‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′: Dane DeHaan Is Harry Osborn; Foxx Confirmed as Electro

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chronicle director talks sequel and fantastic four Amazing Spider Man 2: Dane DeHaan Is Harry Osborn; Foxx Confirmed as Electro

Sony’s reported to have been eying actors for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 who could play an athletic and handsome Harry Osborn – as opposed to director Marc Webb’s original lineup of young stars, which was composed of actors better fit to portray a brooding outsider version of Harry (who could conceivably take up the Green Goblin mantle after his father).

Well, it appears that Webb got one of his initial choices after all – as breakout star Dane DeHaan is confirmed to join Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy in the Amazing Spider-Man sequel. Similarly, Jamie Foxx and Shailene Woodley (The Descendants) can also now be counted as officially onboard for the superhero blockbuster.

Sony released an official press release revealing that DeHaan is set for Amazing Spider-Man 2, around the same time that Webb confirmed the news via Twitter. DeHaan thereafter Tweeted that “To say I’m excited is an understatement,” while Sony’s confirmation included the following statement from Webb:

“Dane is an exciting and extraordinary young actor and he is a fantastic addition to our cast,” Webb said.

Over the past year, DeHaan transitioned from playing troubled young men on the HBO TV series In Treatment and True Blood – to similar, but more challenging, roles in the found-footage flick Chronicle and period crime drama Lawless; he also makes a brief, but memorable, appearance in the opening minutes of Lincoln. Next year, DeHaan should keep his win streak alive with roles in The Place Beyond the Pines (from Blue Valentine writer-director Derek Cianfrance) and the beat generation memoir Kill Your Darlings with Daniel Radcliffe and Elizabeth Olsen.

DeHaan will follow in James Franco’s footsteps (from director Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy) by bringing Harry Osborn to life on the big screen. As was mentioned before, DeHaan as Harry could eventually go to become a villain in the Amazing Spider-Man narrative thread (like Franco did in Spider-Man 3). However, that will depend on how exactly Norman Osborn – who has yet to be officially cast – fits into ‘The Untold Story’ of Peter Parker; not to mention, other possible villains who could show up somewhere down the line.

Jamie Foxx Electro in Amazing Spider Man 2 Amazing Spider Man 2: Dane DeHaan Is Harry Osborn; Foxx Confirmed as Electro

Jamie Foxx is Electro in ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′

Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx (who stars in Django Unchained this month) is indeed now set as the antagonist Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2. In fact, for the time being, Electro is the sole villain announced for the followup – though, some twists and surprises could well be in order, given that the revised script draft was penned by geek-favorites Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Star Trek) and Jeff Pinkner (Fringe) – who drew from an initial draft written up by Amazing Spider-Man alum James Vanderbilt.

Meanwhile, Shailene Woodley is playing classic red-haired Spider-Man love interest Mary Jane Watson in Amazing Spider-Man 2. However, it’s been speculated that her character will have a limited role in the main proceedings – which continue to deal with Peter’s ongoing journey toward maturity - and that Mary Jane could play a more important role in later installments, once these films move closer and closer to recreating Gwen Stacy’s eventual fate from the comics.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 begins shooting early next year, for a May 2nd 2014 theatrical release date.


Source: Sony

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  1. WOW! Two birds with one stone, this is awesome news! DeHaan really pulls off the good-turned-evil vibe, as shown in “Chronicle” so this will be really cool to see.

    Foxx as Electro is also an amazing move, since this universe does point towards the Ultimate Spider-Man setting

  2. This is great news. I think this universe is shaping up to be better than Raimi’s – not that I have anything against his movies. It’s just that the Amazing Spiderman has a more interesting collection of cast and characters.

    • Well said man

  3. as you can see in the artwork, Electro has been black as well.

