‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Set Photos Hint at Iconic Gwen Stacy Moment

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emma stone amazing spider man Amazing Spider Man 2 Set Photos Hint at Iconic Gwen Stacy Moment

There has been a lot of interest in production on Amazing Spider-Man 2. That interest has been fueled through the usual unofficial set photos as snapped by fans and would-be paparazzi – however, there have also been official teaser photos that have been posted by director Marc Webb and other members of the cast.

Today brings the former rather than the latter. The latest batch of Amazing Spider-Man 2 set photos revolve around returning love interest Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), who is decked out in a rather… let’s say “ominous” outfit.







New set photos (courtesy of SHH) reveal actress Emma Stone on the NYC set of Amazing Spider-Man 2 wearing an outfit that is a dead-ringer (pun) for the one her comic book counterpart wore during her climatic death scene in a legendary storyline from Amazing Spider-Man #121-122.


Gwen Stacys Death Amazing Spider Man 2 Set Photos Hint at Iconic Gwen Stacy Moment


The green jacket is an immediate giveaway, but other set photos further confirm that the iconic black leather calf boots and black-on-purple blouse/skirt combo are also in the mix. In short, the outfit in the set photos pretty much matches the one in the artwork above – and given that Stone is standing out by the water, it’s not hard to imagine that the source material’s version of things (Spidey failing to stop Gwen’s fatal fall from a bridge) could also be her fate in ASM2. Not that any of this should be a surprise: cast and crew have hinted all along that Gwen’s end could be coming in the sequel.

Of course, the question is whether the circumstances surrounding ‘the Death of Gwen Stacy’ will be the same (provided the inevitable does occur). In the original comics, her death occurred at the hands of the Green Goblin – whose alter-ego Norman Osborn will be played by Chris Cooper in the film. Could Osborn’s appearance as the Goblin have to do with Gwen’s death – or will central villain Electro (Jamie Foxx) be responsible?

The Death of Gwen Stacy original comics 570x399 Amazing Spider Man 2 Set Photos Hint at Iconic Gwen Stacy Moment

Then again, in the Ultimate Spider-Man continuity (which the Amazing Spider-Man films borrow heavily from), Gwen Stacy dies at the hands of Carnage, a creature created from genetic material spliced together from (wait for it…) Peter Parker, his father Richard and Dr. Curt Connors. Marc Webb’s teaser photos have already hinted at the importance of Spider-Man’s genetic material in the sequel - as well offering hints that had fans speculating about the possibility of franchise newcomer Dane Dehaan playing Venom, another iconic Spider-Man villain. Could speculation be wrong? Could DeHaan’s version of Harry Osborn end up wearing a Carnage suit instead of Venom’s? Or could it be the Venom suit that leads to Gwen’s untimely demise?

Ultimate Spider Man Death of Gwen Stacy Amazing Spider Man 2 Set Photos Hint at Iconic Gwen Stacy Moment

Right now, the web is being woven so thick that any of those 3 perpetrators (Electro, Green Goblin, Venom/Carnage) could be responsible for Gwen’s death. Obviously, Electro seems the most likely (given his prominence in the story), but we’ll see how things play out.

One thing is for sure: If actress Shailene Woodley’s bit part as Mary Jane Watson is introduced in the right way, Peter Parker may not be grieving for too long, should Gwen Stacy indeed bite the big one…


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters on May 2, 2014.

Source: SHH

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  1. Huge props to Marc Webb if he goes in the direction of killing off Gwen Stacy. Not very many people have the balls to kill off big characters in comic book movies.

  2. NOT THE COAT! The only reason its not a shock is cause its in the comics. They should switch up the way she dies or kill off mary jane like someone else suggested in another post. Emma stone really held the movie together for me

    • Oh, like they switched up the Mandarin? Sounds good to me, but I thought people were against all that.

    • They could switch up deaths, which is stupid by the way, but you get extremely upset when they change the Mandarin?

  3. She probably dies… who cares how?

    I know I want to be surprised!

  4. If they don’t kill of Gwen Stacy I’ll be skipping this film entirely.

    • How can you know to skip it unless you watch it?

      • point made haha

      • There is this new thing now. It’s called The Internet. You can find information like that before actually watching a movie. Isn’t that amazing and at the same time worrying?

        On topic: in these photos Emma Stone definitely sports the look of someone one her face who got written out of a billion dollar franchise.

        • She signed on to the role knowing that Gwen gets killed off, and actually cited it as a big factor in her taking the role. If Emma Stone is getting “written out”, its not coming as any sort of devastating surprise to her.

    • That’s messed up.

  5. As long as it is the goblin that does it and it does not feel rushed and forced. I would prefer for it to happen in the third movie where the goblin is the main/only villain but if done well in this movie I guess it wouldn’t matter.

  6. One person says they want Gwen Stacy killed or else they’re not into the movies anymore. One person says without Emma Stone they don’t like the movies anymore.

