New ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Image with Harry Osborn; Writers Tease ‘Venom’ Spinoff?

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Harry Osborn Amazing Spider Man 2 Interview Dane DeHaan New Amazing Spider Man 2 Image with Harry Osborn; Writers Tease Venom Spinoff?

Comic book fans love to see their favorite characters on the printed page make the jump to the big screen (assuming it’s a comfortable trip), but drawing up theories about the surprises and plot/character twists in the actual movie product is half the fun. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb released an image a day for production on the sequel, as a way to tap into demand and produce more pre-release buzz. On the flip side, because he dropped so many clues early on, Webb’s since then needed to be extra careful when he answers reporter questions (see: the prickly subject of rumors).

Some of the biggest rumors involve the Harry Osborn character, who is going to be played in the rebooted Spider-Man movie continuity by rising star Dane DeHaan (Chronicle, The Place Beyond the Pines). Speculation is rampant about Harry’s role in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 story (and beyond), even more so of late thanks to comments made by DeHaan’s costar, Felicity Jones (read: her relationship with the Green Goblin in the film) – not to mention, the photo that was released by Webb, which alludes to a different possible future for Peter Parker’s good friend.

Oscorp founder Norman Osborn spent the entirety of Amazing Spider-Man run time off-screen, but the film made a number of references to his existence. Moreover, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 sizzle reel featured at the 2013 Comic-Con showed the character (portrayed by Chris Cooper) on his deathbed, with a distraught Harry looking on. One immediate conclusion is that Harry decides to further investigate the gene-splicing technique – perfected by Peter during the first movie – in order to save his father’s life.

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 New Amazing Spider Man 2 Image with Harry Osborn; Writers Tease Venom Spinoff?

The above TASM2 image – Tweeted by DeHaan with the caption “Breakin’ it down #Osborn style… Yo.” – appears to reveal Peter (Andrew Garfield) and Harry at one of the Oscorp Tower offices. Presumably, if the duo are hanging out at the Osborn clan’s main research/development facility, then it ought to be for reasons that involve doing their own scientific research (unless Harry just really wanted to show Pete that picture in the background).

Question is, does that mean Harry could be taking the first steps on his way to helping his father become the Green Goblin, transforming into the Goblin himself – or perhaps Harry will turn into another Spidey foe entirely, in the shape of Venom? We straight-up asked DeHaan if Harry becomes Venom in the Amazing Spider-Man sequel, during our interview at Comic-Con; the actor (obviously) avoided giving a clear answer, but the stronger bet right now is that Harry goes the Goblin route. (This writer can attest that the Comic-Con footage included a shot that seemed to show Harry, possibly stepping out of that mysterious gene chamber revealed in a photo that Webb Tweeted during filming on TASM2.)

Venom Movie Script Details New Amazing Spider Man 2 Image with Harry Osborn; Writers Tease Venom Spinoff?

However, even if Harry doesn’t become Venom – like in the “Ultimate Spider-Man” cartoon continuity – the character may well be headed back to big screen sooner than later (after his under-whelming debut in Spider-Man 3). Sony given thought to a Venom spinoff in the past, and Webb recently hinted that the currently-untitled fourth Amazing Spider-Man movie scheduled for 2018 could focus on one of the Spider-Man universe’s ancillary residents (see: Venom).

IGN was speaking with Amazing Spider-Man 2 co-screenwriters/producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci – who are onboard to also produce the third and fourth Spidey installments – when the conversation turned to Venom:

“We’re fans of Venom,” Orci did say, however, when we asked if that is a character that they’d like to tackle.

“Venom is an amazing character. Venom is a brilliant character,” Kurtzman continued, enthusiastically. “Part of what’s interesting about Venom is that Venom can do all of the things that Spider-Man can’t do, in a lot of ways. And I don’t know, I guess that’s why I respond to him.”

To refresh your memory, here are the similar comments made last year by Amazing Spider-Man franchise producer Matthew Tolmach (read: Venom getting his own movie somewhere down the line):

“The truth is he also deserves his own movie. We’ve been sitting around in a room talking about Venom stories and it’s a really full bodied complicated character, Eddie Brock and this character. Maybe people feel there wasn’t enough of a chance to unravel it, but we’re all in on him.”

