Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 4th, 2014

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May 4 Box Office Amazing Spider Man 2 Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 4th, 2014

Everyone’s favorite webslinger returned to the box office this weekend as the summer movie-going season officially kicked off.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (read our review) comes in at number 1 with a big-time $92 million opening. With the first film opening on a Tuesday, it’s hard to make any direct comparisons, but the $92 million debut of ASM 2 is on par with early projections for Sony’s sequel, which has already made a killing overseas and is outpacing its predecessor. Thus far, Spider-Man 2 has already grossed a solid $369 million worldwide.

It’s important to mention, though, that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is tracking well behind most other Spider-Man films in almost every box office category. The film should, at the very least, match ASM 1‘s worldwide total of $750 million, but its opening weekend tally is much lower than any of Sam Raimi’s prior Spidey films and a hair lower than Captain America 2. On top of that, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the worst reviewed film in the entire 5-film franchise, which could mean a steady decline is in its future.

In at number 2 is The Other Woman with $14.2 million. The female-focused comedy continues to do solid business and is up to $47 million after 2 weeks.

Leslie Mann Nicki Minaj Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton in The Ohter Woman 2014 Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 4th, 2014

The number 3 film this weekend is Heaven is for Real with $8.7 million. The faith-based film continues to hold very well and only dropped about 39% from last week. Thus far, Heaven is for Real has grossed $65 million.

In at number 4 is Captain America: The Winter Soldier with $7.7 million. Marvel’s latest blockbuster, and current title-holder for highest opening weekend in 2014, continues to truck along with $237 million domestic and $679 million worldwide. The film is inching closer to LEGO Movie‘s $252 million, but it’s unclear whether it will get there.

Rounding out the top 5 is Rio 2 with $7.6 million, which brings the animated film’s domestic total up $106 million. Although the film officially surpassed its reported budget of $103 million, it’s still tracking slightly below its predecessor.

Brick Mansions is the number 6 film this weekend with $3.5 million. Paul Walker’s last completed film generated OK business in its first weekend, but has dropped off substantially (62%) in its second. Thus far, the film has pulled in $15 million.

Divergent Starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: May 4th, 2014

Coming in at number 7 is Divergent with $2.1 million. LionsGate and Summit’s YA adaptation jumped up two spots this weekend and is now up to $142 million domestic and $250 million worldwide.

The number 8 film this weekend is the horror film The Quiet Ones with $2 million. While the horror genre is typically a lucrative one – even for lesser-known films – this one was dead in the water. The Quiet Ones has grossed a paltry $6 million after two weeks.

In at number 9 is God’s Not Dead with $1.76 million. Like Heaven is for Real, this faith-based film has defied all expectations on its way to $55 million in domestic grosses.

Rounding out the top 10 is The Grand Budapest Hotel, which also made a slight box office jump with $1.73 million. Now at $51 million total, Grand Budapest is director Wes Anderson’s most successful film ever.


[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates - based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released on Monday, May 5th - at which time we'll update this post with any changes.]

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. Looks like Avi Arad will never learn his lesson…

  2. It currently has a 75% from the fans at Rotten Tomatoes. The 54% is from the critics. For comparison, Spiderman(2002) has a 71% with the fans. Oh and it made $95 million.

    • Captain America 2 made $95 million. Amazing Spider-Man 2 is estimated to open with $92 million.

      • You’re right. $92 million.

    • I just watched the first Spiderman last night and holy crap it was wayyyy better (in my own opinion) than the amazing spiderman, but I agree with the fans that it ranks at 71% since my ratings scale is kinda strict

      • Garfield looks more like Spidey and looks younger. But, SM 2 is one of my all time favorite movies. It is just superb. I am glad that they filmed ASM 2 in NY and not LA like with ASM. I thin it will make a huge difference for me when I see it. I wish they had not leaned so heavily on the Ultimate Spiderman version, but I get why they did. It gives them greater distance from the Raimi version.

        Enjoy it for what it is because they are trying to improve with each outing. I hope the trend continues.

