‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′: Additional Villain Rumored for After-Credits Sequence

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Amazing Spider Man 3 After Credits Scene Villains Amazing Spider Man 2: Additional Villain Rumored for After Credits Sequence

It goes without saying that this point contains possible but unconfirmed SPOILERS for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 after credits sequence. While we cannot be sure, at least not yet, that the featured rumor here is true, if you are sensitive to spoilers, turn away now.

After a week of pre-release teaser photos and clips, Sony Pictures has finally unveiled a trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. During San Diego Comic-Con 2013, fans were treated to a brief video of Jamie Foxx as the villainous (and blue) Electro; however, since that time very little official marketing for the film has been released. Rumors and leaked photos indicated that Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man would be facing more than one threat in the sequel and the full length Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer confirms both a mech-suited Rhino and Green Goblin appearance.

Yet, seeing the recently unveiled villains in action wasn’t even the most talked about aspect of the trailer – as the footage also includes a very cool easter egg previewing future Sinister Six characters, Vulture and Doctor Octopus. That said, we’re now getting word that the brief snippet (which appears at the 1:14 mark in the trailer) is actually part of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 post-credits sequence – and that the full version will foreshadow a third (as well as fan-favorite) evildoer.

amazing spider man 2 electro lair 570x320 Amazing Spider Man 2: Additional Villain Rumored for After Credits Sequence

According to Screen Crush sources “close to the film,” the scene in question, which shows the shadowy figure from The Amazing Spider-Man post-credits sequence walking through a hallway past Vulture wings and Doctor Octopus tentacles, will also include a look at the Venom Symbiote. A lot of our readers already picked-up on the possibility that the scene might be part of a post or mid-credits stinger – and subsequently questioned why Sony would share the high-profile reveals in the very first trailer. The answer, it seems, is that the real surprise (the one that would have fans howling in the theater with excitement) is still offscreen, waiting to be unleashed when the movie actually hits theaters.

Rumors stemming from insider sources are routinely debunked but, in this case, details in the report mesh well with larger industry speculation and behind the scenes rumblings.

First, many fans are already worried that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is over-stuffed with story material and villains. It’s a valid concern, since packing too many characters into a single film is largely blamed for the shortcomings in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. The Doctor Octopus tentacles and Vulture wings added further fuel to the fire, as potential moviegoers began to wonder if director Marc Webb intended to introduce the entire Sinister Six roster in a single film.

venom movie spider man 4 5 Amazing Spider Man 2: Additional Villain Rumored for After Credits Sequence

Yet, if the controversial trailer scene is actually an after-credits sequence, then it merely shines a light on where the larger story is going in Part 3 (likely an Oscorp-backed super villain team) while relying on Rhino, Green Goblin, and Electro to wage Spider-Man’s “greatest battle” (so far). After all, even though the trailer features a lot of Rhino and Green Goblin, we don’t know for sure the villains will actually have significant roles in the sequel story, meaning that they (Rhino especially) might not be featured much (don’t worry: he’ll be back for the next one) - outside of one or two set pieces.

Secondly, even though the possibility that Webb intends to tease the Venom symbiote is exciting, especially after the watered down Topher Grace version in Spider-Man 3, it’s not surprising at all to anyone who has been following Sony’s development on the rebooted franchise. We’ve known for months, and were recently reminded only a few weeks ago, that the studio is interested in Spider-Man spin-offs and the frontrunner idea has always been to reintroduce Venom into the core storyline with the intention of giving him a standalone film (possibly film series). Readers who only know Venom as a one-note evildoer (in Spider-Man 3 as well as select video games and other media) might be surprised to discover that certain iterations of the character actually fall into anti-hero territory – with Spider-Man even teaming up with Venom to take down larger threats.