Venom Vol 2 25 Textless New Amazing Spider Man 2 Image with Harry Osborn; Writers Tease Venom Spinoff?

Venom getting (His? Its?) own spinoff doesn’t sound like a bad idea, regardless of how the anti-hero/villain winds up being incorporated into the Amazing Spider-Man continuity. We’ve heard about Venom movie treatments that were pitched by accomplished writers and directors in the past; not to mention, the recently-unveiled “Truth in Journalism” Venom short that’s making waves provides yet another option for how to approach the character from a storytelling perspective.

Should Harry not become Green Goblin, then we’re good with the character turning into Venom in a subsequent Amazing Spider-Man film, as to make the relationship between Peter and Harry more complicated and tragic. Just be sure the alien symbiote’s presence doesn’t result in an awkward jazz club number this round (we demand Bob Fosse-level choreography, at the least).

Let us know your own theories about Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – and whether or not you feel Venom deserves a spinoff film – in the comments section below.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014.

Source: Dane DeHaan, IGN

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  1. As long as it’s Eddie Brock, I’m game. It just feels right to have Eddie as Venom

    • Well duh.

  2. A Venom spinoff makes the chances of seeing Carnage that much greater. So to that I say Harry or Eddie, bring on Venom.

    • I like Venom but i have always loved Carnage! He could be a epic character in a film!

  3. As much as I would love to see a Venom movie, I don’t really see how they could do it. He’s pretty much just a villain. He may be a little misunderstood or something but he’s definitely a bad guy and you can’t really sell a blockbuster about a villain. In order for “Venom” to have his own movie I think they would have to establish the black suit and Venom which would be retreading the Raimi trilogy more, and maybe Carnage. Then they could eventually take the Flash Thompson route but that’s not really the same thing thing as a Venom movie to me and would take a while to build up.

    • Agreed.

      It’s Anti-Venom who is the good guy. The Venom symbiote is evil and therefore manipulates the host to it’s advantage.

      Also, Venom cannot exist without Spider-Man. If Peter Parker dies, the symbiote has no reason to bond another host, whether it be Eddie Brock, Mac Gargan, or even Harry Osborn.

      Carnage, on the other hand, can keeping bouncing from one host to another.

      • did you skip comics in the 90′s? venom was an anti hero in san fran, teamed up with spider-man against carnage, and was obsessed with ‘preserving innocence’

        • Well, Carnage has to be stopped. That’s a must or he’ll kill everyone. So it makes sense if Venom teamed up with Spider-Man.

          I just don’t get how Venom becomes a hero or an anti-hero aside from that. Anti-Venom is a different story, but Venom has always been a villain in my mind.

          • It’s a Brock thing, as Eddie had a greater influence on the symbiot than McGargen or Thompson did.

        • That was for a pretty short while. The rest of his character has pretty much been defined by hating Spider-man and wanting nothing better than to murder him.

          Something they could do is have him face off against Carnage. Being his “father” and all he could feel guilty about letting such a psychopath loose and try and stop him. I’m still not sure how that would work though. He would still have to be established as a villain at some point and just being the less evil of the villains in a movie might not make people want to root for him.

      • Venom has basically been an anti-hero for a while so it wouldn’t be a stretch to portray him as such….he despises Spider Man because in a warped sense he believes Spider Man to be evil. He kills bad guys…so he’s basically the Punisher with cooler powers.

    • I think you guys bought too much into that photo Webb teased way back when. While he’s a good actor, casting Deehan as Venom won’t be a good idea. It’s looking more and more like Harry will try to help his dad, and take Oz, or whatever they will call it, himself.

      • whoops, I didn’t mean to respond to your comment.

    • Venom was more of a villain as Brock and McGargan. However, the current incarnation of Flash Thompson as Venom is an anti hero. Even joins the secret avengers.

    • Venom Started out has a villain the he became a hero.I mean how do explane his comics selling so good.I love my Venom comicbooks and I think it could make a good movie.