  3. Its crazy to see Captain America performing better (so far) than a Spider-Man film. Just goes to show that, despite feelings about their films, Marvel Studios has done a superb job at turning c list characters like Iron Man, Thor and Captain America into huge, cultural icons.

    • Only in the US though.

      Everywhere else in the world, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 broke box office records and is currently the highest grossing movie of 2014 so far.

      Spidey still wins outside the US but lets see how Guardians is received because that’s what I’m most interested in out of the year’s comic book releases.

      • I’m not sure what you mean when you say Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the highest grossing movie of 2014?

        Cap 2 is at $442M foreign and $679M worldwide.

      • I think Cap 2 actually had a bigger opening weekend than ASM 2 overseas.

        • @Anthony Taormina & Bat-Mite,

          TASM2 opened much higher than CA2 in most countries. It’s also poised to do better with most countries showing better holds for spidey and asian markets embracing spider-man, unlike they did with CA.

          • I’m still amazed that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier are even being compared this way.

      • Just because people still love Spiderman via the Sam Raimi films, they go to the cinema just for the name “Spiderman” but this will change beucause Amazing Spiderman 2 sucks BIG TIME, total cra4 and disapointed movie goers

        • Just because you didn’t like it doesn’t mean everyone hated it…it seems to be about a 65/35 favorable/unfavorable split here on this site and it has a 75% fan ranking on Rotten Tomatoes.

  4. Downloaded a cam copy, thank goodness i did… It was pretty bad. The whole cliche i love you, but i can’t be with you thing got tiring and stupid. Electro was just bad. The character and Fox’s portrail of Electro was horribad… Goblin, meh and Peter’s friendship with Harry out of nowhere… Sadly Rhino was the best part of the film…

    • You make it sound like none of Raimi films had that… but guess what: they did!

      • The difference is, Raimi’s films came first and at a time where comic book films were returning so the audience would probably grab onto anything that was remotely good despite it’s problems. Can’t say that about today’s comic book movies I guess. People are ten times more judgmental then ten years ago I find.

        • Not true, I watched the first spiderman movie last night and thought it was awesome but 10 years ago (the only other time I watched it) I thought it was okay

      • Uhmmm not really, at least MJ was tolerable if not whorish. But Peter and Gwen was just bad chemistry IMHO. Garfield is great as Spidey, but Peter Parker he is not… Rammi’s will always be better and at least his Peter didn’t buy his web fluid from OSCORP online… That is unforgivable.

        • Rami’s spiderman was a emo b**** who got b**** slapped by harry twice in a row!

          • ^THIS^

        • Plus, MJ was able to open your beers with her teeth!

      • At least Rammi’s Spidey didn’t buy his web fluid from OSCORP online… That is unforgivable!!!!

        • @cruzcontrol
          In the comics, Peter Parker created the web shooters via The Amazing Spider-Man. What Raimi did, with the organic web shooters, was outside of the source material. Both movies have their flaws and their perks (in my opinion).

          • He also got organic web shooters in the comics… Really though what a stupid idea to buy your web fluid online… If your gonna have Peter invent the shooters than have him invent the formula too…

            • I’m referring more to the original comics. They never (at least from what I remember, I may be wrong) specified if he created the formula, just that he made the web shooters.

              • Of course he created the web formula in the comics… That’s like super hero 101…

    • I assume you’re pretending to have seen it and just read a Wikipedia plot summary? I ask because I’ve seen all 5 Spidey films so far and the Raimi ones were incredibly camp, corny, cheesy and cliche for all the wrong reasons but this one had emotional weight behind it.

      • More like Twilight emotional weight… Maybe since i’ve been reading Spidey since the 70′s the death was not a surprise at all… Meh even still i wish they would go less twilighty and more like Marvel Films…

      • Man the emotional weight weight in this movie was amazing if you ask me. Especially the end scenes as well as Peter’s interaction with Aunt may. I find the relationships, emotion and chemistry between the cast is on a level very few if any other superhero films have gotten to. Of course this is just my opinion. I know several love the Pepper Potts and Tony Star chemistry in the Iron Man movies much more.