Venom Movie Script Details Amazing Spider Man 2: Additional Villain Rumored for After Credits Sequence

The character is rich with potential and smart opportunities for juxtaposition against Spider-Man. He’s more aggressive and less ethical – which means that Venom can take down characters that are untouchable for Spider-Man (given Peter Parker’s attempts at maintaining order and the moral high ground). For this reason, including Venom (or Lady Venom) into The Amazing Spider-Man 3 (via a tease in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 post-credits sequence) is a no-brainer move for Sony and could even mean that The Amazing Spider-Man 4 won’t be a Spider-Man story at all. The fourth film might actually kick-off an entire Venom saga and, in such a case, Spider-Man could appear as a supporting character in a Venom-centric story.

It’s way too early to know for sure but certain versions of the Venom symbiote were grown in the Oscorp lab (instead of an alien origin), leaving room for a narrative that sees Eddie Brock, or some other Venom character, exposed to the creature in that hall of super villain horrors. A Venom antihero story could then follow the character’s pursuit of someone even more dangerous, such as psychopath Cletus Kasady (aka Carnage), who was similarly exposed but is infinitely more evil – and subsequently poses a dangerous threat to New York City.

Venom Carnage Movie Amazing Spider Man 2: Additional Villain Rumored for After Credits Sequence

That’s just speculation for now, but depending on the approach that future directors (or Webb) take with this rumored Venom symbiote appearance, it’s definitely possible – especially since a lot of viewers still think Sony might be spreading their title wall-crawler too thin with biennial Amazing Spider-Man movies in 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 10th, 2016 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 on May 4th, 2018.

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Source: Screen Crush

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  1. My money says Doc Ock. A female Doc Ock.

    • id be fine with that. we had doc ock in one of the best comic book movies ever so they really dont need to do him again unlike venom which they butchered. if doc ock is a female it wouldnt bother me.

      • Never knew Doctor Octopus was in TDK trilogy, Dredd, Iron Man or The Amazing Spider-Man.

        Nah, I know what you mean, I just disagree with it being one of the best.

        • spiderman 2 is EASILY in the top 5 of comic book movies.

          • Agreed. Its number 1 for me. And probably always will be.

            • +1

              TASM2 has some big shoes to fill.

              • Uhhhh NO

        • I call shenanigans on ASM being one of the best comic book movies.

          • Let me go get my broom.

    • During the new trailer you can here a male Russian accent. Maybe it was Doc Ock.

      • *hear

      • or maybe its kraven…i’d love to see him in asm 3 or 4, kraven is like spider-man’s ra al ghul in batman

      • Otto Octavius is actually an American, born in New York in fact. The Russian voice you heard almost certainly belongs to Paul Giamatti’s Russiom gangster Aleksei Sytsevich a.k.a. The Rhino.

    • black female with one leg, whos gay. Just so its not the norm =P

    • Caroline Trainer did make for a good Doc Ock, so I’d be up for that in the films.

  2. I’m excited to see all this play out. I am a little worried about there being too much in this film but I think elements like Rhino and Green Goblin will be more secondary.

  3. spiderman faces sinister six with the symbiote (black suit spiderman) in 3 which he get at the end of 2 because gwen dies and he wants power. at the end of 3 he takes off the suit mid end fight knowing what its doing to him and faces the main bad guy of the sinister six…

    the symbiote finds a new host and spiderman vs venom and maybe carnage depending how they do the story and maybe who ever the venom host is teams with spidey to take out carnage. im only including carnage because we have had venom.

    if they go with a symbiote villain it needs to just be a symbiote. no other villains please.

    • spiderman vs venom would be its own movie, 4. not in 3 where i think he will face sinister six

    • I’m hoping the Venom saga takes over in The Amazing Spider-Man 3. Just focus all their attention on that instead of the Sinister 6, besides maybe a couple of nods. The Venom storyline has so much potential and they have the perfect pieces at the moment, so I say take advantage of it.

