‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Comic-Con 2013 Teaser Video: Electro Arrives

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Sony appears to be jumping ahead of the pack when it comes to dropping details about The Amazing Spider-Man 2. We’ve had some pretty juicy details from co-star Felicity Jones, and now we have our first real look at major villain Electro, played by Jamie Foxx.

The teaser video above, released in anticipation of Sony’s official panel this Friday, gives fans an extended view of Foxx as the electrified villain, and it’s our latest look outside of unofficial set photos and the recent EW cover shot.

The first thing that immediately comes to mind: what is that machine? Where did it come from? Is this thing infusing Electro with his powers? And most importantly – who is the “Doc” he’s referring to in the video (could it be Doctor Otto Octavius)? Given that this incarnation is clearly drawn from the “blue sparky” version of the character from the Ultimate Spider-Man  continuum – rather than the green-on-yellow costume from the classic Spidey days with that garish (but still kind of awesome) head-piece – Electro’s cinematic origins could be up in the air.

Ultimate Electro Amazing Spider Man 2 Comic Con 2013 Teaser Video: Electro Arrives

Or not. While details on The Amazing Spider-Man 2′s plot remain shrouded in mystery, we do know that the first film’s exploration of gene-splicing will impact the plot of the sequel. In the Ultimate Spider-Man universe, Max Dillon was a criminal whose genes were experimented on by scientists in the employ of Justin Hammer (Iron Man/Tony Stark’s migraine-inducing rival), resulting in a super-powered mercenary. Since Hammer has been established as part of Marvel/Disney’s cinematic universe in Iron Man 2, we can safely say he won’t be involved in this… but expect the core of this origin to remain.

We’re still left to piece together the bits and pieces of the storyline. We know our friendly neighborhood web-slinger will face off against Electro and The Rhino (Paul Giamatti), a prison full of super villains and that Mary Jane Watson will not be in the film. As if that weren’t enough for Spidey to deal with, Harry and Norman Osborn’s inclusion likely mean serious trouble - and are most likely the source of all the gene-spliced henchman Spidey will face.

amazing spider man 2 max dillon Amazing Spider Man 2 Comic Con 2013 Teaser Video: Electro Arrives

Whatever director Marc Webb and writers James Vanderbilt, Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci and Jeff Pinkner have in store, Jamie Foxx’s passion for the character and world of the story should silence any racist purist fans who initially questioned the casting of this role. This looks like a villain who wants to test the limits of his power, and will hopefully serve as a welcome alternative from the mad-scientist-who-turns-into-a-monster trope that is all too common within Spider-Man (although we’ll probably be getting Giamatti’s character as gangster-who-turns-into-a-monster, but at least it’s something a little different).


As teased above, “Electro Arrives” on July 19 at 4:00pm in Hall H. Stay tuned for more Comic-Con news as things unfold down in San Diego.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in theaters on May 2, 2014.

Source: Sony

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  1. Looks and sounds great!

  2. Looks great, but I know people will still complain about something.

  3. This looks insane, can’t wait for the full trailer.

  4. Holy ***** ****** his voice sounds menacing. I got goosebumps. Sounds like this could be the Spider-Man movie I’ve been waiting for a long time. Can’t wait for this. Jamie sounds insane.

    • Yeah I can’t wait till Dr. Doom shows up! He was always my favorite! I bet he kills Mary Jane!

      • You sir, win this round for your epic name. I dock a few points for your misspelling, but overall, well done.

    • Ya but the Mandarin’s voice in the teasers and trailers had sound better than what was heard in the actual film so.. lets hope.

  5. Looks pretty eff’n awesome!

  6. Can’t wait to see more.

  7. What if Ravencroft is just a prison and Aleksei Sytsevich is just a typical prisoner who is selected/volunteers for the gene-splicing experiments at Oscorp? And that pic of Foxx with the glasses makes him look like a scientist, most likely with Oscorp. I think the story will not be as complex as people are speculating.

  8. I love it. Can we get a teaser for Rhino as well now LOL

  9. but… it appears that Electro’s character (before he turns all electricity on us) is FRIENDS turned FOE with Peter Parker in the vein of so many, SO many super-hero films of the last 3-4 years (see: The Dark Knight Rises, Iron Man 3)

    He may in fact be an employee at Oscorp, befriends Spider-Man when Spider-Man inexplecably saves his life (for one reason or another) and then Spider-Man kinda drops him like a hat, and Electro is born.