  4. I think you guys bought too much into that photo Webb teased way back when. While he’s a good actor, casting Deehan as Venom won’t be a good idea. It’s looking more and more like Harry will try to help his dad, and take Oz, or whatever they will call it, himself.

    • Casting DeHaan “won’t be a good idea”… you mean, in your opinion?

      Because I can’t think of why they can’t. He seems like the perfect choice, and to me they’re clearly setting him up to be Venom. Especially if they decide to do a spinoff movie.

      I can’t wait to see what they do either way.

      • And how are they “clearly” setting him up as Venom?

        • Just because it makes the most sense for that actor to eventually play that role. It’s a complex character, and I think DeHaan is the perfect actor to play a revised version of Venom. Plus Webb teased it on his birthday. Seems pretty clear, I’d bet money on it… if I had any, that is.

          • I don’t see it. Why tease the obvious and reveal this big of a plot point? I believe Harry will become the GG.

          • I think DeHann is perfect for the role and can definitely carry a spin off franchise on his own. With a couple more movies, DeHann can easily be one of favorite actors.

            I would’ve preferred it to be Eddie Brock turning into Venom, since the childhood connection in the Ultimate Comics always interested me. The idea of both fathers working together as well as their families having get togethers on a regular basis seems like a strong plot point to go on. Though it doesn’t mean they can’t do something similar with Harry Osborn.

            • my favorite actors*

              • Deehan will be perfect in the role. He clearly can play an insane, and troubled character well. I just want the Ultimate Universe way of telling the Venom story to go about. And besides, I highly doubt Chris Cooper will be playing a physical role that the GG requires. He’s still on his deathbed in this movie, and I believe that Harry will test the serum on himself, and he becomes the Goblin. I can’t see Chris Cooper’s Norman Osborn being the Goblin.

                • He would be a better Carnage than Venom.
                  Venom is meant to be a physically menacing character. He should be bulky and muscular not skinny and twitchy.

                  • That is partially why I don’t want him to become Venom. I don’t want to see another Topher Grace sized Venom

                • I think someone on this article said the Goblin serum can have a healing factor to it, I thought that was a good idea. Or maybe it changes him entirely into the goblin beast from the Ultimate Comics. Eh who knows, honestly, I’m just hoping for DeHann to play a vicious villain. My pick for his villain is definitely Venom.

                  @ Justin

                  I’ve only really read the Ultimate Comics but is Eddie Brock really that large? Cause in the Ultimate Comics, he was sort of bulky but not so much so that DeHann is the wrong choice to be Venom. I’d also think it’d be a cool aspect for DeHann’s character to suddenly have to make that transition from being a skinny young man to a giant brute behind layers of muscle and strength. I don’t know, I can already picture DeHann, I probably shouldn’t just in case I’m letdown though aha.

                  • Also, Josh Trank has been in talks (for over a year now I think lol) to direct the Venom spin-off and I can see it being a great idea to re-unite both Trank and DeHann shortly after Chronicle.

  5. I got to say I don’t think there gonna make harry into venom. Maybe him and peter work together while messing around at oscorp. From there is finds Eddie Brock. I do how ever see harry becoming the goblin, just because his father is much older. Anythings possible. Also, DeHann is a great actor and I think the movie would rock, but i see all that happing around part 3. this film will be about electro. With the pieces falling in line lil by lil for the next 2 films. Cant wait…

  6. I think it’d be cool if they stem a franchise out of Venom. Sure people may think you can’t make a movie with a villain since it doesn’t seem plausible but I find that’s where the beauty of it lies. No one has done it before (that I know of anyway), and Venom is perfect to carve a road for maybe several movies to follow in its footsteps. Eddie Brock, Harry Osborn or who ever can be portrayed as a tortured soul of some sort and instead of the film ending with him helping the greater good, he gives in to his hatred. I find that’s an excellent way of leading into another Spider-Man sequel right after.

