‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Mask Reveal; Dane DeHaan Bulking Up for Harry Osborn

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Amazing Spider Man Classic Costume Amazing Spider Man 2 Mask Reveal; Dane DeHaan Bulking Up for Harry Osborn

Rumors about Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) getting a slight costume makeover in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 were accompanied shortly by confirmation from director Marc Webb. He later revealed an image of mask lens with curled upper-corners resembling the webslinger’s classic comic book design (illustrated by Steve Ditko), as well as the character’s more contemporary “Ultimate Spider-Man” comic book appearance.

There was some discrepancy over similarities to masks worn by other Spider-Man characters (including, a villain rumored to be introduced in Webb’s sequel), but we now have confirmation those are part of Pete’s re-designed duds. We should get to see other elements, like the “gnarly webshooters” Webb promised, soon enough – especially if security on set is as lax as its predecessor’s.

Here is the superhero’s mask in Amazing Spider-Man 2:


The Amazing Spider Man 2 Costume Poster High Res 570x849 Amazing Spider Man 2 Mask Reveal; Dane DeHaan Bulking Up for Harry Osborn

Pete has motivation for upgrading his gear, for reasons beyond Lizard shredding his previous costume during their showdown. He’s facing, at least, two foes this round, including the admiring spectator Max Dillion (Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx) who becomes Electro and Oscar-nominee Paul Giamatti playing that dangerous genetic experiment known as Rhino.

Dane DeHaan (Chronicle) also joins the party as Pete’s old friend Harry Osborn, a role for which the actor informed the New York Times “Right now it’s just about getting all my work done and bulking up a little bit. I’ll start shooting fairly soon in New York.” He went on to clarify:

“I work out incredibly intensely six days a week and I eat every two hours. Mostly proteins and veggies. I consume at least 3,000 calories a day. I’ve already gained seven pounds in six weeks!… It is [a lot] for me! I weigh more right now than I’ve ever weighed in my whole life. I’ve always constantly had trouble putting on weight, so it’s actually a whole lot for me.”

chronicle director talks sequel and fantastic four Amazing Spider Man 2 Mask Reveal; Dane DeHaan Bulking Up for Harry Osborn

Before the actor signed on, Sony was eying candidates with “athleticism and good looks” for the role, possibly explaining DeHaan sculpting his physique. But would a more conventionally attractive Harry have more (or less) reason to be jealous of Pete? And could those feelings eventually manifest themselves as something terrible (re: a Harry Osborn Venom storyline) somewhere down the line? Just some food for thought…


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is directed by Marc Webb based on a screenplay from Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Jeff Pinker, with a first draft by James Vanderbilt. Andrew Garfield stars with Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Shailene Woodley, Dane DeHaan, Paul Giamatti, Colm Feore and Sally Field.

Look for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swinging into theaters on May 2nd, 2014.


Source: NYT

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  1. Electro’s alter-ego is Max Dillon, not Matt Dillon. Unless I missed something and the movie’s gonna be “There’s Something About Spidey”

    • My bad, thanks for catching that.

      It’s been fixed.

    • Hahaha your comment made me legit lol xD

  2. I can’t wait

    • I can, if it’s as boring as the first one.

      • U mad, bro?

  3. Costume Looks Awesome

    • That costume is from the fist trilogy with the new eye piece photo shopped on. Am I the only one who sees this?

      • Take a closer look. It´s a new one. The spider is different, as well as the webbing.

    • I love the eyes, but i’m dissappointed that it has gone back to the Raimi style with the liquorice bootlaces all over it again. I thought the costume in TASM had some really neat textures going on that made it interesting when light hit it in different ways. Also, without the sticking out webs in seemed more streamlined and lithe.

      But those eyes are great.

  4. starting to look a lot more like the original spiderman costume even with the emblem. im sure were now going to hear a lot of people saying why are they doing that bla bla bla… i liked TASM costume and i like this too.

    • It might look like the costume from Raimi’s spiderman but what threw it off in those movie is that spiderman looked a bit chubby in the suit, because of Toby. I think this one will look a whole lot better due to the fact that we’ll have a Tall Slim Spiderman!

  5. now THAT looks like spidey!

    • Yeah, because refining the design of something is just a waste of time right? I think Iron Man shoulda just stuck with the armor he built in the cave. And why soes your list have two #4′s?

