New ‘Captain America 2′ Battle Artwork & ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Harry Osborn Image

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Captain America 2 Amazing Spider Man 2 Comic Con 2013 New Captain America 2 Battle Artwork & Amazing Spider Man 2 Harry Osborn Image

We continue to get righteous geek goodie ahead of next week’s 2013 San Diego Comic-Con; yesterday brought us first look at the villain of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and today we can follow that up with another look at the film, courtesy of a new official image featuring Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and his childhood friend, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan).

Marvel Studios is also jumping in the mix to promote its upcoming Comic-Con panel for Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier by debuting yet another piece of Captain America 2 concept art, once again featuring Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) trading blows with his new nemesis, The Winter Solider.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: When Harry Met Peter

Amazing Spider Man 2 Peter Parker Harry Osborn 570x353 New Captain America 2 Battle Artwork & Amazing Spider Man 2 Harry Osborn Image

We’ve long heard that Chronicle star Dane DeHaan was brought onboard ASM2 in order to offer a very different take on the Harry Osborn character than James Franco’s portrayal in the Sam Raimi trilogy. Judging from that photo above, DeHaan certainly does look “different” in the role. His apparel certainly fits that of a modern (and very wealthy) NYC trust fund baby – but the hairstyle is sure to spark debate and/or mockery amongst fans.

The image was dropped into an EW interview in which Garfield was musing over whether or not Peter Parker could be gay or bi-sexual (controversy alert!). Head over there for that discussion – we’d rather keep guessing as to whether or not DeHaan’s Harry Osborn is going to end up as the new Venom in his own spinoff film, the new Green Goblin in a sequel film, or whatever else the case may be.

Captain America 2: Cap vs. Winter Soldier, Round 2

Captain America Winter Soldier Final Battle Concept Art 570x311 New Captain America 2 Battle Artwork & Amazing Spider Man 2 Harry Osborn Image

Click Image For Larger Version

Also courtesy of EW, the image above is another example of the work of artist Ryan Meinerding, who previously sketched this concept art of a scene featuring Steve Rogers and Winter Soldier battling it out on destroyed freeway – plus this image of a winter soldier catching Cap’s shield:

Captain America The Winter Soldier Bucky art 570x320 New Captain America 2 Battle Artwork & Amazing Spider Man 2 Harry Osborn Image

Captain America Winter Soldier Concept Art New Captain America 2 Battle Artwork & Amazing Spider Man 2 Harry Osborn Image

The newest concept art offers a look at what one could speculate is the third act set piece of Winter Soldier. The battle is much larger in scale than the highway scene artwork, and Winter Soldier’s face has finally been revealed (which is one of the twists of the story). A quick scan of the background reveals an epic battle featuring Anthony Mackie’s Falcon along with a squad of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and vehicles, laying siege to some yet-unseen enemy. In lot of ways, the image is more G.I. Joe than Captain America.

What’s also interesting to note is that Cap seems be in a costume similar to his Avengers suit, rather than the new S.H.I.E.L.D.-style costume we’ve previously seen in set photos. Maybe this concept art isn’t from the end of the film after all? Or does Cap just get his red, white and blue groove back by the end?

Captain America 2 sees Rogers working alongside S.H.I.E.L.D. and adjusting to modern life – until the appearance of an enemy super agent, codename “Winter Soldier,” begins to reveal big secrets about both Cap and Black Widow’s (Scarlett Johansson) pasts.

Comic Con 2013 Screen Rant New Captain America 2 Battle Artwork & Amazing Spider Man 2 Harry Osborn Image

While there is enough in both of these new images to keep fans buzzing, be sure to stay tuned for our Comic-Con 2013 coverage, as both movies are sure to drop some bigger, better, reveals during their respective panels at the convention.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be in theaters on April 4, 2014.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters on May 2, 2014.

Sources: EW & EW

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  1. The cap costume seems to have some First Avenger in it as well.

  2. Just please tell me the title won’t ACTUALLY be “The Amazing Spiderman 2″ -_-

    • Let’s hope not.

      • +1

    • Why is it that in the background of the asm2 picture there are people in short sleeves and shirts while they’re wearing coats?

      • That wasn’t meant to be a reply

      • Because instead of making him a nerdy geek, they turned him into a emo hipster. I imagine he will be more hipster than emo in this movie though.

        • How is he an emo hipster?

      • Because they’re cool like that. :-)

    • the amazing gay spiderman 2

      • Oh so clever

        • I really don’t give a sh*t!!
          Ithink it is garbage that EVERYTHING has to be exploring their sexuality, or gay like it is a cool statement for spidey to be gay!!

