New ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Image Shows Pre-Electro Max Dillon Poking Around

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Electro in The Amazing Spider Man 2 New Amazing Spider Man 2 Image Shows Pre Electro Max Dillon Poking Around

The next official footage from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be the full-length trailer that runs before screenings of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in theaters, but new bad guy Electro (Jamie Foxx) was the focus of the short teaser trailer that aired at Comic Con this year. Shown strapped into some kind of device with his skin glowing blue as he soliloquized about being able to feel the electricity in his veins, Electro cut a pretty intimidating figure.

It’s not uncommon for movies, particularly sequels, to use a new villain as a key selling point in promotional material, and while Electro is only one of many villains from the Marvel universe who will be making an appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it definitely looks like he will be Peter Parker’s main foe for this installment.

What’s less clear is how exactly Max Dillon will acquire his powers and become Electro, since one thing that the teaser trailer definitely indicated was a deviation from the lightning accident on a power line that super-charged Dillon in the comics. Instead, Electro is shown taking his final form in the grip of the machine, and a new promotional still for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 offers a glimpse at what could be the guts of this mysterious hardware.


Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon in The Amazing Spider Man 2 570x380 New Amazing Spider Man 2 Image Shows Pre Electro Max Dillon Poking Around

Between the lighting and the aluminium foil walls in the background, this set does look a little bit hokey, but it’s hard to tell when only seeing a small piece of it out of context. There’s a definite comic book aesthetic being generated by Foxx’s caricaturesque appearance and his surroundings that suggests director Marc Webb is happy to stray away from hyper-realism.

It’s also vague enough for the exact function of all these tubes and wires to be unclear. Is it an offshoot of the Green Goblin’s gene chamber? Who is the mysterious “Doc” that Electro referred to in his speech from the teaser trailer? Why would such a bottom-rung Oscorp employee be chosen as the subject for this experimental technology – or is the fact that Dillon is considered expendable the reason he was used as a guinea pig?

Despite how open Webb has been with teasers and hints – tweeting a different picture for every day of filming on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – a lot of the fundamental questions remain unanswered. That’s just the way we like it, and hopefully Sony and Columbia will be able to keep some of the mystery going all the way up to The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s release next summer.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in theaters on May 2, 2014.

Source: Sony Pictures

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  1. Surprised at the lack of detail but also pleasantly surprised. Hopefully whatever turns him into Electro is kept as much a surprise as possible before release.

  2. I forgot this movie was being made.

    • Also that set image reminds me of Jim Carrey’s Riddler. Not good.

      • That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the pictures.

  3. I want to give Foxx the benefit of the doubt but he just looks terrible in the role. After seeing that first trailer, I’m worried. It was more of a cartoon performance than a comic book.
    I really want to see this movie but I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed, at least by the Electro character.

    • I don’t think that any trailer has been released, so I am not sure what your basing his performance off of besides a few released stills.

      • Opps, forgot about the teaser, but he does not seem that bad.

      • I’m not talking about the teaser. I’m talking about the trailer released only at a comic convention that was posted. Might’ve been taken down already but look it up.

  4. People need to chill out, at the end of the day all these Spider-Man villains are gonna look silly as sh*t on film. Dudes like Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, Kraven etc, what do you think they’re gonna look like? The only two villains in the original trilogy that looked halfway serious were Doc Ock and Sandman. I love Green Goblin and Venom but they did look silly.

    • Doc Ock and Sandman did look cool. I liked Green Goblin also, and hope one day we will see Scorpion and Mysterio. Although I like Tobey M. as Spiderman much better than Andrew G., I am glad they addressed The Lizard (even tho I was actually not impressed). I will be interested to see the take on Electro (altho I would not have minded the original comic book version from the 60s or 70s). I have no interest in Venom, Carnage, Hobgoblin, Rhino, Kraven, or Vulture. Probably don’t need a Green Goblin rehash, either. It has been done, we have seen it, enough–let it lay. Get on with baddies we have not seen (yes, I know it is a reboted fnchise, but…..!); I could possibly like the vampire guy, except I think that might be a little much for the kiddies. If they do Sinister Six, Spidey will need some help, tho, as he cannot defeat six baddies at once. One or at the m,ost two is almost more than he seems able to handle alone. As far as the “Doc” goes, the first ones to come to mind were Doc Conners and Doc Ock.

    • sandman… common you could do better than that

    • Kraven would look AWESOME. I imagine him played by Dominic West. Just give him brown pants (like those colored hipster jeans you see these days) and a leopard/lionskin vest that he won in a safari or something. Give him whatever kind of background but as he gains interest in Spidery in New York, starts off with a random bar convo that he would make a good hunt, but yet this slowly grows into an obsession that unhinges him a bit. As months go by he hunts elsewhere more and more to scratch the itch, but eventually goes into full-blown insane hunt mode for Spidey. He dons the “visceral” look (much as ex-spec ops don their uniforms once more when they get into mode), and becomes the Kraven we know, going on the “hunt of the century” one night –> final showdown. He could even lead the media on it the whole time, like with a twist of the Hunger Games reality tv thrown in.

      Scorpion could look great as well – do him similar to Doc Ock, with the same semi-practical tech for the tail, and a bodysuit harness that covers the torso and goes down to the knees. And it can be some kind of camo-soldier guy with green pants and boots, gloves and some kind of helmet on there too. Kind of makeshift, then as he takes on Spidey and actually gets away with it (and other crimes), he can make it sleeker with his newfound money and comfort in the “Scorpion” role that the media has given him. Same way Tobey Maguire’s Spider-man went from sweats to true Spider-man outfit. With The Amazing Spider-man having his own outfit, it wouldn’t be too farfetched, especially after we see whatever they pull out for Electro and esp. Rhino in this next flick.

