‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′: New Green Goblin Revealed & Explained

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Amazing Spider Man 2 Harry Osborn Green Goblin Image Amazing Spider Man 2: New Green Goblin Revealed & Explained

By the time Amazing Spider-Man 2 arrives, it could bring with it some of the worst kept secrets of any upcoming superhero movie. Even before the sequel was announced, there was speculation that director Marc Webb could be steering the franchise toward a showdown between Spider-Man and the super-villain team, The Sinister Six – and that’s been unofficially confirmed several times over.

A recent banner spotted overseas showed some of the first official images of Jamie Foxx’s Electro (the supposed central villain of the film) and Paul Giamatti’s Rhino (in mechanical form) taking on Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) with the help of a third villain… one riding a familiar-looking glider device.

Speculation has raged ever since that the third figure in the banner is the new version of The Green Goblin – but whether that Goblin would be Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) or his father Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) was a matter of mystery.

…But maybe not so mysterious anymore:


Green Goblin in Amazing Spider Man 2 280x170 Amazing Spider Man 2: New Green Goblin Revealed & Explained

[Update: High-Res Banner Released]

Amazing Spider Man 2 Official High Res Banner 570x301 Amazing Spider Man 2: New Green Goblin Revealed & Explained

The design of the character (whomever is playing him) would seem to fall in-between the  super-serum humanoid form of the classic Green Goblin, the gene-spliced monstrosity of the Ultimate Spider-Man continuity – and of course, James Franco in Spider-Man 3.

Oddly enough, the face on that Goblin figure looks most like franchise star Andrew Garfield; but taking that out of consideration, the smart money says that the figure is indeed Dane DeHaan’s Harry Osborn. While there’s been back-and-forth rumoring that DeHaan’s Harry Osborn could be the new Goblin or a new version of Venom (being groomed for a possible spinoff), the scales got tipped to the Goblin side when ASM2 actress Felicity Jones let slip that her mysterious character (possibly Black Cat?) would be playing “The Goblin’s girlfriend” in the movie. Even though she didn’t specify, it was a pretty sure bet that she was referring to Harry Osborn (Norman would just be creepy, really).

Screen Rant sat down with DeHaan multiple times over the last few months, and we took the opportunity to touch on the Goblin rumors. Here’s what he said:

Amazing Spider Man 2 Peter Parker Harry Osborn 570x353 Amazing Spider Man 2: New Green Goblin Revealed & Explained

 He’s doing stunt work in the film – so Harry WILL see some kind of action:

Dane DeHaan: Yeah, it was a really exciting challenge of a part and it wasn’t only a mental challenge, it was a physical challenge as well. I underwent a really big training regime, the days were long and that kind of thing. I don’t want to get into too much detail because I think there’s a lot in the movie that’s going to be really exciting for people to not know going into it.

When I asked him directly about  Jones’s “Goblin’s girlfriend” mention, DeHaan tried to play coy, but the evidence was still there:

Dane DeHaan: Well Harry is a big womanizer you know so anybody that thinks they’re Harry’s love interest is wrong if she said that! [Laughs]… The Goblin’s girlfriend? That’s gross if she’s dating a Goblin, that’s disgusting. Not to judge… [Smiles]

To complete this picture, we’ve had viral teases from director Marc Webb himself; one image depicted a locker that (in comic lore) contains a powerful (Goblin-related?) formula; the other image depicted a ‘gene chamber’ and the ominous tease of a gun and Harry-sized tee-shirt on the floor. Taken altogether, both images seem to suggest a scenario where someone (Harry) follows  up a major breakdown or violent act (killing his father?) by taking some kind of serum and hitting the gene chamber… to become the Green Goblin.

Amazing Spider Man 2 Teaser Photo Image Gene Chamber Green Goblin 570x379 Amazing Spider Man 2: New Green Goblin Revealed & Explained

As I said: unless there is some kind of additional twist, or the banner image is somehow misleading, this Harry/Goblin business is likely going to end up being one of the worst-kept secrets of the ASM2 production. Moreover, that banner is going to spark all kinds of Spider-Man 3 fears.

That final installment of Sam Raimi’s trilogy suffered from an overcrowding of villains – Goblin, Venom and Sandman. Unless screenwriters Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and and Jeff Pinkner have this thing tightly streamlined (and there’s evidence that Norman Osborn’s gene experimentation could do just that) then that “Spider-Man 3 itis” could be a real threat.

Does that Goblin figure look like Harry Osborn to you? Could it be Chris Cooper in the Goblin suit? Are there too many villains in this film – or is this just warm-up to a Sinister Six showdown?


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters on May 2, 2014.

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  1. I think its escalating too fast. This is only the second film in the franchise, no need to rush the plots by introducing too many characters.

  2. Here the thing i don’t think Harry will show as the green goblin till the end I think most of the movie will be electro and then Harry will be revealed as the man pulling the strings

  3. I dunno about Green Goblin looking like Andrew, but certainly doesn’t look like Chris Cooper, kinda looks like Dehaan’s hair line tho. Maybe they use Spidey’s bloody hand print to make the Green Goblin serum? Anyways, the guy in trench coat and Hat is most likely the Gentlemen, he is a great character that gathers the sinister six just to keep Spidey from knowing his past.

  4. Guys, look in the top right corner, slightly above Electro.

    I think we’ve we’ve found the new Goblin mask.

