‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Hi-Res Image Gallery – Meet Spidey’s New Friends and Foes

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amazing spider man 2 images Amazing Spider Man 2 Hi Res Image Gallery   Meet Spideys New Friends and Foes

Sony made the decision to reboot the Spider-Man movies with The Amazing Spider-Man, which gave a new generation a version of the web-slinging superhero’s origin story to call their own. The sequel, Amazing Spider-Man 2, had a strong presence at the 2013 International Comic-Con, and the studios behind said comic book project hope to keep the momentum going over the next year.

We now have several high-resolution images for Amazing Spider-Man 2, all of which were previously only available with either the EW watermark or as magazine scans. They include pictures of new additions Max Dillon/Electro (Jamie Foxx), Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) and Aleksei Sytsevich/Rhino (Paul Giamatti), as well as some familiar, but friendly, sights from the Amazing Spider-Man movie-verse: Peter Parker’s (Andrew Garfield) cluttered bedroom, in addition to Pete and Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) making googly eyes at one another.

Check out those images in the gallery below:


Amazing Spider-Man 2 picks up at a point when Peter has settled comfortably into his role as Spider-Man, but soon finds himself facing multiple new obstacles. That includes: graduation from high school, a new super-villain in Electro, and the return of his childhood friend Harry, on top of everything else. Director Marc Webb has offered his assurances that Electro will the primary source of conflict in Peter’s life for now, while the other cast additions – friends and foes alike – will largely be there in order to setup “something more interesting” down the line (see: the third and fourth Amazing Spider-Man movies that Sony has scheduled for release in 2016 and 2018).

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 footage shown at Comic-Con teased Electro’s “god-like” powers – showing him flying in the air and leveling buildings by sending out electrical pulses – but it avoided spoiling how his relationship with Spider-Man goes so sour, after their initial friendly encounter. Could Max’s adulation of Spider-Man turn into madness when the hero slights him (an over-used comic book movie trope that Brad Bird cleverly subverted in The Incredibles) – or, will Max undergo a transformation similar to Walter White’s on Breaking Bad, where his extra-ordinary circumstances bring out the tormented and angry man within (who’s been itching to break free for years)?

Be sure and let us know what you think about Foxx as Electro – in addition to the other characters being introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - in the comments section.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in theaters on May 2nd, 2014.

Source: Sony/Columbia Pictures

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  1. I cannot keep saying how perfect the Spider-Man suit is now. Looks amazing from all angles, especially when he’s clinging to the wall.

    Still iffy about Electro though, it’ll come down to Foxx’s performance to determine whether I like him or not.

    • Couldn’t agree more… Spidey’s suit is absolutely spot on… his eyes are perfect… simply perfect. #nailedit

    • My only issue with the new Spidey suit is that the logo is no longer spread out across the chest aligning with the blue. I thought that looked really cool on the first Amazing Spiderman suit(and that would have been one extra little difference from the Sam Raimi suit). But other than that, I still really like the new costume.

    • i also think the suit is perfect electro looks pretty cool

  2. Hopefully it looks better in the movie but i think Electro looks corny in these shots, like a bad 90s attempt to make him look cool. Not yet buying the electricity running through him visually.

    • Still looks better than the cardboard yellow lighting bolt mask that spreads across his face.

      • I honestly cannot see how that mask can work in a modern setting.

  3. Everything looks great… some of those pics look like they were pulled straight from the comics.

    I’m happy with how they did Electro, much better than the campy green and yellow lightning bolt mask.

  4. can’t help but think about mr freeze from batman & robin when i see these pics of electro. hopefully foxx knocks it out of the park though

  5. As long as Electro (Jamie Foxx) is the only main villain while Rhino only has a cameo, I’m okay with it.

  6. This is the best way to have adapted Electro

  7. TASM was great… but I still kinda want both Spider-Man and the X-Men to go into the MCU, where they belong. Why can’t they just get along? Disney pays Sony a hefty amount of money for a joint venture, and straight up takes the X-Men franchise from Fox because since X-2 it has kinda sucked (Although First Class was pretty good). Wishful thinking, though.

