‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′: Additional Villain Rumored for After-Credits Sequence

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Amazing Spider Man 3 After Credits Scene Villains Amazing Spider Man 2: Additional Villain Rumored for After Credits Sequence

It goes without saying that this point contains possible but unconfirmed SPOILERS for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 after credits sequence. While we cannot be sure, at least not yet, that the featured rumor here is true, if you are sensitive to spoilers, turn away now.

After a week of pre-release teaser photos and clips, Sony Pictures has finally unveiled a trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. During San Diego Comic-Con 2013, fans were treated to a brief video of Jamie Foxx as the villainous (and blue) Electro; however, since that time very little official marketing for the film has been released. Rumors and leaked photos indicated that Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man would be facing more than one threat in the sequel and the full length Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer confirms both a mech-suited Rhino and Green Goblin appearance.

Yet, seeing the recently unveiled villains in action wasn’t even the most talked about aspect of the trailer – as the footage also includes a very cool easter egg previewing future Sinister Six characters, Vulture and Doctor Octopus. That said, we’re now getting word that the brief snippet (which appears at the 1:14 mark in the trailer) is actually part of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 post-credits sequence – and that the full version will foreshadow a third (as well as fan-favorite) evildoer.

amazing spider man 2 electro lair 570x320 Amazing Spider Man 2: Additional Villain Rumored for After Credits Sequence

According to Screen Crush sources “close to the film,” the scene in question, which shows the shadowy figure from The Amazing Spider-Man post-credits sequence walking through a hallway past Vulture wings and Doctor Octopus tentacles, will also include a look at the Venom Symbiote. A lot of our readers already picked-up on the possibility that the scene might be part of a post or mid-credits stinger – and subsequently questioned why Sony would share the high-profile reveals in the very first trailer. The answer, it seems, is that the real surprise (the one that would have fans howling in the theater with excitement) is still offscreen, waiting to be unleashed when the movie actually hits theaters.

Rumors stemming from insider sources are routinely debunked but, in this case, details in the report mesh well with larger industry speculation and behind the scenes rumblings.

First, many fans are already worried that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is over-stuffed with story material and villains. It’s a valid concern, since packing too many characters into a single film is largely blamed for the shortcomings in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. The Doctor Octopus tentacles and Vulture wings added further fuel to the fire, as potential moviegoers began to wonder if director Marc Webb intended to introduce the entire Sinister Six roster in a single film.

venom movie spider man 4 5 Amazing Spider Man 2: Additional Villain Rumored for After Credits Sequence

Yet, if the controversial trailer scene is actually an after-credits sequence, then it merely shines a light on where the larger story is going in Part 3 (likely an Oscorp-backed super villain team) while relying on Rhino, Green Goblin, and Electro to wage Spider-Man’s “greatest battle” (so far). After all, even though the trailer features a lot of Rhino and Green Goblin, we don’t know for sure the villains will actually have significant roles in the sequel story, meaning that they (Rhino especially) might not be featured much (don’t worry: he’ll be back for the next one) - outside of one or two set pieces.

Secondly, even though the possibility that Webb intends to tease the Venom symbiote is exciting, especially after the watered down Topher Grace version in Spider-Man 3, it’s not surprising at all to anyone who has been following Sony’s development on the rebooted franchise. We’ve known for months, and were recently reminded only a few weeks ago, that the studio is interested in Spider-Man spin-offs and the frontrunner idea has always been to reintroduce Venom into the core storyline with the intention of giving him a standalone film (possibly film series). Readers who only know Venom as a one-note evildoer (in Spider-Man 3 as well as select video games and other media) might be surprised to discover that certain iterations of the character actually fall into anti-hero territory – with Spider-Man even teaming up with Venom to take down larger threats.

Venom Movie Script Details Amazing Spider Man 2: Additional Villain Rumored for After Credits Sequence

The character is rich with potential and smart opportunities for juxtaposition against Spider-Man. He’s more aggressive and less ethical – which means that Venom can take down characters that are untouchable for Spider-Man (given Peter Parker’s attempts at maintaining order and the moral high ground). For this reason, including Venom (or Lady Venom) into The Amazing Spider-Man 3 (via a tease in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 post-credits sequence) is a no-brainer move for Sony and could even mean that The Amazing Spider-Man 4 won’t be a Spider-Man story at all. The fourth film might actually kick-off an entire Venom saga and, in such a case, Spider-Man could appear as a supporting character in a Venom-centric story.

It’s way too early to know for sure but certain versions of the Venom symbiote were grown in the Oscorp lab (instead of an alien origin), leaving room for a narrative that sees Eddie Brock, or some other Venom character, exposed to the creature in that hall of super villain horrors. A Venom antihero story could then follow the character’s pursuit of someone even more dangerous, such as psychopath Cletus Kasady (aka Carnage), who was similarly exposed but is infinitely more evil – and subsequently poses a dangerous threat to New York City.

Venom Carnage Movie Amazing Spider Man 2: Additional Villain Rumored for After Credits Sequence

That’s just speculation for now, but depending on the approach that future directors (or Webb) take with this rumored Venom symbiote appearance, it’s definitely possible – especially since a lot of viewers still think Sony might be spreading their title wall-crawler too thin with biennial Amazing Spider-Man movies in 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 10th, 2016 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 on May 4th, 2018.

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Source: Screen Crush

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  1. I am looking forward to Doc Ock however they portray him, he was One of Spidermans best villains. Also this is the way to set up villains show easter eggs and build them up, I never even noticed the Venom easter egg till someone pointed it out man this is awesome news and we get an Apocalypse X-men film wow. Hope to see Kraven, and Scorpion at some point too.