    Seems legit. I’m just guessing though.

    • I don’t think that they’ll be friends. I think Peter will just be a guy that doesn’t treat him like crap compared to everyone else he knows

  10. Hopefully he’ll do the character justice.

  11. Damn!!!! Jamie Foxx sounds fantastic! Can’t wait for this one!!

    • I’m not sure if you know this, but comics are full of cliches. It’s not a huge revelation…. if you’ve read any you’d know that already.

      You could say any comic character from any movie is similar to every other character in some way or another. They are comic books, after all.

      • You keep saying it’s a comic book when in fact it is not. A comic book is artwork drawn on a series of papers, it essentially can be a story drawn into realism or as Spider-Man is a work of scientific fictional nature. As most comic books turn out if you take that specific story and bring it to real life it would often turn out silly or Saturday morning cartoonish might I add. Cliches from Comic Books don’t often work out so well when you are putting it in film format to be exact. Making a script based on a comic book character is a different revelation. You can’t just base a script entirely on one comic (Not talking about a Graphic Novel). When it comes to a comic you have so many different interpretations by many different writers so many conclusions and so many stories to work with. It’s not just a comic book anymore but it’s putting that character in a real life basis just like how reality is right now.

        • That just sounds like a overly critical and unenjoyable way of looking at things, but it’s that you’re thing, feel free to be disappointed time and time again. I choose to take the movie for what it is, a fun, hopefully original take on a beloved character… and really not much else.

          • Overly critical and unenjoyable? Your taking a look at things like it’s walk in a park. Would you say to a film reviewer your just overly critically on your opinions, they are just saying the honest truth nothing more. I want to choose to take the movie as fun also but not in a sort of cartoonish way. If I am watching a film like Spider-Man I expect to watch Spider-Man but not a Saturday morning cartoon type of Spider-Man do you get what I’m saying here.

            • Sure, I get it. I get that you just don’t get it.

              • You are an arrogative and ignorantly rude person. I should expect someone with the name filthpig to constantly be spurting filth like this. As I am a man of science and structure in reality I don’t debate with punks like you that seemingly don’t understand what a concept is. Your out of control and out of your damn line! As I am saying the truth you reject the truth of the reality I am bringing you constantly. You are not someone who has the proper intelligence structure to have a proper debate on this topic on.

                • Well, I like you to show me how exactly I’m being rude. I just don’t think we’ll ever see it the same way. You’re just not getting it. Don’t get so butt-hurt, this is the internet, where everyone has an opinion. It’s also a good forum to have debates. I just happened to win this round ;)

                  • *I’d like

                    • YOU are are evil you are the devil’s own. Begone you demon! My heartaches with every damn word you type! Your nothing more than fictional spiritual energy that had been divulged into the uttermost cruel vile thing on this planet. YOU know nothing about science at all! Your a troll! You can’t explain theories you can’t explain anything you don’t know diddly squat! Your an unintelligent hypocrite! I won this round you biased crazy nonsensical belligerent punk! Unless you can explain what reality is I will believe you can explain your theories properly! This is a serious matter and a serious issue as you dare treat this like a false type of wisdom. You dare play with your words and twist my own! What do you believe in, I can’t believe people like you exist!

                    • Um, okay. I’m hoping that in whatever country you’re from that all makes some sort of sense.

                      Unfortunately, I seemed to have wandered into the weird part of the internet again…

                    • Think you’re on the wrong website here, Charlie. We try to play nice here on Screen Rant.

                    • You mock his intelligence, yet you used “your” instead of “you’re” in regards to him being a troll. The proper and basic usage of grammar that apparently you, Stephen Hawking, can’t comprehend.

                      We do not come to this site to have scientific debates. We come to have fun and intriguing discussions. Movies are entertainment. Not science projects. It’s one thing to have smart writing, but it’s another to bring equations and scientific reasoning into a conversation about fictional characters, who run around in tights fighting crime, with superpowers created out of pure fun by pen and ink, battling talking animals, homicidal maniacs, and Mysterio’s ( ;) ).

                    • “Your nothing more than fictional spiritual energy that had been divulged into the uttermost cruel vile thing on this planet.”

                      FILTHpig so basically he just called you Electro! That’s awesome dude!

                • i think Filthpigs’s making a pretty good point. you’re kind of a bummer, dude.

