‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′: New Green Goblin Revealed & Explained

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Amazing Spider Man 2 Harry Osborn Green Goblin Image Amazing Spider Man 2: New Green Goblin Revealed & Explained

By the time Amazing Spider-Man 2 arrives, it could bring with it some of the worst kept secrets of any upcoming superhero movie. Even before the sequel was announced, there was speculation that director Marc Webb could be steering the franchise toward a showdown between Spider-Man and the super-villain team, The Sinister Six – and that’s been unofficially confirmed several times over.

A recent banner spotted overseas showed some of the first official images of Jamie Foxx’s Electro (the supposed central villain of the film) and Paul Giamatti’s Rhino (in mechanical form) taking on Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) with the help of a third villain… one riding a familiar-looking glider device.

Speculation has raged ever since that the third figure in the banner is the new version of The Green Goblin – but whether that Goblin would be Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) or his father Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) was a matter of mystery.

…But maybe not so mysterious anymore:


Green Goblin in Amazing Spider Man 2 280x170 Amazing Spider Man 2: New Green Goblin Revealed & Explained

[Update: High-Res Banner Released]

Amazing Spider Man 2 Official High Res Banner 570x301 Amazing Spider Man 2: New Green Goblin Revealed & Explained


The design of the character (whomever is playing him) would seem to fall in-between the  super-serum humanoid form of the classic Green Goblin, the gene-spliced monstrosity of the Ultimate Spider-Man continuity – and of course, James Franco in Spider-Man 3.

Oddly enough, the face on that Goblin figure looks most like franchise star Andrew Garfield; but taking that out of consideration, the smart money says that the figure is indeed Dane DeHaan’s Harry Osborn. While there’s been back-and-forth rumoring that DeHaan’s Harry Osborn could be the new Goblin or a new version of Venom (being groomed for a possible spinoff), the scales got tipped to the Goblin side when ASM2 actress Felicity Jones let slip that her mysterious character (possibly Black Cat?) would be playing “The Goblin’s girlfriend” in the movie. Even though she didn’t specify, it was a pretty sure bet that she was referring to Harry Osborn (Norman would just be creepy, really).

Screen Rant sat down with DeHaan multiple times over the last few months, and we took the opportunity to touch on the Goblin rumors. Here’s what he said:

Amazing Spider Man 2 Peter Parker Harry Osborn 570x353 Amazing Spider Man 2: New Green Goblin Revealed & Explained

 He’s doing stunt work in the film – so Harry WILL see some kind of action:

Dane DeHaan: Yeah, it was a really exciting challenge of a part and it wasn’t only a mental challenge, it was a physical challenge as well. I underwent a really big training regime, the days were long and that kind of thing. I don’t want to get into too much detail because I think there’s a lot in the movie that’s going to be really exciting for people to not know going into it.

When I asked him directly about  Jones’s “Goblin’s girlfriend” mention, DeHaan tried to play coy, but the evidence was still there:

Dane DeHaan: Well Harry is a big womanizer you know so anybody that thinks they’re Harry’s love interest is wrong if she said that! [Laughs]… The Goblin’s girlfriend? That’s gross if she’s dating a Goblin, that’s disgusting. Not to judge… [Smiles]

To complete this picture, we’ve had viral teases from director Marc Webb himself; one image depicted a locker that (in comic lore) contains a powerful (Goblin-related?) formula; the other image depicted a ‘gene chamber’ and the ominous tease of a gun and Harry-sized tee-shirt on the floor. Taken altogether, both images seem to suggest a scenario where someone (Harry) follows  up a major breakdown or violent act (killing his father?) by taking some kind of serum and hitting the gene chamber… to become the Green Goblin.

Amazing Spider Man 2 Teaser Photo Image Gene Chamber Green Goblin 570x379 Amazing Spider Man 2: New Green Goblin Revealed & Explained

As I said: unless there is some kind of additional twist, or the banner image is somehow misleading, this Harry/Goblin business is likely going to end up being one of the worst-kept secrets of the ASM2 production. Moreover, that banner is going to spark all kinds of Spider-Man 3 fears.

That final installment of Sam Raimi’s trilogy suffered from an overcrowding of villains – Goblin, Venom and Sandman. Unless screenwriters Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and and Jeff Pinkner have this thing tightly streamlined (and there’s evidence that Norman Osborn’s gene experimentation could do just that) then that “Spider-Man 3 itis” could be a real threat.