          I have a gay brother so this is NOT some homophobic post, I think that a gay spiderman has tobe the stupidest thing I have ever heard!
          He is spiderman, why make him something WE ALL KNOW HE IS NOT?
          CAN ANYONE tell me if in the 40-50 yrs PP and Spidey have existed has he ever been portrayed as gay in the comics?? NO, NO, NO BECAUSE HE HAS NOT BEEN!!! and I don’t think Andrew Garfield should even suggest such a STUPID IDEA!

          WHO wants to see PP kissing a dude? or sweeping his BF off his feet and swinging thru the streets on NYC?
          I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH gay men or women but this is just his stupidity and his OWN beliefs that he wants on film!

          • Your non-homophobic comment seems to have some homophobia in it. That’s a lot of rage based on a passing comment by someone who has no control over script or direction of the film.

            • He is just defending his point, I agree with him. Don’t fix something that isn’t broken. Especially a character’s sexuality, that has been untouched since the characters incarnation.

              • I don’t care about Spidey’s sexuality, not one bit, because it does not effect his character at all. He’s not gonna turn into a different person even if it happens.

                But it’s important to note that when most of these heroes were created, it was back in the 50s 60s 70s or even earlier. So naturally every single hero was white male and hetero. So there was no choice to make them anything but that. Now times change, there is opportunity to explore new things.

                Diversity came later. I don’t see any problem with Peter wanting to explore his sexuality, even if it’s just a crush on a guy and not a full-blown romance. He can still have his lady-loves, if he’s bisexual, so I don’t see the big deal.

                It changes nothing about his personality, his motivation, his story. Nothing at all. He’s still gonna be the exact same Peter Parker and Spider-Man whether they make him bisexual or not.

                Besides, Andrew Garfield can state his opinion about the matter, it doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen. But it’s nice of him to bring up a possibility like that in a “what if” way. Nothing wrong with thinking outside of the box, especially if that box was made decades ago in a much more intolerant and bigot age.

                That’s my two cents.

                • +1

            • Yaaay, let’s make Harry Osborn an awkward-looking, short weasel who is tastless when it comes to choosing clothes and Peter Parker a cool-looking guy who looks like he could be the most popular kid in high school just for the sake of making the movie look diffrent to avoid that we are basically rehashing something no one really wanted to see.

            • Its not about being homophobic, but banner is on point. Spiderman has never been written as a gay character and making mary jane into marvin jane is just an idiotical idea. If andrew garfield likes the thought of gay heroes then let him create one on his own.

          • You mad, bro?

            • ^^ That comment was for Bruce Banner.

              • +1

              • ^^ I see what you did there…

          • Would you relax, it’s merely a suggestion he made. You know how many ‘outside of the box’ suggestions get thrown around in studios? There’s probably hundreds. I also think Garfield bringing that specific suggestion expected and wanted a fan blowout. From changing the costume to probably uncasting Woodley, not because of creativity issues but because of some butthurt fans, I’m sure it got Garfield’s attention and he just wanted to poke fun at it all by saying what he said. You really need to calm yourself lmao. There’s 99.9999% chance it won’t happen so you’re pretty much getting upset over nothing.

            • bringing up*

            • I see what you did there: “butthurt fans”


          • A long make-out session involving Peter and Harry will really help sell tickets!

            But seriously, they won’t make him homosexual or bisexual. Although, Hollywood greatly misrepresents the population of homosexuals.


          • Yeah his not going to be gay. This is just Andrew musing over certain ideas. I don’t think Marc Webb would risk doing something like that. Also I don’t like the idea as well,

            I don’t think it’s homophobic to not want a character who’s been straight for around 700 issues of a comic series to suddenly be gay or bi-sexual. Yeah it wouldn’t effect the character but it’d still be annoying (mostly since most gay characters are ruined with an insanely annoying over the top camp stereotype)

  3. Glad they’re taking Harry Osborn in a totally different direction. I really enjoyed Franco’s Osborn and it looks like I’ll enjoy Dehann’s just as much.

    • I’m the opposite.

      I thought Franco’s was just as devoid of personality as Tobey’s Parker was.

      • I guess it’s just personal opinion. I thought both Franco and Toby did a great job as the characters and worked really well together.

        • … Until the third film, even Marlon Brando (IMO, the best actor that ever lived) could not have saved it.

          • I agree with you Dazz, Franco was not that impressive as Harry Osbourn, and I can’t say much in my opinion for Tobey Maguier…

    • Franco was great as Harry Osborn. DeHann is a terrific actor, I’m sure he’ll give a great performance as the character.

  4. It is rumored that he tosses the “SHIELD” version of the Cap uniform and takes up the Old WW2 Uniform in the film. Probably after he becomes disenchanted with present day USA.

    “When they said we won the war, they didn’t mention what we lost.” Steve Rogers – Avengers Movie

    • I actually heard that too from a pretty reliable guy. I hope not cuz from what I’ve seen I like this new suit. It is a mix from first avenger and avengers I think.