  7. Honestly for me personally they screwing this spider-man movie series up in certain areas… call me old fashioned but they taking it away from what it should be, Norman Osborn as Green Goblin, Eddie Brock as Venom, its the origin stories isnt it? so y are they bringing in the alternate versions that came about when spiderman had been around for a while instead of keeping the origin villains… they have a huge chance to better the mistakes they did from Sam Raimi’s Spiderman movies and from watching The Amazing Spider-man i aint to impressed, (im still liking the older 3 better) so now hearing what they might be doing in the future… I have my doubts… I’m a huge fan of Spidey and this is pretty disappointing, don’t get me wrong i liked some of the elements the way they’ve done the film was really awesome but story line wise they losing me… just a personal opinion really…

    • I don’t really blame you either. I know with Man of Steel they changed things up to make it more realistic and believable, but there’s not much reason for them to actively change this up so much. But then again, we still have yet to see if any of these rumors are true.

  8. Since the chances of Carnage becoming the main antagonist in a TASM Franchise is highly unlikely (note: I did not say impossible), why not have Carnage be the main antagonist to launch the Venom standalone franchise. Maybe have Spidey battle the Sinister Six in TASM 5, kill him off (a la Death of Spider-Man Ultimate Arc) and have Harry/Venom avenge his best friend’s death by insanely sabotage and murder every S6 member. If that is uncomfortable for the crowd, then simply have Spidey, Venom, and Cat battle the S6 and after all is said and done, have Spidey give up the mantel as NY’s protector for the safety of his own and his family as Venom picks it up from the ground and BAM, enter the Venom standalone films.

  9. It would be cool to see Flash Thompson join the military in ASM2. Have it mentioned in the background or something. Then have Flash become Venom in the Venom movie.

  10. ha love how they have a picture of Flash Thompsons Venom. still badass. I think they should make a venom movie series. start with a few Eddie Brocks..go to Flash, maybe some Harry Osbourne. but start off with Eddie he is the man and was more vicious. also people who are saying “do carnage first” dont be stupid….you can’t do Carnage WITHOUT Venom because Venom MAKES Carnage. read up on your s***

  11. this movie has done a good job of earning my dollar movie of the month or
    redbox rental of the month next year…

  12. I’m not one for Fanboying out but don’t change who plays Venom. They need to cast a juicehead to play Eddie Brock.

    • I remember thinking Brock Lesnar would’ve been perfect back in 2002 when he weighed 295 (if only he could act).

      • wow… I never thought of that, but Brock would of been a great Eddie Brock, you’re right… if only he could act.

    • Karl Urban should play Venom.

      • ^this, Karl Urban would be awesome as Venom

  13. Norman on his deathbed doesn’t mean he can’t become the Goblin. The serum could heal him but then mutate him horribly.

    • ^This

    • +1

  14. Eddie Brock hasn’t been Venom for a long time. The current Venom script revolves around “Agent Venom” and has nothing to do with Spider-Man.

    • This franchise is also not 50 years old and full of comic book fans that know about Flash Thompson being Venom.

      You say Venom, Eddie Brock comes to mind first. Just keep it that way.

    • Not necessarily true about having nothing to do with Spider-Man. Venom is actually one of the series I have been following recently. (Along with Gambit, New Avengers, and Uncanny Avengers) I recall one of the comics referring back to Parker/Spiderman. I am a bit behind on the Venom series though. Im about 6 comics back.

    • Either way, I would love for them to have Flash Thompson become Venom. I like the premise about him losing his legs in the war then the symbiote being what helps him gain use of his legs.

      I think the Brock route is important milestone of Spidey’s comics and with venom. thus they should definately use Brock. Then for the spin-off movies of Venom they can have Flash become Agent Venom.

  15. Eddie Brock is Venom… just like Peter Parker is Spider-Man… There is only one “TRUE” Venom and that’s Eddie Brock… nuff said!

  16. I would be fine is Venom was Flash Thompson in the films, I’ve been reading the new Venom series and I dig it. Eddie is the one true Venom, but that doesn’t mean that Flash can’t be an interesting character as well.

    • You’re right and the Flash Venom is a good comic book… But I guess I like the idea of staying true to the character and the comic books.

  17. I really think Dane could pull of venom really well.

    I also really hope they are making him venom instead of the green goblin. It would be such a better story opposite to Andrew.

    • He’s too small. Looks more like Cletus Kasady.