Does that Goblin figure look like Harry Osborn to you? Could it be Chris Cooper in the Goblin suit? Are there too many villains in this film – or is this just warm-up to a Sinister Six showdown?


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters on May 2, 2014.

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  1. 1st….its harry 1st then norman!!!!

  2. It looks like Willem Dafoe to me…

  3. That’s Dane’s face, and he’s made that same expression in other roles.

    But…too many villains.

    • So far only 3 villains. Jesus Christ the horror!

      • If they didn’t write the three villains well in one film, they should NEVER do three villains EVER again lmao.

        • Like the reason why Spiderman 3 failed was because of the 3 villains.

          • Exactly, Sony never learns from their mistakes, geez. (We’re being sarcastic right? aha)

          • It isn’t that 3 villains couldn’t work. It was more because Sam Raimi wasn’t on board with there being 3 villains. Considering he was one of the film’s main writers, the project was doomed. Besides that though, many key players in the creative team behind the reboot have changed, except for some of the producers like Avi Arad. This one has a shot, but I’ll concede that overcrowding is still a possibility.

          • Spider-man 3 didn’t fail because of 3 villains it failed because of horrible writing and bad direction. The Director did not under stand the character of venom, or even the fact that a guy with organic web shooters in his wrists would by reflex web the metal piling next to him instead reaching out first. It failed so badly, that the even topped it off by making sandman uncle ben’s killer. sigh

            • I’m not really worried. The problem with the multiple villains in Spiderman 3 was that they tried to make it a stand alone movie and fit all the villains story arcs into the one film. To this day I believe we would have seen a Raimi Spiderman 4 if the Venom reveal had been a cliffhanger and they had left the character to his own movie instead.

              • Webb has given me the impression that we aren’t going to see all the villains in this episode finished off by the end.

            • The Sandman as Uncle Ben’s killer was overkill!!! Too much to process in one movie. Which reminds me: Did Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker ever find the guy who killed Uncle Ben, or is that being put on hold for something even bigger?

              • Sandman killed Uncle Ben, remember. They have to introduce Sandman before Garfield can catch Uncle Ben’s killer.

                It’s like some people don’t even watch the original movies.

                • I sure do hope this is sarcasm

                  • ;-)

    • 3 villains gets problematic when there’s already script or production problems and you wedge in more characters than is needed. It’s a basic screenwriting precept, the writing has to be very strong to handle more than a few main characters.

      • I think you guys are going overboard. Harry probably won’t become the green goblin till the final battle of the movie. He will be regular Harry Osborn for most of the movie and then be some kind of accident while testing the chamber so can save his father

    • Plot twist! It looks like Andrew Garfield actually!

  4. I already know people are going to bash it, but I like it. I don’t care what anyone says, the GG will always look somewhat goofy in film.

  5. It doesn’t look like the Green Goblin to me, I mean in one side of the poster we actually see the face of a real Green Goblin. Could it be that it’s someone else?

    • What do you mean you see the face of a real Green Goblin? I realize it’s hard to see too much on the photo but I don’t see anything of the sort. A little help please?

      • You can see a green, bald face on top of Electro’s left shoulder. It looks a bit like the Ultimate Green Goblin, but it has the iconic hat (or at least it looks like it).

        • I see it too, actually looks a bit better if I’m seeing it right. The one that’s magnified is way too blurry for me to get an opinion on it. I like the overall silhouette and what they’re going for though.

      • http://cdn.screenrant.com/wp-content/uploads/amazing-spider-man-2-poster.jpeg

        Look over Electros shoulder on the giant screen. To me, that is not the same face as the one they are showing… Looks like the mask, not the face under it.

  6. Everybody HAS apologize for mocking the Raimi Green Goblin suit now.

  7. And this film isnt going to be overcrowded with villains. Two villains are perfectly fine, and the Rhino is only going to be in one scene in which he gets humiliated by Spidey

  8. that’s dane dehaan face

  9. how is andrew garfield gonna play the green goblin and spider man cause thats what the face looks like lol i hope he gets paid more for being the hero and the bad guy. if that is harry osborn than they made him look too much like garfield.

