‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Producer Hints at Female Sinister Six Member – Is it Black Cat?

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Sinister Six Movie Spider Man cameo Amazing Spider Man 2 Producer Hints at Female Sinister Six Member   Is it Black Cat?

As the cast and crew of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have been making the rounds premiering Sony’s big summer blockbuster in UK markets, the resulting press interviews have revealed interesting tidbits about both the film, and the future of the Spider-Man franchise. After Amazing Spider-Man 3 in 2016, we’ll be getting some villain-centric spinoff films centered around Spidey’s nemesis Venom, and the supervillain team known as The Sinister Six. Needless to say, there’s been a lot of buzz (and curiosity) about how Sony and the Spider-Man movie team will structure these villain-centric films.

Of course, along with deeper questions like narrative and themes, we have the usual comic book movie hangups to get over – namely which characters from the source material will be featured in the films, and who will play them. Today we add yet another piece to the Sinister Six puzzle; producers of ASM2 recently hinted at a strong lineup of characters for  the roster – but will one of those characters be female?

Check out what Moviepilot found out when speaking to longtime Spider-Man franchise producer, Matt Tolmach:


WATCH: ASM Producer Talks Female Sinister Six Member


Sinister Six Movie Black Cat Felicity Jones Rumors Amazing Spider Man 2 Producer Hints at Female Sinister Six Member   Is it Black Cat?

So, if the possibility is there for a female Sinister Six member – who would it be? My guess? Black Cat.

Here’s why I’m betting on Felicia Hardy to make an appearance in this Amazing Spider-Man continuity:

  1. Amazing Spider-Man 2 co-stars up and coming actress Felicity Jones (Like Crazy) in a role that has been almost totally underplayed in the marketing of the film, and (at the time of writing this) is currently listed on IMDb as “Felicia Hardy,” Black Cat’s alias.
  2. The actress herself has been coy about the Felicia Hardy connection in interviews – as has director Marc Webb.
  3. The Green Goblin and Black Cat have been the biggest character rumors all throughout ASM2‘s production – and one them (Goblin) has since been revealed. The other may soon be as well.
  4. Jones seems like way too much upcoming talent to waste on a small side role in one film. Her casting speaks to bigger future plans.
  5. Black Cat would be a suitable replacement for Kraven the Hunter, a fan-favorite in The Sinister Six; she’d also be a character suited for future solo or spinoff opportunities.
  6. Black Cat’s thief-to-hero comic book mythos fits in line with the sort of sympathetic villain producers have described in their vision of a Sinister Six movie.
  7. This is not the first time we’ve heard of the Amazing Spider-Man franchise getting a female villain character.
Felicity Jones in Like Crazy1 Amazing Spider Man 2 Producer Hints at Female Sinister Six Member   Is it Black Cat?

Felicity Jones in ‘Like Crazy’

Hardcore fans may turn on me regarding point #5, but here’s the thing: Kraven’s skills as a hunter and tracker make him interesting and valuable to a Sinister Six squad, yes, but his backstory and origin are heavy, and the character’s connections to Spider-Man mythos run deep. In other words: it could take up time trying to introduce him.

Black Cat, however, is a character whose animal-themed name and power fit right into elements of the Amazing Spider-Man movies that have been borrowed from the Ultimate Marvel comic books. In the past she’s had cat-like abilities (albeit through supernatural means) – so one Oscorp feline gene-splice later, Felicia Hardy could be part cat. And just like that, you’d have your Kraven substitute.

Of course, sticking closer to the comics and using, say, a female Dr. Octopus could work… but would they work as well as a temptress like Hardy, who can make life difficult for Peter Parker on BOTH sides of the mask?

Lady Octopus 3 by Teri Minx Amazing Spider Man 2 Producer Hints at Female Sinister Six Member   Is it Black Cat?

(Photo Credits: Lady Octopus by Teri Minx@DeviantArt)

A team of crooks having a honeypot character is never a bad idea – and so far, female characters like Black Widow have stolen the show in these ensemble team-up films. Sony has already been forward-thinking, demographically, by casting Jamie Foxx as Electro -  it wouldn’t hurt to lock up that female demographic with a compelling lady anti-hero/villain in the franchise. Depending on how the Gwen Stacy situation plays out in ASM2, having Spidey meet a new costumed female adversary in Amazing Spider-Man 3 would be a good way to develop that film, a Black Cat character, and  future Sinister Six movie ties, all at once.

Would you like to see a female character (or version of a character) included in the Sinister Six movie? If so, which character – if not, what lineup of villains WOULD you like to see?