  5. he got his powers from a grow house op

    man i wonder if spidey will ever been done right……and no rami’s version sill felt short

    • sorry meant to say and yes, rami’s version still feel short…………..

      • fell. not feel or felt.

    • Spider HAS been done right. It was called The Amazing Spider-Man.

      • not even close, but Spider-man 2 was

        • NO I agree with Dazz 100%! It was by far the best Spidey movie, it actually had purpose unlike Rami’s films. Spidey 3 was the most purposeful…I don’t know why people hate it so much? Just because it was the first multi-villian movie that was good? Or just because Venom was a hit and miss?

        • I agree. Spider- Man 2 is my definitive superhero film.

      • Ummm…no. The fist two Raimi films were better than Amazing Spiderman.

      • I want Webb/Garfield’s Spider-man and environment with villains of Doc Ock’s capacity and effects.

  6. sorry meant to say and yes, rami’s version still feel short

  7. ooohhh noooo! who’s directing this movie? schumacher? those pics do not look good…i’m still into it though

  8. …i think you meant *fell short*, george. haha


    • SR posted it months ago, lasts less than a minute and just has Electro talking.

    • You can actually still find the ACTUAL trailer. You get a glimpse of Paul Giamatti too! It looks AMAZING!

  10. Raimi’s “Spiderman 2″ is the closest we’ve come to a good Spidey flick.

    I’ll take “Spiderman 2.” Man, that was ten years ago!

    It’s a shame, though. Spiderman has so much potential.

    • I still find it hard to watch due to how cheesy it is. Bruce Campbell and Alfred Molina are the only good things about it.

    • I liked #1 and #2 (and the Sandman part of #3). I don’t want any crying, dancing, singing, fornicating heroes or any going too “over the top” with dorky humor (it can be overdone really easily). I see too many superhero movies that add somne of this, and it detracts from every single one of them. Let’s keep our heroes at least somewhat serious and, well, heroic (too dark and grim is detrimental as well).

      • Spidey is all about humor though….

    • Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy does seem average compared to Marc Webb’s. W

      • The only thing wrong about Spider Man 1 & 2 was Tobey Maguire.
        The only thing right with Spider Man 3 was Bruce Campbell.

        Honestly, I think Spider Man is the perfect Marvel property for a high-budget TV series (HBO, AMC, Showtime style). That way, they can take their time with all of Spidey’s story arcs.

        • Who…who ARE you?? No really, who is John Galt?

    • Well, it certainly WAS a good spidey flick.

    • Spiderman 2 was the 2nd best CBM of all time , Iron Man 1 being the best.

  11. Alfred Molina’s version of Doc Oc is what made SPM2 so darn good. Absolutely.

    Still cheezy, though, yeah….

    I’m hoping for the best with THIS next installment of The Amazing Spiderman.

    Andrew Garfield is definitely better as Parker/Spidey.

    • @ Dazz ^^^

  12. Not sure why people are freaking out. If anything, this reminds me (at least in terms of the set lighting/design) of the spider chamber that Peter goes in to in the first film, and we see how good that turned out. I think a production picture from that scene would look very similar to this, so don’t read too much in to it. Unless you’re just prying for reasons to hate on this film, then have at it. But personally, I loved the first one and I’m excited for this one.

  13. I want to see Jamie Foxx’s performace as Electro before judging. All in all though, the Electro makeup looks much convincing on him.

  14. ASM was awesome he the 2nd will be good as well I can’t wait to see it!

  15. seriously you guys dont know what the accident is? the comic-con trailer leaked back in july but it got taken down pretty much everywhere. SPOILERS…he falls into a bucket of water with electric eels. i dont know if you believe me or not but that is how he gets his powers.

      • That looked great.
        Only part I didnt like was the ‘humour’ between Peter & Aunt May

      • That looked worser then the first amazing spiderman.

      • Let me guess… Rhino falls into a pit of genetically altered rhinoceros.

        • Spiderman got his powers from a genetically altered spider, screenranters: “okay cool”

          Electro gets his powers from a genetically altered electric eels, screenranters: “really? people are getting their powers from animals now!?”

          And to answer your question, Rhino is wearing a mech-suit esque armor. They drew inspiration from the Ultimate Spiderman series

  16. The title of this movie should either be Spiderman Forever or Spiderman and Robin, because that’s the way it looks like it’s going folks.

  17. Relax fanboys, your’e judging a book by it’s cover.

    • What are you talking about? We just seen the whole movie.

  18. Who did Bruce Campbell play in Spider-Man 3?

    • Absolutely-Nobody Man

    • Maitre’ d.

  19. the only mystery left for me is how lame this movie is going to be and whether xmen
    the last stand part 2 or amazing spiderman 2 is going to be comic class clown movie of the year.

  20. Why did they change a character’s race, cast Jamie Fox, then try as hard as they could to make him look like a white guy? Look at that hair piece!

  21. I don’t see why people are hating on this. I think what they’re doing with the character is really interesting in making him a dark mirror of Peter Parker in that he’s a geek who’s always pushed around but then gets extrordinary powers, but he doesn’t know how to use them cause he got no Uncle Ben to tell him that with great power comes great responsibility. Plus, we got Jamie Foxx playing him, and are we just going to forget about all the great serious performances that he’s given us in his career (Ray, Jarhead, Miami Vice, The Kingdom, The Soloist, Law Abiding Citizen, and Django Unchained among others) and assume that Electro will not only be corny, but poorly acted just because we want to hate this film so badly?