‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Official Green Goblin Image

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Amazing Spider Man 2 and 3 Logo Amazing Spider Man 2 Official Green Goblin Image

You may not have heard, but we recently got to preview almost a half-hour of 3D footage from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on the big screen – and the results were more impressive than we predicted they would be. A final trailer for the film showed off some fully rendered visuals and action sequences, causing fans to slowly-but-surely get more enthused about director Marc Webb’s sequel to his Spider-Man reboot – but there are still some valid concerns being expressed by a very vocal group of skeptics.

One of the biggest criticisms of Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been character design – specifically, the designs of the film’s three villains, Electro (Jamie Foxx), Rhino (Paul Giamatti) and Harry Osborn/Green Goblin (Dane DeHaan). As usual, comic book character costumes are one major artery of a superhero movie, and the deviations from canon (Electro is now African-American; The Rhino is now a guy in a metal suit) have not yet been proven as justified or worthwhile for the hardcore fanbase to get behind.

The Amazing Spider Man 2 Previews Trailers Amazing Spider Man 2 Official Green Goblin Image

Well, having seen the full sequence of Spider-Man battling Electro in Times Square, I can vouch that Jamie Foxx’s version of the character is an effective adaptation – despite the changes to race or origin. Awhile back, the filmmakers also put out a video about the Rhino to (once again) explain why the character is no longer a big guy in a spandex Rhino suit. However, the new Green Goblin has not won over many fans – primarily because previously released photos of the character have given off the impression that he looks like an unkempt David Bowie. Some people originally thought that a tiny image of the character looked like a frazzled clone of Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker. Neither description is all that flattering.

….Which is probably why, today, Sony has released a hi-res image of DeHaan as the Goblin, avoiding the ridiculous secrecy about the character they tried to maintain early on, and allowing fans to better scrutinize (and hopefully approve of) the finished product:

Amazing SPider Man 2 Green Goblin Dane DeHaan 700x425 Amazing Spider Man 2 Official Green Goblin Image

A scene previewed during the Amazing Spider-Man 2 footage event seemed to suggest that Harry experiences some kind of Jekyll/Hyde transformation at multiple points in the film – much like the Curt Connors/Lizard transformations in the first film. There’s no way to tell if the picture above is just one sort of transformation, or the finished form of this new Goblin character; what I do know is that the character looks better up close in hi-res. In detail he looks like something out of a horror movie, and if you’re not going the rubber mask or suit of armor route, then this isn’t a half-bad adaptation of the gene-spliced Goblin from the Ultimate Spider-Man continuity.


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Now take a look at previous images, which reveal Harry’s full Goblin armor and the stages of transformation the character experiences during the film:

Finally, this oldie from the Raimi Spider-Man film for comparison:

Spider Man Movie Green Goblin Armor 1024x844 Amazing Spider Man 2 Official Green Goblin Image

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  1. This screams hobgoblin more than green goblin to me.

    • Who knows, maybe he’ll survive this movie and becomes Hobgoblin in the future when Norman takes over Green Goblin for himself.

  2. Certainly looks the part, but I’ll always be a fan of the mask. Still fighting in a Halloween mask isn’t as easy as it looks.

    • the mask!?!? the mask was unforgivable, it was the reason that movie sucked! green goblin doesn’t wear a mask, it’s his face

      • He origionally wore a mask, but it was very different from the helmet in the movie and was fully capaple of moving.

      • he’s referring to the comic not the Raimi film

        • Yes, in the comics, Green Goblin wore a mask. Hobgoblin later also wore a mask then ended up having an actual monstrous goblinoid face.

          • Yep. That’s correct.

  3. I love that amalgamated goblin test, but I still think it was a little impractical and perhaps a little too spot on to the comic. I really like dehan’s new version and the only thing I didn’t like about defoe’s was his mask. His costume was fine, it just needed a better, more realistic colourscheme.