  12. Bloody eck Electro looks goood!!
    Fingers crossed for Rhino matching that!!

    • Wow delusional much, Charlie? You sound like a nut.

      • Charlie Troll Hoe, maybe?

  13. The name’s ‘Lectro. The E is silent.

    • Haha

  14. kinda wish he would look more… idk, sparkly and cybernetic like in the ultimate animation version. Was hoping that more CG effect would be added for that look and feel.
    Plus, why do I feel that this Electro is quite similar to Baxter Stockman from Nickelodeon TMNT, y’know… curly geeky african american that uses technology to become evil stuff.

    • It a freakin’ COMIC BOOK MOVIE. You don’t need to scientifically explain everything to death. It’s a fantastical take on the human condition. Sit back and enjoy it for what it is or simply don’t watch them.

      • +1

        We’ve had a guy who can crawl on walls and shoot webs fight a giant lizard who can talk.

        • Seriously. It’s ALL ridiculous and farfetched… and COOL. I mean, that’s why we love ‘em, right?

        • -1

          Peter Parker in this versio only obtained the strength of a spider through genetically alteration not the powers which explains in this version why he is using web shooters and doesn’t exactly shoot webs from his hands like the Raimi version portrayed it to be. He can crawl on walls because his DNA was altered genetically. This is something that can based on a future format of something that could possibly happen in real life but nothing that is not reality yet. To explain the Lizard and how he can talk he was another form a genetic mutation but in a much different way. He is was not exactly a giant lizard as you simply said but he is still human technically speaking half lizard as half human crossbreed in genetic evolution. Again something that can’t be proved but still realistically plausible as they explained it in the film.

          • Dude it’s not realistically plausible lol. “Genetic alteration” is basically a carte blanche for, well, anything cos the genes are decoded into everything in your body.

            But who cares it’s Spidey.

            BRING BACK SPIDEY 4.

            • I was not saying it’s genetically plausible now but I am saying possibly in the far future this is a concept that could become reality

        • First, TASM had nothing in common with Batman Begins, other than the fact it was a origin story. Both characters lost their parents, but I’m just not seeing the correlation that you do, apparently. Every movie that has come out in the last 15 years is trying it’s best to explain the how & why in a somewhat believable manner. People give Nolan too much credit for something that probably started in the X-Men movies (mutated genes).

          Secondly, I get what you’re trying to say about the realism factor, but I think you you need to sit back and enjoy it for what it is. No one will be able to fully explain all of the crazy stuff going on in a CB movie, and they shouldn’t have to… mainly because it’s impossible.

          • I am not directly comparing the exact plot of TASM to Batman Begins but I am comparing how the directors want to see their main hero of the story being portrayed as. It’s not the fact both characters lost their parents I never mentioned that previously. It’s the fact they both want the characters to be out in a similar reality like ours. They want to make the characters relatable to us as people in reality meaning real life. They are trying to make the characters feel closer to who we are.

            “People give Nolan too much credit for something that probably started in the X-Men movies (mutated genes)”

            Nolan and X-Men have nothing in common nor with Spider-Man. Spider-Man was not born exactly with the mutated genetics as he was originally received but it was merely experimental. X-Men however these people had the mutated genes already in their blood. It’s more of a science fictional story than the realism they are trying to explain within Spider-Man.

            “No one will be able to fully explain all of the crazy stuff going on in a CB movie, and they shouldn’t have to… mainly because it’s impossible”

            Well it has to be something that the audience would be able to understand. If you stray too far from trying to explain what the concept is people will loose insight of what the message within is. It has to be explained one way or another concepts like these are something that can not be be passed. Like a film or a piece of art it has to be explained I great detail doesn’t matter where it came from or how it was divulged. You can not just walk out into a desert with a shotgun and say I’m going out to the store in a movie. Why the hell are you going out in a desert with a shotgun explain yourself.

            • Whatever dude, overthink away. Myself, and I suspect most others, will never see eye to eye with you and your strict rules for how a damn comic book movie is portrayed to the general public.

              Like the general public can’t draw a conclusion or two themselves, right? They have to have everything explained to death, apparently. The general public is unable or unwilling to use their imagination a little bit according to you? I think you’re giving the public little to no credit. I’m pretty sure they know it’s a fun, if impossible story and leave the science to scientists.

            • Here is your explanation:

              They wrote him that way.