    • Where they belong? Both Spider-Man and the X-Men have universes that are incredibly unique on their own, they really don’t need other superheroes to make their movies good.

      • +1
        The characters have potential to create their own cinematic universes. For the people wishing the rights will go back to Marvel, let it go already. Do you really think Spider-Man and X-Men would have as many movies as they do right now if they’re at Marvel? Marvel has their own thing going on with the very family friendly films, while great I sure as heck don’t want that for all the Marvel characters.

    • Actually, Sony has stated before that they are willing to Spider-Man to the MCU. I’m not able to get a link since I’m on my phone, but I remember reading that from several places. So, if Disney is willing to share the profits, we could see a Spider-Man crossover. But who knows. Having said that, I hope Spidey stays right where he’s at.

  8. If Sony is planning four movies, the question is… will the sinister six storyline culminate with part 3, or 4?

    And… where does the Venom/Carnage story fit into the plan?

    In part 1 we have the origin and the gene-splicing science established to create all the villains needed… and the mastermind Norman Osborn revealed as the presence behind the events unfolding.

    so we have two of the Ultimate Sinister six introduced: 1) Green Goblin and 2) Lizard/Conners

    Now it’s seems in Amazing Spidey 2 we have at least another two sinister six members 3) electro and 4) Rhino

    So that leaves Sony 2 films to complete the Sinister 6 story AND the Venom symbiote story.

    It’s my guess Venom will be part 3 and replace Doc Ock (his previous alfred molina incarnation was awesome and too close to memory) when the ultimate Sinister 6 forms in part 4, led by a new green goblin and his hunter Kraven.

    I’d prefer Venom was in a solo fourth film however, and the “6″ were wrapped up by film 3.

    • 1: We got the Lizard
      2: Electro and Rhyno
      3: Green Goblin and Chameleon – Kill off Gwen
      4: Kraven
      5. Sinister 6 – Introduce Venom Symbiote
      6. Venom
      7. Carnage – Have Spidey killed off or retire

      Launch Venom solo, cinematic franchise after the seventh TASM installment.

      • That is WAY too many installments. I just don’t want to see a forty year old Spider man.

        I’m not saying he can’t age and grow, but the whole point of Peter Parker is that his stories are during his young adult life. He deals with teenage issues that are just different when you get older. Part of the magic of Spider man is just kind of lost when he’s so old. That’s one of the reasons why the TV show from the seventies didn’t really “feel” like Spiderman, because the actor was too old. I’d say four movies is the better way to go (five max).

        • Make up can vastly make him look younger (i.e. Jennifer Lopez) and if you roll with four/five films to the franchise, at most, the only storyline that can be told is the Sinister Six arc and we won’t be able to rejoice nor experience the awesomeness that could’ve been a Spider vs Venom/Spider and Venom vs Carnage kind of storyline.

          If we stick with four/five, we will have to be making a choice: Sinister Six or Symbiotes, and since the premier reason why Spider-Man was rebooted was because of a waste of Venom, why not squeeze in another, and personally, I want to see Venom and Spidey team up to take down Carnage in a Rated-R film since I am confident enough that the mature audience will grasp the awesomeness that is Spidey by then, making it seven films if Sony wants to deliver quality story-wise.

          They can always launch off the Venom franchise by having its first main antagonist be Carnage, but meh, it wont be the same.

          • I see where you’re coming from, but I just think it would be better to just focus on Sinister Six for THIS story. I honestly would not mind a reboot after four/five films so that in the next series we can JUST focus on Venom and Carnage as the main villains. There is so much story they are establishing in these movies that I just don’t see where Venom would really fit without being cramed in there (unless they do seven movies, which doesn’t sound like a good idea to me).

            And make up is something that doesn’t really work when someone is in their forties. There are people that look great in their forties, but you can still tell they are pretty old (with the exception of rare occasions) but we shouldn’t bet that Andrew Garfield will still look really young when he’s forty.

            In my opinion, Spider man is one of those characters like James Bond who just only works when an actor is the right age. With james Bond, the ideal age is mid thrties to mid forties. Look at Roger Moore, he played Bond much longer than he needed to, and his last two movies ended up flops because no one wanted to see a James Bond in his fifties. Like James Bond, I think that after a certain amount of years it’s time for a new Spiderman. Not saying this applies to all superhero’s , but Spiderman just works best when he looks/sounds like a teenager or someone in his twenties, thirties tops.

