‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′: Official Image of Electro Revealed in Comic-Con 2013 Preview

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Amazing Spider Man 2 Electro vs. Spider Man Official Image Amazing Spider Man 2: Official Image of Electro Revealed in Comic Con 2013 Preview

With the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con going down next week, studios are trying to make a big media impact with their  geek genre tentpole flicks – and one of the bigger films to be featured at this year’s ‘Con will be Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The sequel to director Marc Webb’s successful reboot of the Spider-Man movie franchise has been teasing fans for months with images that hint at big potential developments for both ASM2 and the larger Spidey movie universe, but now it’s time to get official. Today we have an… er, official image from Amazing Spider-Man 2 to share, and it features none other than Jamie Foxx as Spidey’s new superpowered foe, Electro.

EW debuted the image as one of the variant covers for their Comic-Con 2013 preview issue. If you want to check the rest of their covers – which features horror movie remake Carrie, the long-awaited adaptation of the classic sci-fi novel Ender’s Game or the BBC hit series Orphan Black – then check out the full gallery HERE.


Amazing Spider Man 2 Electro vs. Spider Man Official Image Comic Con 2013 570x760 Amazing Spider Man 2: Official Image of Electro Revealed in Comic Con 2013 Preview

We’ve previously seen unofficial images of Jamie foxx on set in his blue Electro makeup – which is clearly drawn from the more modern Ultimate Spider-Man version of the villain (blue sparky), rather than the original green-on-yellow costume from the original comics. Despite all the debate about casting Foxx in the role, it’s easy to say that makeup and effects team behind the film have done a suitable job of creating a believable version of a man whose body is overflowing with electric current. Fans of old-school Electro: there’s even a few nice homages to your version, what with the lighting bolt images included with his Prometheus-style space suit (kidding… sort of).

Utimate Electro Amazing Spider Man 2 Amazing Spider Man 2: Official Image of Electro Revealed in Comic Con 2013 Preview

Ultimate Electro

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is still something of a mystery in terms of story. We know Spidey will be battling Electro and The Rhino (Paul Giamatti); a prison full of super villains will be involved; gene-splicing (as seen in the first film) will likely result in several big plot developments; Mary Jane Watson WON’T be in the film; Harry and Norman Osborn’s appearance could spell big doom to come; and more…

Stay tuned next week as we attend Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 Comic-Con panel; we expect to see some great footage and learn new mysteries and hints that could keep fans buzzing until release day. You don’t want to miss it.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters on May 2, 2014.

The 2013 San Diego Comic-Con International will take place from Thursday July 18 – Sunday July 21st – and we’ll have breaking news and coverage coming to you well before/after those dates, as well.


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  1. I think Electro looks pretty sweet. I can’t wait for this movie!

    • This Electro looks pretty interesting, although I would not have complained if he had looked like he did in the early comics: green and yellow suit with lightning bolts on it. I liked that, also.

    • I agree he looks great to me and so does that new Spidey suit

    • @ Prof Pro
      I really hadn’t given any mind at all to this movie, until I saw that cover.

      I mean c’mon…

      … if you call yourself a comic book fan that cover should get you excited.

      • You are correct.

  2. Sweet Jesus f*cking Christ can you ever have something happen without people b*tching about it? God damn, no matter what they could’ve done with Electro people would’ve disliked it, and I can guarantee there will be people calling the Rhino stupid too. Because the comic-book versions were so ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’.

    I personally thought that was Electro, screen-personified. I cannot think of a better way they could have made him work unless they had just thrown him in a super powered suit of some sort. I’m very fascinated with the ears in particular, and think that Electro’s metamorphosis will be painful and on-screen (at least I hope)

    Still like Tobi McGuire as Spider-Man (he looks the part more than this guy), but this is shaping up to be a hell of a movie.

    Spider Man for Avengers (eventually plz)

    • Uh, actually I think Rhino is kind of a big droopy dumpy-drawers….

      • Thank u lol.
        Me personally, I don’t think the Green/yellow electro would work in the movie because of it’s slightly darker tone. It’s to comical looking.

        • Tell that to every spooky clown in a horror movie.

    • So here is a guy, creating a post BITCHING about people creating posts bitching about something.

  3. His ear…



    • @Ultimate ACW: 007 Reloaded: “Oh, now you sound like my hot-to-trot girlfriend!”

  5. It looks like Electro’s ears have burned out but his head looks “fine” as it would like if man is a living energy?
    Dunno, feels like those burned out ears are his weakest part. But can’t wait how Foxx looks in a screen.