      • http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/500x/43017202.jpg

        Funny cause I agreee with Truealpha521

        • You think Spiderman has an evil double who takes the mantle of being the green goblin even when you already know who is playing Harry Osborne? (not Garfield)

          Either that is one of the stupidest things I have ever read, or you are trying to get a troll to continue his “look at me” outburst…

          I would prefer to think is is the latter of the two, but because this is the internet, I cannot be sure.

          • all Im saying is that picture looks a lot like Garfield…Not DeHaan. The face looks like the face of Garfield where he and DeHaan are on set together (pictured above in article)

            • You say “that picture looks a lot like Garfield”

              truealpha521 claims that its the same person…

              You said you agreed with him…

              So what do you mean, exactly? Do you think it is the same person or not? Did you mean to say that you DISAGREE with truealpha521? Or maybe did you mean to say that you think it is the same person as well?

              Seriously, even more than with Truealpha521, http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/500x/43017202.jpg

              Think. Type.

              • @BBJ… What?

                You attack someone when you don’t even have the ability to read and comprehend what you just read.

                “So what do you mean, exactly? Do you think it is the same person or not? Did you mean to say that you DISAGREE with truealpha521? Or maybe did you mean to say that you think it is the same person as well?”

                You ask three questions, two of the are the same all of your questions can be answered by his post.

                Read. Understand. Reply.

                • Three questions and two of them being the same? Typo.

                  Now back to the subject at hand. Keep in mind, that I am asking clay, not you, a question. So stop trying to change the subject so your boyfriend can lick his wounds.

                  I shall await eagerly for a response, clay.

                  • Honestly I take Truealphas original response as sarcasm. I don’t think he actually thinks it is going to be Garfield. That is why I agree with him.

                    I think that the picture is a photo shopped pic of Garfield.

                    I at least don’t think it is Dehaan.

                    • There is few things that make them look similar, I’ll give you that. But not the same person. Even if it is photo shopped, the end result will not be a “Spiderman clone turned into the new Green Goblin”. (but if it is, I will never watch a Spiderman movie owned by the same company ever again)

                      Here is what I think will happen, Harry becomes the Green Goblin (on the glider) after he dies (or defeated, or goes into a coma, or whatever) his father is so crazed because of this that he takes a higher dose of “Goblin serum” and becomes this:
                      Complete with all the abilities of the Ultimate Green Goblin.

  10. Looks awesome and I’m really glad they went the route of having DeHann as Green Goblin (if that is him, it looks like him anyway). I was hoping he’d be Venom or something but Green Goblin is still something I can be excited about. Can’t wait for this film, and I believe 3 villains is not too many at all. It’s all about the writing and how the develop the characters. I’m betting we’ll just see Rhino’s basic transformation, and the rest of the film will deal with Max Dillion becoming Electro and Harry and Parker’s relationship going down the drain to soon result in the Goblin.

  11. It’s pretty sad state of affairs when the Raimi Goblin looks better than this version. Why is it so hard for Hollywood to use the source material? Ugh! Just bland and completely unforgettable, like Goblin II in SM3.

    • He looks pretty horrible in the source material

    • @ Steven

      New Goblin looked like a snowboarder in Spidey 3.

    • Doing a straight version exactly like the comics would look hilariously comical in a live-action film.

      • Ya because the Lizard didn’t look at all comical as a giant cartoon gecko.

        • @ Comment

          Ya, Lizard reminded me of Killer Croc from Batman:TAS or a Goomba without the snout. If they use Killer Croc, they better give him a snout so he & Lizard don’t look the same.

          • You guys are stupid, the made no snout because they wanted the Lizard to talk and not make look like a goomba or the Geico gecko. Amateurs…

  12. Looks like Raimi’s Green Goblin without the mask.

  13. Why not used Hobgoblin first to test the source material out in the first place.

  14. looks cool.

  15. On every site I’ve seen this pic on everybody has been bashing it. I’m sort of mixed on it. I actually really dig Willem Dafoe’s Goblin costume. It could have been worse but it worked fine. But this movie, people need to chill. Rhino is barely gonna be in this movie. They’re gonna introduce his character, have a quick fight scene and leave. I’m betting the Goblin won’t appear until the end or a post credits scene and the reason he’s on the poster is to spark interest. The movie is called Rise of Electro after all so people saying this gonna be the next Spider-Man 3, chill out a bit. You want a Sinister Six? This is leading to it. You can’t have 6 individual Spider-Man movies introducing one new villain. They’re gonna knock a couple out in each movie while building to something bigger, a la Green Goblin.