      • so im still interested in seeing how Electro turns out Spidey’s suit is cool I like his frist one in 2012 better but Andrew should of played Spider man in 2000 he would have been the perfect age and they could make 1o movies with a nice big plot superduper

    • that would be amazing dude

  9. Can’t get over how perfect Spider-man looks. So hyped about this. This plus the kind of movement and effects style they had in the last movie (the webs, the way he swings, fights, moves around like a spider) will mean they’ve finally nailed it completely.

    I like Electro’s effects. The suit is kind of corny…if he’s some out of control guy going insane with his new powers, is he really going to pause to construct a nice neat electric/space suit? Although I have to admit that IS what comic book villains are wont to do…not much complaint there.

    But Jamie Foxx. I don’t really like him in many movies besides Django Unchained. He just seems like an over-acter (which was perfect for Django), and always looks like “Jamie Foxx in a costume” in every role, and that picture of him with his mouth open and bluetooth on his head brought back that sentiment… But we’ll see, we’ll see. No judgements yet.

  10. They also seem to have made the web-shooters sleeker and without the red flashing light! Look at the picture with him shaking his finger at Jamie Fox in a wig.

    (…I mean pre-Electro)

  11. i saw the amazing spiderman for the first time since i saw it at the theater last year… terrible movie and reminded me why this franchise sucks, 55 minutes for spiderman to make an appearance, the story was patches of about 30 ultimate spiderman comic books. we could have gotten a better movie then this junk to kick off next summer. dollar theater material for sure.

    • don’t know how based on what you said makes it terrible

      • if i wrote everything that went wrong with that movie i would be writing
        a book, all i can say is me and my friend thought we were watching a comedy because peter could not seem to keep his identity a secret or his mask on. my little son hates this version of spiderman but my friend’s kid
        loves him so its based on what spiderman fans were first exposed to.

        • What did you dislike about The Amazing Spider-Man?

          I found the film quite enjoyable and rather reached excellence in catching every single aspect what makes Spider-Man/Peter Parker a legendary hero. The story was great, chemistry between Gwen and Peter was amazing, special effects were wonderful, and the acting was phenomenal from every character. The battle scenes might not be as superb as those in the Raimi trilogy, but they were pleasurable to see.

          If you disliked TASM, you are in need of medical attention.

  12. Love the Sony laptop sitting there in Peter’s room. Sony had to put that in there lol

  13. First Spider-man remake was bad. Will not be watching the racist Jamie Foxx either.

  14. This movie is going to be awesome, cannot wait. Excited about Jamie Foxx as well, he’s a great actor and looks badass as Electro.

  15. black electro looks like an albino

  16. I’d prefer Electro to have a darker/silver look instead of blue. That might have been more menacing. And his suit could have been a darker green with a little bit of yellow (as a nod to the original suit), more like how he looked in the Spectacular Spiderman cartoon show. But, the whole point is to adapt the Ultimate version of the character, and they did a good job at that. It’s just that I don’t really like the Ultimate design from the comics (Dr. Manhattan rip off) but this does look better.

  17. so im still interested in seeing how Electro turns out Spidey’s suit is cool I like his frist one in 2012 better but Andrew should of played Spider man in 2000 he would have been the perfect age and they could make 1o movies with a nice big plot superduper

  18. in spiderman 2 have norman create rhino and hire electro to kill spiderman then release lizard and in spider man 3 form sinister six with doc oc and green gobs and harry venom than in four have canage come and wreck havoc or introduce cravan what about sandman?????

    • In terms of casting, action and effects, i thought The Sandman was something Spiderman 3 did a good job at. Sandman is one I can wait another 10 years before seeing on the big screen again. Right now, I’d prefer seeing villains we haven’t gotten in live action yet (like Mysterio).

  19. The Amazing Spider-Man sucked…and seeing how bad Electro looks in these shots, hints that the sequel will suck too.


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  21. What ? Electro ? What happened to yellow and green suit for Electro like in the comic book ? SIGHING!