  4. This universe is aimed more towards the Ultimate universe, where Electro is a mix (I think) of African American and Hispanic (maybe?). Regardless of the universe, you shouldn’t judge anyone by their looks. I mean, Daniel Craig doesn’t look like James Bond 100% but he sure as hell acts like him more than the other 5 (no offense to the other 5 lol)

    • Like Nick Fury, he was black in another universe though he isn’t exactly the look people think of when people here the name Nick Fury (though, since The Avengers came out, it seems everybody thinks of Sam Jackson)

      • Ultimate Nick Fury is what they were going for, I mean Jackson looked JUST like him

        • Since Ultimate Nick Fury is based on Jackson, it´s the other way around.

          • Sam Jackson’s existence is derived from a comic book character.. My god that explains so much lol

      • ultimate nick fury was based on sam jackson likeness anyway

      • Nick was black before the avengers movie. No he wasn’t always black, but when they started doing the ultimate line that’s when they changed the look of Fury and the artist being Sam Jack fans based the new itiration on him which is why he was ultimately cast as nick fury in the avengers.

      • That was just Sam Jackson with an eye patch…David Hasslehoff is the only Nick Fury!

        • Sam Jackson would kick Hasslehoff’s @$$ six ways to Sunday!
          [Grabs popcorn] :D

    • Bondist!!

    • Actually, Ian Fleming’s family said that Daniel Craig looks exactly how Ian pictured James Bond to look, the only difference being that Craig is blonde and not dark-haired like the character is in the books.

      • Where’s the scar then?

        • ^^^that was for Dazz’s Ian Fleming comment.

      • I’m aware, it’s the hair color alone and I don’t have an issue with Bond’s hair color. That’s silly

  5. I for one, did not want Jamie Foxx cast as Electro. I’m not going to b**** and complain about though, out of respect for people who believe it’s a good move.

    • i agree completely

    • I for two. I just specifically do not like Jamie Foxx. I feel like he’s an actor who thinks he’s better than he is, and acts like it. And some people do like him, but I think it’s only a fraction of how much he thinks they do. And imo it really shows.

      • I think it depends on the roll handed.

        Maybe (just saying) it was the character he was portraying you didnt like?

        Maybe it was the way the character/lines were written that you didnt like?

        Who cares who he is in real life. If he can act the act all the better.

  6. I never got the chance to see the first one in theaters, and now that Foxx has been announced as Electro, I know for sure I will never see this movie. He is a very poor choice. I have despised every movie he has been in since he can’t act. BOOOO!!!

    • If you’re really going to let 1 guy ruin the movie for you, who isn’t even the main star of the movie, you’re really going to miss out on a lot of good films. Plus, you don’t know how he’ll do. He could be excellent, he could be terrible, or he could be just average. Who knows?

    • ^^Definitely a reasonable and sound decision for not seeing this film when it is released or it’s predecessor! Oh yeah, by the way no one who “can’t act” has won an Oscar..

      • “…no one who “can’t act” has won an Oscar…”

        How do you explain Halle Berry´s Oscar?

        • You both must be racists..

          • I´m not a racist.

            • Jamie foxx is a solid actor. He won for ray where he waa awarded for his singing ability as ray charles. I dont think its as distinguished as say… a non musical role imo. Definently not a bad choice tho.

              • I like Jamie Foxx, but I’m a comics purist. Marvel had plenty of other heros/villians that they could have used if they wanted Foxx to be in the movie. Instead they chose to make him electro, poor move. The whole point of the creation of the x-men was to pit mutant vs human in a way to reflect on racial issues. Marvel was know for diversity.

                • Marvel is know for diversity ok but yet all the white superheroes all got black sidekicks we dont see them moving forward with a Black Panther move or a Luke Cage movie. jeez Black Panther got beaten by Ant-Man and GOTG movie.

                  also what the big deal Electro is black the character been dead to everyone for along time he aint Doc Oct, Green Goblin and some well known villains. be greatful that Jamie Foxx bring the character to life once again

        • she showed nudity in monster ball.

        • The magic of boobs.

    • Watch Collateral. He can be a good actor.

      • yeah he was great in collateral that was con cable over the weekend.