      • there are so many rumors of the sinister six but i just cant see spiderman facing them alone or without a powerup. but the sinister six is just that, a rumor but with the recent trailer showing doc ocs arms and the vultures wings it hand to not see it happening

        • *fingers crossed for Spider-Armor*

        • I can see Sinister 6 being in the fourth film with Venom not necessarily ‘helping’ Spider-Man but maybe taking down a couple of villains for his own reasons. I can see Black Cat helping Spider-Man to take down the Goblin though. I’m not sure if this is exactly what happened in the Ultimate Comics, my memory of it is a little hazy, but I think Norman’s Goblin killed Harry at one point or seriously injured him. If Black Cat is Harry’s girlfriend, it may place her in a vendetta with Norman.

        • Not to mention those ominous doors opening that were numbered 1 through 6…

        • Maybe Spidy gets a symbiote power up in ASM3. :)

    • That would largely be my guess as well. The symbiote would give Spidey the fire power to deal with the Sinister Six and set up a Venom vs Spidey 4th film leading to Venoms own film where he takes on Carnage with a Spidey cameo.

  4. I think a post credit scene of Venom would be great, I want to hear the audience roar if it happens.

  5. I’d like to see the symbiote given the Venom shape and appearance but no host until the third movie if that’s where they’re going with it.

  6. Interesting.

    So how about that X-Men: Apocalypse?

  7. They better get a good brock too play venom. Someone brawny like jason statham or idk.

    • Unless they go the Flash Thompson version.

      They could easily have him lose his legs in combat, come back and have the symbiote turn him into Venom with regrown legs while he’s wearing it and his anger and frustration at losing his limbs turn him into a villain until he becomes the US military asset that his version of Venom became, running covert ops and only wearing the symbiote for a 36 hour time period to prevent it bonding completely.

  8. Bring on carnage and venom!!!!! Please!!!!’

  9. All these rumors and still no talk of which role Samuel L. Jackson will play. It is mandatory, for any Hollywood film, that a part must be played by him. I say Aunt May’s new love interest.

  10. Bring on carnage and venom!!!!! Please!!!!

  11. It might be the fish bowl head of Mysterio.

  12. Where the hell is the Tinkerer or Stilt-Man!? But seriously, instead of this Goblin stuff, they should have used the Jackal as the main villain in the shadows. Such and underrated villain and it would be different and you could do some creepy stuff with Jackal and Gwen Stacy.

    • No Paste-Pot Pete either.

      Boo! You suck, Sony!

      • I demand Big Wheel!!!

    • Actually, didn’t Stilt-Man fight Daredevil? Speaking of whom, I’d love to see that once-proposed but never-made Daredevil versus Kingpin and Mr. Fear flick!

    • Oh hell yes!

  13. so what happened with the Jim Carrey visit on the amazing spiderman 2 set? I haven’t heard anything since and it was speculated that he might be carnage or vulture?

    • Oh you haven’t heard? He’s signed on to play Critical Mass.

  14. Agent Venom and Spidey team up PLEASE so they can fight sinister six!

  15. Again with Venom ? Why because he was so great in #3 ? Seriously with all the great villains Spiderman has, could we get some one more interesting ?

    • Venom isn’t interesting? Fans still love him, despite what they did to him in SM3.

      • Venom is arguably the biggest and most well known Spider-Man villain. He wasn’t done right in Raimi’s trilogy, now they get a second chance. Show the general audience what kinda character he really is.

    • Sorry still don’t get Venom ,I understand he’s popular, so popular they shoehorned him into Spiderman 3,wonder what that movie might have been without him. My point is Spiderman has more interesting villains, I’d rather see Meteor Man than a character who is basically spiderman’s crazy, ex-girl friend again.

  16. I want Mysterio! Maybe someday…

    • If Sam Raimi were still in charge and this was Spider-Man 5 instead of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 I would have wanted Bruce Campbell to play Mysterio.

    • Yes, Mysterio and Scorpion would be my next Spidey villains on the “want” list.
      Kraven, Rhino, and Grandpa Munster Tweety-Bird Vulture never did much for me. And Hobgoblin is too much like Green Goblin. Venom and Carnage never did it for me, either. I did like Lizard and Doc Ock in the comics.