    • He used a Q-Tip & went in too deep.

  6. I wasn’t someone who complained when the set photos were released. I was optimistic and wanted to wait for the official images to be revealed. Now that we do have an official pic… meh. I’m sure Jamie Foxx will do a great job (great actor) but that’s about it. I’m not going to hate or anything, but I just don’t like what I’m seeing. Still looking forward to the movie, but I guess it’s just personal preference.

    • What was you expecting to see?

      • I don’t know, this pic just hasn’t won me over yet. I’m not a fan of the Ultimate version of Electro (Dr. Manhattan rip off) and the suit here just looks like a Prometheus space suit. I don’t think it looks terrible, but I would have preferred something more like the design in The Spectacular Spiderman TV series.

  7. My first thought was definitely Prometheus space suit.

  8. That underbite…. scary

  9. I can’t wait to see what the costumes look like for Scorpion and Mysterio, if they ever do them. They are my choices for the next Spidey villains.

    • Scorpion for sure. I wouldn’t mind seeing Vulture, although I guess we’re going to get something similar enough in Captain America: TWS’s Falcon. So Scorpion, Shocker (even if they can’t do him anymore, because Electro covers the “electric super villain” aspect to general audiences), and just do a really good Venom and Carnage and I’m happy. Doc Oc’s been done perfectly already, and GG’s coming – although it sounds like they’re going to completely screw it up, if those rumors are true.

  10. This Spider-Man costume looks so much better. Thank god.

    • I know, right?

    • I honestly don’t get the difference on the Spidey suite, it looks the same to me

  11. i like the way you fry boy

    • lol +1

    • The name’s Electro. The E is silent.

  12. Spiderman movies only got the sandman and dr octopus accurate. The rest
    Look like something out of cracked magazine.

    1. The green goblin- power ranger ripoff
    2. Harry osborn goblin- batman on a glider
    3. Lizard- character from V or the movie enemy mine
    4. Venom- skinny wimpy looking topher grace
    5. Rhino- looks like the cartoon goofy tick with giamattis face
    6 electro- blue man from universal or pinhead

    So no sony needs to stop destroying the spiderman villians.

    • Shut up ahole

    • Shut up

    • You actually do have kind of a point. I thought the mask for the Green Goblin was fine, but the rest of the suit just didn’t work. As for Venom, the suit was fine, but he was too skinny. But The Lizard looked terrible…

  13. It’s amazing how egg like Garfield’s head is in the spidey costume. He looks just like spiderman in the costume!

    • He really does, which is a huge improvement over the Toby Maguire version.

    • Great, now all I see is an egg when I look at him aha.

    • Yeah, it’s pretty much perfect… I love the eyes now.

      • I’m sorry for what you thought was “trolling” I just not excited for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″. I know you are but I’m not. :(

        • Whatever.

  14. I really don’t like how Foxx looks as Electro.

  15. I love both costumes, they look great.

  16. I think it looks great. I also agree the green and yellow would looked to kiddie or comical.

    • It was possible to make it slightly Green and Yellow, instead of Prometheus Gray on Blue-Gray (guess they raided the wardrobe department for left overs).

      The stupid thing about his costume is the fact he is wearing metal. If he is a being of pure energy then metal is a weakness (as is water). Maybe they will call him arc-man as he starts to short out across his own suit, and ground out into the nearest sewer grating?

  17. As for Spiderman’s suit, my main problem is that it shouldn’t be called a “redesign”. Its’ just the same suit from the original trilogy with new eyes. I thought it was just kind of lazy to simply go back to that suit. Don’t get me wrong, I LIKED the suit from the trilogy, but why do we need to see it again? I thought the suit in The Amazing Spiderman was fine. I thought they did a great job with that redesign, but now it just seems like they changed it back out of pressure from hate from a few fans.

    • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. They improved Raimi’s costume with what minor issues it had.

    • Its similar to the raimi suit, but not identical at all. the only real similarity is the use of the brick pattern on the costume again. the blue area now has more of a rubbery texture and the seams in the blue areas line up with lines the costume had in ASM. the old ASM costume will be in the film also, and they will show peter upgrade his design for what is probably his second try and a costume.

      • Not identical, but pretty close. Coloring, webbing, look…

        The only differences are the eyes and the logo’s. I just wish they could have at LEAST left the logo alone and kept how it was in TAS (with the spider symbol bigger and aligning with the blue).

    • Because it’s classic Spider-man. Why did they have to change it? I love the way it looks now. It now has the best of all three worlds – Webb’s general design, original Raimi colors & patterns, the classic comics mask/eyes).