        • To each their own… I just don’t like the jittery tweak Peter when he is interacting with Gwen and well anybody… His Spidey is great though!

  5. Glad to see Spider-Man’s doing well, really liked the movie. It had problems with the tone and focus but let’s hope they fix that for the sequel.

  6. Looks like it will make a nice profit for them. I thought it was good, it had its flaws but was very entertaining. I thought Captain America 2 was the perfect comic book movie and I gave it a 5/5 so I’ll give ASM2 a 3.75. I had originally though 4/5 but they shouldn’t have included the Green Goblin. They should have focused soley on Electro as a villain and then spent more time on Harry Osbourne pre-Goblin turn. That was my only real gripe. ASM 3 could have totally been about Harry’s turn to the Green Goblin and maybe thrown in a few minor villains just as nice fight scenes. I really did like the opening sequence with him running down Rhino in the armored truck. The parts that were supposed to be emotional really hit the mark. They just really watered things down by rushing the Green Goblin.

    • My thoughts exactly. The third film could’ve focused on Harry and Norman Osborn both dealing with the disease. I know in the Ultimate Comics Norman Osborn severely injures or I think kills his son while he was in Goblin form. That would’ve been interesting to see on film.

  7. I hope Cap 2 doesn’t overtake Lego Movie, since Lego Movie was SUCH a better film.

    • Transformers is going to overtake both of them lol. Why should we care in the end? They’re making sequels to all these movies already!

      • Who would see Transformers after the last 2 garbage fests?

    • Even if it does bro it took it a while for cap 2 to get there and even though cap 2 was
      1. It missed golden opps to bring back the red skull in a grand fashion and missed bringing in masked villians and having falcons red suit.
      2. If cap 2 can barely beat a dc lego batman and superman no way it beats MOS 2.
      3. Cap my favorite hero but film version wont be able to go toe to toe with bats and
      Supes, just being realistic.

      • I’m sure not having a Red-Skull reveal was more Robert Redford drawing the line. I’m sure the creators of Cap 2 felt obtaining Redford’s services was more important than having a cliche reveal at the end.

        Cap 2 beat MOS at the box office, so there is potential for Cap 3 to ride the massive critical acclaim and popularity of Cap 2 to even greater box office returns. If Cap3 and Justice League(?) do go head to head, they’ll probably make less initial money but stay in theaters longer as they continue to compete.

        I know I’ll enjoy the next Cap movie but I’m afraid of being massively disappointed in the MOS2/Justice League film. An iffy director combined with rushing the DC universe combined with trying to shove too many characters in a movie sounds even worse than what Amazing Spider-Man 2 tried to do.

        In the end, I always hope for the best from all of these studios.

      • Took a while? It’s only been a month so far.

        1) Giving the overall reception to the The Winter Soldier, any opportunities it missed, didn’t cost the movie much.

        2) While it has a lower domestic gross than The Lego movie, internationally and worldwide, it does not. The same goes for Man of Steel.

        3) Even if WB/DC and Marvel are foolish enough to go head to head, Captain America 3 won’t have to out gross Superman versus Batman. They already all but completely screwed themselves in my opinion by moving their movie to May 6.

        • As soon as Bale refused to return WB / DC were screwed.

          • They really were not, as they have a great cast assembled, so far.

  8. ASM2 was pure popcorn movie. It’ll bring in the box office money, but it won’t win critics love

  9. The bottom line is this is a huge setback for sony’s spiderman, to finish behind cap 2 shows how much
    Spiderman has fallen off his perch. The last two may outings have produced 170 million plus weekends.
    If sony says this is what they expected it shows how low their expectations are. Had spidey been
    Marvel studios backing it would a whole different ballgame being connected to mcu. I called this movie
    overrated and nothing new through and through. Salutations to all those who want sony’s marvel
    to be scrapped and spidey goes home where he belongs.