    • Seriously Ethan? Foxx can’t act…the man has earned an Oscar a Bafta and a Golden Globe….. damn haters..People forget that when most comic book characters were created.. racism prevailed and comic book companies barely did any black heroes or villains in that era. amazing we complaining about this in 2012 republicants bah

  7. TO be fair since a white character is black here, i think a black character should be played by a white guy. Lets go White Blade

    • I prefer the quality of acting over the color of someone’s skin. Just saying, that’s a bit rude of you to say

      • not really. hes just stating how it is in the comics. electro is a white guy and i, personally would like them to stick to the comics as much as possible. just my opinion though. Jamie might very well be amazing. just got to wait and see.

        • Ultimate Electro = not Caucasian. Since this universe is aimed towards a more Ultimate feel, they’re going to move towards more of the Ultimate versions of villains

          • Actually, Ultimate Electro IS causasian.


            And I hope they´re using more 616 villains. I don´t wanna see a Green Goblin that looks like a burning Hulk with thorns.

            • A thousand apologies, most images I’ve seen make him look slightly Hispanic or a hint of African American.

              But again, the tone of someone’s skin does not determine their acting ability

              • I never said it did. I´m looking forward to Foxx as Electro. But I think they won´t be using much of the “Ultimate aspect”, since Foxx is at least 15 years older than Ultimate Electro. And I really, really hope they won´t use the Raimi way (good scientist turns bad, then after being defeated, bad scientist turns good again).

                • In the Ultimate Comics, doesn’t he evolve to a point to where he no longer even has skin? Where he is just pure energy.

                  • When he´s all powered up and ready to fight, that´s when his actual skin disappears.

              • The fact that their skin color isn’t essential to their character should be enough to not cause complaint. If it’s just visual faithfulness to the comic that someone wants, well, I’ll be the first to say that they’re crazy cuz Electro’s costume is ridiculous.

        • see what you saying is kind of funny right Bane in the comics is latino right but they casted a white british actor to play the role i bet you did not complain. even Talia and Ra’s Al ghul are arabic in the comics they been played by white actors.

          • I can say that I complained. I hated their casting. It was Nolan picking favorites because when it comes to casting, that’s where his brilliant skills fall. So he picks actors from his previous films, even if it means changing the entire history of the characters that they are going to portray. I am so glad that Nolan is done making Batman films. I don’t think my heart could bear watching Nolan destroy more great villains.

          • This ^ Pretty typical.

        • Every villain is a white guy. So are you saying that there can never ever be a black actor playing a Spider-man villain?

    • so the fact that most major comic book characters are caucasian (which is a trend that didn’t change until the late 80′s) isn’t enough, you’ve got to do that “well why do they have to have their race changed… he’s white in the comic book!!!!” whining. How about we have Jesus from now on played by and portrayed by non caucasians or how about everytime we have a movie with ancient egyptians lets not have white people with dyed hair and lots of eye shadow. and please… you already have white blade… it’s called every d@mn vampire hunter ever portrayed in film.

      • CHUUCH!

      • So you weren’t a fan of Bruce Lee’s replacement in Kung-Fu I take it. Or how Harvey Dent went from Billy Dee Williams to Tommy Lee Jones and ended with Aaron Eckhart.

      • Preach the hell on!

      • Agreed.Though it’s funny how they refused getting a black spidey but are open to a black villain.

      • Never thought I’d be saying this but..I love you Magneto’s_booty_Juice.

    • Except Blade was caucasian in the comics and cartoons.

      • Which comics and cartoon was this, was it one of the newer ones?

      • What the hell, Blade was always a black man. What comics and cartoons were you watching buddy????

    • well. to be fair Jesus is a middle eastern with brown skin.. but he is portrayed as white everywhere.

  8. Sweet dehaan will make a great Osborn and Foxx will be awesome

  9. Fantastic news about Foxx as Elektro! He’s gonna rock.

    On the other hand… I’m skeptical about Woodley and DeHaan :/
    IMO Woodley’s a good actress, but totally wrong as MJ (MJ is supposed to be a model, while Woodley has a cute, plain-Jane thing going on) and DeHaan looks way too young.
    Hopefully all their performances will be good though. Can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

    • The coming of Electro means the first defeat of Spider-Man. God only knows how much fun Electro will have kicking the crap out of Spidey in the first round :)

    • Lol Kirsten Dunst was no model either

      • Did you see me saying I’d prefer her?
        No, she was terrible and I have a feeling Woodley is going to be too.

