‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′: Official Image of Electro Revealed in Comic-Con 2013 Preview

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Amazing Spider Man 2 Electro vs. Spider Man Official Image Amazing Spider Man 2: Official Image of Electro Revealed in Comic Con 2013 Preview

With the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con going down next week, studios are trying to make a big media impact with their  geek genre tentpole flicks – and one of the bigger films to be featured at this year’s ‘Con will be Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The sequel to director Marc Webb’s successful reboot of the Spider-Man movie franchise has been teasing fans for months with images that hint at big potential developments for both ASM2 and the larger Spidey movie universe, but now it’s time to get official. Today we have an… er, official image from Amazing Spider-Man 2 to share, and it features none other than Jamie Foxx as Spidey’s new superpowered foe, Electro.

EW debuted the image as one of the variant covers for their Comic-Con 2013 preview issue. If you want to check the rest of their covers – which features horror movie remake Carrie, the long-awaited adaptation of the classic sci-fi novel Ender’s Game or the BBC hit series Orphan Black – then check out the full gallery HERE.


Amazing Spider Man 2 Electro vs. Spider Man Official Image Comic Con 2013 570x760 Amazing Spider Man 2: Official Image of Electro Revealed in Comic Con 2013 Preview

We’ve previously seen unofficial images of Jamie foxx on set in his blue Electro makeup – which is clearly drawn from the more modern Ultimate Spider-Man version of the villain (blue sparky), rather than the original green-on-yellow costume from the original comics. Despite all the debate about casting Foxx in the role, it’s easy to say that makeup and effects team behind the film have done a suitable job of creating a believable version of a man whose body is overflowing with electric current. Fans of old-school Electro: there’s even a few nice homages to your version, what with the lighting bolt images included with his Prometheus-style space suit (kidding… sort of).

Utimate Electro Amazing Spider Man 2 Amazing Spider Man 2: Official Image of Electro Revealed in Comic Con 2013 Preview

Ultimate Electro

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is still something of a mystery in terms of story. We know Spidey will be battling Electro and The Rhino (Paul Giamatti); a prison full of super villains will be involved; gene-splicing (as seen in the first film) will likely result in several big plot developments; Mary Jane Watson WON’T be in the film; Harry and Norman Osborn’s appearance could spell big doom to come; and more…

Stay tuned next week as we attend Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 Comic-Con panel; we expect to see some great footage and learn new mysteries and hints that could keep fans buzzing until release day. You don’t want to miss it.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters on May 2, 2014.

The 2013 San Diego Comic-Con International will take place from Thursday July 18 – Sunday July 21st – and we’ll have breaking news and coverage coming to you well before/after those dates, as well.


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  1. It does look like sh*t.

  2. It looks alright I find, flashy as hell but what else do you expect from electricity. I’m on board with it for the most part.

  3. His suit is sweet

  4. his suit is meh but I dig the backlit nerves/veins

  5. This is the best way Electro could’ve looked onscreen, but of course people will complain.

  6. That reminds me, whatever happened to that inFamous movie?

    • That would be a hell of a movie! If done right of course.

  7. The more I look at it the more I like it lol

    • It grows on you. I was thinking ‘wtf is that’ at first.

      • Exactly. At first I was 50/50 now I’m almost 100.

  8. looks good to me

  9. WOW. That looks pretty sweet. Can’t wait to see it on film in motion.

  10. Cheeeeeeesyyyy.

    • The bolt sign on his arm… come on…

      • What about the big yellow bolts on the face of the original Electro? Talk about cheesy…

        • The spider symbol on Spiderman’s chest… so cheesy

          Batman’s bat symbol too…

          That Superman “S”… is so macaroni and cheesy..

          And don’t get me Black Widow’s little red black widow symbol… that sh*t is so beyond sharp cheddar.


          • @pizzazoo
            Is there at least a super hero costume from the movieverse that you have liked? They can’t be all that bad, right?

            • The love all of the costumes that have come out recently and in like the past 10 years!

              Well, except Green Lanterns.

              I was just being sarcastic. I’m excited for all TAS2 production design. The last movie looked so perfect!

              • I did not mind Green lantern’s but would have conformed it a bit more to the comics version. In the meantime, the more costumes look like the comics on ALL of the heroes and villains, each and every one, the better! Iron man, Spiderman, Man of Steel, etc. all look good, even though there are some slight moderations. Black leather does not a costume make. Clothes do sometimes make the man!

                • Except for Batman. It would be pretty dope to see his cape and cowl made of leather – a hard cowl encased in tight leather that falls all the way down into the cape, and drapes over the shoulders…ah that’d be so dope. Fake leather though, of course.

