‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′: Is There a Better Director’s Cut of the Film?

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amazing spider man 2 directors cut Amazing Spider Man 2: Is There a Better Directors Cut of the Film?



The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is currently sitting atop the U.S. box office and has grossed some $369 million worldwide already, so it’s safe to assume that Sony will be pressing ahead with Amazing Spider-Man 3 followed by the villain teamup spinoff film, Sinister Six. However, while the general moviegoing public appears to be by and large pleased with the film (judging by its user ratings on sites like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes), ASM2 is currently the lowest-ranked Spider-Man movie released to date on RT. Yes, it’s even lower than Spider-Man 3.

If you’ve read my Amazing Spider-Man 2 review, then you know I was among those who enjoyed the film despite its narrative flaws. Those shortcomings appear to stem from the movie being a well-made standalone story about Peter Parker directed by Marc Webb, who was also forced to pull double-duty and setup an expanded Spider-Man film universe at the same time (causing the Amazing Spider-Man sequel to suffer from what I called “Iron Man 2 syndrome”).

A petition has been started at Change.org, demanding that Sony release Webb’s director’s cut of Amazing Spider-Man 2 on DVD and Blu-ray, based on the argument that it could fix the film’s primary flaws – commonly identified to include a “disjointed narrative” and “lack of character development.” The petition also lists a few pivotal ASM2 scenes rumored to have been left on the editing room floor, in order to shrink the movie down to the still-sizeable 142 minute running length of the theatrical version.


Last warning – SPOILERS for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ahead!


Amazing Spider Man 2 Adopted Dog Cameo Amazing Spider Man 2: Is There a Better Directors Cut of the Film?

Here are a few of the pivotal scenes rumored to have been shot, then discarded, for the theatrical cut of Amazing Spider-Man 2:

  • An attack on Oscorp by the Green Goblin
  • An alternate scene in which a tumultuous scene is portrayed differently
  • Extended Times Square and Clocktower scenes
  • Another Peter/Gwen scene.

Having seen Amazing Spider-Man 2, I can agree that it feels as though the Clocktower battle (e.g. the film’s climax) was a little rushed, as far as the Spider-Man/Goblin fight portion of the sequence goes. Similarly, the trailers might’ve included the above-mentioned scene between Peter (Andrew Garfield) and Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), as revealed by this line of dialogue from Stone. By the sound of it, this could’ve been a brief, yet still insightful, moment in the buildup to Gwen’s death – which, by the way, seems a probable choice to be the “tumultuous scene” mentioned in the fan petition.

Our Amazing Spider-Man 2 Easter Eggs article even includes a trail screenshot that teases the aforementioned Goblin attack on Oscorp. Equally intriguing, however, is the fact that Felicity Jones’ character “Felicia” – heavily speculated to be potential Sinister Six member Felicia Hardy/Black Cat – was featured in that scene, which makes its being left out of the film’s theatrical cut all the more questionable. That is, assuming that you agree that both Jones – as the assistant to Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) – as well as Harry’s jump from becoming the Goblin to fighting Peter and then plotting to put together the Sinister Six team, feel like they would’ve benefited from an additional scene or two for development.

Spider Man vs. Green Goblin in Amazing Spider Man 2 Header Amazing Spider Man 2: Is There a Better Directors Cut of the Film?

As was discussed during the Screen Rant Underground Podcast’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 review, there are other key scenes that were heavily featured in the film’s marketing, but ultimately left out from the theatrical release. That includes an exchange between Harry and his father Norman (Chris Cooper), where they discuss Peter, as well as a later scene where Harry reveals to his old friend that OsCorp has been keeping surveillance on him. Even more intriguingly, those sequences appear to be separate from the scenes between Harry/Norman and Harry/Peter that made the final cut – and, frankly, would’ve helped to fill in the blanks, as far as the progression of that storyline in the film is concerned.

Similarly, the rumor of the Times Square sequence in the film having been cut short makes sense – if only because, in the theatrical version, the situation with a panicked Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx), newly transformed into Electro, deteriorating into Electro attempting to kill everyone within his reach happens rather quickly. One also starts to wonder if maybe there aren’t additional cut scenes with a pre-Electro Max, wherein – through more interactions with Oscorp employees like his dismissive boss Alistair Smythe (B.J. Novak) – it’s made clearer just how under-appreciated Max is, despite his contributions to New York City’s power grid.

amazing spider man 2 jamie foxx Amazing Spider Man 2: Is There a Better Directors Cut of the Film?

Such moments could not only make Electro a more sympathetic villain, but also better present the idea of him being a city servant who is mistreated and shunned – creating a stronger juxtaposition with Spider-Man, who is celebrated by much of the public, and thus giving Max more reason to be envious of Spidey. In previous interviews, Foxx alluded to such elements being in the film, such as when he mentioned that “People have stolen [Max's] ideas at the big company [Oscorp]“ – something that was arguably not made crystal-clear in the theatrical cut.

