New ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Image: Paul Giamatti Pre-Rhino Transformation

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The Amazing Spider Man Rhino New Amazing Spider Man 2 Image: Paul Giamatti Pre Rhino Transformation

Another day, another image from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 set has made its way online, courtesy of director Marc Webb. This time, it arrives in the form of a sneak peek at Paul Giamatti as the Russian thug Aleksei Sytsevich in human state, prior to his transformation into Rhino.

Sytsevich was introduced in the Spider-Man comics in the 1960s as a criminal for hire for an Eastern Bloc country. He volunteered to undergo a dangerous genetic manipulation process, which result in him developing superhuman physical abilities (including thick armored skin) – but no enhanced intelligence, which has earned him a reputation for being one of Spidey’s most powerful, but also dumbest, law-breaking opponents (in comic book form, anyway).

The character, when transformed in Amazing Spider-Man 2, will probably resemble the version of Rhino featured in the “Ultimate Spider-Man” comic book continuity, similar to other antagonists in the rebooted Spider-Man movie series (see: the design for Jamie Foxx as Electro). However, it seems he’ll have the character’s traditional comic book backstory, judging by the first image of Giamatti released through Webb’s Twitter account (with the caption “Privet, Amerika. Poznakom’tes c Aleksei Sytsevich!”).


 New Amazing Spider Man 2 Image: Paul Giamatti Pre Rhino Transformation

Giamatti’s tattoos could be a sign that Sytsevich served time in a Russian prison before the events in Amazing Spider-Man 2 (wonder if he has a pet bird too?); though, it’s possible he will still be serving time in the film’s beginning, prior to him being transferred to the Ravencroft Institute. Webb has previously released a few images teasing that iconic Spider-Man universe jail, which may or may not be in cahoots with Oscorp Industries by supplying them with the patients for genetic manipulation experiments. That would explain just how, exactly, a thug with barbed wire inked on his forehead (and other threatening tattoos) ends up getting super-powers in the film.

Amazing Spider Man 2 Ravencroft Institute Criminally Insane New Amazing Spider Man 2 Image: Paul Giamatti Pre Rhino Transformation

Co-screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Star Trek Into Darkness) have indicated that every one of the villains and/or antagonists who appears in Amazing Spider-Man 2 is being included for an important purpose, as far as serving the larger story being told.

While it remains to be seen why Rhino is being introduced in the live-action Spider-Man movie-verse now – during a sequel that also introduces Max Dillon (Foxx), in addition to new screen interpretations of Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) and his son Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) - we’re hopeful that the answer will be good, and maybe lead to bigger and better things somewhere down the line (i.e. a Sinister Six appearance) in a later Amazing Spider-Man installment.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014.

Source: Marc Webb

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  1. I wonder if they’re just going to make him super strong, and be a mobster or something known as the Rhino.

    • What a waste that’d be. I’m sure they’ll turn him into a Rhino, this should just be pre-transformation.

      • Whatever costume they go with, I feel like people are going to complain.

        • Always. I remember people complaining that C Nolan’s Joker didn’t like the comic’s version.

          • The same with Catwoman. EVERYBODY bashed her, but as soon as they saw the movie, they thought she was a standout.

            • False.

              Nolan’s “Catwoman” stunk, post movie release too.

              The casting choice, the outfit, her role, and dialogue.

              All weak.

              • Read the reviews, a majority of them praise Anne Hathaway’s performance.

                • “read the

                • “read the reviews”

                  Drinking the kook

                  • @Sven

                    Psh what ever dude. She rocked as Catwoman.

              • I thought she was perfectly fine. People always overreact to her for some reason, I can’t understand it.

              • @Sven

                Wrong on all counts, sorry.

              • -1 something that is an opinion, by definition, can’t be true or false. (I, for one, am of the OPINION that Catwoman was the best thing about TDKR)

                • she is the only good thing about it, imo.

              • Anne was great. Not Pfeiffer by a long shot, but she did well despite being wasted. My favourite quote? When Selina changes her tone and says ‘oops’, and knocks Bruce over.

              • /opinion

            • We’re talking Halle Berry, right?

        • CGI !

      • Almost as much of a waste as what Iron Man 3 did to Mandarin.

        • Yeah. It rhymes with “grape.”

    • why not just get hammerhead then? he basically is he same description you just have put.

      if this turn out to have no Rhino then i will be p****d and it will be a complete waste of a character.

      this is a pre transformation. the Rhino is probably just a suit.

    • Ah, they had a lizard in the first one, so why not a rhino?

    • You would have to be more subtle than Christopher Nolan to do that. This series has clearly established that it’s not THAT grounded of a take on Spidey.

    • talyor lunter the next karate kid 2 reboot all new cast
      playing the next matt muodck aka daredevil
      all new cast

    • not just rhino its more big like rhino

  2. he merely adopted the rhino… I WAS BORN IN IT!

  3. love your whiplash pun

    • BANE

      • yes???

        • What just happened?

          • We made God bleed.

            • I live in a giant bucket.

  4. We can only hope Paul has Erysipelas which when he is experimented on it goes severe and hardens.

    Safe for work but possibly not the stomach.

    This is about the level of realism in my comic book movies that I like. This is not a made up condition. It happens and maybe some other gene manipulation hardens the skin and of course makes him strong. The horn can be an adverse effect on his condition and his tattoo on his forehead. Make it a growth of sorts…..

    • No. Just no. I want a REAL Rhino.

      • Maybe go to a zoo then?

