The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Chris Cooper To Play Norman Osborn

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Norman Osborn New Avengers The Amazing Spider Man 2: Chris Cooper To Play Norman Osborn

In an era where many of the biggest blockbusters are based on comic book characters, The Amazing Spider-Man series differentiates itself with inspired casting choices and strong onscreen character relationships. Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen and Sally Field made the Marc Webb’s first 3D adventure work despite plot holes and narrative issues, and the sequel has already turned heads with its casting additions.

Director Marc Webb and Columbia Pictures are continuing to bolster their talent show that is The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a film that already added Jamie Foxx, Shailene Woodley, Felicity Jones, Dane DeHaan, Colm Feore, Paul Giamatti, with another smart casting addition, this time adding another Oscar winner in a key franchise role.

THR has the scoop that Oscar-winning actor Chris Cooper (The Muppets, The Town) has signed with Sony Pictures to play Norman Osborn, a role played by Willem Dafoe in Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man feature film.

Don’t expect a Green Goblin appearance anytime soon, however. Sony and director Marc Webb have been smart to avoid retreading villains in the quickly rebooted series, with The Amazing Spider-Man utilizing The Lizard and the sequel introducing Electro and Rhino, potentially setting up or teasing Venom. Venom is a character Sony wants to branch off into a separate franchise. That’s why he was forcefully introduced in Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, why James Vanderbilt co-wrote the reboot (he also wrote the Venom script) and why it’s been hinted and rumor that Dane DeHaan’s Harry Osborn could become Venom.

Cooper has trained for this role – see for yourself:

The Muppets Chris Cooper 570x379 The Amazing Spider Man 2: Chris Cooper To Play Norman Osborn

Cooper represents another brilliant addition to the franchise, as a proven character actor fans can rally behind. He can play a lovable force for good, a sly villain or someone shadily in between. While contract details are unavailable, Cooper may have a multi-picture contract due to the importance of Oscorp in the franchise. We know from chatting with the developers of The Amazing Spider-Man game that in the reboot franchise biology is the focus and much (all?) of that comes from the science experiments conducted at Oscorp.

How that plays into the origins of Electro and Rhino, let alone the new and inevitable Venom, remains to be seen. We’re also curious how the story of Peter Parker’s parents and their history with Norman Osborn plays out. Marc Webb in responding to a question about the Sinister Six potential team-up of villains in The Amazing Spider-Man trilogy:

“There is a silhouette as Peter enters Oscorp on a display, which reads our founder, Norman Osborn. And there is a back-story which I will not reveal. We wanted to convey that there were more forces at work than you may have initially thought. That’s all I can say about that.”

Excited? Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes your thoughts on the new Osborn!

Fun fact: In Marvel Comics, Norman Osborn wears the Iron Patriot armor and not Rhodey (Don Cheadle) who will wear it in Iron Man 3.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 releases May 2, 2014.


Source: THR

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  1. great choice for Norman Osborn. im really interested for this movie

  2. I think the only movies with him I’ve seen are October Sky and The Town. Seems like a great choice. I’m always happy when an Oscar winner is cast.

    • He was great in The Kingdom with Jamie Foxx, great role in Lonesome Dove as well.

      • Haven’t seen The Kingdom, and never even heard of Lonesome Dove. But either way, he seems like a guy who can easily pull off this role.

    • You’ve never seen American Beauty? o.0

      • I can’t believe they left out that reference. That was his best work imo.

    • “American Beauty”?

  3. Wait, so now who is Colm Feore playing. When he was cast in an unknown role, I assumed it was Norman. I say he’s either JJJ, MJ’s dad, or some random side character, like a doctor, lawyer, etc.

    • And what about The Vulture?? With the Spiderman version of ‘Arkham Asylum’ it’s possible to them showing other villains… We already have Electro AND Rhyno…

      I’m looking forward to this, but with some doubts…

  4. All for it, just when the time comes; make a better Goblin costume than the last. Maybe do a mix of the traditional Green Goblin suit and armor like in the more recent comics

    • Couldn’t agree more. The green armor was my major complain about Raimi’s Goblin.

      • *complaint

      • I’m with you guys I didn’t hate the goblin armor I just didn’t think it was cool as the goblin’s ditko costume I want something like the original

        • I assume they are gonna have a CGI Goblin like the Lizard cuz Chris Cooper is just too old to be flying around and fighting. His voice will do.

    • dont expect that, im betting they will keep it more in line with the ultimate series the movies are loosly based on and norman will transfom into his goblin persona not unlike a hulk type transformation. im hoping for a mix of 616 goblin with ultimate, where he transforms into the goblin creature, doesnt grow in size much but weaponizes himself with the glider.