  11. Electro looks like his head is going to explode with electricity. Looks pretty sick! Can’t wait to see how Rhino looks!

    • I’m with you on this one. The first thing I noticed were the bolts of electricity that appear to be inside his head, and that looks awesome! I was a little apprehensive as to what he’d look like, but it seems they got it right! For sure way better than the original cartoon/comic books look. I also love the newly redesigned spider suit! The eyes look very retro like, and it looks nice. I can’t wait to see the Rhyno, that one I’m really hesitant how it’s going to look, but we can only wait.

  12. I like how te spidey suit still looks like darker tones and shades like the first film was my only worry about his suit redesign. And electro looks cool no complaints

  13. I think it’s just Marc Webb just trying to impress Sony Pictures by doing a rushed sequel and making it bigger than the first reboot. Webb you’re not Sam Raimi.

    • Ummmmm he isn’t trying to be Sam Raimi.

      • No, But he is cashing in on the Spider-Man franchise as fast as he can, instead of developing a story to it like Sam Raimi did for Spider-Man 2.

        • What “story”? Spidey unintentionally causes the origin of a villain, villain kidnaps Spidey’s girl, Spidey kills villain? Rinse and repeat? Doesn’t seem like much of a story to me.

          • That’s my point. It’s not there, it’s confusing.

            • You’re confusing. What exactly are you b!tch!n’ about?

              • The one you reply me with. The hole villain thing, villain kidnaps the girl. It just the same thing but bigger. Stop replying please.

                • You’re not understanding, I was talking about the Raimi movies. Maybe it’s lost in translation because you’re Canadian or something, eh?

                  • Judging by his comments, he’s most likely a ten year old, so you’re better off not replying man.

                    • Actually, I’m 26 years old. I’m just saying that I have no faith in this sequel. But FILTHpig had other plans to upset me.

                  • You’re not helping. And don’t shoot me down cause I’m Canadian.

                    • I was just jokin’ dude. I realized we’re not going to see eye to eye on Spider-Man.

        • I don’t think you know what you’re talking about lol. Raimi’s are great but to say Webb isn’t developing a story? Really? Have you read any of the articles on Screen Rant about TASM 2?

          • Yes I do.

        • Well, first you should understand that Marc Webb isn’t rushing anything! If someone is rushing things, that’s Sony. And quite honestly, I don’t see why they shouldn’t! Marc Webb was at some point, unable to direct the sequel, it wasn’t until some point later after the movie was confirmed, and a date announced, that Webb was able to get rid of some of his other movie commitments, so don’t blame him. Also take in consideration that Sony has already officially announced release dates for TASM 3 and 4! No Marc Webb officially attached. So no, he’s not rushing, and he’s not copying Sam Raimi.

          • Well that’s what I think he’s doing. ;)

        • How could any of us say Marc Webb is not developing a story? All Sony has released so far is a vague description of the movie so that the entire plot isn’t given away.

          As far as rushing a movie, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 was released 2 years after the first one. Marc Webb is releasing his movie 2 years after the Amazing Spider-Man. Both directors developed their sequels in roughly the same amount of time so if Webb is rushing, then so was Raimi.

    • @Whatever
      Sony hired Webb, right? Shouldn’t you blame sony instead?

      • Nope, I blame Marc Webb for coming back when he shouldn’t. He should of given the director’s chair to someone else.

        • Webb’s movie made over three-quarters of a billion dollars worldwide. Not only does that mean people were interested in the movie, it also stands to reason that people will be even more interested in the next one. You don’t change something that’s not broken if you’re Sony, and you don’t turn down an offer to make another blockbuster movie if you’re Webb. Your statement makes no sense.

          • +1

            Everything he’s saying is opinion which is absolutely fine and I welcome it, even if it’s negativity, but they’re all simply baseless.

          • It makes sense if you think of whatever as a Sam Raimi fanboy that won’t ever get over the fact he’s done with SM, as he should. The same thing will happen with Chris Nolan’s fanboys when Batman is inevitably rebooted.

          • It’s my opinion. And if you don’t like it, well too bad! Webb should of turned it down.

            • Yeah right, that’s realistic. Seems a little troll-y…

              • I”m not trolling. And stop being defensive to Marc Webb. Stop replying please.

                • Or what? Stop making troll-like comments and I’ll stop shooting them down.

                  • I”M NOT TROLLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

                    • No comments.

                • Make that “for” Don’t reply back. Just don’t.

            • You’re such a troll dude. get lost, or know what the hell your talking about. pick one.