    • I´m not sure what you mean when you say “reminds me of the Ultimate costume”. That´s exactly the same costume as the 616 one.

      • Hell Yeah dude! I approve Either way!

    • 1. So then what…?
      2. Oh dear, I hope you’re not too lost and confused.
      3. Hint, he’s the one in red and blue and has a spider symbol.
      4. Do you wear the same clothes every day?
      4(ii). And you still don’t like it why?
      To wrap it up it’s as fake as your username.

  6. What I can’t get over is how nonchalant everyone seems to be about this Harry becoming venom thing. Is this really going to happen? Sandy Schaefer, your someone on the inside. What can you tell us??? It feels so wrong and too early to get back to venom. A second chance at Spider-Man movies and they give us this? It will ruin Spider-Man for me.

    • The Venom rumor is far from a sure thing, but there are clue pointing in that direction (as Kofi discusses in his write-up).

      If TASM2 does go that route, though, I imagine it’ll just be the beginnings of that storyline, holding off Harry-as-Venom’s appearance for a future movie.

      • What do you guys personally think of a change like that? Or are you not allowed to give personal opinions? I feel it’s wrong to sacrifice the great goblin legacy at the sametime ruining the Brock venom line. Also way too early continuity wise as well as we just came off Spider-Man 3. It seems to be a cash out on a popular villain and as cool as venom is there are plenty of amazing villains to go through. Do venom in the 8th movie, cause we all know there’s gonna be 10 of these. Harry as venom would be like robin becoming the joker, wtf???

          • Harry as Venom is a horrible idea IMO.

        • ACTUALLY!!! LOL Robin DOES Become Joker XD !! Go look it up dude, It totally happens~

  7. The lens on the mask look good. I hope rest of the costume looks like Maguire’s spidey costume. Dane DeHaan bulking up is good news. I wished Garfield could do alittle more himself as He looked too skinny lookin in the first film. I liked how Maguire went from normal Pete to well-built Pete after he was bitten in Raimi’s first Spidey film.

    • Garfield look just right as spider man. Spider man is tall and lanky not beefy

      • Agreed, Spidey’s more agile than he is strong so it would make sense for him to be skinny

    • Spidey’s muscles were never that big. After he got bitten, he didn’t really get buff. He just got dense. I think it was one of the first comics (if not the first) where one of Flash’s friends grabbed Peter’s arm and commented how it felt like metal because it was so hard (or something along those lines). Spidey stays skinny and lanky. It adds to the believability of his agility and spider-like movements.

  8. New Spidey look, looks sick! It’s like a cross between the 1st Webb one and Rem’s with the comic book eye piece; beautiful.

    • +1. I was relieved when they abandoned the silver/grey webbing on the Raimi SM suit, the thin black webbing looks closer to the source material.

  9. I’m feeling it. I like how it looks like the costume from the comics, but there’re doing their own thing for the movie. It looks a little like Raimi’s but I could care less. This is the movie that I’m very excited to see!

  10. I’m not sure on the general age of everyone replying but I’m 32 and I remember classic spidey. I get that if your younger you wouldn’t know unless you took the time to find out. Here’s the thing Spider-Man in the beginning is still skinny and this is one thing I like about the first movie. Garfield should be a little skinny for the first trilogy and progressively get bigger with the following movies. He is a teenager and his life is about that as much as being a super hero. The costume could change in the same manner. Classic Spider-Man is skinny small eyes and webbing under the arms. Eventually leaving that to what’s to come(pictured above) and then the black and then the nineties style with the big eyes. Small evolutions like that are fun to see from trilogy to trilogy. Like batman or ironman, as long as they have a small nod that fits in with the story as to why. I didn’t like the first costume and considering its a reboot and starting over, wouldn’t you want to capture that classic aesthetic and then slowly evolve? After all, this is “The Amazing Spider-Man”. Not Ultimate Spider-Man.

    • They are getting some inspiration from Ultimate Spiderman, you know that right? So it’s not that big of a deal if the costume looks like the costume from the Ultimate universe.

    • @ 009

      I see your point. I just prefer Spiderman to be little more built. Otherwise my mind likes to call him Spiderboy. I like to draw & been trying to draw a movie version costume of Batman that isn’t bulletproof to make the character/actor more agile & fight better as Batman would in the comics. I wouldn’t mind if yellow ovsl was back because i notice it alot of Batman stuff not associated with any films. It baffles me that in animation that Superman still wearing red briefs when i figure with new animated series with these heroes, they’d go the New 52 route.

