‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Mask Reveal; Dane DeHaan Bulking Up for Harry Osborn

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Amazing Spider Man Classic Costume Amazing Spider Man 2 Mask Reveal; Dane DeHaan Bulking Up for Harry Osborn

Rumors about Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) getting a slight costume makeover in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 were accompanied shortly by confirmation from director Marc Webb. He later revealed an image of mask lens with curled upper-corners resembling the webslinger’s classic comic book design (illustrated by Steve Ditko), as well as the character’s more contemporary “Ultimate Spider-Man” comic book appearance.

There was some discrepancy over similarities to masks worn by other Spider-Man characters (including, a villain rumored to be introduced in Webb’s sequel), but we now have confirmation those are part of Pete’s re-designed duds. We should get to see other elements, like the “gnarly webshooters” Webb promised, soon enough – especially if security on set is as lax as its predecessor’s.

Here is the superhero’s mask in Amazing Spider-Man 2:


The Amazing Spider Man 2 Costume Poster High Res 570x849 Amazing Spider Man 2 Mask Reveal; Dane DeHaan Bulking Up for Harry Osborn

Pete has motivation for upgrading his gear, for reasons beyond Lizard shredding his previous costume during their showdown. He’s facing, at least, two foes this round, including the admiring spectator Max Dillion (Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx) who becomes Electro and Oscar-nominee Paul Giamatti playing that dangerous genetic experiment known as Rhino.

Dane DeHaan (Chronicle) also joins the party as Pete’s old friend Harry Osborn, a role for which the actor informed the New York Times “Right now it’s just about getting all my work done and bulking up a little bit. I’ll start shooting fairly soon in New York.” He went on to clarify:

“I work out incredibly intensely six days a week and I eat every two hours. Mostly proteins and veggies. I consume at least 3,000 calories a day. I’ve already gained seven pounds in six weeks!… It is [a lot] for me! I weigh more right now than I’ve ever weighed in my whole life. I’ve always constantly had trouble putting on weight, so it’s actually a whole lot for me.”

chronicle director talks sequel and fantastic four Amazing Spider Man 2 Mask Reveal; Dane DeHaan Bulking Up for Harry Osborn

Before the actor signed on, Sony was eying candidates with “athleticism and good looks” for the role, possibly explaining DeHaan sculpting his physique. But would a more conventionally attractive Harry have more (or less) reason to be jealous of Pete? And could those feelings eventually manifest themselves as something terrible (re: a Harry Osborn Venom storyline) somewhere down the line? Just some food for thought…


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is directed by Marc Webb based on a screenplay from Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Jeff Pinker, with a first draft by James Vanderbilt. Andrew Garfield stars with Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Shailene Woodley, Dane DeHaan, Paul Giamatti, Colm Feore and Sally Field.

Look for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swinging into theaters on May 2nd, 2014.


Source: NYT

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  1. I like the design. I think the costume should evolve like the caracter. After all, imagine if you have only one costume and have to battle supervillains every week, it just won’t hold for long.

    • And oh my the smell…

  2. Oh boy, Dane DeHaan… for the whiny, mumbling type of villain. He ruined “Chronicle” for me.

    • He made chronicle, wouldve been pointless if not for him.

      • Yep, DeHaan played the bullied kid out for revenge perfectly. I guess it shows what kind of person you were in high school when those who hated his performance and called it whiny and annoying were probably those who were never made to feel like outcasts and those who loved his performance and thought of it as eerily accurate were bullied.

        Honestly, DeHaan and Grafield have played awkward, ostracized teen with such unnerving accuracy that having both in the same movie will be something awesome to see.

        • ooooh! burn! but yeah I agree I dont know how you cant acknowledge such a good performance as Dehaans in chronicle. He was awesome

  3. The mask and eyes look perfect!! This looks like Spiderman. However I wish that it still had the feel of the first suit a bit. This seems like s huge departure. besides a few details I like the amazing spideman suit.

    • they do show some of the elements of the first movie costume in other set photos

  4. Well it seems as if they gave in to fan pressure. I liked the suit in the first movie.

    • The Fans aren’t always wrong

  5. I preferred the old mask. Looked more modern and “real”. The suit was kinda ugly though with its weird pattern design. I wouldn’t mind if they changed that

  6. The mask is Amazing but i think the costume is getting to close to Raimi’s…if the series wants to seperate itself then it would be best to keep the mask but chang the suit into a way thats similar to the first

    • I think I can see that to man, I think this costume looks freakin awesome and I love it but it does look a little too much like Raimi’s at least the web patterns do aw well it’s not the entire suit yet so I hope the rest of it looks a little differential love the suit though it really looks like spidey came right out of the comics

    • Well if they’re trying to go by the comic then of course it will look like Raimi’s. They have lots of other ways to differentiate this movie and keep true to the comics(Gwen Stacy for example).

    • Toe it looks like a replica of Raimi’s version of Spider-Man except for the mask. They could have just tweak out the ASM spidey costume to differentiate it from 1 and 2

  7. I think the reason for the costume change is evident in that the ASM version was Peter’s first (and imperfect) iteration of the costume. This new design looks like it belongs to someone who’s been around the block a time or two. Love it!