    • where was the venom easter egg

  2. I was never a Vulture fan but this is a great way to bring him in.

  3. I don’t want to see Venom until last minute to create a spin-off of him. It is too soon to cram Venom, Green Goblin, and Doc Ock considering they have been done. I understand the importance of GG and Doc Ock but don’t overdo it and cram Venom as easter egg with Ock and Vulture.

    Personally, Sin 6 should be Electro, Rhino, Vulture, Ock, Kraven, and either (Mysterio, Hydro-Man, or Sandman) with Goblin as a background mastermind. When the sin 6 fails, Goblin should come out to fight Spidey leading to death of Gwen.

    Lizard should be an ally in the fight since he was friends with Peter and his parents.

  4. These movie tricks with everyone trying to ripoff Marvel Studios, even from their own properties really needs to stop.

    I’d like to see what Marvel Studios has in store as an answer but Thor 2 seemed rather empty and predictable. Once they find a working formula and it works, they are going to abuse it like they do in their comics for years.

  5. So the Sinister 6 is…

    Green Goblin
    Doctor Octopus

    So will Venom be a villain turned ally? Basically Spider-Man, Venom and Black Cat vs. the six? Or will Lizard not be a villain and be replaced by Venom? I this it’s def one of these two.

    • Or the 6 could help Spidey fight Venom…or Carnage.

  6. I’m of two minds on the inclusion of the “Sinister Six” in TASM2. On one side of the coin, I think it’s great because it’s an opportunity to show bigger threats to Spider-man (Kind of like the whole idea of escalation in “The Dark Knight”). The flipside of this is that if they aren’t careful, this could easily go into “Spider-Man 3″ territory-that is including way too many villains.

    I did think it was neat to at least tease “Doc Ock” and “The vulture”(With regards to Doc Ock, if he is in the film, he’ll have big shoes to fill. I thought the portrayal of Doc Ock by Alfred Molina was easily one of the best things about the Raimi trilogy).

    It seems like Marc Webb and Co. are taking a page out of The Spectacular Spider-Man TV show. In that, the villains making up the Sinister Six were essentially created by OSCORP to take on Spider-Man (On behalf of the mob, led by Tombstone). I liked that approach and I think it’s great that they seem to be going in that approach in TASM2.

    After seeing the trailer, I’m finally excited(Man of Steel-level excitement) for this movie.

    Mr. Glass


    @Ben Kendrick

    In the “Catching Fire” podcast, you mentioned “Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions”, talking about Spider-Man Noir. I’ve read up on Noir, and I think it’s great. It’s basically the Spider-Man origin story set in Great-Depression era New York and plays out like a crime story. You should definitely check it out. I think that it should be adapted, by Marvel, into an animated feature(Like DC does with some of their properties).

  7. Spiderman 3 was not over stuffed with comic characters. I hate hearing that. The story was bad. Take out Sandman and the story is bad. Take out Eric Foremon’s Venom and the story is still bad.

    These are comic book movies and need to have as many comic book characters as possible. I love reading about the possibilities of where these sequels can go.

    • Agree, anyone that has read a comic knows that random characters show up all the time in and out of a book. Sometimes without any complete explanation but just enough to tease and create story.

      Spidey 3 was badly written. To me, worst part was the end of the movie. Too rushed, sloppy and cheesy. The reporters were horrible, the giant sand monster was dumb, and venom’s demise was dumb.

  8. This is going to be crazy

  9. //since packing too many characters into a single film is largely blamed for the shortcomings in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3//

    This myth needs to stop. Bad writing made this movie bad. You just think it was because of too many characters because Venom was shoehorned in after the script was already written.

    There are something like 9 villains through the Dark Knight Trilogy but you don’t think about that because it was written in so seamlessly.

    I would appreciate it if someone at Screen Rant would write an article about this myth being false so we can stop getting over-excited every time a movie includes more than one hero and one villain.

    • Ra’s al Ghul
      Talia al Ghul
      Carmine Falcone
      Sal Maroni

      There, 10 villains over 3 movies. Now stop it.

      • Those characters may all have been villains but they were not all antagonists. The first batman had Ras and Scarecrow as the main antagonists, the second Joker and twoface, the third Talia and Bane. that’s only 2 per movie. If your going to have a movie with a ton of antagonists the only way to pull it off is to do an ensemble piece which is not what is happening with asm2. If the majority of villains are just characters in the film it wont be a problem. If its Like SM3 and they are all vying for screen time and story arcs it will be crap.

        • Yes, you just explained that good writing can make a lot of characters work. Bad writing cannot.

          • Good then we’re at a consensus, people can totally complain about too many villains because bad writing is something that happens.

            • Too many villains is not the cause of bad writing. Your reasoning is backwards.

  10. I really hope they have Eddie Brock Venom cause I’m not a fan of Flash Thompson Venom at all. Brock is alot more interesting cause he was always trying to deal with symbiote taking control and actually trying to be a hero. And since Spiderman 3 messed up Eddie and Venom royal, I’d really like for the character to be done correctly. Especially since they’re gonna do a Venom movie. Also I really hope when they hopefully do Carnage they don’t tone him down cause I’d really like to see a brutal fight between Venom and him.

  11. After the X-Men scene as it goes back to the Spider Man credits, there is a quick flash of some sort of face. It happens very quickly. Did anyone else catch what that was?