  11. It’s okay to deviate from the comics, or go the road less travelled with stuff that has been in the comics. I like Nolan’s approach to making Batman, where it was a blend of source material, original concepts and basic archetypes. When you have a franchise like this, it should be a blend rather than a straight adaptation of something. So, I wouldnt get too worked up about Harry being Venom, or whatnot, just go with it. This isn’t the comics, the comics are the comics. If you want the comics, read the comics.

    • I hear what your saying Kevin and yes Nolan did a great job, but I must say he’s a bit of an exception. He is because he’s someone with great ideas and taste who knows what they’re doing. The other side of that coin would be Michael Bays Transformers. Terrible and forgettable. The idea is to take what’s great in those comics and bring it to life and make sense out of it no matter how big or unbelievable it is. Kind of what Nolan was able to do. Minor tweaks in the source material is fine for a purpose but you can’t forget what got you there. Plus 90% of the ones that stray are worse than the original idea. Harry as Venom would be like Robin becoming The Joker. Think about how that would make you feel!!!!

      • I think we need more info before we pass judgement. And I dont think making Harry Venom is analogous to turning Robin into the Joker… the whole concept of Venom is that its a symbiote, it’s interesting to see how it would cause Peter as well as anyone else to act. Also, the symbiote has attached itself to others besides Peter and Eddie Brock in the books… I can’t say whether or not it’s a good idea, but it is interesting…


  12. Those new eyes look incredibly gay.

    • It’s a spiderman costume.

  13. this is a ripoff of the original trilogy…except for the curved lens…also most ppl are only going to take one look at it, thats not enough time to realize the emblem’s different…

  14. I agree with @Stvmoe. Photoshopped. It looks good, but the fabric texture, color, raised webbing—even the yellow sunlight over his shoulder–all looks to have come from the Raimi era. Easily could’ve photoshopped a different spider and eyepiece. Clearly the old costume…
    Not hating…just don’t think its real.

  15. Hmmmm, well….

    I like everything except the raised webbing. It worked well for Raimi, but we need to go back to the raised squares I threw.

  16. *think

  17. Was not a fan of Garfield’s lying jerk of a Peter Parker but this suit is ace. Much better.

  18. it just does not look good, looks like a Halloween costume.
    they should made the webbing smaller and the spider black… hopefully they will tweak it a bit…

    • please make me a costume!

  19. Finally, thank God, Spidey has his white eyes back!! No more jaundice Spiderman with those stupid yellow sunglass lenses!!!!!!

  20. It’s photoshopped, or they’re declaring creative bankruptcy.

  21. Dane DeHaan – 7 pounds in six weeks? My daily dump weighs that much.

    Rewrite: My daily dump PROBABLY weighs that much (I do not actually weigh my dumps).

  22. Stay with the original costume used in The Amazing Spider-Man this is starting to look like Raimi’s Spider-Man

  23. New suit looks cool to me. Looks similar to Raimis I would have liked if they kept the darker blue and red like the first one. The eye piece looks great!

    And I hope for the love of god that Harry is not venom!
    Venom is Eddie Brock. Period.

  24. Protein and veggies will not put up size… were dem carbs at???

    • Firstly, muscle mass is increased with protien and vitamin E, not carbs. Carbs are for energy.
      Secondly, veggies have carbohydrates.

  25. The first reboot Spidey looked terrible, yellow eyes and a head piece that looked like a red rubber ball. This looks waayyy better.

  26. Can I just say…CALLED IT! (Please excuse my use of caps lock) But I have been saying since the fist TASM news started coming out that Spider-Man is going to evolve and change his costume. That was one of the reasons that I didn’t like the first trilogy is because he went from having a crappy homemade outfit, to having a few thousand dollar costume. What a load of bull. This Spidey started off with a mask and sunglasses, then a mask with gloves and shoes and web-shooters, and then a full out first draft of a Spider-Man outfit, and now this! Heck yeah man!

    • But I also have to say that they better show the transition from the old suit to this one. It would be lame if they just threw on a suit that looks so similar to the past ones without explaining it to those who wouldn’t understand otherwise.

  27. New spidey costume actualy looks pretty dam kool

  28. This costume looks nothing like original, you people just want to find something to compare to Raimi’s films. Sam Raimi’s time is up, let Marc Webb do his thing.