    • I completely agree with you dude

    • agree

  8. I think Dane DeHaan is going to be fantastic as Osborn.
    My only real issues with Rami’s 1st 2 Spiderman films was the casting (part 3 had way more issues) of Franco and Dunst. So IMO Webb and company have really aced it with these films.

  9. if you put something on the had, and look on the suit, it’s the same like in Sam Raimis spider man, i like the costume

  10. Oh boy another snore fest. I wonder if he can keep from telling everyone that he’s spiderman. Peter in the comics (The real comics not the ultimates garbage) kept his secret really close, this whiny skater punk tells everyone! Oh well marvel will eventually get the rights to spidey back then we can see a good spiderman, and not the SONY SPIDER>

    • Well it’s been said repeatedly that this reboot, though named after the original comics, actually draws a lot of inspiration from the Ultimate version.

    • Actually, in the original 616 comics several people knew his identity. Including, Gwen Stacy and her father, Mary -Jane, both Green Goblins, the Jackal, Black Cat, and everyone who ever wore the Venom symbiote( Eddie Brock, The Scorpion, and Flash Thompson), Scarlett Spider and Maine( who is now Scarlett Spider).

      • Kaine

        • Also Madame Web, Carlie Cooper, his fellow Avengers and Doc Ock at the end of his life. There are probably a few others I forgot.
          But I get what Jimmy is saying. Indeed, when you compare the movie to the original comics, Peter seems to not really care about concealing his identity and doesn’t try hard enough to deny the fact that he’s Spider-Man. Maybe Gwen’s death supposedly happening in TASM 2 will teach him a little more sense of privacy.

  11. First everyone hated the reboot suit.

    Now they like it.

    For some reason now, everyone hates this new suit because it’s too much like the series IT WAS REBOOTING AND NOT REMAKING?!?!

    • That´s exactly what I was thinking.

    • I always preffered TASM’s suit to the Raimi one. It seems a bit of a shame to tweak it away from what they established in TASM.

    • Not everyone. The reboot suit was actually one of the few things I liked in TASM, even though the red parts could’ve been more… well, red. I’ve often loved the variations on the classic suit in the comics. My all-time favorite was the black suit and the Tony Stark suit was pretty awesome IMO. The reboot suit actually reminded me of one from the comics (I seem to remember it was around the time of the clone saga) that I found pretty cool but sadly didn’t last long, probably because of fan pressure.

    • lol that’s the funny truth

  12. Why did they feel the need to keep the underlying grid pattern from Sam Raimi’s movies? I feel that’s unnecessary. I think it should be a faint underlying secondary WEB pattern. that would fit more nicely.

    • They did the same with the Man Of Steel costume. I don’t know, maybe they find it more modern or realistic than plain old spandex.

    • I wonder why anyone thinks this is something new and important. looks a lot like the Sam Raimi version to me, especially as someone already pointed out, the underlying grid. are we really sure this picture is an authentic new suit or did someone just pull out a promo pic from the original movie?

  13. I hated the reboot suit. Still hate it. The new suit is definitely a mix between Rami’s and the “Ultimate” Spider-Man suit.

  14. First set pic:


    • Very covert. I am a little worried that the new eyes look a bit too cartoony for a movie. It’s almost like a cosplay suit. I’ll have to see it in action.

      I hope it has the round red spider on the back. I’ve never been keen on the leggy one.

      • Personally, I’ve always found the round logo awkward and pretty stupid, and the leggy one much cooler.

      • The new eyes finally will make the actor see without looking up. Remember the elevator scene in SM 2? When Spidey looked into that guy´s face, you could see he had to look up to actually look him in the eye, because the lenses were way too in the middle of the mask to see right.

      • I’m with motoko when it comes to the round spider on the back I always enjoyed that for some reason

  15. Im liking the upgrade. Not only is the mask different but the suit itself looks different as well. It definetly has a more classic look to it. Im glad Webb got rid of those yellow eyes.

  16. The spider logo is very similar to raimi’s apart from bottom legs, they should keep the spider logo from amazing spiderman as it became his symbol, on flashs t shirt, painted on the wall etc..

  17. So basically Dane Dehaan will eventually change into a villian with super powers rooting from problems of daddy issues. Sounds like Chronicle.

    • Webb himself said he thought of Dehaan after seeing him in Chronicle.

  18. Sadness. It looks like in an effort to save money they are just reusing the same suits from the Sam Raimi movies. Although the last suit wasn’t perfect, at least it didn’t seem like Peter stayed up all night gluing a web pattern onto his spandex. I don’t know where he finds the time to fight bad guys with school and sewing class.

  19. It looks too much like the Raimi costume. I don’t mind that they went back to the more traditional pattern, but I hate the raised webbing. I much prefered the silk-screened webbing in ASM. And the spider symbol was cool to they should have kept it. I do like the larger eyes though.

    • ditto

  20. the new mask design ,i think , is perfect, reminds you of the comics

    • Yeah that’s a great thing about it to me it reminds me of the old ditko and Stan lee comics that I always loved so much, this really looks like spiderman came right outof the comics to me.