    • * Clarification:
      Top right of the big movie poster

    • It’s DeHaan in make-up.

  5. Oddly enough, that does look like Andrew Garfield’s face.

    • Maybe it’s a Peter Parker clone.

  6. my opinion is we will see ultimate green goblin at some point and maybe spidey kills norman? leading to harry to go another you killed my daddy now im coming after you hissy fit. With that being said, I think there will be a twist no one sees coming, which is ironic considering so much has been leaked already. I for one am really excited to see what’s in store for this film

  7. The rhino is an actual four legged robot? … I don’t know how I feel about that… I’m ok with the robot part, but I liked the the rhino villain had arms too.

    • +1

    • Indeed. Now I can clearly see what it’s supposed to look like, I’m really not that keen on it. I prefer the first film’s accompanying game’s take on Rhino…

  8. To me it looks like DeHaan, only because Ive seen the movie Lawless multiple times and the banner looks just like him in the movie when he was making odd facial expressions

  9. There is a close-up of Dehaan’s face as Goblin in one of the big video monitors. Where is the mystery again?

  10. Did no one notice in the high res of the poster, on the right the picture of Harry changing into the Goblin?! If you look at Electro’s left hand and go up…TADA!

    • it’s been brought up in the comments thread a few times.

  11. at least he looks like a goblin

  12. 1. Who knows which Osborn it is, there is a part of me that really wants it NOT to be like Ultimate Spider-Man comics where he’s a mutated goblin-man, but sadly all evidence points to it.
    2. Let’s be honest, the whole “there’s too many villains in a movie” thing is a myth. If you look at “Superman: Doomsday” direct to dvd movie they have like 4 villains featured in there, and no one has really complained about it having too many villains. It’s all about balance; Orci, Kurtzman, and co. have more than earned the benefit of the doubt. Also in looking at “Spider-Man 3″ was not as bad as people claim it is. The only thing that seemed unbalanced was Harry carrying out his revenge and showing more of the conflict between Brock and Parker (and note that I said Brock, NOT Venom). Which you don’t really hear the fanboys clamoring to want more of anyway.

    • Not really a myth. More like “by itself, not the problem.” Wedging too many characters in, when other parts/components of a film are not strong enough to support it, is a big problem. SM3 was problematic for other reasons, then had the weight of several villains thrown into the mix.

  13. ” Orci, Kurtzman, and co. have more than earned the benefit of the doubt. ”

    yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyNO. Transformers Prime and Sleepy Hollow, that’s all I’m gving them.

  14. anyone notice the Green Goblin looks like he is carrying what seems to be a mask in his right hand? Or is that his knee armor?

    • Thigh armor

      • Are you sure your looking at HIS right hand, not your right side. It looks like knee armor or a mask to me.

  15. Willem Dafoe’s Goblin not looking so bad now eh..?

  16. Why must good heroes lately look like kiddie-poos? Andrew Garfeld Spidey, the Barry Allen Flash on Arrow, the proposed and thank goodness now-defunct JLA once considered a few years back? Somehow if I were a villain, i would laugh myself to death when confronted with the Diaperman Consortium!

  17. Some things I noticed by looking at the high res…

    1. The Goblin pick on the building looks a lot like Dehaan but the one on the Glider does not
    2. If you zoom in close you can see easter eggs of OsCorp, and Daily Bugle
    3. On the middle building of the photo (just to Goblin’s left shoulder) is a poster that says SPY on it. Gotta mean something.
    4. The robot seems to be a spider slayer and topped with a machine gun!

  18. I’ve grown up reading Spidey’s comics and watching the great animated series, and it breaks my heart to see Hollywood continually making sub standard movies featuring everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood superhero.
    The CGI is probably the only thing that’s consistently good about the movies. The cast in all of them are more than talented enough, but they’re not given good material to work with. I’m not expecting the films to be as good as the The Dark Knight trilogy, but is it too much to ask for the filmmakers to make Peter Parker appear less depressing, and insert more of Spidey’s famous wit in the script ! Andrew Garfield isn’t the worst choice for the role, but he needs to make his character more likeable than the previous film.
    And for the love of God, could they not have picked the biggest tool they could get a hold of, and cast him as Harry Osborn ?!

  19. I don’t think this one will suffer from the same problem as SM3. That movie became convoluted by having the villains spawned from different sources (space; Oscorp; freak accident). By limiting it to one mother, multiple baddies work.

  20. What a disappointment, Harry Osborne as the green goblin correct me if I’m wrong but Norman Osborne was the first green goblin and it was Norman that killed Gwen Stacy. First film was great fealt more like the comics I used to read as a child now it’s gone like many other comic based films and instead of staying true to the original story lines they just go for cramming in as many explosions as possible to get bums in seats at the cinema. I can predict many plot holes in this film.

  21. It almost looks like Hobgoblin to me, to be honest. Maybe we could see Norman coming in as Green Goblin and Harry appearing as the Hobgoblin… :) We’ll see!

  22. I read the comics, the 1994 tv series

    my memory is slightly foggy in terms of the Spiderman origins etc,
    but- wasn’t Norman Osborn the first green goblin? What’s the dealeo?

  23. Also, are these based on Amazing fantasy? Amazing Spiderman? Or ultimate Spiderman?

  24. Well first off, if they did it right they would have harry Osborn as the “Hog Goblin.” Norman Osborn is the green goblin. So I’m so annoyed that they did do it the way it suppose to be.