The list of items featured in Amazing Spider-Man 2 marketing but not the final movie goes on, yet it all ultimately suggests the same thing: that the world-building in ASM2 might’ve been better done – and been less at odds with the standalone Peter Parker story being told – in a different cut of the film. Whether or not Webb preferred an earlier cut that included the aforementioned material – stuff that would’ve filled in the cracks in the film’s shared universe construction and other plot threads – and thus, he and editor Pietro Scalia were required to remove key elements of the superhero movie in order to shorten the running time – that’s an unsolved mystery for now.

amazing spider man 2 sinister six1 Amazing Spider Man 2: Is There a Better Directors Cut of the Film?

At the end of the day, though Amazing Spider-Man 2 may’ve gotten where it needed to in terms of laying groundwork for additional installments, it does feel as though the film has elements of greatness – but just didn’t come together, to produce a truly fantastic addition the superhero genre. By releasing a director’s cut on DVD/Blu-ray, Sony could better allow fans to better enjoy the journey offered by the sequel – and thus, become all the more excited to watch the upcoming chapters in the rebooted Spider-Man movie universe unfold.

If you want to add your name to the petition for a director’s cut release of Amazing Spider-Man 2, you can do so over at Change.org.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is now playing in theaters.

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  1. The movie was good however it failed to campture the epic ness of spider man 2. I still think the flim had a strong opening dragged in the middle with the peter/ Gwen / Harry bit and the climax battle was just not that epic in scale. I hope the directors cut fills in the pot holes.

    • You said potholes lol.

  2. I hope there is one, mostly in favor of more villain scenes. The fact of how so many awesome things that were shot and included in the trailers and didn’t make it into the film is erroneous. Now, unlike most, I was thoroughly satisfied and entertained by the film. In fact, it’s the best Spider-Man movie to me. Though, with that said, I would really like to see those scenes that were edited out of the movie itself. I believe I read somewhere that there was a deleted scene where Max goes home and electrocutes and kills his mother. I’d love to know why that happened.

    I think they just cut too many things from the film so it wasn’t too “dark” or “gritty” and so that it wouldn’t threaten to drive kids away from the film.

  3. A director’s cut could not possibly cure the absolute crap fest that this film was. I’m pretty shocked at how many people love this movie and defend the hell out of it. This was the biggest load of pre-school film scripting I have seen in a while. The tone was all over the place, but really seemed geared towards 10 year old kids or a family audience. If they want to make a Spider-man movie more family oriented I am not going to hate on it, but do not advertise this dark, broody, villain-centric film in trailers. Then deliver a movie with super cheesy ass content that made me feel really stupid as I watched. I didn’t even have a problem with the villain character developments or the overload of set-ups for preceding films. This just felt like a script that was absolutely made for retards, but had awesome scenes inter-spliced just enough that I actually did not walk out of the theater. While everyone is comparing it to Ironman 2, I feel Ironman 3 is a more apt comparison. However, after seeing this move I have actually gained a little more appreciation for Ironman 3 because I had a far better script and clarity of it’s tone.

    • Have you even read a Spiderman comic? The film captured the feel of the comics exactly. Best on screen Spidey yet.

      • LOL….. yeah I have read a couple here and there. They are way cooler than this movie. The animated series from the 90′s was way cooler than this movie. However this does not have much to do with the “quality of the film” which is what I was trying to analyze. However I will still humor you. The cheese factor in this movie was pretty thick. I got a definite level of sophistication from the few Spiderman comics I have read that was absent from this movie.

        • i dont believe you have even watched the movie, go troll somewhere else kid.

          • I did watch the movie, what ridiculous assertion to make on somebody. Do not get butt hurt soo easily about someone else’s opinions. You have nothing intelligent to reply with so you are going with the “im a kid” and “im a troll”. Read the previous page bro. I describe an in depth scene during the Electro fight.

            • You know it’s ‘opinions’.
              And you are ‘pretty shocked at how many people love this movie and defend the hell out of it.’

              You don’t like it doesn’t mean everyone else can’t love it.

              Maybe some of movies which you think they are good but the others don’t and they’re ‘pretty shocked’ at how you think they are good and love those.

  4. Bit late, Sony.

  5. Screw this film. I want a director’s cut of Spider-Man 3. There was a ton of useful material cut from that, and we never even got them as deleted scenes.

    • If they made a director’s cut of Spider-Man 3 and kept everything but the subplot where Sandman killed Uncle Ben, I might buy it just to have all 3. Not only didn’t that part make any sense, it ruined the first Spider-Man and took away all of Peter’s responsibility for Uncle Ben’s death, so what made him Spider-Man.

  6. I don´t understand why everybody says the movie is 142m long! From the first time we see Sony´s logo until the very last shot (Spidey smashing Rhino), AM2 is 129m! I´m sorry, but the credits don´t count as “movie” to me… That been said, I liked the movie a lot, but it has it´s flaws. I think a longer cut would improve the movie. (sorry about my enlish people)

  7. While the interaction with peter & Gwen was brilliant, the film had some serious issues 1) it still hasn’t established that peter has learnt great responsibilty because his inaction led to his uncle’s death. 2) focuses on his parents who are not as important as uncle Ben in the spiderman mythology 3) the villians are too cartooney for my taste. These are the type of villians we had on Batman Forever or Batman & Robin. I don’t mind villians be a little silly but these guys were just plain embarrassing. 4) there was 2 stories in this movie. Peter/Gwen story and the villain story. And these didn’t mesh well at all. There was like no connection between the two. It was just a stupid script. And that’s a shame. Because peter/Gwen stuff was great and the effects with Spidey swinging around the city was awesome.