      • I thought the suit in ASM had some problems, but overall, I really liked it. If you reboot a franchise you should make it look separate from what came before it. Like I said, I like the new comic looking eyes, but other than that, I just don’t really see the point in going back to the Raimi suit (which was fine, but again, I prefer a new revamped look for a new series).

  18. I also thought TASM suite was fine. If anything better to start with a new and revamped look.

  19. I love Spidey’s new suit! Reminds me of the Raimi Trilogy Spidey suit.

    Electro looks pretty cool, too. Would have preferred the green-yellow look, but WTH, can’t have everything you want.

    Now I’m wondering if and when they’re gonna mix Spidey into the Avengers…

  20. Man I love that Spiderman suit. That is The Amazing Spiderman come to life. I really enjoyed the first movie and it looks like everyone is stepping up there game on this film. Im looking forward to some original content and villians without a re-tread of the origin story. Cant wait for it!

  21. The last film cost 230 million dollars to make. The Amazing Spiderman made over 750 million at the box office. Amazing Spiderman 2 will likely cost around 375 million do produce and market. They will have to make 800 million just to break even. And that factor will not be determined by special effects. It will be determined by how good the story is. Film industries are here to tell good stories. They need to get that through their head. Maybe then they might not make the same mistake with “The Lone Ranger”. Lets be honest. The Lone Ranger was terrible.

    • Not sure where you get your numbers from but Amazing Spider-man was made for $230M (estimated), and Grossed $262M as of early Oct. 2012. Far from the $750M that you quote. Likewise, if it costs $375M to make then they only need $376M to have a $1M profit. Since half their movies fail, you may be talking about their minimum 2:1 investment to return that they expect, but if so you need to state it. Even so, that ROI breaks down after about $75M as returns are diminishing. Sure they hope for an Avatar, but more often they get an Amazing Spider-man that gave them +$32M which is better than what both Pacific Rim (looking like it could be a $60M loss) and Lone Ranger ($100M+ loss) are going to do.

      Prometheus 2 will probably be just as bad. Few are going to trust Scott considering he was just caught lying about Lindelof being the main reason for the duplicity in Prometheus. Scott was already planning the trilogy before Damon got there, but Scott wanted us to think it was a prequel to Alien to drive opening weekend numbers up. Still, Damon should have walked immediately, so he is just as guilty as Scott.

      • He was talking about worldwide gross.

  22. That Electro looks pretty cool, looking forward to seeing the Rhino, and others but I really hope to see mainly The Doc Ock in this version of Spiderman, as well as Scorpion, Kraven, Venom and Carnage.

    • I really think Raimi’s Doc Oc was perfect and classic and should be left as it was. Plenty of other villains to go around that still need to be done.

      • Out of all the Spiderman villains in the Raimi trilogy, Doc Ock and Sandman are the most unnecessary to redo. Maybe in 10 years or so (after the Mark Webb series) but for now, I prefer seeing other Spiderman villains being brought to the big screen, or maybe a new version of Green Goblin.

    • I just wanna see Venom done properly FFS

  23. This is completely inevitable, this movie franchise needs to show some risks you take with some things that gear you when you take ones that seem impossible but you`re just too afraid to take

  24. So far I’m liking what I see

  25. Electro looks cool, but I’m not liking the new/old Spidey suit. It looks like they just refabbed one if Raimi’s suits. I don’t mind a return to a more traditional pattern, but the raised webbing, the material, I just don’t like it. I prefered the home-made feel of the other suit. The spandex material, the silk-screened webbing and emblem. It just looks more like something a highschooler with limited income would cobble together from sports apparel.

    • I loved the Raimi suit, but that worked for it’s time. Those movies came out at a time you didn’t need to ask certain questions in superhero movies (things like suits or extremely complicated Bat caves and fortresses can be built with ease without the audience giving it a passing thought). Now, those questions don’t slide so easily in Superhero movies. In The Amazing Spiderman we got to see him make the suit and it worked for this world. This new suit (or just reuse of the Raimi version) just doesn’t fit in this new universe. I still like it (I think the mask and the eyes look great) I just don’t think it really fits here.

  26. I guess I’m not a huge spidey fan cuz I couldn’t care less about the suit.

  27. OMG i am a huge Rhino fan i never thought for a million years i would ever see them choose Rhinooooooo

    thank you very much i’m excited now i hope rhino gets fair screen time as electro

  28. Electro looks like Mr. Freeze’s father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate. I’m okay with that.

    • That means absolutely nothing!