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in theaters on May 2nd, 2014, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 10th, 2016, and then another Spider-Man project (possibly Sinister Six) on May 4th, 2018.

Source: Moviepilot

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  1. Who’s the female villain from the Spider-man ride… anyone know who I’m talking about? Looks like a female carnage? She could pop in with the Venom theme.

    • Good question, I wondered that before too. Just looked it up and her name is Scream.

      • There ya go! Scream. Why not plop her in there. If this is happening after the Venom movie anyway. Gotta put some plot in that movie anyway. Why not add her.

        • i don’t see carnage being team-up with anyone

          • they aren’t talking about carnage

  2. I can’t see her being in line with what they’re doing…she doesn’t have any ‘super powers’.

    Maybe a female Chameleon?

  3. I think you’re right Kofi, I remember the article where she made the Harry/Goblin comment, which turned out to be true.

  4. Black Cat should be an antihero in ASM3, Sin6 and Venom. But like Venom, I don’t think she should be an actual member of Sinister Six.
    But the ultimate version of SpiderWoman needs to be in these movies too.

  5. I’d like to see Silver Sable.

  6. Hopefully this isn’t seen as too spoilery but Felicia Hardy’s role in TASM2 is as Norman’s (and then Harry’s) assistant so it sort of opens the door to her potentially gaining powers in a sequel and being close enough to the villains to be swayed into joining them.

    I mean, she’s in the film for less time than Paul Giamatti and she doesn’t do anything noteworthy so hopefully it’s not considered too big a spoiler, otherwise, I apologise profusely.

    • Do they explicitly state her name as being Felicia Hardy in the movie?

      • No, not even in the credits. It just says Felicia. But it says Felicia Hardy on IMDB. But, come on, it has to be…

  7. Caroline Trainers Doc Ock would be awesome, she’s even more bad ass than Doc Ock himself, but she’s very heavily tied into the clone saga (which I still maintain would be an amazing set of films) so not likely to happen.

  8. Hmm, it’s an interesting idea. However if you go by the source material, Black Cat wouldn’t make sense for a number of reasons.

    1. At that early Stage Felicia Hardy is still a friend of Parker, Osborn, Brock.

    2. She does not get fully developed into the Black Cat until after Dr. Octopus shows up.

    3. Felicia Hardy just wouldn’t be a proper role for a villain in a S6 movie.

    Far more likely would be it is Silver Sable who’s cast for the Sinister Six movie. The past comics tend to hint at this, given Sable was always termed as a “merc for hire” early on in that universe. She was like a mercenary assassin at one point on par with an evil version of Spider Woman, and though I’m not clear on how it works, I think Sable would probably fit right into the villain role perfectly.

    As for Black Cat, it seems even more likely that BC will be in the film as well teaming up with somebody who is actually fighting the Sinister Six.

    • If Sin Six follows SM 3 then she could be developed. Sable is an interesting idea, Osborn could hire her and her organization to track SM.

  9. Don’t want Black Cat. Reminds me too much of Cat Woman. The female villain turned anti-hero who is a thief and dresses like a cat…

    How about…

    Scorpia- Marvel’s female Scorpion
    Calypso- Voodoo woman with connections to Kraven
    Female Morbius- She would make a sexy female vamp
    Shriek- Villain who manipulates sound
    Female Chameleon

    • +1

      I agree Clay. This is typical Hollywood. I never liked Black Cat. “I thought” she took away from Spider-Man story anyway. It just seems to me that every race, religion and sex needs to be personified in these movies nowadays (instead of going for what made these characters and stories work in the first place) or you are bigots, racist or sexist. If she HAS to became a member of the Six and was exiled (because her stealing became too important to her and jeopardized the Six with what they were planning) or her stealing became too important to her (she decided to leave on her own) I would be OK with that (I guess) but not as a serious Six member. Probably will make the female Dr. Octopus though. I wouldn’t doubt it. These movies are all starting to get worse with all the changes they fell obligated to make bc these characters just aren’t gonna work on the big screen.

  10. Black cat is a great character to put on screen. That’d be cool to watch if they put her there instead of Kraven

  11. I wasn’t even thinking Silver Sable. She would make for a nice addition. Have Black Cat team up with Venom to take on the 6.
    I’m dying to know, are Dehaan and Foxx contacted for the sequels…and does Harry survive this one?

    • *contracted

  12. Let her be Shriek!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cool villainous with cool powers!!!!!

    shes psycho who
    - brings out inner darkness of others
    - can induce fear, hate, and despair in others
    - can fly/levitate
    - can manipulate sound in form of sonic blasts, or concussive blasts
    - can disorient people

    • Shirek would be good for a few reasons but the main reason being that if Sinister Six comes out before Venom, and the Sinister Six break up at the end of that movie due to them all thinking they are better than the others, it could leave her teamless and she would then be looking for the next thing to do.