      • That is likely, but i would rather not go down that route. I would prefer the regular Goblin because the Ultimate version isnt all that great to me. Like you mentioned, it reminds me if the Hulk. Osborn just gets pissed and starts smashing things and trying yo kill everyone, whereas the normal Goblin he’s actually coherent and uses his head to fight Spidey instead of just going “Hulk-Smash” on everyone

  5. Sounds good but who will be playing Doc Ock??? I love the character of Doc Ock and cannot believe he was only in one Spiderman film. I would also love to see the Kraven story, and maybe the Scorpion, and Mysterio any others i personnely am not interested in. I do think venom-Carnage could work if Norman was the one backing some experimental projects and they happened to be the results maybe something to do with space and norman altering it into a weapon, createing Venom.

  6. They’ll probably just tease the Green Goblin and Venom in this one. This series is shaping up to be epic.

    • Yeah that’s what’s think too I think it would be the best approach to making the new trilogy

  7. Great pick to play the role of Norman Osborn. He has the ability to talk to a puppet.

    • I didn’t find it to be that bad, a little cheesy maybe, but it didn’t ruin the movie for me.

      There’s going to be some similarities between movies just like there’s similarities between the Ultimate comics and the original comics.

      I just think this new version is better and more expansive than the last. It seems like they have a bigger plan, unlike the last trilogy. I look forward to see how these movies play out. Which is more than I can say for a few other franchises that I won’t name here.

    • Chris, you’re forgetting the Lizard has its own voice in the original comics and is often arguing with Connors just like in the movie.

  8. A truly fantastic actor. He’s gonna own the role.

  9. I’ll watch if they keep making Chris Cooper repeat, “Evil Laugh…Evil Laugh!”

    • *Maniacal Laugh

  10. Great idea

  11. Rhino was in the video game and he was a result of an Oscorp experiment involving Doc Connors and Alistair Smythe.

  12. “Differentiates itself”? Disagreed. Michael Caine, Gary Goldman, RDJ? Those are not inspired casting choices? TDK trilogy, The Avengers, and as much as I hate to say it,XFC didn’t have strong on screen relationships?

    • I concur. Plus, Andrew Garfield is not so much of an inspired casting choice. When he suits up he makes a better Spidey than Maguire, but in civilian clothes he’s really not Peter Parker at all. And I’m waiting to see her on film to make my definitive opinion but Shailene Woodley, though somewhat cute, is clearly no supermodel material.

  13. Chris Cooper is a great actor, but I have trouble rationalizing him playing Osborn… he just doesn’t seem like the genius scientist type..

    I think someone else mentioned it, but I would love to see the Kraven mini series weaved into these films.. that was by far one of the best spiderman stories ever told and with Kraven not having any super powers, we wouldn’t have to be inundated with a CGI extravaganza

  14. Great casting choice in Chris Cooper.

    My main issue with Venom in Raimi’s version was the casting choice.

    • …and his lack of outrageousness.

  15. Oh yeah he can play a good villain

  16. Chris Cooper belongs in a Coop and not be Norman Osborn as Willem Dafoe is the one and only Norman Osborn\The Green Goblin, and if Sony Pictures and Marvel Comics let him then let the good times roll via by Casting Him. and for Casting Harry Norman’s Son NO Daniel Dehan instead Ryan Philippe would be Picture Perfect as Harry Osborn instead. Michael Caine could be excellent as Bernard The Osborn’s Family Butler as he has played Alfred to Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne\Batman so he could be The Alfred Pennyworth to The Osborn Family, and for Emily Osborn the casting should be Emily Deschanel and of course for Dr Mendel Stromm Mr Tom Wilkinson from Batman Begins and Hope Springs as he can that role to life. even though it is a short life.

    but for The Villains for The Amazing Spider-man 2 how about The Chameleon Enter Mr Jeremy Irons Just for the Normal Voice Just think of Scar from The Lion King. Plus enter extra CGI for the Appearance, and for The Silver Sable/Silver Sablinova Sarah Michelle Gellar from Scooby Doo 1 and 2 and Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV Series. then for side Villains Matt Dillon as Herman Schultz\The Shocker maybe as a side Threat, and Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevich\The Rhino as Starred by Kevin Durand. W

  17. They should have done the crazy hair like in the comics. Is that even possible? Would you just spray circles of shades of red hair dye on his hair? I wonder…

    • Ouch! The haircut hurts the eyes in the comics, so I’m really not eager to see that in the movie.