      • With him tossing the suit, it could lead to a great Avengers two storyline I heard about a month ago. the fury avengers the world Council. I think it’ll be great!

  5. I think the suit we saw before will be when Cap is like working for SHIELD. Then he will somehow feel like he got cheated/used/lied to and will go back to the true colors and ask for his old suit just a little updated.

  6. Is it just me, or does Dane DeHaan look a lot like David Bowie in that picture?

  7. umm i thought they were goin with the SHIELD costume that cap takes on as nick fury…

  8. I read on the internet weeks ago, and I can’t quote where I read it because I don’t remember, **POSSIBLE SPOILER**

    that Captain America breaks into the Smithsonian museum and steals his old first avenger uniform back and wears it for the final act of the film. This could explain why he is not in the new minus stars and stripes uniform in this concept art.

    • Steve Rogers would never steal something, even if it was his.

      Also, he was wearing that uniform when SHIELD found him in the ice. SHIELD don’t give things like that away to museums.

      I think it’s more likely that he has kept the suit, and decides to don it in an attempt to reach out to the winter soldier.

  9. that makes sense and good idea

  10. I’m glad they went back to the more military look with Cap’s suit. The suit he had in Avengers just didn’t look like one that could actually protect a guy fighting in a war.

    • Yep the old suit looks more like the mesh comic book version. Iam just hoping that thor 2 and captain america 2 step-up their game after the last 40 minute debacle we witnessed in iron man 3. Boxoffice wise it may not rollup those massive box office numbers by shellhead but storywise they can do better.

    • Completely agree. His suit from TFA was the best, better than the one in The Avengers, and the SHIELD-style one that will likely be in TWS, (IMO). I’d be pumped if they bring back the original suit.

  11. I would rather not have Peter Parker dating Harry Osborn, an “reimagined” MJ, or any other males is this franchise please. Let’s just stick to the comics stoylines.

  12. Yeah, really. That hairstyle. Really??? He has a part like Moses’ Red Sea

  13. The venom spinoff doesn’t even have anything to do with this film. The script is the Flash Thompson war hero Venom.

    • Oh really? Where did you find this info? There has been nothing confirmed about any script for a Venom film, oh and FYI, the film would have to have to do something with the amazing Spider-Man if it was a “spinoff”

  14. Why do I have a feeling the CA2:TWS artwork is 10 times as action packed and badass as the actual fim

  15. Having a kid around is perfect cover to watch cartoons as a 30yo man. So under that guise I’ve watched both Spectacular and Ultimate Spider-Man cartoons in recent years (the former being superior IMHO). They are clearly going for the disappointing squirt style of Harry Osborn in TASM2, which worked well in Spectacular, and was played well (in a fashion) by DeHaan in Chronicle. It makes for a much more interesting character than the privileged jock take, seen in Raimi’s (disappointing) trilogy, and the current Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.

    Upon reading that back, I think that some American might pick me up on my use of ‘jock’. Being from the UK its not commonly used, but I just meant a tall, strong, and arrogant jerk. It works for me.

    • Although Marvel don’t have the film rights to Spider-Man, Kevin Feige did work as an executive producer on The (Un)Amazing Spider-Man, and I frequently see ideas tested in the animated Marvel films and TV shows, which are later used in the live action films. Seemingly, they do collaborate on testing out storylines, and building interest for kids in new characters. Whether it is the Guardians of the Galaxy turning up in Avengers: World’s Mightiest Heroes a month before Marvel filed 11 trademarks and two months before it officially announced the film, or even the inclusion of Black Panther in the same show; or Harry Osborn becoming either the Green Goblin in Spectacular Spider-Man, or Venom in Ultimate, or characters like Nova and Luke Cage (who better be in SHIELD, or have his lawyers take a look at the mystery man in the trailer). I like the way they are developing interest in storylines and characters, long before they make it to the big screen, even if I still have no faith in Sony’s ability/willingness to do them justice.

  16. Anyone gonna mention Falcon in the Winter Soldier pic? Looks pretty cool how he can fly and shoot at people at the same time. But I wonder how they worked out how he does that in the movie as far as how he moves while flying.

    • I doubt they will even say anything about it, Marvel knows their properties are pure fantasy they don’t mind not explaining things like that. Though its a valid point to make.