    • My thoughts exactly… The other studios just can’t seem to get it, while Marvel does, well because they are Marvel…

      • Eh, they’re not perfect you know. Iron Man 1, Captain America 2, and the the two Thor Films were really good in my opinion. The Avengers was good but It wasn’t a movie I’ll watch repeatedly. Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Captain America 1, and The Incredible Hulk were all kinda average to me. I haven’t watched any of those more than once. So they’re hitting a little bit above .500 with me right now. I don’t like any of the original Spider-Man trilogy but I really like the two ASM films..so Sony is two of five for me. Fox’s Fantastic Four films sucked, and X-3 sucked. X-1, X-2, and The Wolverine are probably my favorite comic book films. Origins: Wolverine wasn’t a good movie but I liked it a bit more than most people. X-Men:First Class was pretty good.

        • Cap 1 sucked, All the X’s sucked except first class and X2, FF sucked, Hate the new Spidey’s, Lot’s of flaws with Ironman 2 and 3, but were enjoyable, Ghost Rider sucked, DD sucked, Punisher sucked, Krypton sucks! and so does Man of Steel…

          • I liked The Punisher. Never saw Ghost Rider because I rarely like Cage and I knew he couldn’t pull off the character.

            • Ghost Rider 2 was way worst. As for Elektra, i couldn’t finish that film. First Blade film i enjoyed but last two not really at all. I enjoyed The Punisher with Thomas Jane But not War Zone despite Stevenson looked more like the character.

          • ROFL

            You might want to look into why you didn’t enjoy those films.

            • Because they sucked! Really how do you screw up Punisher with all those great Garth Ennis stories?!?!?

              • The Punisher is tough sell to a mass audience in the comics and in film. Just is. I’ve seen all of them and the best was the one with Thomas Jane. It suffered from having John Travolta as the villain imo. Dolph was classic as Punisher. The Punisher has had many chances. Time to move one. I’m looking forward to seeing Iron Fist and Powerman.

                • For some reason i didn’t like Jigsaw in War Zone as a villain. There’s a word id like to think of how describe him in the film. Travolta i thought was decent but terrible.

                  • Meant to say not terrible.

                • Meh, Jane just wasn’t angry enough for having his whole family wiped out. I liked Ray Stevens better. The movie doesn’t need mass audience appeal to be good. I just want a good Punisher movie or a TV series on HBO…

                  • Given your dissatisfaction with every CBM I suggest you get writing then.

                    • No need, like i said Ennis has written plenty of great Punisher stories…

                  • Serious question: have you ever lost someone close to you suddenly and unexpectedly? I though Jane did a good job in the movie.

                    • Of course i have, i’ve been in the military for 16yrs…

                    • Ok. Then you know that you don’t walk around with a constant scowl. Also, I mean no offense but being in the military isn’t exactly what I meant by unexpectedly. It is part of the job in the worst circumstance. Suddenly obviously applies. Sorry for your loss.

    • The bottom line is that ASM made $490 million. ASM 2 has mad about $370 million so far. I am sure Sony would like to break $1 billion.

      • Unfortunately, $1B seems highly unlikely.

        • 1 + 2 may not be. It will be close or it will be more than.

          • You’re way off man, the first Amazing Spider-Man made 750 million worldwide

            • He means first week.

  10. Em, anazing spider man did not made 490 m worldwide, it made 750 million. I think you wanted to say foreign it made 490

    • I’ll take your word for it. I did a quick hop to box office mojo and I may have just grabbed the wrong #. If you are correct, then ASM the ranches is past $1 billion right now.

      • *franchise, not ranches

    • +1

      I was thinking the same thing exactly when reading the article. 490 seemed really low. Overall it’s made 750 million like you said. I don’t know why the have to divide it up between american domestic and the rest of the world, it just gets confusing.

      Overall The Amazing Spider-man 2 will end up making more than Captain America 2.

  11. Here are the box office results from the past Spider-Man movies (including inflation and world-wide lists):


  12. Anthony, the 490 mil was just Amazing Spider-Man’s foreign take. The worldwide total was 752 mil.

  13. So if Oscorp killed all the spiders after The Lizard incident, how was Peter still able to get his webbing?

    • I don’t think there was any correlation between the spiders and the web fluid that OSCORP created… THAT OSCORP CREATED!!! NOT PETER!!! HOW STUPID IS THAT?