        • Wait, so you’re worrying about rushing it, and with the same time frame of two years, you think someone else should take the chair?? Dude Webb already knows all of the elements, effects process, and has the exprience with everybody he used to make the first film. Anyone who came on board would have to start from absolute scratch – meetings, getting to know people, figuring out how people work best here or how nuances work there. They would have significantly less time to actually get to filming than Webb would, and even then it’s still a risk because some random new director would be untested, unlike Webb.

          And on top of that, what is so wrong with Webb? It sounds like you have already decided to dislike him for some reason, yet you haven’t mentioned your opinion of TASM.

    • Lol at this comment why are trying throw shade on a director for , and did you forget that it came out in 2012? and wont come out for another year? Please take a seat your tampons showing.

      • No they’re not! I’m not trolling, I’m opinionating. And I don’t carry tampons you troll.

  14. @Tay Comic book fans always complain

    • I know, but sometimes it just gets childish

  15. First of all, if you would’ve asked me up to last year who was better: Will Smith or Jamie Foxx?, I would’ve said Will Smith by far. Foxx, to me was always an above average actor while Smith exuded this charisma onscreen. Well, let’s face it, has Will Smith ever been in a good movie? No. All of his movies are mediocre and he is the reason people watch them. Foxx has made much better career moves and now he’s on a hot streak due to Django Unchained as well as a few other choices. Good for him. Smith in the other hand is now solely focused on his movie star image, much like Johnny Depp and is slumming in crap like After Earth. I never saw the Amazing Spiderman. I saw the original three and I thought the first two were mediocre at best and I saw the last one in theaters and let’s just say…terrible. Tobey Maguire and the rest of the cast, in any of the movies, sucked and the scripts were awful. I did not see the reboot and I don’t much care to. Andrew Garfield seems like a Hayden Christensen clone (remember him? where is he?) and Emma Stone doesn’t attract me like Mila Kunis does, at all. That Lizard looked pretty stupid, sorta like Jim Carrey’s Riddler in Batman Forever (the only decent film in that otherwise awful 90s Batman series that has been revived by the greatness of Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy). Will I look forward to this movie? Eh, idk to be honest.

    • Watch Amazing Spider-Man, it’s really the best Spiderman movie to date and Garfield isn’t a Hayden clone because Garfield can actually act.

      I had reservations about Lizard’s look too but you quickly get over it.

    • For someone who is just “meh” on seeing this and didn’t even see the first one, you sure have a lot to complain about.

      Garfield is a much better actor than Christensen, you just need to watch more movies that he’s in. The Lizard didn’t look anywhere near as bad as Carrey’s Riddler, I mean that doesn’t even make any sense to bring up that crappy Batman movie. Also, not sure what Mila Kunis has to do with this movie, but whatever.

      I agree that the Raimi trilogy could’ve been much better. I personally like the improvements that Webb made this time around.

    • Your so mad for no reason. Your hate for the original Spider-Man films is so high that I can go into the clouds with it, sir.

      So you’re saying Will Smith is a flop because ONE film in his career flopped? Get a grip man. Your grasping at straws here.

      What other movie that Smith has been in flopped?
      Seven Pounds? Hancock? Pursuit of Happyness? The Men in Black Trilogy? Bad Boys? (people are thirsty for its conclusion, btw)

      Both Jamie Foxx and Will Smith are talented actors in their respective roles (see: The Soloist) and trying to say that Spider Man 1 and 2 were horrible or medicore is a complete lie, I’d like to point out that SpiderMan 2 was actually (IMO) as good as any X-Men film, or Marvel Studios film, or even a DC film to date (and I’m very fond of Iron Man 1 and The Avengers, as well as Thor and Cap)

      But, IMO, I wasn’t particular too fond of TASM because of its retread into the orgin story and promise in the movie’s trailer/TV spots that “you’ll discover what happened to his parents”… and the movie ends and didn’t reveal crap about what happened to his mother or father.. not one thing is cleared up, or mention that would make you go “THATS WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM!“, you leave the film going… “so what happened to his parents…?

      I’m actually looking forward to Amazing Spider-Man 2 because of the actors in the film, and that it’s not an origin story.

      • Alright well first of all, my complaints are all directed towards Raimi’s Spiderman trilogy and I (maybe it’s just me) don’t really enjoy 1 or 2 and 3 was awful. This is why I’m partial to the new Spiderman movie. I saw Garfield in The Social Network and his mannerisms and voice just reminded me of Christensen. I brought up the Riddler from Batman Forever because that’s honestly what The Lizard in the new movie reminded me of. I was saying I thought Mila Kunis fit better in these types of roles than Emma Stone and I don’t really understand the appeal to her. I was not complaining about Will Smith or Jamie Foxx. I was just stating a few years ago, I classified Will Smith as an elite actor because he brought up the quality in his films. Foxx was always a good actor but until now I never saw anything really special about him.