    • Atually from the leake trailer, it looks kike all villains are gonna have their fair share…and the rhino will be donning that mech-suit

    • “Rhino is barely gonna be in this movie. They’re gonna introduce his character, have a quick fight scene and leave.”

      That’ll be some fight…

      [Rhino punch]
      [Spidey punch]
      RHINO: Okay, I gotta go.
      SPIDEY: Dueces.

  16. I think this is all a ruse to throw us off…

    Look at the photo of Garfield and Dehaan smiling. Then look at goblin… The pic looks like Garfields face has been transposed to the green goblin pic.

    Either way. It looks like Garfield not Dehaan.

    • this

  17. I’m really liking that poster/banner, it’s one of the best I’ve seen. I don’t know why everybody is so worried about the whole ‘”too many villains” aspect, I don’t think they’re going to make the same mistake’s that made them reboot it in the first place.

  18. i really hope they don’t add the pointy jester looking hat

  19. Awesome! they got Billy Idol to play the green goblin!! this is gonna be the bestest movie ever!

  20. All….it is Garfields face! Not Dehaan. They transposed it from the pic with he and Dehaan where the 2 are smiling together and looking chummy

    • Which also means that the Rhino stuff is most likely fake!! Thank God.

  21. Fake.

  22. The Amazing Spider-Man 3′s villains will be Doctor Octopus, Kraven The Hunter, And Mysterio.

    • Did you just see a falling star? Cause that is a good wish!

      Part 3 should involve Chameleon and Mysterio with Osborn pulling strings followed by death of Gwen.

      Part 4 should be Kraven getting revenge for his half brother (chameleon) as well as Doc Ock

  23. I just really wish they would have gone the route of the Spectacular Spiderman TV series. The Goblin was so perfectly well done its insane.

  24. Wish they would call him Hobgoblin. It would be pulling from the Ultimate comics and would also help distance them from the original Spider-man films.

  25. looks kind of dumb to me.

    nothing beats the test makeup for raimi’s original for the gg.
    aside from the eyes, that costume would have scared children for decades!

  26. “Unless screenwriters Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and and Jeff Pinkner have this thing tightly streamlined (and there’s evidence that Norman Osborn’s gene experimentation could do just that) then that “Spider-Man 3 itis” could be a real threat.”

    Freeze: Isloate: Magnify: “Alex Kurtzman, Robert Orci” >>> Ummm…

  27. *Isolate.

  28. If anybody is worrying about an overcrowd of villains in this one, I don’t see how they’ll be excited for the Sinister Six showdown that is inevitably going to happen. And Spiderman 3′s problem wasn’t the overcrowd of villains, it was the choices they made with those that hurt the story a lot. The stories weren’t coherent. The Amazing Spiderman 2 seems to be moving in the opposite direction, which is the right one. All the villains appearing are part of something bigger at work, part of an Oscorp conspiracy which will be hinted at if not explained completely.

    • Agreed. If Osborne’s mutagenic plan results in a ton of supervillains creating havoc in New York, then Sony can dispense with trying to make every single one of them tie into Peter Parker’s life like some metaphysical soap opera and just have bad guys being bad guys. The soap opera approach is a studio’s lazy way of making audiences care about characters, when there’s a lot more that goes into than creating convenient, ill-fitting puzzle pieces.

      • Exactly, and people need to stop complaining about the Mech-Rhino. I’m a huge fan of Rhino in the cartoons and I love his look in them. But, since Lizard came out looking a little weird, they did this. And we all know Webb loves the Ultimate version of the characters. They look very awesome and the story is intriguing. I can’t wait for Harry Osbourn and I can’t wait for The Gentleman, if it is indeed him, I can’t wait for Electro sparking up the place, and I can’t wait to see Richard Parker’s secrets revealed which I’m hoping are directly related to the development of the Sinister Six.

  29. it looks too much like garfield lol

    • Agree….Looks like they took his face from the picture with he and Dehaan on set together (picture from above in article)