        • I have to agree with you Avenger, Mj is supposed to be the bombshell of bombshells, and “they” just can’t understand that. They are missing the mark again!

          • If she was that hot, there’s no way she’d waste her time with a penniless nerd. C’mon now lol. She’s got to be beautiul yes, but still attainable. If she was sucks bombshell she’d be traveling across the globe on modeling contracts and dating rich old men.

        • I’d kinda hoped that they would go with Sophia Bush, but that’s just my opinion.

          • How many bombshells can act? Lol

            • Megan Fo- nevermind.

              Scarlett Johansson.

              • Even ScarJo can be a pretty crappy actress most of the time.

            • Depends.. Doing stunts and other physical things or just talking? Lol

            • Let’s see: Natalie Portman, Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lawrence, the list goes on.

    • Why shouldn’t he look young, they’re all still in highschool or am I the only one who realizes this. All of Peter’s friends should llok and be young seeing as how Peter still has two years left as a highschooler while being spider-man. Him and all his peers should still look young.

      • In comparison to Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, DeHaan looks way too young.
        Garfield and Stone are in an age where they can still pull off looking like two teenagers, but once you put a real teenager next to them, it’s gonna start looking a little weird.

        I hope I’m proven wrong though. I loved TASM and I want the sequel to be great.

        • He’s actually 26 – 2 years older than Stone and 3 years younger than Garfield. I thinking that they will at least be sophomores in college and due to movie magic, they’ll look around the same age (hopefully).


  11. Dehaan should make a great Harry Osborne and the Mary Jane casting is great. Hopefully people won’t complain too much about Jaimie Foxx as Electro. I don’t know how good of an actor he his since I’ve never seen any of his films. But it does’nt matter if Electro is black or not he’s not no big famous character or anything so I’m good.

    • Foxx is great, I think the reservations people have a similar to mine with Tom Cruise for example. It doesn’t matter what “role” he’s playing to me it’s Tom Cruise being Tom Cruise running around who’s just answering to a different name. Lol I mean it’s cool, MI, The upcoming Jack Reacher.. All roles that fit his M.O. Foxx is the same, when I see him, I just see Jamie foxx, it’s like I can’t dissociate his true self with te character he’s supposed to be playing.. I suspect that’s the problem people have with this casting. A lesser known character actor would have been better for this.

  12. Excellent choice. Foxx is a pretty interesting pick for Electro.

    This movie is shaping up to be a lot better than the first one… and I really enjoyed the first one.

  13. i don’t get why anyone would have a problem with a black man playing electro. I mean magneto isn’t british but nobody has a problem with Ian McKellen playing him. Also, i think Jaime foxx will do well as Electro.

    • Nothing to do with race. Mckellen is a character actor, he can portray any character and you just believe it, you forget he’s a real person so to speak and so you can imwrse yourself in the performance/movie. it not a question of skill but exposure to the public that is different. Foxx, Tom Cruise and a few others are are or have been in the publi eye much more and so people are afraid that when electro is on screen all they’ll see is Jamie foxx shooting electrity and not the the character he’s supposed to be.

  14. Well it’s interesting to hear that Jamie Foxx is playing Electro but is he going to be Max Dillon? Or is Max Dillon going to be African American and how would this alter Max Dillon’s background would it be something as subtle as changing reducing Aunt May’s age? Giving Spiderman an Alex Ross designed costume (finally it only took ten years) or even giving Peter a change of clothes and a skate board.

    I’m considerably Psyched to see how Foxx fends as a super villain
    I’m not exactly disappointed in the choice of actor for Harry Osborne DeHaan was fantastic in chronicle but I was really hoping to maybe see him as a Sith in star wars 7-10 but don’t look a gift horse in the mouth his talent is a good thing for ASM2 because Harry was always meant to be seen as the disappointment to Norman and an @sshole towards Peter at first untilPeter kicked the s*** outta him.