      • I also said recently after his hiatus, Will Smith has not been doing nearly as well as Jamie Foxx has and it’s not just cuz of After Earth. He’s focused on his star image right now however he’s still a talented actor. I think Spiderman 2 is good, not great. I prefer Avengers and The Dark Knight trilogy. And to the comment following yours, I found Ali to be alright not a milestone.

        • Have you found that the promise of TASM to “finally reveal what happened to his parents” a kick to the nuts?

          It’s like what the original teaser for IM3 did for us Marvel fans. Didn’t solve anything.

          I’m not arguing on the subject of Smith, Fox, Mila, or Christensen. Mila and Christensen are irrelivant to this conversation on an ASM2 post.

          I honestly don’t know where HE (Christiensen) went.

          Let’s all jus enjoy the films, and be happy that they’ve been made.

          But, I do think that if Webb and Co. took a good 4-5 years to reboot spider-man then I probaby would’ve liked the new film a lot better, but it was right off the heels of Ramni’s Spider-Man trilogy, and it was fresh in our minds.

      • Will Smith has not flopped. He’s a talented actor. Same can be said for Jamie Foxx. They’re not elite though. That’s my point. I’m stating Will Smith at one point in his career was elite however due to his hiatus he’s not there anymore.

    • Ali.

    • Uh…dude…the general consensus believes Mila Kunis is hotter than Emma Stone and every other girl out there not named Brooklyn Decker but that isn’t the point. Where did this even come from? In terms of acting abilities, eh, I may give Kunis the slight edge but the majority of both of their movies have not successfully tested their dramatic abilities.
      You’re right on target with Smith/Foxx. They are talented actors and I know these yahoos are trying to tell you you said something you didn’t. Smith has always carried his movies and thanks to his hiatus he’s no longer as elite as one might say. People know him for his movie star alter ego (much like Johnny Depp, as you stated). However, they are both talented actors.
      You’re also right on target about Christensen/Garfield, but only minimally. The mannerisms and voice may be the same.
      Anyways, you’re also right about Raimi’s old trilogy. And give me some reason Spiderman 2 matches up to The Avengers. That’s right.

  16. I like it everything about it! Can’t wait to see him use his powers. I think this one will be a lot more action packed.

    People need to stop crying over the same old Raimi BS… he’s not coming back. How about don’t watch the new one if you don’t like it? I personally liked it much better than the first trilogy after just one movie, but that may just be me.

    • Same.

      I’ve seen the original trilogy on TV over the past year and all three movies are just so dated and cheesy, they’ve become unbearable to watch. Not to mention Dunst and Maguire’s terrible acting and lack of chemistry.

      • Yeah, the new version seems much more true to the character to me. The first had way too much cheese involved, too much crying and was overly dramatic. Good for it’s time, but nowhere near perfect like people make them out to be.

        Of course, I realized that after watching the first one when it came out. I tolerated it right up until I saw the third movie, it was definitely time for a change

        • I can see why many people would find it dated, but i still believe spiderman 2 is one of the best superhero films of all time. Slightly campy yes but filled with
          Solid storytelling solid acting and a whole lot of fun

          • +1

        • That was exactly what I said after I saw TASM. I felt like an cuckolded spouse who just put up with the abuse because they couldn’t get anyone else. Then along came TASM, and my world view changed.

      • Amen!

      • Dunst and Tobey are very milk toast in their acting. He was boring before becoming spidey and unless he had his suit on he remained boring after becoming spidey. Her as well, boring before hooking up with Parker, and boring after. The one small glimmer of hope I had she would change is when she said “go gettem tiger”. That’s the MJ I want on film and I want Parker to have spidey level confidence even without his suit.

    • I also enjoyed this movie much more than any of Raimi’s, it’s more my taste. But I’ll have to rank TASM second on the best Spider-man movies though. I find Spider-Man 2 was truly a classic even if I prefer this interpretation.

      • I also like SM2. So far it’s still the best one to me, but I think ASM2 has a very good chance to beat it for the number one spot on my list. Especially since the first one was so close.

        • Definitely, this one seems like it can be the blockbuster of the summer for me. For the origin story I hear they split it between ASM and its sequel, I think if they were to compact it into the first film, it would’ve been much better. Though there’s also a chance it may feel like story overload.