      • About as stupid as a teenager creating it. ;)

        • Lol! But it’s ok for a teenager that looks 25 to create web shooters…

  14. So far id rate the Spider-Man films i like in this order. TASM2 takes the tops spot now.

    1. TASM 2
    2. Spider-Man 2
    3. Spider-Man
    4. Spider-Man 3
    5. TASM

    Normally id say 4 & 5 are tied but this would be the order id put them in.

  15. reviewers slamming spidey 2 are completely f***ing wrong. amazing spidey 1 had better dialogue, action and more growth then the whole of raimi’s trilogy put together =.=

    sometimes it’s best to go in with an open mind and not compare something to something else, that’s the best way of leaving the cinema feeling like an old prune stuck in the ‘golden age’ of movies aka basement dwelling ‘fanboys’ =.=

  16. I just love to read all you fanboys and fan girls worry about whether your fave movie makes more money or not.
    Like it matters. If you like it, I can see rooting for it to make enough to warrant a sequel, but other than that it is silly!

    Do you get a share of that?
    Some kind of prize?

    On top of that, y’all act like BO numbers is what makes a movie great or not.
    By that logic Justin Bieber has been the best musical artist of late, McDonalds makes the best burgers, the VW Bug is the best car ever made, and Avatar is the greatest movie in history!

    • I agree! + a billion.

      I have been a huge comic fan since I could read at the age of 3. Never did i imagine that as i was getting teased as a kid for being a comic nerd that those comic characters i was reading about would become as big as they are today. Spider-Man is my absolute favorite so any success for that character makes me smile. However, i love all comic characters and i am amazed and completely thrilled whenever any of the characters have any kind of success. I love Amazing Spider-Man 2 more than i did Captain America 2 but if Cap makes more money, thats cool with me.
      My favorite comic movies:

      1. Amazing Spider-Man 2
      2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
      3. The Avengers
      4. Amazing Spider-Man
      5. Tie: Spider-Man 2, X-Men First Class, The Dark Knight
      6: Thor 2: The Dark World
      7: Iron Man
      8: Spider-Man
      9: Man of Steel
      10: The Dark Knight Rises

  17. Dude, if asm2 is getting worse reviews than sm3, the critics reviewing it must have something physically or emotionally wrong with them…people can tote Rami’s films all day long, but never forget that he was responsible for one of the worst Marvel films of all time and the perversion of Venom.

    • Actually it was Sony, not Rammi…

      • No, it was Raimi. He and his brother were the ones who wrote the script and he was the one who directed the film. Studios suggest and push things all the time.

    • Man, I couldn’t agree with you more. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is suffering through the same thing Man Of Steel had to go through. Salty critics that can’t let go of the past, that feel they know how these superhero is “supposed” to be portrayed on screen.

      I know we all have opinions, but that fact TASM 2 and Man Of Steel have lower RT scores then Spider-Man 3, Iron Man 2, and Superman Returns is a joke. And this is coming from someone who is a HUGE fan of a Marvels film universe. I’ve been there to watch the midnight showing of every film since Iron Man 2.

      But there’s no way in hell that TASM 2 and MOS are worse then any of those films I listed.

  18. I always thought Pierce Brosnin was robbed. He was in many ways the best Bond since Connery but none of his films were a decent vehicle to showcase what he was really capable of.

    His best outing was more homage to Roger Moore when they should have taken things the direction they have with Craig.

    I raise this to make the point that Andrew Garfield is a great Spider Man and yet the toms are not doing full justice to what he brings to the table.

    Somet of us have a perception that some idiot bureaucrat at the studio thinks he is a genius for insisting more villains is better and that is what killed Raimi’s season and is now about to do the same again.

    If they can get away from multiple villains watering down story and making every villain a creation in an Oscorp lab Spiderman could be a regular billion dollar plus guarantee at the box office.