        He’ll more than likely get some kind of suit to contain whatever side effects he gets from the procedure he’ll have. Maybe he’ll be nicknamed “Rhino” for whatever reason before he gets to Oscorp and that could be why they choose rhino DNA?

    • Your theory is good. It aligns with what was being discussed in TAS. However, I think that whatever happens will be some sort of trauma sustained while pulling a heist and stopped by Spidey.

      • I only say this because Spider-Man villains tend to be of a more personal nature than others. That’s always been one of the ironies in Peter’s life. He creates his own enemies that bounce between enemy of Spidey and friend of Peter. (the exception being Flash Thompson who was an enemy of peter but a friend of Spider-Man)

        • Well maybe he was undergoing a cure of sorts. Clinical testing since he was jailed for being a bad guy.

          However what he doesn’t know is they were doing it on purpose. Spiderman while fighting Electro somehow disrupts the testing. Nothing actually happens however because Rhino was duped into believing he was being tested for a cure thinks Spiderman did this to him.

          However it was Ossie the whole time.

          • I could see that. It fits. In the Marvel world large corporations (or the government) create super villains (or heroes in the case of Luke Cage) by testing on prison inmates all the time.

  5. He’s from Jersey. There’s your Rhino backstory.

  6. Has it been OFFICIALLY confirmed that he will get his powers through genetic modification? Is there a chance that he might get it through a suit like in the comics?

  7. I seem to recall the game developers of the game of the film of Amazing Spiderman 1 saying the game is ‘canon’ to the events in the film.

    The Rhino was a villain in that, right? Does this mean he is already established?

  8. When Giamatti turns on crazy you had better get out the way!! Inspired choice for a villain!

    • Couldnt agree more. I think he will be the best Spiderman villain we have seen on the bigscreen so far.

  9. I think we will see Paul Giamatti don a suit to “transform” into Rhino. Any way it goes down, some people wont like it. Just like everything else.

    • …no way!!!

  10. Electro? Rhino? In one movie? Okaay..Let’s hope they don’t fall into the Spiderman 3 trap

  11. I really hope the Rhino looks both cool and respectful to the comic version. I was pretty let down with the Lizard design in Amazing Spiderman (No, it was not a nod to his original appearance. Yeah, he didn’t have a snout, but the both the original and modern comic version of the Lizard look COMPLETELY different from the movie version. He didn’t even look cool).

  12. Iam assuming its going to be a mutation affect. Has anyone thought that this story could involve the jackal.The villain behind the scenes.We still have to consider the bloody hand print that was left by spidey on the rooftop which could be used in the making of the rhino and other later villians through genetics.Iam sure were going to see greengoblin if there true to the comic story line (gwen stacey’s death) but iam thinking it has to go deeper then that whether it is a villian in the backdrop or putting a so-called sinister six together.

  13. Yay finally someone used the “Spider-Man 3″ theory. I feel like I hear it every time any movie casting starts!

  14. Anybody else think that, with the tattoos, he looks a little like the Calendar Man from Arkham City?

    • LOL yup !

    • Haha, yeah, I did a double take too.

    • me

  15. Anyone ever watch Sideways and think, “One day these two will make smashing Spider-man villains”…?

    • Lol! :)

    • Yeah, or even Crumb :p

  16. Its obvious that its tests from what made the lizard, i think that Green Goblin will be made from spidermans blood.

    I wondr if we will have spiderman turn into a massive spider

    Does anyone else think Carnage is going to be the man who killed uncle ben?

  17. Anne Hathaway rocked as catwoman and nobody can deny facts. She was amazing in it.

  18. he never solved the decay rate thing and never found uncle bens killer.

    also everyone accepts that was electro after the credits….its obvious from the tweeted pics that we see electros origin story so how was he in the jail cell before gaining powers???? also im pretty sure the guy in the cell with conners is white

    who kills uncle ben in ultimate universe???

    • uh…. No everyone does not accept it was Electro. I believe it was Ossie. Or an Agent there of.

      The storm was the hint at the next main villain.

      • Yeah Bill,in Electro’s origin story, do they show how he turned from a feeble, old man into a black Jamie Foxx…? And he wasn’t Nirman Osbourn either (if that’s what you mean by Ossie), Chris Cooper plays him in the sequel. Marc Webb confirmed he is someone who works for Oscorp.

  19. Paul Giametti? So they are basically just going to use his face and acting ability. The rest will have to be cgi. CGI has improved a good bit. They might pull it off. But wouldn’t a more physically imposing actor been simpler and more practical?

    • Did you want John Cena to play The Hulk?

      I rest my case

  20. i dont mean the comic book origan story of electro…..i mean from the pics we have seen so far from amazing spiderman 2 set shows a geeky looking jaime fox with glasses which im guessing is before he gets powers…so im just saying it cant be him at the end of credits of amazing spiderman. i dont think osborn either but then who???

    also if venom does show up somewhere its gotta be worn by spidey first. i dont care if harry is venom as long as its the 90s version with teeth and allllll muscle. and just one time say “WE ARE VENOM”

    • also it dont bother me so much that electros black…jaime is a good actor

  21. now I`m more hyped for this film

  22. So is he actually a mutation or clone or something half-Rhino, half-man, or just a super-strong guy in an armored suit?

  23. Gonna be very hard to top James Franco as Harry Osbourne.

  24. I feel like they need to add 3 more villains and then last minute throw in venom.

    • I agree completely. Why don’t more people use this idea?

  25. I don’t want that.I wanna see the green goblin or a better take on venom and in the next sequal carnage.