  17. Wow, now those are some really truly extensive varicose veins!!

  18. You people are whiny bastards.

    Be happy you’re getting another spider-man film.

    Be happy that you’re getting that film at all..

    because you could be a DC fan and have NO Flash film, or WW film, or anything to fall back on.

    Be thankful that they’re actually bringing this character (and Rhino) to life on the big screen.

    Ungrateful people on here and CBM. “he looks too campy, his blah blah is blah blah and its not the way i like it blah blah”.. like the Rolling Stones song states…

    Can’t Always Get What You Want

    • I feel you. I’m definitely happy and enormously grateful that I’m a Spider-man fan, more of a general Marvel fan, and not too much of a die-har DC fan’ I just watched and enjoyed the DC movies as they came along.

      Spidey is my favorite and I love getting to see him do his thing on the big screen, especially with all his action moments (SM1 swinging at the end of the movie = awesome; SM2 Doc Ock and the train fight; SM3…um, some cool flips and SPIDER-MAN!; TASM – Spidey vs. Lizard in the school).

      Couldn’t be much happier. Spider-man and James Bond movies all day and I’m one happy camper.

  19. wow… it looks amazing. cannot wait! waited for electro since i heard they were making spiderman back with the raimi movies.

  20. I like it. Electro’s suit looks like it functions to insulate his powers until he wants to use them. I like the little lightnig bolts. Spidey looks great, it’s just a shame they went back to the liquorice bootlace webbing from the Raimi films. I really liked the textures on the suit from TASM. The only thing I wasn’t too keen on was the silver on his feet, but it was no biggie.

    • Im looking forward to the movie now but i am spiderman biased. What do they mean by expanding the Spiderman universe? I hope they mean crossover movies.

      • Introducing characters from the Spider-Man comics. There’s a lot of them.

      • They’ve already got dates locked down for Spider-Man 3 June 10, 2016, and Spider-Man 4 will be released on May 4, 2018.

  21. I’d rank the spider-man’s as such
    1. Spiderman 2
    2. Spiderman 1 and Amazing Spiderman are a tie
    3. Spiderman 3

    Also in regards to the Will Smith bashing. Another movie I liked that he was in that is underated is The Legend of Bagger Vance.

    The effects look good and I think this will be a good movie!

    • Not bashing Will Smith. He’s a talented actor. Just stating that he’s no longer as elite as he once was due to the hiatus.

  22. By the way…the Electro look reminds me of the movie Powder…LOL…Also a good movie though

    • Dang. You know what it actually does kind of.

      • Sean Patrick Flanery will play Powder once again as Electros brother. lol

    • haha wow, I haven’t thought of that guy in a minute!

  23. Id prefer a green suit and lightning bolt face or just be like dr manhattan, but this looks goofy.

  24. I think I am just tired of Spider Man at this point. It seems that they are rushing them, rebooting them so fast after the first trilogy.

    I am just tired. Spidey is one of my favorite CB characters, but I am not even amped for this and I am not a Jamie Foxx fan. He was always best in comedic roles and I just find him hard to take seriously in most non-comedies. I go back to In Living Color days with him.

  25. I honestly hope DC/WB announces a new film to move foward in DCCU

  26. I’m sad for electro’s ears

  27. Both jamie fox and paul giamatti look ridiculous in their costumes. No way
    I pay to see top dollar to see this mess. The electro dillon in the comic book
    Is a white bad guy who commits crimes with extreme prejudice. So now we get
    a guy who looks like one of the blue people at universal studios, get him some

    • The ASM movies are based around both 616 and Ultimate. This Electro is based from Ultimate.

    • Who has a picture of the Rhino in costume???

      • Nobody. They’re just complaining because it’s what they like to do. So far there’s only a bunch of set pictures of Gia…Giatto…um, whatshisname in a huge CGI marker robot…harness…thing. Honestly you can’t even tell if it’s going to be a R.H.I.N.O robot or if it’s going to be biological with Giawhatever’s face sticking out slightly changed. But complainer’s gonna complain.

    • Comic book fanboys will always find the smallest things to complain about.
      You’re judging this movie based on one image alone, which doesn’t make you look intelligent at the most. It honestly makes you look like a 12 year old.

    • i dunno, it seems like the person with extreme prejudice might be you..

    • That site and this site will blow up soon.

    • Bad Tony. Bad. Bad. Bad. Don’t make me get the squirt bottle.

      • @ Professor


        I read that article and couldn’t believe it. I was just a little shocked at the thought is all. Wow.

    • uh…because fanboys would riot.