    The one thing that both Dehan and Defoe were/are missing though is some sort of rags, hood,scarf or something. IMO they both need some sort of ragged wrapping oner their heads or neck/chest to simulate the jester type outfit of the Green Goblin. This would also add better aesthetics for when Gobby is flying. Imagine it blowing in the wind behind him. For example: Boba Fett’s costumea mix of body armour and loose wrappings, braids etc.

    I still think a rubber mask with an open mouth, eyes and yellow goggles would have been the best. I can sort of see it in my head. Nothing technical/animatronic, just creepy. A mild steampunk look could’ve worked for gobby. Besides, It never makes sense to me that characters fly at high speeds and never wear goggles. You try sticking your head with bare eyeballs out the window nex time you are doing 80 on the motorway/freeway. (^-^)

    • have you ever seen a spider-man comic?! green goblin doesn’t wear a mask, that’s ridiculous

      • Again, it was a rubber mask that moved with his face! Unless you’re thinking of the Ultimate Marvel reboot, In which he was freakishly mutated instead. In that case you’d be correct.

      • Yes he did! From the beginning back in the 60’s for years. The ultimate Goblin is totally different, so not at all “ridiculous”. But they are going the Ultimate route.

      • Green Goblin DID wear a mask. It’s as simple as reading a few The Amazing Spider-Man comics to know that (or Google it). In the Ultimate Comics he did not but he was totally out of character in that one.

        • Although, yes, that’s Harry not Norman.

    • I was going to post a comment about what I want from a goblin costume, but you must have read my mine. Somebody get this guy to design the cotumes from now on!

  4. DeHann is deliciously evil. Good casting decision Sony, I’ll give me that.
    No complaints about Goblin new threads.

    • Ugh. Typos.
      “Edit button….edit button…my kingdom for a edit button”

      • Or you could just proof-read before posting.

  5. That’s so gross – but still great and amazing at the same time.

  6. homeless green goblin

  7. Looks like a homeless hobbit.

    This movie is looking like total trash.

    • Trash.

  8. Captures that insane aspect of the Green Goblin I think. One of my favorite villains in the comics an I don’t think this will disappoint.

  9. Did sam raimi helm this make up?

  10. The thing is you’ve got original and ultimate Spider-Man, two canons that the film makers are drawing from. It was my understanding that Web , being a Bendis fan was basing this series mostly on ultimate. Here are some examples of the differences
    Original rhino was a big dude, ultimate iron was a nerd in a huge iron man like battle suit – they went with ultimate
    O goblin wore a mask , U goblin transformed like the hulk
    O peter dates Gwen first, U peter dates MJ first
    Point being, this story has been done for 50 years and 4 soon to be 5 films. more often then not they got it wrong. Peter is marvels Job nothing but shuffle things happen to him but he still gets up and works his honest 9-5 and saves people while telling corny jokes. He makes bad decisions see civil war but always with our motivations. That’s why He gets crazy hot girls despite the fact people close to him tend to wake up one day and find them selves dead. The presence or absence of those qualities is what makes us give a $&@? about peter Parker or spider – man

  11. Do yourself a favor and stop making comments on something you obviously know nothing about. Thanks.

  12. Lol! Well, replying to comments apparently doesn’t work so well on a smart phone…

  13. He could always (if he should live to see a sequel) put on some rags to cover up his mutated appearance. The goblin look is complete.

  14. Now just paint his face green and give him a hood. There folks, we got the perfect look of the original Green Goblin.

  15. I always liked Demogolbin’s face. Creeped me out as a kid.

  16. Looks like Gollum.

  17. Apparently the secret ingredient in Goblin serum is that sweet, sweet crack.

  18. Just a thought…

    If you look close you can see green substance around his upper right hairline. Also, he has some sort of “device” near his right eye and ear.

    Could it be that he will have the mask but maybe it gets burned off his face??

    Maybe that is leftover residual from his mask burning?