    We love the character and the casting, The films kind of suck.

  19. Saw the movie last night and in my opinion Andrew Garfield really made this movie gather some positive reviews and the visual effects of this movie was really amazing I mean if i have epilepsy, I would have an episode right there on the spot where I seated. But then again, this movie was all hype from the very beginning and while their at it, they are also trying to hype up right away the next sequel.

    Seriously! fight scene with GG didn’t last a minute in my count and how about Rhino? That was a total let down for me.

  20. i went to see tasm2 on wednesdy and to say i was disappointed would hint that i was expecting much in the first place to use jaime fox and paul giamatti in such lazy and wasteful ways was a crime..i know giamatti was a set-up for the sinister six but was so poorly exececuted and they made electro seem like an idiot and loser instead they could’ve had him as a fierce and bitter genius instead of constantly trying to humanise him. i doubt if they’re going to get a better peter parker than andrew garfield and they are going to regret not giving him better vehicles to thrive in than the messy tripe they’re making right now don’t get me wrong tasm1 was good but they didn’t build on it and tasm2 in a way sidelined spidey’s main story to introduce a ball of villains once again avi arad has opted for style over substance,i’m soooo happy kevin feige runs marvel and the mcu not this shallow hukster.

  21. Amazing spider-Man 2 was easily the worst movie i watched over the last three years. It’s just mind-numbing how boring this one truly is. If you took out all the material that does not have Spider-Man in it and only left the action bits, you’d be hard pressed to fill half an hour with it.

    The biggest problem seems to be that the director obviously tried his utmost to prevent showing Spider-Man in action. Instead, this is yet another teenagers-in-love, useless side-characters and BORING mains reciting more boring drivel all the time. Whenever there’s a glimpse of hope sparking up (when Spider-Man is actually on screen) everything is cut-up short and twitchy only to return to the drivel as fast as possible.

    I’m willing to state that we, the viewers had ENOUGH “character-growth” and psychological “character analysis” when it comes to craftzing a Spider-Man movie. I WANT a movie that features Spider-Man in action. I’m fed-up and bored out of my wits by these endless conversations and non-action parts. Stop making movies about Peter Parker being Peter Parker and make Spider-Man movies!

    • He’ll yeah! Sorry you paid to see it. They got me with the first one, but never again!

    • Your comment has all kinds of wrong in it. But the statement that this movie is the worst that you’ve seen in the last 3 years basically invalidates whatever argument you’re trying to make. I understand that it may be your opinion but even an opinion should have a little bit of objectivity in it and you calling it the worst tells me that you haven’t seen enough movies in the last 3 years.

      You’re entitled to your opinion but I’m also entitled to mine and I think your comment is a waste of what could’ve been a good argument. I wasted my time….

      • Objectivity? I don’t give a flying horseshoe about “objectivity”. “I” was almost bored into a comatose state while watching that movie and you’re asking for “objectivity”?

        This is a simple “my opinion-your opinion” dilemma. I don’t care if you liked that movie.

        • No it’s not. This is a simple “my opinion-your opinion is wrong”. You make a few good arguments but they’re invalidated by your opening…. “Worst movie I watched in the last 3 years”. No it isn’t and you know it. Your 2nd and 3rd paragraphs make sense and if that was all your comment contained then I’d have not replied, it’s just that first part….

          But to each his own. I may have overstepped but I’m just stating my own opinion.

          • What the hell? I plainly stated that it IS the worst movie i watched over the last 3 years. Deal with it. I don’t need you to believe it because i KNOW it is true for me. I’m not trying to be objective or especially nice about it because there’s virtually no reason for me. This movie IS the worst cinematic-entertainment disappointment over the last three years for me and i stated why. Some agree, some don’t.

  22. I’m not seeing this until Saturday but the reactions are yo-yoing which means a lot of exaggeration I think. Again, haven’t seen it yet but I doubt it’s as bad as Batman and Robin and I doubt it’s the best comic book movie ever.

    I guess I’ll see for myself.

    • It’s pretty good but not amazing.