    But I do not want to find out who Norman is being played by just yet the suspense is fantastic :)

    Anyone else feeling the same way

    • “Or is Max Dillon going to be African American and how would this alter Max Dillon’s background would it be something as subtle as changing reducing Aunt May’s age?”

      Did you have a problem when they changed Peters whole origin story? and how about the fact that a teenager.. no matter how smart he is.. can make webshooters ( never invented) with clock parts and gears… kid is also a great tailor… that peter parker.. great at multi tasking….. personally.. organic shooters ala raimi make more sense.. .

      • “… when they changed Peters whole origin story?”

        Kid gets bitten by spider, then becomes Spider-Man. Yeah, the whole origin story has changed.

        • @scapegoat:

          I think he means how they seem to be setting up this series for a different origin story. In TASM, you clearly saw how his secretive scientist/government agent parents had a spider in a jar, plus all of the promos suggested that what happened to Peter was not an accident, and that he is not a normal human. (Those lines never made it to the final movie, although the studio still doesn’t mind putting them in the blu-ray trailers).

          There’s a lot of speculation that the series will reveal…

          ****** POSSIBLE SPOILERS:********

          …that Peter’s parents were experimenting on him and possibly combining his DNA with spider DNA. Thus, when the spider bit him, it wasn’t a magic spider that gave him super spider abilities, but rather it triggered a gene that was dormant in him. Similar to Ang Lee’s Hulk. But that’s just speculation.

  15. I wonder what Electro’s costume will look like.

    • Hopefully it’s something more of street clothes not tight green and yellow. Something similar to the new Bane look or the guy from Infamous.

      • I kind of want something more super villain-y than street clothes but I can’t really imagine Fox in a flashy comicbook costume. He might end up turning into some CGI electrical character though so an actual costume might not be an issue. It’ll be interesting to see what direction they take though.

  16. Frankly, I’m intrigued to see Jamie Foxx as Electro. The one cast as Harry Osborne, on the other hand, looks too young for Harry Osborne role. I’m guessing he’s younger than Garfield? Looking forward to this!

  17. I wonder when we will live in a world when race isn’t a concern!……Man I so wish I was born in the StarTrek universe!

    • Me, I would more so want to be born in the star wars universe…

  18. not a bad choice

  19. you know I had a thought. in the first movie we focused on genetics, with electro in this one we are moving towards more toward technology aided(mind you it later becomes a natural ability, but it was initatly caused by tech), could we possibly see Smyth, and the Scorpian(however he would REQUIRE jameson). just a thought, as we already might be seeing shocker(think he was in the comics the guys who killed uncle ben, but I could be wrong), and of course the rhino…. now all we need is mysterio!

  20. Well if they are basing ASM on Ultimate Spiderman then we all know that Gwen Stacy is killed by Carnage, NOT Green Goblin and that Peter too will DIE, which is why I no longer READ Ultimate Spiderman.

    • My gosh evryone, it’s not solely based on the ultimate. It may have alot of ultimate elements, but it’s still taking nods from the classic golden age of spidey as well. So yes Gwen will be killed off by gobey seeing as how there is no possible way that she will be getting killed off by carnage in this sereis seeing as how there isnt even the slightest hint to carnage. You can’t just throw carnage in there or they will fail the same way raimi and them failed w/venom.

      • There´s not as much Ultimate elements as you guys say. IMO it´s a modernized version of the 616 Spider-Man.
        And there were some hints at Venom and/or Carnage (if they´re really going more Ultimate). The bloody handprint on the wall (the camera stayed a bit longer on that) and the guy in Connor´s cell… Maybe Miles Warren? Using the blood to clone Peter and maybe accidentally creating Carnage like Connor´s did in Ultimate Spider-Man.

        • Wasn’t that the goal of Ultimate Spider-Man though? To modernize the original version? I do agree that there are many things linked to 616, but there are also things I see connected to Ultimate

          • But very few. The only 616-0 (Marvel´s official term for the Ultimate Universe) changes were a younger Ben and May and… Hm. That´s the only 616-0 references, I think.