              • they SCIENTIFICALLY wrote him that way

            • Okay Science Dude, you accept the concept of Spider Man dude the alteration of his genetic code giving him the proportional strength of a spider, a heightened sensor perception and the ability to cling to walls but as there was no PHYSICAL mutation (the growing of web spinners) he has to use a synthetic replacement….. Yes.

              Okay, so how does Spidys wall crawling powers work THROUGH his suit as it’s not physically HIM touching whatever surface he’s clinging too.

              Oh you can’t use his extra strength lets hold on to hand holds like a free climber as he sticks to GLASS.

              Just because the MEDIUM is a live action movie, the rules of the WORLD that it portrays are exactly the same as the rules from comics/graphic novels/cartoons etc.

              The fact that it’s a live action movie does no way mean that the rules of our given reality have to be adhered too.

              Even if the film makers decide to borrow certain aspects of our reality do impart there creation with a certain feel (Nolan Bats Trilogy, MoS) it is never the less a fantasy world.

              “Some rules can be bent, others can be broken…”

              • Bugger, the second dude should be due

                SR edit button please :)

                • Damn my grammar in that first post is AWFUL…..

            • LOL, I got lost in all the useless gibberish

    • You talking about something similar to what they did with Jurassic Park? A scientific reason that is ridiculous but at the same time, gives the viewer a reasoning that is somewhat plausible to suck them in for the rest of the duration of the film.

    • Uh, yeah, well whenever you notice something like that.. a wizard did it!

    • I’m going to have a go at this, just because this kind of stuff entertains me. This is going to be extremely long-winded and complicated, and you may have to refer to a few Ph.D-level textbooks to understand it, but here goes my theory:

      The electricity ITSELF modifies his DNA because, SCIENCE!

    • Also, just to screw with you I’m going to ACTUALLY explain everything with psuedo-science babble just so you run out of steam. because I do have that bullheadedness and patience – a very lethal combo:

      -The change happens on a molecular level. Essentially everything in the universe is electricity – atoms bound by charges, whether positive or negative. Electrons. Atoms change elements whether electrons (electricity, which is the movement of electrons) are present or absent (this is why alchemy is essentially possible).

      -Of COURSE electricity can’t be altered easily. That’s why we can’t simply flip on a switch to turn it on/off, nor can we everyday people use dials to increase the flow of currents up and down. That’s sillytalk! But scientists? That’s what they DO. So no, no it cannot be altered easily – but these SCIENTISTS can. Because that’s what they do.

      -Because they’re scientists, then no it is not just “lightning striking him”. That’s why he’s in a machine, you see. and regardless of that, people survive lightning all the time. There are even videos on Youtube of it – check it out and entertain yourself for a bit. We’ll wait.

      -You’re back? Great! Ok so now that we have all of this nailed down, it’s back to the everything-is-electricity concept. Ok so take all the atoms that make up the human cells. These atoms are made up of electrical patterns. What this sciencey machine does, is that it takes those patterns, and turns it into pure electrical current! And so Electro is a pure electric being. But because the machine is the special machine that it is (and not just some force of nature), it allows him (i.e. all his cells, all his brain synapses, etc.) to keep the same form – the same form – the form of a sentient being (i.e. all the synapses patterns in the brain are still aligned), and so he is able to consciously hold himself together instead of getting drawn into whichever conductive material provides the path of least resistance.

      -This is still pretty difficult to do, however, hence the power-conductive suit.

      And there you have it. In a way, this is EXACTLY like the Dr. Manhattan scenario that you pointed out, but even more controlled – by scientists – and thus even more plausible. All I did was break it down.

      • :)

        “luminous beings are we, not this crude matter, you must unlearn what you have learned…..”

  15. I like what I’ve seen, but I will reserve further judgement till I see more, because that was a tiny glimpse.

  16. its called suspending your belief while watching a movie, there is not one superhero movie i have ever seen where everything that happens has a reasonable explanation. easiest way to view this, next time lets all walk out the front door when we wake up and look at the sky and realize its really a plane flying and then go back to bed and dream.

  17. ^^^^over thinking it.

  18. Sounds pretty cool and I have to admit that they captured the likeness from the comic very well. I have to admit that until this news was released, I thought Electro still looked like the old Electro of my youth (caucasian and had the lightning bolt mask.) I didn’t realize he had changed until I sat down with my son and watched an episode of Spiderman on the Cartoon Network.