  8. Simply filling in the cracks is not the solution. The problem once again stems from Avi Arad forcing too many unnecessary characters and subplots that come at the cost of fully realizing the potential of what’s buried underneath. What they did manage to completely nail is the lovable Spidey/Pete we all know from the comics. They also establish Max as a confused victim that lashes back at a world that never took the time to understand him. However, instead of further developing the character and that plot line to its optimal emotional conclusion, Electro is killed off in an anti-climactic fashion. They instead decide to spend precious screen time on rushing heir apparent, Harry, right into the Green Goblin. And you just know somewhere Paul Giamatti’s integrity must be kicking itself for taking such a ham of a role.

    At the end of the day, they could have told a great SPIDER-MAN story on the big screen, but instead they felt that cashing in on the cinematic universe trend would be more profitable and therefor the right choice.

  9. There was also the scene we saw in the Trailers When Harry was Telling Peter Oscorp had him under Surveillance. That was not anywhere in the Movie. only other thing is that I sort of have a wish that hey would let Emma Dye her hair back to Red and Then Let her play the part of MJ.. I can see Emma saying “you hit the Jackpot Tiger” so clearly. Plus would give peter an problem that his new girlfriend looks so much like his Old Girlfriend.

    • That would be corntastic. Emma Stone would be a terrible Mary Jane.

  10. I think the last thing ASM2 needs is to be longer. If absolutely anything, it needs more subplots cut out. Unfortunately, a better cut of the film is probably out of the grasp of the editor; entire scenes would have to be reshot to eliminate stuff like Harry Osborn.

  11. If they are going to combine the continuity of the Spider-man movies and the MCU, now is the time. At the end of the movie, Spider-man quits being Spider-man for 5 months. During that time, the battle of New York takes place. Spider-man was not around to help. Settled. The reason none of the Avengers show up to help Spider-man in New York during the events of Spider-man 2? They all had more important things to worry about and since it was pre-New York, they weren’t yet the Avengers. Also, Spider-man not becoming an Avenger? it could be explained the same way it is in the comics. HE just isn’t good enough or ready yet to become an Avenger. I’m just saying. They don’t have to but if they do, now is as good a time as ever.

    • Hmm, that is an interesting thought. Next year a new movie with Andrew Garfield portraying Spider-Man releases and it is not TASM3. So I’m curious in what movie he’ll be in but I doubt it will be Age of Ultron. Think Sony will move on with Venom.

    • Or They could say Peter was still a normal teenager during the battle in New York. The reason peter doesn’st help with the other battles is because he’s a local hero and mainly protects New York. Also it would look suspicious to Aunt May. The reason MCU hereos didn’t help him was because they had their own stuff to take care of(or However else they justify the avengers not helping each other).

  12. I actually liked The Amazing Spider-Man 2…a lot. However, if a director’s cut was to be released, I would not object to seeing it. As the advertisement proved, there was a lot taken out from the theatrical cut; which part of me understands why. So I can’t but wonder how different the movie would be if they kept these scenes in. If nothing comes from this, I’ll be ok with it; but if Sony does announce that they are releasing an extended cut to ASM2, I’ll give it a watch.

  13. I’ve loved both films in the franchise so far, but I’m not surprised that they cut a lot of this film. The first film also suffered massive cuts and altered/alternate scenes allegedly due to the studio’s insistence to save some plotlines for the sequel (as well as some very idiotic decisions like cutting most of Connors’ personal life) that really hurt the film in the end. Some of these scenes ended up on the DVD but other bits are completely dismissed, despite appearing on countless marketing materials and trailers. Sadly, I feel the same will happen with this one. If anything, only the MJ scenes and some unimportant bits will be present on the DVD/Blu-ray, and the most important plotlines will be dropped out.

    Damn Sony and producers always getting in the way of directors telling a compelling/successful/(at the very least) coherent story that the fans and general public can enjoy. Sony’s greed and tampering stun the plot by forcing the director to remove important scenes only to shoehorn or replace them completely in subsequent installments because they know that in the way they treat the films, all the interest on the franchise will die if they tell a definitive story. Since they want to earn the most doing the smallest effort and as quickly as possible, they’d rather envision a half-assed concept and slog through it for multiple incomplete films than sitting down and conceiving actually interesting, self-contained and satisfying movies that entice the public to follow further installments on their own. As long as this franchise goes on, the studio will leave plots hanging as guarantee to continue making films, the ultimate definition of a cash cow.

    While the X-Men franchise is no golden egg either, all the strengths of Days of Future Past show what happens when the studio steps down and lets the director and writers do all the hard work.