a prison/psychiatric ward for hardened criminals – including famous Spider-Man villains like Cletus Kasady, the man who would become Venom’s psycho-symbiote offspring, Carnage.

Well, Marc Webb recently revealed the Ravencroft set piece in a twitter photo, and he’s since revealed more details about it – including the costumes of the security personnel that guard the place, and an authoritative figure played by Colm Feore, who comic book movie fans will remember as the actor who played the Frost Giant king in Thor:


Ravencroft Institute Security in Amazing Spider Man 2 570x379 Amazing Spider Man 2 Images: Multiple Costumes & New Characters Revealed

Colm Feore in Amazing Spider Man 2 570x349 Amazing Spider Man 2 Images: Multiple Costumes & New Characters Revealed

The Feore image was actually revealed first, creating a mystery about the strange logo on the wall pictured above – a mystery soon resolved when the same logo (bearing the name “Ravencroft Institute”) appeared in the image of the security guard (which Webb himself confirmed as “Security”).

My guess? Feore plays some sort of Ravencroft official – possibly a warden of sorts. Other sites speculate that he is in fact a villain, up to no good in this particular shot, but I’m not there yet. For awhile it was speculated that the actor was playing the new Norman Osborn (until Chris Cooper was confirmed for that role) – the same the type of over-speculation that hounded news of his Thor casting, until we learned his role in that film was minor at best. Don’t be surprised if he plays little more than a supporting role in ASM2, as well.

As for the villain cameos that could possibly be waiting just beyond the frames of those Ravencroft images? Your guess is as good as ours. Hopefully they’re pretty sweet.

If you haven’t seen them, check out these other pics:


The Amazing Spider-Man will be in theaters on May 2, 2014.

 Sources: Twitter (Link 1, Link 2, Link 3) & Spider-Man News

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  1. Just right there Feore looks like he’d be a great Vulture.

    • I could see that. Maybe he is the warden or something, and there’s a massive breakout. Ashamed he couldn’t do anything to stop it, he decides to take matters into his own hands. But the power gets to him, and he becomes what he initially wanted to stop.

    • John Malkovich would also make a fine Vulture 😉

      • So would Tweety-Bird. Nuts to the “Moultin’ Man”, let’s have Scorpion and Mysterio!

    • I know right i noticed it too

    • I was thinking the same thing! All he needs is a biologically redesigning experiment(like they did with the Lizard only on purpose) to give him wings, and BOOM! Next movie’s villain.

      • recent news shows that electro and maybe rhino will be the next villans

  2. Be nice to a cameo from the scorpion and maybe the shocker.

    • I meant it would be nice to see a cameo.

      • Oh, a cameo…isn’t that those little pieces of ladie’s Victorian jewelry that feature perhaps the silhouette in ivory of a woman’s head on a brooch, necklace, or pin? Yes, they are quite nice, subtle, and dignified.

  3. Give ownership back to Marvel….

    • No.

      Webb’s team is giving us the Spider-Man movies we’ve deserved all along. It’d be like Legendary having the rights to Batman while DC can’t release movies with WB involving the character and complaining that DC should have the rights to Batman back after Batman Begins released.

      TASM was the best movie the web slinger has been in to date (ie it wasn’t goofy and made Peter Parker realistic instead of turning him into a poorly written, poorly acted nerd stereotype).

      • Marvel has enough on their hands. We most likely wont be seeing a hulk movie till late phase 3 even tho he was the big standout in the avengers. Give them back xmen and spidey you may never see movies for many heroes

      • Salute to you, Sir.

      • You deserve a Medal !

      • Well said! And if anything needs a reboot, it’s the entire X-Men universe!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more

  4. Still curious about wheter Mysterio is going to make an appearance or not myself, while electro may be the villian for this one, I could definately see a setup for mysterio happening

    • Electro AND Rhino are in ASM 2.

      • I know isn’t it awesome

  5. Colm Feore (fantastic in The Borgias by the way) could be like that other great actor Stanley Tucci when he appeared in Captain America.

    Minor role but pivotal.

    If we wanna get into “over excitable fanboy conspiracy theory” territory then lets pretend that he’s playing a SHIELD agent in secret as a tie-in for TASM/Avengers to merge as they almost did with Oscorp Tower appearing in the skyline.

    Realistically though, I’d say he’ll be the warden in charge of Ravencroft blackmailed into allowing Oscorp’s experiments on his “unsavory” patients/prisoners with no family to miss them.

  6. I really liked te redesign for the first one. Kinda bummed there changing it but I like the design for this one too. Would prefer the first one though. Can’t wait for this movie.

  7. Exacerbate means to make a situation worse. Critics can’t be exacerbated.

    • What? I didn’t see that word anywhere in the article or comments.

  8. I dont see anything about Venom off IMDB ? I see Jamie Foxx playing Electro and Paul Giamatti possibly doing Rhino ?

    • That’s because we may be seeing Harry Osborn become Venom like in the Ultimate Spiderman universe. It’s all just speculation at this point but Webb tweeted a pic of the very locker from the comic books where the Venom suit is housed.