      Carnage will be the villain in Venom and at the end of that movie, when Carnage is likely beaten somehow and he decides to go on his murderous killing spree, there is his #1 partner from the Maximum Carnage story line (Which I am hoping is the main story for ASM 4). We just need Doppleganger to show up and we are on the right track!

  13. Kraven is great in the comics, but in the ASM universe I’m doubtful how it work. Black Cat makes way more sense for Sin Six.

  14. Sure bring in the female version of Doc Ock. We already seen it in Spider-Man 2 which was one of Sam Raimi’s better films & in Marc Webb’s world to use a female version of the character would fit this more updated version & they’ll be one step ahead of Marvel Studios as far as bringing female comic book villains it the spotlight while in X-Men they’re just shadowed in the background! So the female Doc Ock from Spider-Man 2099 needs to be introduced for the Sinister Six!

  15. Spidey is gonna need help from someone: Black Cat, Spider Woman, someone…and even that may not be enough. keep those gals heroes. As for villains, I always liked Sandman, but he is too powerful to have teamed up with five other baddies, any two of which could probably lick Spidey unless he got really lucky. I would like to see Scorpion and Mysterio at some point.

    • I am confused why you think any two villains would probably be able to beat Spidey? Spiderman has one of the most powerful and effective powers in the marvel universe with his spidey sense. If you had someone with spidey’s spidersense and wolverine’s healing ability, they would be unstoppable!

  16. I think Black Cat will appear in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3 How does that sound ?

  17. I saw this film in IMAX 3D last night in England… put it this way… im a guy who enjoyed the green lantern film just because of my love for comic book films. On that note, this film dissapointed me. Wont say any reasons why, because i dont want to spoil it for anyone. Although this is just MY opinion. Rotton Tom’s seem to think its better than i do

    • You lost all credibility when you said you enjoyed the Green Lantern

    • I also thought the film was really dumb. Bits of it were great, but on the whole I was somewhat disappointed.

  18. Female Vulture?

    If she is Doc Ock’s assistant and the wings and tentacles are shown together, maybe the 2 of them take on those two devices.

  19. She should be further focused on in an TAS sequel, but don’t feature her in the Sinister Six spin-off. She’d be worthy of her own spin-off, though. Could someone with in-depth knowledge of the comics name some of her villains, if she has any of her own – or is she simply tied to Spider-Man?

    As for the line-up, I’d suggest a team-up of the following members:
    - Doc Ock
    - Vulture
    - Mysterio
    - Electro
    - Rhino
    - Scorpio (or Hydro-Man)

    This way, the introduction of Rhino and Electro in TAS2 wouldn’t go to waste. The former could return in his ‘real’ suit, the latter could be ‘killed off’ in the sequel but, as he Foxx pointed out, being electricity, he’s never really dead.
    Also, why would they tease Octopus and Vulture just for the heck of it?
    For all I care, they could gender-swap Ock, Vulture or Scorpio.
    The presence of Mysterio would make Chameleon redundant. Plus, that character should be featured in another movie, altogether.
    Have them fight Venom, who then goes on to duke it out with Carnage in his own spin-off, after which he would begrudgingly assist Spider-Man against the Six.
    Should Venom be introduced in TAS3? No idea.

    TAS5 should give us both Kraven and Morbius, the hunter chasing after the vampire and crossing paths with Spidey. Maybe have him pop up in his own movie before that?

    And how about Madame Webb who could serve as an explanation for the Miles Morales Spider-Man, with her nudging him in the right direction so that all the circumstances for his taking the mantle eventually line up?

  20. Based on the mask, it is CLEARLY Chameleon or perhaps Mysterio. Not the Black Cat.

    • The mask is not the Black Cat character – the cat eyed symbol would either be her or Kraven

  21. Not sure why there’s so much talk about the Black Cat being a member of the Sinister Six, she was never a member that I’m aware of. She has teamed up with Spiderman against the Sinister Six, which when you think about it, he’s going to need some help to battle them all.

    Black Cat and Spiderman vs the Sinister Six, sounds pretty cool… so it’s probably not what Avi Arad and Company are planning.

  22. god i hope its black cat i really hope black cat is in the movie!!

  23. i really hope that black cat is in the movie!!!!

  24. please please black cat in sinister six !!!!

  25. Her name is Donna Diego aka Scream.