  21. I’m still saying lyndsy fonseca for Mary Jane. Don’t much care for woodly but I’m happy bout the Harry Osborn casting. Should be great.

    • She looks like a typical caucasian girl with make up. Not that hot.

  22. WOW! This is all great news! Thanks for the report! I wanted to see Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn. He did a great job in Chronicle, being a character that walks down a dark path; something close to the path Harry will be taking, great!

  23. Nice!! I’m very happy with all three of these!

    Dehaan was fantastic in Chronicle, so whichever direction they decide to go with Harry, I’m sure he’ll be fine. I personally think Dehaan would be perfect to play a version of Harry who’s a rich, stuck up jerk in public, but in actuality, he comes from a broken home with a broken family and has real issues going on. The second part he already got down in Chronicle, and I could easily see him being rich and stuckup. But he seems to be a quality actor, so I’m sure he could do fine whether Harry is a jerk, a nice guy, a loner, etc.

    Foxx is a great actor, and I’m glad to see him confirmed. While he certainly isn’t what comes to mind when I think of Electro, I think he could do the character justice. I just hope he puts enough trust in Webb, and they put enough trust in him, so he could really let loose and have a blast with a character. I think that’s the only way a great villainous performance can work.

    I haven’t seen Woodley in anything. People seem to say she’s annoying in Secret Life, but she got a lot of critical acclaim for The Descendants, so she has proven she’s got acting skills as well.

    So all 3 of them can act, but even if you’re an amazing actor, if the script is crap, your portrayal will probably be crap too. (See: George Clooney in Batman & Robin). So let’s hope that Webb and the writers truly craft something incredible here (or amazing!) The second movie in big franchises tend to be better than the first, and possibly the best of the series, usually because the first movie creates the foundation for the world and characters, and the second movie is then able to build off of that and really push everything to the extremes. (See: Superman II, The Empire Strikes Back, X2, Spider-Man 2, The Dark Knight).

    All in all, I’m pretty damn excited for TASM 2.

  24. Jamie Foxx as Electro? Really guys, C’mon!!

    He’s a great actor, but not for a series or chain of films like this??? Not so. It’s simply just a bad move altogether in casting and that person should actually be fired! I am actually really disappointed in this choice as there are so many other great candidates and less (high profile) people that could really bring the character to life.

    Oh well.

  25. I like the casting choice for Harry and I’m glad they picked DeHaan.

    Foxx as Electro? Never thought much of his acting and don’t know much about the character outside of the 90s cartoon but I’ll give him a chance.

    Remember when everyone complained about Heath Ledger being cast as The Joker and how after that movie was released, everyone said Ledger was the ultimate version of that character?

    Point being, don’t judge a book by its cover, wait until the movie is done and released before passing judgment.

    • Exactly. Ledger had already proven himself as a talented actor with his oscar-nominated performance in Brokeback Mountain. Likewise, Foxx has proven himself with his oscar-winning performance in Ray. Just because the actors don’t look like how you imagine the character doesn’t mean they can’t transform themselves for the role (and transform the character too, into something incredible).

  26. I was not happy that Spider Man was rebooted. Nevertheless, I eventually saw tasm. And, I thought that it was really good. I am looking forward to the next one.

  27. I like Jamie Foxx as an actor,but he’s no Electro.Now Jamie Foxx as Tombstone,now that would’ve been something.

    And why do we have to go down the Harry and Norman Osborn road again?

  28. Electro is my favorite spidey villain and Im going to give Foxx a chance because he is very talented and I believe Marc knows what he is doing. My hopes are way up for the sequel which SHOULD already be titled “Spectacular Spiderman”… Im waiting Marc! Lol.

  29. Black Nick Fury, Black Electro, alright! time for a black wolverine! oh wait wait! i know! lets just take the entire marvel line and swap black to white, white to black :D Fudge it! lets change some female marvel characters to male characters! o_O

    • Really? That’s happening? Sounds awesome! When are they doing this???

    • Go cry to your mummy about it.

      • Maybe you should take your damn arrogance and go to YOUR mommy.