  17. This is no surprise (that the put the after credit-scene) in the cocka-doody trailer. They did the same thing with the first movie.

  18. Whatever… I want a movie called Spider-Men at some point, with Maguire’s Peter Parker bumping into the new Amazing Spider-Man or his successor. It’s not that I was a huge fan of the original Spider-Man trilogy but I hate to see it discarted… It needs to be part of the bigger picture…
    This is what I loved about the Star Trek reboot… Leonard Nimoy links both universes. That link needs to be established with Spider-Man, too, especially since there is already a comic book of the same title… Spider-Men HAS TO happen at some point…

    • YES

      Madam Web brings forth all alternate reality Spidys.

      That would be awesome.

    • It would all be cool till we see Spider-Pig, ya THAT HAS TO happen at some point. pfffftttt!

      • It’s Spider-HAM!

  19. I see a lot of people getting excited over the sinister six appearance but why were they formed in the first place (going to the movie storyline)? It seems to me they were around before Spiderman made his appearance and if they did form after his appearance to the city why are 6 villians needed to take down spiderman? It just doesn’t seem logical to me and why are they after him in the first place? What is it does he have that these villains want so badly I mean what is in it for them?

    • Peter’s blood contains the DNA for a perfect fusion of Oscorp’s cross species genetics. That’s why Spider-Man isn’t a hairy, web butt shooting hero. The guy Peter bumps into at Oscorp in TASM 1 knew he was Richard Parker’s son. He ‘allowed Peter to go in the Spider’s chamber because he knew he was the key to cross species genetics. Know Oscorp has formed a team to get Spidey back into Oscorp, and run some tests on him. Why spidey doesn’t say “Fine take a blood sample,” I dunno…

      • I like the cut of your jib.

  20. If they go the Venom route, I hope they get two different people to play Venom. Get a cetain actor to play Eddie Brock and then get Nathan Jones to play Venom. In the books Venom is always this hulking mass of a villain and Brock is always this well built guy but never as large as the symbiote is. Make it happen!

  21. I have a feeling BJ Novak is going to end up playing venom

  22. No Scorpion?

    • I’d vote for Scorpion and Mysterio.

  23. Am I really the only one who thinks SONY should just leave Venom alone after the crimes they committed against the character? I’m all up for a sinister six team up but does it REALLY need half of it composed of the three biggest Spider-Man villains? I would have preferred Doc Ock lead them like in the comics and use characters we haven’t seen in the movies yet, like Mysterio or Scorpion.

    • I’m with you I still don’t get Venom ,I understand he’s popular, so popular they shoehorned him into Spiderman 3,wonder what that movie might have been without him. My point is Spiderman has more interesting villains, I’d rather see Meteor Man than a character who is basically spiderman’s crazy, ex-girl friend again.

  24. Venom is not only a great villain but also good ally,anti hero and potential spin off movie.

  25. I’m still in for Mysterio, but please no Jim Carrey. I would still like to see Shocker and Kraven too. I think Venom and Carnage need to wait. Think they’ll do a Morbius and Spiderman with extra arms? Allister Symthe and spider-slayers, Kingpin?
    Spiderman has such good villans!!

  26. I thought there’ll will be the cat burglar.. who is she again?..

  27. Given that you can see Doc Oak and Vulture’s equipment in the trailer I’d say the guy from the last film is going to turn up and we’ll see that he’s a combination of Mysterio and Chameleon

  28. Well, I can definitely say that putting out a Venom movie is a surefire way to keep me out of the theater. Never was there a more over-exposed, uninteresting, one-note character in the whole history of Marvel Comics.

    I’d rather see a Turner D. Century franchise.

  29. Hydro-man or Kraven.

    I really think they should go with Lizard and Flash Thompson version of Venom as an ally against the sinister six