  17. Tobey Maguire has one of those faces I just wanted to slap, it was permanently set on smug mode. And James Franco has always been an unconvincing presence. Much prefer the new ASM, tho I could’ve done without the silly crane swinging scene near the end.
    Speaking of silly I’m hoping the Goblin doesn’t show up at all. I know he’s one of spidey’s big enemies, but honestly?? Carnage, Venom, Doc Oct and the Rhino are fantastic villains. An overgrown garden gnome on a flying skateboard throwing pumpkins around I can do without. And don’t get me started on that scrawny old vulture guy and Mister goldfish bowl head…

    • my biggest fault with the film was the this line by gwens dad. someone says “sir what about spiderman”, he replies “I WANT HIM OFF THE STREETS, TAKE HIM DOWN” or something of that nature. Which would be fine if it wasn’t in the middle of the biggest freaking terrorist attack in the history of the city! hey lets spend some time and manpower to take down the one person has done their job with them and for them. Give me a break no cop is that stupid, they would accept his help and then take him down afterwards.

    • You can’t just nullify GG same way you would never nullify Joker, Lex or Magneto. They are MUST have_in_the_movie villains. They are the ones that push the heroes the most and have most interesting stories(if film makers won’t be lazy enough to explore them).

      The next big villain for Spidey is Dock Oct. Carnage unlike Venom never had any real connection to Peter, he is just there for a muscule challenge. But Venom isn’t that big as well, he is the same as Doomsday for Supes. It brings some drama and some challenge but thats it. No Goblin no game.

  18. I am not very excited for Cap 2, but I will be seeing it. I would love it Cap through his shield and Winter Soldier caught it, that would be insane. I was never a fan of the way his shield always comes back to him.

  19. Jamie Foxx keeps name-dropping Dane DeHaan in interviews, completely unprovoked, so he must have done something pretty special. He was great in Chronicle and Lawless (and that one scene in Lincoln), so I’m pretty pumped to see what he’s gonna bring to the table as Harry.

    • That’s good. Chronicle introduced me to Dane DeHann, I was a bit half and half with his character, his performance was great nonetheless. Haven’t seen Lawless just yet, I will soon enough. I didn’t know Jamie Foxx already started doing interviews.

      I am half way to being pumped for the sequel, haven’t seen very much yet. But so far, everything I have seen seems pretty dope.

      • Yeah, for some of his interviews for White House Down, Spider-Man was brought up, and I heard him bring up DeHaan in 2 separate interviews, just throwing out in the end that we need to “watch out for Dane DeHaan.”

  20. Can’t wait for The Winter Soldier!

  21. Since when did harry osborn become andy warhol
    If spidey will be gay… the hell make the hulk gay too
    Captain america looks like he is heading for a civil war story line


    He probably dons his original uniform in an attempt to jog the winter soldiers memories. That’s the uniform he wore when they were working together. Plus Cap is probably at odds with SHIELD (or the government) by the end.

  23. falcon looks nothing like his incarnation. if his arms are free to shoot then his suit acts more as a jetpack glider as opposed to a man with wings attached to his arms on his suit of course. if his wings flap in the movie im calling him the butterfly from now on

  24. Peter Parker. Good looking, strong, can stand up to Flash BigBully Thompson without superpowers. Had luck with one of the good looking girl before superpowers. Was skating as the true nevercare kid.

    Harry Osborn. Nerd looking, bad looking, dad issues, slim body, tons of money that no girl would take because he is nerd looking, bad looking, dad issues, slim body guy. Ok, maybe some W-would =)

    Totally spiderman movie =) Its not that i dislike new approach, but they shouldn’t make that scene with Peter say something to Flash or making fun of him the way he did(take the ball while not holding it, jumping hiiiigh and blowing shield to pieces, secret identity anyone ?)

    We’ve seen Green Harry Goblin, i don’t like Venom Harry but for the sake of differences with the previous i do feel it’d be better, that or MJ Harry.


    Never cared about Captain but he is got better movie than IM 2 & 3 atleast and those concepts look sweet. Maybe its worth the ticket.

  25. Hey, whoever wrote this article, could you switch around the pictures? It’s incredibly confusing why you put the old picture in between the two new ones, I’m not sure which new artwork features Falcon, because I can’t see him anywhere in here.

    • I can help (I think). The top Captain America picture is the only new one. You might have missed one at one point but the second and third have both been released for at least a month. The top/first picture has Falcon in it just over Cap’s left arm. Don’t worry though, I almost mistook him for a plane at first because I didn’t look close enough myself.

  26. I like how Dane Dehann looks great has Harry Osborn (not as in attractive) but has Harry. He looks completely different from James Franco. I hope they don’t f*** him as the The Green Goblin.

  27. The pic of Cap at the very top looks exactly like his ultimates counter-part, would be interesting to see Marvel delve into their multiverse so many potential blockbusters, so little time. . .

  28. so far, so good !

  29. I hope it IS called Amazing Spiderman 2… Are we going to jump on the “different name for the sequel bandwagon?” Oh man numbers are so hard to follow. numbers are so uncool! As long as it’s a great movie it can be called Amazing Spiderman TOO!!