  9. Spidey may need a certain type of suit if he is facing Electro.

    • You know hat I think? Spidey had electric web-shooters in the first film right? Now in this new one, we get the impression that its MECHANICAL. That means maybe during his first bout with electro, his web-shooters get shocked and don’t work any more. So he has to come up with new mechanical web-shooters. That would be great if Marc put that in.

  10. Using Ravencroft will be a good way to set up Venom and Carnage. Maybe even set off a spin off Venom movie with Carnage as the villain. Could see that happening with the end of TASM2 showing Venom/Brock incarcerated.

    • Honestly I hope there’s no Venom or Carnage, I’m kinda tired of meta-morping , formless foes. I find them both boring one trick ponies. I wish Marvel would go with characters that require less CGI (except where needed!) I would really enjoy guys like Kraven, Mysterio, Vulture -classic foes and less stuff like Venom/Carnage -I find them to be lazy development wise, everything is about what shapes they can take. We need more beatdowns! . a no holds barred ,trash a city type brawl you know -like the Avengers but Spidey style!

      • Eh?

        Venom and Carnage aren’t about making shapes at all, they’re villains with the exact same powers as Spidey and with an ability to not show up in his spider sense.

        The fact that Venom is more vicious and ruthless and Carnage is plain psychotic also add to their menace and make them two of his greatest villains (which is saying something since Spiderman has loads of great villains, like Batman, all great in their own way).

        • @Dazz-Spiderman-Strength, Speed, Spidey-Sense, ability to adhere to most surfaces. Uses man-made spider-silk “shooters”.

          Venom and Carnage- Strength,Speed, invisible to Spiderman’s “Spidey-Sense”, can adhere to surfaces .Able to forms sharpened weapons from body mass, especially around hands/Talons?. Can throw projectiles from body mass, can extend portions of body mass across distances. Possible vision/audio abilities and their human “co-pilots” are apparently safe from harm inflicted on symbiotes.
          . The studio will focus on the fact that they can form weapons and honestly its dull. Spidey may as well fight the Blob (the Steve McQueen version). I just find the two villains to be similar and for all their dark traits just boring. I want to see obscure and kinda strange villains not spiderman knock-offs.

  11. He will likely start out with the suit from the 1st movie and somehow that suit gets destroyed (likely in a battle). I think he comes back for revenge wearing the 2nd suit (the first photo of the new suit for this movie).

    • Maybe the 2nd suit represents him growing up? Gets a good kicking in the first suit and then comes back in the all new design

      • Thats what i’m thinking and hoping for man i’m actually glad that the movie will most likely not just start out with Peter in the new suit because i’d prefer if it was transitioned i like the old suit just fine but i think i ay like this new one better because it just looks to me like SPider-Man came right out of the comics. Images that i really want to see or maybe the concept art i guess for Rhino because i love Giamatti as an actor and i’m curious to see how he will look as rhino.

        • Please learn to use some punctuation. That was almost unreadable.

          • He will buy the new spidy suit when his is all torn up. he will be a celebrity so they will be selling costumes

  12. “This will certainly cause even more speculation regarding why Spidey switches outfits during the course of the film – and whether or not there could be more costume surprises in store.”

    Why else?
    To sell toys and other merchandise. Duh.

    • What’s your point?

  13. i like the amazing spider man suit

  14. Next villains should be Mysterio and Scorpion!

  15. There will not be multiple costumes in TAS2. The photo that Will posted on IG and his FB was from the first movie. He corrected himself after he realized his mistake in replying to the person who asked about if it was from TAS2, which it’s not. Just want to keep things accurate :)

    • But he immediately back-tracked from his original comment. People now think he wasn’t supposed to reveal that kind of information so soon.

  16. “paparazzo” is singular. “paparazzi” is plural. it’s not that hard to learn this, surely, even for an American.

    • There’s no need to be rude towards anyone.

  17. Costume change in movie is good, shows evolution show a reason why. Spidey gets his costume ripped up all the time. The first movie should of focused MORE on the costume, how it was made, ideas and building the web shooters, becoming the Spider-Man instead of hashing out a typical teen movie romance and throwing a football into a goal post. God.

    • 100% agree.

      This movie has the POTENTIAL to be great, but too many scenes like the one you mentioned will stop that from happening. I think Webb learned some lessons from the first one and hopefully is more focused this time around. I have high hopes.

      • The teen romance parts as you called it were perfectly done and there wasn’t much romance.

        He liked Gwen, got awkward around her, the only romance was dinner at her place. The movie set up not only how awkward Peter is as a person but him discovering his powers and creating the suit to hide his identity before the showdown with Lizard.

        It was perfectly done. I guess those who claim to have not been awkward in high school or seen as kinda geeky and unpopular won’t understand the first movie at all and thus hate it.

  18. I hope this film at least gives us a glimpse of Cletus Cassidy that way there will still be hope for carnage, the third movie could be full of symbiotes

  19. I think they might try to go with the sinister six storyline and set up for venom in the next movie. As far as how they should have gone with the first one, i think they could’ve avoided the romance with Gwen (not rushed into it). They said they wanted to make it a movie chicks would enjoy…being that spidey was my favorite hero, I hope they do a better job with the next. Not that the first was terrible, just could’ve been better.

  20. Can I please view a trailer for the amazing spider man 2