Emma Stone Teases Gwen Stacy’s Fate in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′

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emma stone1 Emma Stone Teases Gwen Stacys Fate in The Amazing Spider Man 2

[WARNING! Potential spoilers ahead for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2.']

In the comic books, Gwen Stacy is more than just Peter Parker’s first love. The brainy blonde’s death still stands as one of the most recognizable tragedies in the history of the medium, as she was killed during a showdown between our friendly neighborhood web-slinger and the Green Goblin and is one of the few characters to actually stay dead.

So, when Emma Stone was cast as the character in director Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man last year, rumors ran rampant that at some point the films would address the sad end to the Peter/Gwen love story. However, while Stone has expressed interest in sticking to the narrative established in the comics, she’s now playing coy regarding where the sequels may go.

In an interview with MTV News, Stone was asked about the possibility that Gwen would meet her end in next summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Here’s what she had to say:

“Will she? Is it up to you? Did you write the script? Did you ghost-write the script?”

While her non-answer sounds like it came straight out of the mouth of her sarcastic character from Easy A, Stone’s response is a bit telling in that she is now more reluctant to address the idea that Gwen’s death will factor into the films. Perhaps this is precisely because Gwen’s fate is already written, and the filmmakers may have asked her to dodge questions regarding plot and keep a bit of mystery in the upcoming sequel (and future installments).

emma stone2 570x361 Emma Stone Teases Gwen Stacys Fate in The Amazing Spider Man 2

This is purely speculation, of course, but given the fact that Dane DeHaan is joining the cast as Harry Osborn and Shailene Woodley is joining the cast in a minor role as Mary Jane Watson – who ultimately winds up being Mrs. Peter Parker in the comics (that is, before the marriage was retconned out of existence) – it appears that the chess pieces are moving into place for the emergence of Green Goblin and (potentially) the tragic end of Gwen Stacy. However, with the second film focused on Electro (Jamie Foxx), such a move will likely not come to pass until the third film at least.

Another question arises from this issue, though. Is this rebooted Spider-Man franchise obligated to adhere so closely to the character’s comic book stories, or should it be allowed the freedom to spin its own tales? After all, many of the most successful superhero films (The Dark Knight trilogy, The Avengers) have included homages and references to specific stories from the comics, while other films like Sin City and Watchmen have faced some criticism for staying too close to the original text.

What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Should The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (or one of its sequels) depict the death of Gwen Stacy, as in the comic books? Or, given the palpable on-screen chemistry between Stone and co-star Andrew Garfield, would you prefer the filmmakers keep her character around? Let us know in the comments.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (not the official title) swings into theaters on May 2nd, 2014.


Source: MTV News

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  1. I’m going to stop watching spiderman if gwen stays dead they are such a cute couple and they have such big plans.

  2. RIDICULOUS !! why on earth did they kill Gwen, because of the comic …..
    i don’t care about the comic. OKAY kill Gwen. but make Mary Jane (Emma stone) again.

    NO Emma stone NO SPIDER MAN 3 !!!

  3. Is have to admit after the tragic death of the beautifu, intelligent Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) I was pretty upset but at the same time I expected this love story between Parker and Stacy to come to and end. I will and we will miss her role but eventually Mary Jane would of came into the story and if they kept Gwen alive to long people would of grown to attach. This movie left me at the edge of my seat, which makes me oh so much more excited for the next one and if Shailene Woodley is to play Mary Jane I could not wait to see how we’ll she plays that role. I wish luck to you all and hope you keep enjoying this amazing movie series as much as I do.

  4. man this is b******* they just messed up the entire movie when she died because they were so happy together and also mary janes, cant even compare her to gwen because al of a sudden sshe dies.

  5. I think that they should keep gwen and some how in the third movie, make it to where she didn’t die, but she is still alive and hiding from peter parkers enemies, but no one knows she is still alive but peter parker. She plays such a good role in both of the movies and to have her die in the end makes me not want to watch spider man anymore. Mary jane was okay but gwen was his true love. I think that they need to change up what was in the comic books. Why not change up the comic books. They were created along time ago and were getting into the younger generation that’s going to see this movie and want gwen to stay around. The producer has the power to rewrite the movie different than the comics. All the super hero movies have been like the comics. Well i say its about time that it got changed. If gwen is still dead in the third movie, then i refuse to watch it. In the end of the 2nd spider man, we think she dies, but if i was the producer, i would make it to where she is still alive but maybe perhaps in england where she said she wanted to go, none of peter parkers enemies could find her. The ending was just too sad when she died, and no one else can replace emma stone, she done the best job playing the role of gwen stacy. They shouldn’t even conaider bringing mary jane back. If they bring mary jane back, then what was the point in even remaking the spider man movies? Just so it could be redone the same as other movies. Almost every super hero had a women that they loved and yet they managed to keep them safe, so why cant spider man keep his love (gwen) alive?. PLease bring her back!

    • I hope that the producer and the people that made the movie consider reading these posts!

    • I never really get into these kind of movies…i only watch them because of my 3 kids! But This movie had me actually Watching…and yes probably because i love emma stone..who doesn’t!? Killing her off I believe was just a terrible thought process!! Yes I cried like a big baby!!:( And No, if she Stays dead I could go back to caring less for watching any further Spiderman movies!!! Please keep her around …send her to England …have a huge shocker in the 3rd movies that shows Gwen is still alive and hiding in England!!! Please!…I think the movie will actually benefit from this!! And Thanks!!:)

  6. I think the death of Gwen is going to put this movie to the ground there will never be an Amazing Spiderman 3 because of the fact that Mary Jane in the comics was Peter Parkers first love sence they lived next door as children but then in the amazing spiderman u have Gwen as his first so they have 2 different stories to begin with so to add Mary Jane is pointless they should of had the battle of the green goblin 2nd to last and the last one be from where they ended it when Gwen dies.

    • Yes but they already rewrote the scene, they made two movies with gwen, why not make a third, it can be done and thats what a lot of people are wanting. The people want gwen back, not mary jane

  7. Gwen Stacy should not die she is awesome but if you don’t bring her back as Marie Kate

  8. I wish she hadn’t died. I know she does in the comics, but this is one of the few circumstances I wish they hadn’t followed the comic. Really liked Gwen Stacy.

    Kind of hoping he meets up with Felicia Hardy though, for a Black Cat and Spiderman superhero duo for 3.

  9. Wishful thinking, but do you think Marvels upcoming Amazing Spider-verse has been made after a deal with Sony?

    A spider woman film that would allow the return of Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy would be a god send at this moment, she was the best thing about the amazing spiderman series…

    Could Sony set up an alternative universe then go universe hoping after the sinister six and venom vs carnage movies?

    Who knows, it’ll probably be a rubbish black cat movie, but we can dream about Sony getting into bed with Disney and marvel…

    • ^ Edge of spider-verse


  11. personally i think gwens death spoils the whole concept of spiderman because of the way she dies and when the next 1 comes out you’ll have nothing new to look forward to between peter and his fiance gwen… only if peter uses something to bring gwen back to life.. but what are the chances of that happening!! we all will miss her.. if just some way she could just comeback to life in the next 1.. The amazing spiderman 3

  12. I can’t believe Gwen dies I mean who cares what the comic book says I rrrreeeaaaallllllyyyyy hope Gwen comes back or that it was a nightmare or something!!!!!!!!!

  13. Bring Gwen back!!! Stone played her so well. Would like to see her in more of the spiderman movies!!!