    Now I’m excited to see the Rhino.

  19. i bet spider man beats him.

    • OMG Ya THINK!?!?!


    • bugger, that’s the movie ruined then……. pfff Sad now :(

  20. I think when he says “doc” he is (in a way) talking to his “other” self!
    The “doc” that is NOT Electro!
    He is a scientist before he becomes Electro right?
    Im not a CB reader (I love the movies) so I don’t know every characters backstory.
    Does anyone get my point!!
    That is what/who I think he is talking to…

    • I don’t think he’s a scientist in this one. I don’t even think he’s an electrician.

      I thought I read he was like a low-level employee of Oscorp, so I guess him being a scientist is possible. Although I do think someone helps him become Electro at some point.

      (I reserve the right to be wrong about all of this though) ;)

    • Well, I don’t know anything about Ultimate, but in the Amazing series Max Dillon is working on a power line which just happens to give him the ability to conjure electricity at his own free will after the line gets struck by lightning .

      But they’re going the Ultimate route so I have no clue.

      • in Ultimate electro was a test subject at roxxon for creating superpowered humans, its how they explained sandman too. he somehow gets free and becomes a muscle for hire for the kingpin and anyone else who pays enough, he gets beaten by spidey several times and eventually develops a massive hatred for him. also his powers upgrade throughout the series. he starts of as a man covered in electrical burns head to toe that controls electricity, to becoming more of a ‘living lightning’ type guy that glows and zaps around.

  21. that looks pretty frikin sick

  22. I’m not a fan of the ultimate design of Electro (Dr. Manhattan rip-off) I wish they stayed with their original concept with his skin being yellow instead of blue. But, he still looks pretty cool in this movie and Jamie Fox sounds really menacing! At least now I know they did a better job with Electro than they did with The Lizard. Let’s just hope they don’t screw up Rhino.

    But please, no Doc Ock. Let’s focus on other Spidey villains first. Now, if he’s JUST Otto Octavious the scientist (like Dr. Conner’s in the Raimi films) as a nod to the comics, then I guess that’s OK. With the exceptions of Venom and Green Goblin, I would prefer to see other Spidey villains brought to the big screen than ones we’ve already seen before.

    • I keep begging for Mysterio, but I don’t see that happening with the whole Oscorp villains thing. Which is pretty stupid IMO, the fact that all of these villains are involved with Oscorp makes me question why no one wants to shut the effing place down.

      • Good point. I mean, at the very least Oscorp gives an explanation to why all these villains are created there, as opposed to every single citizen in New York getting mutated in freak accidents and turning into super villains. Which always made me think “why do people live in New York in the first place?” hehe.

      • Mysterio would be pretty cool. That’s one that would need a redesign though. I’m not sure how well the dome helmet look would work on screen.

      • im starting to think mysterio was the one in the cell at the end of the first amazing spiderman at this point since its bee revealed that it wasnt electro. also, im sure oscorp has enough money power and lawyers to stay out of trouble, its not implausible for a huge corporation to be evil and buying its way out of trouble is it? i mean, that happens in the real worlds already!

        • Quentin Beck shouldn’t work for Oscorp though, he’s not a scientist. He’s an amazing visual effects artist.

          Why would he want to be involved with the death of Peter’s parents? Mysterio has no motivation to be involved with that. I’m guessing it was Norman Osborn or Adrian Toomes/The Vulture.

          • Yep, probably. Unless the dude in that after credit scene ends up being a villain who doesn’t even show up until the third movie.

    • So, this film looks terrible because of Jamie Foxx’s overbite? I don’t get a Batman & Robin vibe at all. We’ll agree to disagree.

      • I was initially against Electro being played by Jamie Foxx, but even though the character once powered up looks much different than the original comic book version I know and love, the blue baddie look is pretty awesome. I could end up impressed…!

      • He just sees vague Mr. Freeze similarities and goes to the closest negative thing he can think of to mention, that is, several overbite comments from the Empire picture release.

    • um…maybe because it’s not batman & robin. it’s spider-man. this looks and feels nothing like that film. if you think it does, you have some serious perception issues

    • I believe they’re actually scheduled to make two more of these over the next five years.

  23. My wife says it’s pretty “shocking” in bed when I “arrive” as well!

  24. Video looks so cool i can’t wait for the movie

  25. Ehhh