  18. the only problem i have with harry being venom is that hes not big enough to play venom unless they CGI him to be bigger with the symbiote on… also will peter wear the symbiote first????

    id rather him be venom the goblin though…we already had 2 goblins now a third cuz of norman in the new movies and we only had like ….20 mins of venom in the old movie

    a stand alone would be cool after ASM2 with a little cameo from spidey in it then venom and carnage in ASM3

    • plus i really really really want him to say “WE ARE VENOM”

    • I defiantly think Peter Parker has to have the first go at the symbiote, at least for a short time in ASM2 and maybe in the end of the movie along with the credits, have the symbiote bond to Eddie Brock. Then have a Venom movie with Carnage as the enemy, and have Venom get a little help from your neighborhood friendly Spider-Man. (Spidy can be a co-star to)

  19. Actors look kind of like buzz-bomb-brain kids in this series. Anyways, yes I will watch it and buy the DVD and all, but Venom is not a strong enough character to carry his own movie. He is basically just a cheap rip-off evil twin of Spiderman with big teeth and a nasty temper. Bring on Scorpion and Mysterio instead.

    • He’s probably the coolest enemy Spider Man has. Mysterio does illusions and Gargan is kind of an idiot.

  20. Eddie Brock must be Venom, they can’t just change a character like that and switch their identities with other characters like that…Bring in Eddie Brock in Amazing Spider-man 3, but make him the only villain. Then introduce Cletus Cassidy (Carnage) in the 4th movie, have Spider Man and Venom work together to defeat Carnage, or do the opposite have Spider Man face off with both

  21. This guy is too small to play Venom. He has a physique better fit for Carnage. I think Karl Urban would be great as Eddie Brock/Venom. He did a hell of a job as Dredd.

  22. pfffft you all have it wrong. Rhinos, Eels, Lizards, and Harry (based on the picture) will be THE OWL!!!!!!!!

    Who Who….

    The OWL!!!!!

  23. I think Eddie Brock should be venom no Harry Osborn, have Peter Parker become the symbiote then the symbiote gets on eddie brock creating the venom we love and be the badass that he supposed to be, then in another spidey film carnage gets created and eddie feels responsible for it and so he tries to take down carnage so venom helps Spiderman, venom sacrifices his life to stop carnage and then the government takes a symbiote and put some on the legless Flash Thompson for the spin off venom movies that’s what I think they should do it would make sense you get symbiote spiderman then the badass venom and then you get the hero venom then agent venom

  24. Just keep Harry as the GG, then ultimately we’ll see a meaner version of the GG played by Cooper’s Norman Osbourne. Then have Eddie Brock play Venom first, and get killed or defeated. Then we’ll see Carnage get thrown into the mix by the time the Sinister6 is introduced. I think at the time Venom becomes the good guy is when Spiderman/Peter retires after all the death he’s seen, people he’s lost. Then Venom/Flash Thompson is the anti-hero battling the Sinister 6 and then Spiderman comes back at the same time we’re introduced to Carnage, and have Spiderman/Venom battle Carnage, and the Sinister 6.

    I just think if they go with a Venom movie it will have to have him play the anti-hero battling other villains, and no spiderman. So spiderman can return to help him when Carnage is introduced.

    However I do want to see Venom first be the bad ass villain that we all love him for. I don’t want a skinny Venom like spiderman3/topher grace. I want to see a scary bad ass, huge, and menacing Venom. I want to see everything that this spiderman in these movies can’t do.

    Maybe we don’t see spiderman in a spiderman movie because he wears the black spidey suit first? who knows… they can go alot….alot of ways, but I think they should keep it as close to the origins as possible with also putting a new spin on the universe. I don’t think Spiderman has to die, but if they’re ending this franchise with it all wrapping up as Spiderman dying. We could potentially see Sony selling the franchise probably 10 years from now, but eventually goes to Disney, and by that time they’ll probably be working on a Avengers 3 or 4. Who knows…. too much to talk about. I just hope they know what they’re doing, and not to do. If they mess up on Venom just a little bit the diehard fans will tear the movie apart. Just ask Sam Raimi.