      • Ditko always drew smaller eyes, the bigger eyes were popularized in the 90s by Todd Macfarlane.

        • Yes, but Ditko created the curled black outline.

  21. I really like the new design too!

  22. like the new eyes, but was hoping for it to be a bit more of a updated version of the previous TASM suit than this. its a bit TOO much like the raimi suits, even using the same brick pattern and raised webs style.. i personally liked the honeycomb look of the reboot suit, wondering why they didnt keep it. hopefully this isnt a mock up and not the official final version. hell for all we know it could be a hoax. and just being nitpicky i think the chest spider should be higher up on his chest than it is right now. i like it though. as always need to see it in action before i pass final judgement. the last suit looked great in motion and on film, so we’ll see.

  23. Sounds like they are going to cock things up like they did in Spiderman 3 by cramming in too many villains.

    I doubt they could better James Franco’s Harry Osborn.

  24. While I agree it looks more traditional, and similar to Raimi’s version, it’ll look fine. They really nailed the eyes this time and I can’t wait to see it in action on screen. The live action stunt work really helped TASM over the original for me.

  25. They could have updated the costume, and simultaneously made it connect to the ASM costume. It could have had black webs, with the webs being slightly lower than the red, like in the ASM. Instead they just blatantly lifted the Raimi costume (which they legally own), and added those fanboy white eyes, which the original designers had years ago opted against.

    Going with the Raimi costume, only adding big white eyes, shows no effort or creativity. Worse it shows no confidence in this supposedly new vision of Spider-man. It’s more like some panicky front office response to screaming fan-boys and also general audiences who ultimately (pun not intended) prefer the Raimi Spider-man. The marketing of ASM looked eerily like it could be Spider-man 4 to the unknowing eye. This looks like a naked attempt to again ride the coattails and goodwill of the Raimi movies. Webb struggled to tell his story, dropping plots left and right because of ballooning run-time and studio interference. This just signals more of the same.

  26. Y’all do realize that this is just the Raimi suit with the new eyes thrown on it right? Everything about the suit EXCEPT the eyes, is the exact same. I’m calling this s fake for sure

  27. Y’all do realize that this is just the Raimi suit with the new eyes thrown on it right? Everything about the suit EXCEPT the eyes, is the exact same. I’m calling this s fake for sure.

    • I wish that we’re true. But they have set photos out with this suit. I cannot believe they are using a nearly identical suit, but they are. I think a terrible costume would be better than using this lack of creativity.

      • That suit didn’t originate in the Raimi movies, it originated in the 1960′s comic books. Apart from the eyes, the suit itself hasn’t changed much over the years. This new version continues that trend. You Raimi fan boys are giving him way too much credit for the suit. That’s just short sighted and ignorant.

        This new costume is better than the last, and shows that Spider-Man has evolved and progressed into the Spider-Man we all know and love. It’s an improvement, much like The Amazing Spider-Man was an improvement over the mostly mediocre Raimi version.

        • Steve Ditko designed the best superhero costume ever. But there have been countless live action Spider-man’s between the 60′s and Raimi’s movies. There was a TV show in the 70′s, he appeared on an educational kids show, the Electric Company, he made appearances at car dealerships and ice skating shows and comic conventions. They all looked the same. Call me particular but the Raimi version looks distinctive to me. I respect what Ditko designed greatly, but I also give credit to the team that came up with the movie version. They put a lot of consideration into it. They even tried the large white eyes, and even experimented with animating them, so they’d change to show expression like in the comics.

          Anyway, I think this will turn out to be fake. I just can’t believe how much people actually like it. If it’s not fake, this production is declaring that they have no confidence in their original direction. I can’t understand how they could go to such great lengths to separate themselves from the Raimi version, only to muddle the whole issue with this.

          • Two words: fan pressure. Fans mostly disliked the updated suit that I believe appeared some time around the clone saga in the comics, so it didn’t last long. And since the suit in TASM 1 looked a bit like that updated suit, it’s no surprise they reverted to a more classic look.

            • I don’t mind a more classic look, although I did like the new look(minus the leg stripes), and the Ben Rielly costume from the comics(post clone saga), I really just take issue with the raised webbing and spider emblem. I really preferred the silk-screened look.

  28. Just look at the set shots. The suit looks awesome. It still has the long legged spider symbol front and back and it has a stripe down the side of his legs. It’s not that much like the Raimi movies and it’s not a fake. You Webb haters really need to get over yourselves. This movie’s gonna be great.


    • Well, the stripe is from the old suit, but I still say the new one looks great and is the best version yet out of all the movies so far.

    • The suit looks very close to the comics! The only thing that’s bothering me is the eyes because they’re kind of creeping me out lol. I guess I’ll have to see the suit in action to get used to it.

      I also noticed one of the photos with the ASM costume. I guess he starts off with that one then upgrades later on.

  29. Feb, 27, 2013. THIS SUIT LOOKS AWESOME!!! I hope the STORY lives up to this suit’s quality!