    It’s obvious you can’t please anybody!

  7. Why are they so focused on the Ultimate comics? Surely they can’t be as good as the original classics

    • It’s because the Ultimate comics are more modern – a more modern take on Peter Parker I mean. But they do borrow from the classics too ( the original look of the Lizard, Gwen being Peter’s 1st girlfriend).

  8. hy is everyone so obsessed with the goblin doing it? screw the goblin. we already had him. the only character that should be used again is venom, hell, venom is scarier than goblin is.

    • Not the point. Green Goblin is the archnemesis of Spider-Man. It’s not about the fear factor, it’s about what people want. Nothing is more exciting when rivals battle it out

  9. They have to do it right. They can’t just murder her to pay respects to the comics. It has to be partly Spidermans fault.

  10. @Will Fraser.

    Agreed. People need to just stop bitching and enjoy the movie , because half of the people that do b**** are the ones that end up going to the midnight show and end up loving it and just want something to complain about.

  11. But they shouldn’t kill her in this film, it’s too soon because their relationship hasn’t even lasted that long. It should happen in the third film, and have MJ step up as lead in the fourth one.

  12. Can we see pictures of Rhino yet?

  13. If they are seriously going to make Electro the one to kill Gwen Stacy then this will probably be the worst Spider-Man movie ever made. Seriously, the Green Goblin is supposed to be the one to kill Gwen Stacy. It’s one of the things that makes him so iconic as one of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies. Changing it to where Electro is responsible would be like making the Mad Hatter responsible for the death of Jason Todd in a Batman film. I already have no intention of watching this movie due to Jamie Foxx being in it. Please, people, don’t completely ruin Spider-Man like that.

    • If you have no intention of seeing it then why do you care about how Gwen dies?

  14. That is one friggin creepy picture of Carnage

  15. I have a feeling it is just another one of Webb’s Easter eggs.

  16. As long as we are dropping names, I would like to see Mysterio and Scorpion as the next Spidey villains.

  17. I don’t mind if Goblin isn’t the one to do it. If she dies in this one, it makes no sense for him to kill her anyway since we haven’t even seen him yet and it’d be one hell of a rush job to satisfy the minority of geeks who would complain otherwise.

    Considering the ridiculous complaints about Bane’s voice and that cool Mandarin switcheroo though, I don’t have much hope of being able to avoid petty complaints.

  18. So if the goblin doesn’t kill Gwen I’m guessing people are going to complain about it like the mandarin reveal jeez some of us comic book fans are the hardest to please. Grow up people things change.

  19. The best way to respect Gwen’s death and memory without jumping into Mary Jane too quickly is for Parker has come to terms with her death, and while he will never forgive or forget, he realizes he’s ready to move on in his life. Once he reaches this acceptance…

    Last words of film three – “Face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot!”

    Cut – Trilogy over.

    No follow ups or sequels… reboot again to secure the rights or sell them back to Marvel for highway robbery if you don’t think you sustain the films or the character become unprofitable (snicker).

  20. I think there saving uncle bens killer for carnage

  21. Comic geeks b***** about everything.

  22. I don’t mind that Gwen Stacey is gonna die at some point in this trilogy. She’s suppose to buy I also wouldn’t have minded if they changed the story and let her love cuz I’m in love with Emma stone haha

    I dot eithe way if she does from goblin or carnage.

    But please for the love of god don’t let harry be venom. EDDIE BROCK is venom. Harry can be carnage but not venom.

    • HARRY CAN BE CARNAGE?!?!?! That’s worse than Harry becoming Venom!

      • Yeah considering we’ve seen Harry become Venom for a short time in the Ultimate Spiderman show, which I was ok with. The only people that should be Carnage are Kassidy and Peter

  23. I think we should have Gwen stay around through out the next amazing spider man sequels as peter’s lover and partner.

  24. i love spiderman especially the new sequel but if gwen dies ill hate it i mean cant they make it that gwens spider mans love interest for the whole sequel they dont have to add mary jane in it. i personaly wishthat gwen will stay in for the whole sequel if not theyll ruin the movie she pulls the movie together and i think emma is a great actress. gwen should just be the main actress through the whole movie

  25. This is dumb, Gwen can’t die, not yet!
    If she is to die at all in the series make it the third movie at least, we still want to see more of her.
    It will be a shame if she dies in amazing spiderman 2

  26. I think they should keep her in just because comic nerds think it would be great to kill her off but Emma is a really good actor and should stay in the films. it was kinda stupid to kill her off in the comics in the first place…

  27. )SPOILER ALERT!!!)

    The whole movie leaked last week, so I can say without doubt that she dies after being dropped through a bell tower by the Green Goblin. The Goblin threw her in but if was Peter that killed her after his web stopped her from hitting the ground while also accidentally breaking her neck. Basically she dies the same way as in the comic but instead of her being thrown off a bridge, she is thrown into a bell tower